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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Magic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: halloween approaches as one young man is about to meet his fate... or rather, his fates

A sharp, white light burning into the core of my brain, scalding all trace of their existence... their very presence, as if to say "It never happened. We were never here." As if I could just forget the past few days and not wonder why. And yet even now I can feel my memory fading. The thoughts stripped from my brain, like weeds in a gardener's dirt crusted hand. Then the white light takes a shape... a shape that I now understand, but doubt I will until the next Halloween. When it will all start again. Now the bright, white shape increases in intensity, the only thing my confused mind can concentrate as it burns itself into my mind in place of all the memories.

All I see is a grouping of circles. One large circle forms the perimeter of the symbol. Four circles are then contained within the major circle. Somehow I know that all four inner circles are the exact same size. One of the circles is directly in the center of the outer circle. The remaining three circles form a triangular pattern, their centers lying upon the circumference of the center circle and their own circumferences coincident with the outer circle. This is the shape that haunts me in these days before Halloween. This is the shape that seers its brand into my mind like a cattleman's stake of claim, as if to label me as someone's property. If my mind would only let me focus on that thought long enough to realize its heavy truth.

But alas, I cannot.

The Gathering is upon me, once again.

My body reacts in violent protest to images that fade from my memory like cold breathe on a winter's night. Bracing myself up on sweat-soaked arms, my heart pounds madly in my chest and my lungs pump furiously as if to fight off suffocation. Perhaps that is not such an unusual physical response. Staring around the room I feel trapped somehow; pinned inside the plane white walls and ceiling and floor. On the recesses of my memory I catch a fleeting image. A single brief shape.

A grouping of circles.

My body shudders suddenly from the cold of the room and my sweat-covered body. At least that's what I tell myself. Tossing off the sheets and climbing out of bed I decide to go for a midnight jog.

Well, not quite midnight, but whose counting?

The cool night air feels much better on my mind and skin than I'd thought and my fears eventually drift away. All, that is, save one.

That damn grouping of circles. I find myself staring at generic patterns in an attempt to make some sense out of it. The Martins' mailbox post and its wrought-iron rings. The Thompsons' doorknocker. All are subtle reminders of that image, so that eventually I find myself anxious to once again crawl back into the sanctity of my bed and try and forget the dream.

Entering the apartment-complex parking lot I throw my arms above my head and walk around in a slow circle so that my blood can settle down for a bit before I make my way up the stairs. Suddenly the light to one of the rooms across the lot from mine comes on and I can barely make out two figures dancing with each other. Wishing that I could enjoy the same kind of intimate relationship I decide to let my blood simmer inside and stomp quietly up the stairs, if that is even possible.

Opening my door I toss the keys onto the kitchen counter and say a few soothing words to Oliver, my old gray Tabby, before wandering back to my room and stripping off my sweaty clothes. As soon as I've finished I realize that I can see directly into the room with the light on and the two figures are still dancing. Taking out a pair of binoculars that I'd bought for the weekend college football games, I steal a glance into the window and am stunned when I see two extremely beautiful women dancing with each other. One is slightly taller than the other, possibly due to a pair of fuck-me pumps, but I can't tell from where I'm standing. Her tight black dress stops just below the cleft of her ass and the tiny straps that drape over her shoulders can barely restrain the bulge of her cleavage. Her hair is shoulder length and black, and as she tosses it to the side, to get it out of her face, a brief note of recognition flashes in my mind. But it is forgotten as soon as it appears. Then I take in her partner. This one is clad in a low cut skirt that doesn't fall much lower than the dress of her friend. She also has on a spaghetti strap top, much too small for her full upper body figure, and, as a result, flashes a great deal of her stomach and cleavage. Her dark red hair cascades almost seductively down the curve of her back, ending just above the curve of her ass.

Immediately I realized that I was sporting a rigid erection as the two fondled each other through their clothes and I found myself tempted to stroke it a little in tribute to their little show. Then I realized what I was doing and that if anyone else was watching me watch these two girls that I could get in some serious trouble. Shaking my head I put down the binoculars and opted instead for a nice cold shower to sooth my racing heart and blood.

Resting my weight against the wall of the shower beneath the showerhead I exhaled harshly as the cool water ran down my face and shoulders, relieving some of the tension, but not enough for comfort. Just then I heard someone knocking at my door and I cursed stupid people everywhere for the late-night interruption. The knocking became louder and more aggravated just as I stepped out onto the bathroom floor and threw a towel around my still-drying waist.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Keep your shorts on!!!" I yelled down my hallway. Stomping through the apartment I didn't even bother to check the peephole in the door before slinging it open madly. Which is why I found myself standing there in my doorway in nothing but a towel on and my next-door neighbor staring wide-eyed, with her fist hanging in mid-air where the door should have been.

Awkwardly she and I both stuttered out apologies as the embarrassment of the situation dawned on us both. She too was caught off-guard I soon realized as she stood in my doorway in just a white t-shirt, and it appeared nothing else.

"D-did you want something?" I asked, trying to hurry the situation along so that we both could return to our respective comfort zones.

"Oh. Yes. Right!" She flustered. "I heard a noise outside my door and stepped out to check it and the door locked behind me. Can I use your phone to call the landlord for a replacement?"

"Uh... sure!" I answered a little too quickly and hopefully.

Stepping aside I let Julia walk by, stealing a quick peak at the hint of her butt beneath her shirt as her hips swayed back and forth. Julia was a cute little number; a little bit shorter than most of the girls that I knew, but her pert little ass and tits more than made up for it. Her short blonde hair, cut off just below the ear, finished off her tiny stature, making her appear all the more innocent.

"Phone's in the kitchen." I called as I closed and locked the front door and turned on the living room light. I went and sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. while I heard her talking to the landlord in the next room. Again my eye was caught by movement from the apartment across the way and I found myself gawking as the redhead had the other girl bent over, on all fours, and was pumping her from behind madly with a solid black strap-on. Again I felt an erection stirring and I immediately sat back down on the couch and focused on the T.V. I knew that I was pitching a tent beneath the towel, but I hoped that it would die down before Julia returned and I completely embarrassed myself.

Just then I heard the phone hit the receiver and Julia came stomping into the living room as she sulked down into the seat across from me.

"That was the landlord and he says that he doesn't have a copy of my apartment key. Says that he gave me the copy a few months ago when I was having the remodeling done and that I never gave it back to him. So now I've got to wait till the morning for a locksmith. I hate to ask you this, but could I stay here tonight?"

On any other day I would have considered myself the luckiest man on earth. A beautiful girl, begging to spend the night in my apartment with nothing but a thin white t-shirt and a towel to separate us. But right then I wanted to release the tension that had been building up in my balls for the past few minutes. But, I did what the nice guy would do.

"Sure Julia, you can take the bed and I'll take the couch, just give me a bit to go get a change of clothes and you can have it." Standing up I started my walk to the back bedroom when Julia suddenly spoke out loud.

"Oh my god, would you look at those two women!"

Turning I found myself mesmerized as the two women were now locked into a violent and passionate sixty-nine position, their heads and legs vibrating with an intensity that I've never seen before. I was hypnotized by their lustful sex act. That is, I was until I felt something warm wrapping around the shaft of my cock.

"Well, I guess you did get a good look at those two women." Said Julia as she gently stroked the length of my cock that was pushing the towel away from my body. Following the length of her hand from the shoulder I saw it vanish at the bottom edge of the towel and my legs began to give a little as she stroked my shaft deliciously.

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