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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: It started out as a great idea for a much needed gangbang, but not everything ran as smoothly as they had wanted...

"Where the fuck are we?" asked Boo-Ya in that morose whine of his as he lay prostrate behind me.

"I don't know. Quit asking fucking stupid questions."

It had been his idea in the first place but now we had actually started to tunnel under the wall, he was getting on my nerves.

We knew that Pandora was available tonight. She had managed to slip a note to me using one of the Reform School guards who owed her a favour. But that's Pandora for you, always collecting favours. On the outside we had been a sort of item. Well as close to an item as a serial arsonist, who spent most of his time in custody and a hot, nymphomaniac could be.

That we both liked sex couldn't be denied and when I wasn't available I had no problem with her spreading it about a bit with other men. To tell you the truth it turned me on. Boo-Ya's tunnel idea had come from our mutual and understandable desire to escape back into the real world and we had been working on it for over two months now but Pandora's note had forced the escape date to be brought forward.

There was nothing she wouldn't do in bed. Her sex drive and inventiveness was amazing and it had kept us together for quite a while. So when she sent the note saying she wanted to have a group session with me and a few others, going into precise detail of what she wanted, what could a guy do? I know I couldn't have lasted another month in that place if she was going to send me notes like that all the time.

She didn't know about our escape plans of course. She thought she was just sexing me up a bit so that I could have something to read whilst I practice my five finger exercises. Little did she know.

I shone the torch onto the tape I held in my left hand.

"OK Boo-Ya, time to go up." I could almost feel his toothsome grin.

The tunnel wasn't a long one. This wasn't wartime Germany. It was only 10 feet long, starting on our side by a rubbish tip which disguised it well enough from the eyes of our warders and carefully calculated to break into the open again just 5 feet on the other side of the wall. It was only called a tunnel because of the section that went under the wall. The rest of the time it was just a very deep ditch.

It took another hour to get out into the cold darkness of night, but because we were now on the other side the air smelled different somehow almost ethereal. A quick whisper down the tunnel and the other three quickly joined us to sprint to the small clump of trees growing nearby. Nobody saw us. It wasn't that sort of place. All the warders were probably grabbing a few beers in what they laughingly called their club before turning in for the night.

We hid for a moment behind some bushes to check we hadn't been followed but I became worried about one of the other's mohawk hair style, you know the one that leaves the scalp bear except for this strip of rigid hair running down the centre. Well his was fairly long and just might be seen poking over the bush if one of the guards suddenly became conscientious and shone a light in our direction.

So off we went to Pandora's house.

She lived in a small apartment with her kid sister, which they moved into when I was sentenced to serve my time up here. As Pandora said one place is as good as any other and she may as well be near me for the duration.

Finding the place was easy enough and getting in was simple. But knowing which bedroom was hers posed a problem. I wanted to surprise her and pretend it was a gang rape. She loved kinky sex games like that. So I opened one door and hit lucky straight away. The flashlight showed me her favourite teddy bear, the one I'd got from the shooting gallery a couple of years ago and I went in motioning the others to follow.

We hesitated a few minutes letting our eyes adjust to the darkness then, as one, we went over to the bed.

Stripping her down, blindfolding and gagging her was a piece of cake. She struggled a bit, but nothing too serious and as she was my girl I had first option. I moved my fingers down to her vagina and began a rapid stroking and probing movement. I knew she liked that and, sure enough her cunt juices soon began to flow. Two of the other guys pulled her legs apart and another two held her wrists above her head, pinning her to the covers. By then I was hot, and stripping off my pants, I stood between her open thighs and slid my rock hard penis into her quivering body.

Jeez but it was beautiful.

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