Driven Crazy

by Mesmer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two friends become a little bit closer during a night on the town and the highway.

Chapter 1

"Come on James, hurry up. If you make me late tonight and I miss a chance with any cute guys, I'm going to kick your ass."

"Oh, kinky stuff Francie. Better be careful, I might like it."

Francie smiled, amused, as she continued to run the curling iron through her hair. Tonight was definitely going to be an interesting night, indeed. Francie, in one of her rare adventurous moments, had decided to don a dress instead of a shirt and pants for tonight's clubbing exploits.

And I knew she was gonna knock 'em dead.

As I finished shaving, leaving the small, neatly trimmed patch of almost-red hair that made up my goatee, I paused for a second before rinsing my face. I wonder if Francie would meet someone tonight?

Francie and I were the best of friends. We did just about everything together. Worked out at the gym together. Walked her little pup together. Went shopping for groceries together.

We were just cool like that. And almost every weekend, we both spritzed ourselves up and headed out to the club scene, dipping our fingers in the endless pool of available partners.

So far we had both come up empty, every single night, for the past few months, not counting the night that we had ended up together. That night didn't count. We had both had FAR too much to drink to act sensibly. We had shared one night of passion, and it ended there. As I finished drying my face, I wondered who our fellow party-goers would be this evening. "Hey Francie, who else did you say was coming tonight?"

"I didn't. I think Karen and Ting Ting are coming. They also said that they were bringing some friends of theirs, but they said that we would probably know them."

"Okay," I shrugged at the little coon-hound that raised its head when I walked into the living room. "I just hope its not another one of Ting Ting's friends that she's trying to set me up with."

I petted the happy little pup on the back of the ears, as Francie started laughing at the memory of my last blind date, courtesy of Ting Ting.

"Hey, don't laugh. I was hurting after that ordeal. I don't think the soreness went away for at least a week."

"Whatever" Francie muttered as she walked out into the hall, holding her arms up into the air and spinning around. "How do I look?"

"You're a hottie! Those guys tonight have no chance in hell."

"Thanks, you're a doll." She giggled as she gave me a little peck on the cheek. "Now let's go, who's driving?"

"I'll drive. It's my turn to be D.D anyway."

"No arguments here."

Locking the door and waving goodbye to the pup, we hopped into my car and pulled out of the parking lot. I smiled as I felt the engine hum, darting past slower moving cars, and whipping around corners.

Francie just laughed at me. "You really love this car, don't you?"

"Hey. This is my first sports car. And it's a 5-speed. I'm enjoying it as much as I can."

A few months prior I had damaged my old car in an accident, the other driver at fault. And by chance, the dealer had set me up with a 1994 Ford Probe. The color was an unusual shade of light, metallic blue, with a hint of silver influence possibly.

It was true. I loved driving. And my new car only made the experience that much more enjoyable.

We pulled up to the restaurant a few minutes later than the preset time, but I wasn't too worried. Always better to make a grande entrance, than to sit waiting for everyone else.

We strolled in and soon found the table. A few people stood up to greet us, nobody interesting, and soon Ting Ting lead us to two of the three empty chairs at the table and we began to chatter.

A few minutes later I noticed a small, slim girl walking toward our table, deep red hair, and a sway in her walk that had me smiling instantly. Ting Ting nudged my leg and smiled, and when I turned back around the girl was sitting next to me.

"Stacy, while you were away, a few more of my friends joined us. This is James and this is Francie."

Francie casually reached across me and shook the girls hand, muttering casual pleasantries. But when it came my turn, the room seemed to stand still, as if the whole room were watching the two of us.

Hoping not to make a noticeable scene I reached forward and grabbed her hand to shake it, smiling warmly.

"Nice to meet you." I said sincerely, as our eyes locked.

"The pleasure's all mine." When she smiled back and her hand touched my own, I felt like melting. Her delicate fingers vanished easily inside my own much larger hand, as we shook each other's hand, our bodies sending silent messages to one another, our eyes trading private interest in each other.

And then we turned, trying to hide our obvious attraction, to play nice for the rest of the group. Another friend of Ting Ting's, across the table from me, started asking me about my research in Mechanical Engineering, when I felt something warm and smooth touch my hand that was resting on my knee.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Stacy smile knowingly as she listened intently to my conversation, and her fingers were soon intertwined with mine, beneath the table.

The rest of the dinner went by without a hitch, oblivious to the subtle teasing and flirting that was being exchanged between myself and Stacy. By the end of our meal, we had both casually "felt each other up" and things were looking promising for the night's events.

As we all got up to leave for the bar, Stacy groaned unhappily. "Oh Ting Ting, I hate to ask this, but can we run by my house real quick. I didn't bring enough cash for the meal and drinks tonight."

Ting Ting sighed. "Stacy, you live, like, thirty minutes away from here. And I want to PARTY!!"

"I'll take her." I volunteered a little too enthusiastically. Stacy and Ting Ting both smiled.

"Are you sure?" Ting Ting asked.

"Yeah, no problem."

"Okay, Francie you can ride with me if you want." Ting Ting offered, good friend that she was, of course.

"Sounds good to me."

And then we were all off,

Ting Ting was correct in her estimation. It took us almost thirty-five minutes to reach Stacy's apartment on the outside of town. The entire time we chatted casually, delving a little deeper into each other's lives. And the entire time, as we chatted, I couldn't get my mind out of the gutter.

No matter how hard I tried, I kept imagining Stacy inviting me up to her apartment "real quick" while she got her money. And then one thing led to another, and soon we found ourselves missing the party going on at the club for something a lot more intimate.

But, alas, as these things go, Stacy did not ask me up to her apartment. Rubbing my hands through my hair I tried to clear my head, hoping to get through the night without making a complete ass out of myself.

Within a few minutes, Stacy had returned to the car and we were on our way, doing 65 mph down the freeway, towards the most happening party in town.

Again, my mind wandered, this time imagining that Stacy was giving me a blowjob while I drove. I tried to control my breathing, as I could feel my dick growing inside my khakis, pressing hard against the crotch.

"What are you thinking about?"

I was startled when Stacy suddenly spoke up. Turning to her, I saw her gaze fixed on the bulge in my pants and my heart started pounding.

"Um... nothing," I smiled nervously, sweat running down the side of my face.

"And this "Nothing" that you're thinking about. Does it involve me?"

The smile on her lips, as she reached down and cupped her hand against my crotch, assured me that she knew exactly what was going on.

"So tell me, what were you thinking about? Don't worry. I won't be offended, I promise."

I thought for a moment. Wondering if this was the time to be honest, or a gentleman. Fuck a gentleman. That's what I said.

"Um, I was imagining... you... giving me... a blowjob, while I was... driving to the club."

"Mmmmmmm, good idea." And with that I found her leaning across the car, sliding the zipper slowly down and pulling my cock out of its confinement.

By now, from my overactive imagination, my cock was standing firmly to attention, peaking out of the hole in my pants that the had created.

"I love to suck dick, you know?" And that was the last thing I heard before my dick penetrated her mouth.

Luckily I was on the freeway, so I just kept my foot on the gas and break and enjoyed her delicate mouth. But I also felt something weird. Something peculiar. It felt cold. Smooth. Intermingled with the warmth and wetness of her tongue.

Her mouth soon began pistoning up and down, the heat from her mouth pulling me to the edge of desire, while the cold sliver teased me playfully back and forth across the edge of insanity.

Soon I felt the cum stirring inside me, the pressure building to an almost unbearable level as she moaned against my dick, her tongue teasing the vein along the bottom side.

Contracting tightly on the muscles at the base of my dick, I grunted as the pleasure washed over the peak of the climax, smoothing out into a more even pleasure.

"Stacy, wait... "

Lifting her head up, she looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Here, if you squeeze the base of my dick like this and pull up, then I will cum, but not so hard that I'll be drained. It'll help me last longer, now and later tonight, if you wish."

Smiling wide, Stacy pinched her fingers against the top and bottom sides of my dick and slowly drug her fingers up. As she approached the head a thick glob of cum seemed to materialize at the top of the head.

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