All Tied Up

by WickedLady

Caution: This Light Bondage Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Light Bondage Erotic Sex Story: Light bondage and more!!!

Coming up behind me while I do the dishes... I feel your arms wrap around me and you whisper in my ear that you want me to close my eyes you have a surprise for me. I feel you leading me towards the bedroom. Stopping you take my clothes off slowly. Kissing my body all over as you do this. My body trembling from the touch of your lips. You gently lay me down on the bed feel you slide a blindfold over my eye. feeling you tie me to the bed. feeling your hands lightly moving across my body. My body responding to your hands. my skin feels so hot feel your mouth on my neck. your tongue slowly licking all around my neck...

I feel you nibbling on my neck... knowing when you do this. it drives me to the brink. I feel your breath in my ear. Your tongue teasing it. You're whispering in my ear. Telling me what you're going to do to me. how you're going to make me cum so hard over and over. Your tongue tracing along my cheek till you reach my mouth. I feel your tongue licking across my lips. My mouth opens against yours and your tonguedarts in teasing my tongue. I suck your tongue deep in my mouth. you capture my tongue and do the same. you feel me moan. as I strain my body to touch yours and I cant. your mouth leaves mine. And your tongue is slowly licking down my neck to my chest. I feel your hands as they squeeze my breasts. your tongue licking in between them. your fingers brushing across my nipples. I feel them getting hard. your mouth moves to my nipples. licking a circle around them with your tongue. Teasing the tips by nibbling them. then sucking them into your mouth. I arch my back against you. moaning louder know I am getting so wet at this point. I can feel the wetness in my pussy. I beg for your tongue on my pussy, but you tell me not yet. your tongue travels down my stomach. Stopping at my belly button. you lick and tease it. I raise my hips up against you. you know where I want your tongue but you still want let me have it. Your tongue travels down my thigh. Nibbling and teasing me. Licking behind my knee. down my leg further till you reach my ankle. then you move to my other ankle and slowly start upward licking and nibbling the same way you did the other...

Slowly up my thigh. Till you reach my lips. you is tongue licking along the slit. Tasting how dripping wet I am. your tongue teasing my lips. you gently nibble them. your tongue. Parting them and you slide your tongue across my throbbing clit. My hips straining harder to get closer to you. you lick your way back down my slit... then pull away. I feel your mouth on mine as your tongue enters my mouth can taste my juices on you. As I suck on your tongue. You move away. And then I feel your hard cock moving across my mouth. My tongue darting out to taste you and lick you. I tell you I want to feel you in my mouth. and you say only for a little bit. I wrap my lips around the head. sucking it into my mouth. you feel so hard and throbbing... you move slowly in and out. not letting me have it all. moaning softly. you know how turned on I am right now. my body moving and straining against the ties. you know how bad I want you. you move down between my legs. And I feel you slide your cock against my trembling lips. Sliding it back and forth. letting me feel how hard you are. you tease my clit by rubbing just the head across it. You ask me if I want your tongue in me and I say yes and beg you for it. I feel your tongue plunge deep within me and I raise upward. Wanting you deeper. Moaning and moving wildly. you plunge in and out of me. My pussy so wet with my juices. you stop and suck my clit into your mouth. driving me further and further towards the brink. you know I am so close to cumming. you tell me you want me to cum so hard on your tongue. as your tongue plunges back in me I feel your finger slide in me. Getting wet with my juices. you take and slide it in my ass. as you plunge your tongue deeper in me. I moan telling you I a

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