Sweet 16

by Soft 'n Wet

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young Patti is looking forward to her 16th birthday as tension between her parents heats up to the point of separation. Patti is heartbroken until she and her dad begin to bond in a way that father and daughter should not.

The one day that most teenage girls look forward to is the day they turn 16. I was no different. At 15, I spent every waking hour planning for my 16th birthday. I receive no help from my mom. My mom is a bitch. Ever since she got that promotion a couple months ago to Vice President at the firm she works for she hasn't given me or my day, the time of day.

Mom is an ok looking woman for someone in their thirties. I remember when I was 12 or so, I use to be jealous of her because she had tits and mine, well let's just say all I had growing on my chest was what I called swollen nipples. I actually thought that something was wrong with me. I thought that, because of the way the area around my nipples puffed out, that I had breast cancer or something. I tried talking to mom about it but she would tell me not to worry about it.

Like other girls who were under endowed, I too stuffed tissue paper under my training bra. Now dad, that's a different story. He tried to help me with the planning because he knew how important my 16th birthday was to me. Dad however, didn't understand the ways of a teenager who was blossoming into a young woman. Most of daddy's ideas and suggestions were more geared toward an adult affair.

My dad is cool. After rejecting most of his ideas, he got the message and said to me, "Look pretty lady, he always called me that ever since I can remember. It's obvious that my ideas of a birthday bash just doesn't appeal to your liking so how about I do this. You bring me a list of everything that you need and I promise, no matter what, you'll have it."

Further more, he went on as he scooped me up in his arms. I might not be able to think like as teenager, but I sure can work like one. I will help you with all the decorations and stuff like that." I squeezed him tight.

"Oh daddy, I said fighting back the tears of joy. You promise?"

"Yes pretty lady, I promise."

This is the closest dad and I have been since mom's promotion. Dad had withdrawn into his own world after that dam job move up and we sort of drifted apart. But now, today, this very minute, I had him in my arms and I love it!

I drew away from the strong embrace of my father. He noticed the tears flowing down my cheeks. My dad, for the record, is a steel worker very very muscular. His hands are huge! When he saw the tears, with the gentleness of an artist stroke of a brush, he lovingly wiped the tear from my eye then ever so softly, he kissed my cheek. What he said next floored me.

"I love you Patti."

My jaw fell from my face. Neither dad or mom has said that to me since, since...dam, I can't remember the last time those three words were spoken in this house

"Oh daddy." I said once again throwing my arms around his neck of iron. I have never felt so touched and loved in all my life. Being held so close felt absolutely wonderful and I didn't want this moment to ever end. Dad and I held each other as we swayed from side to side relishing the closeness we both so desperately needed.

Dad was unconsciously rubbing my back. I remember wondering to myself, how could a mon so strong and muscular have such a gentle touch. I could feel myself melt into his embrace. I've been held before by my so called boy friend, but never did it make me feel the way I was feeling now. My legs were getting rubbery and breathing was becoming difficult.

What the hell was happening to me? Then as quickly as I grabbed him, he just a quick pushed me away. I looked into his eyes. They were swollen and the birth of a tear wailed up in the corner of his stern blue eye.

"Dad?" I said as he lightly continued to push me away. I held on to him at the waist which caused our groins to mash tightly together. That's when I realized why he was trying to push me away. I gave my father an erection and it was digging into my lower belly!

Time seem to stand still as we stood there him still pushing, me still pulling keeping us locked together in a way that was fast becoming wrong. What was only seconds, seem like years as millions of thoughts raced through my mind. I can recall thinking how disguising, how sickening. A father, my father, getting hard from an embrace from his own daughter.

At first I felt extreme anger and a build up of a little spite. Then I remembered how my body had reacted to his embrace. As I stared into his reddened eyes, I could the shame in his face. I could tell that he was just as disgusted and racked with the same feelings of guilt that I was. Sensing this, melted the anger that built in me. I knew now that it was up to me to get us out of this predicament without causing any embarrassment to my father.

"Well. I said releasing my hold on him. I guess I better get busy on that list." I could immediately sense the relief my dad felt as our bodies separated, I swear that I heard a faint sigh of relief that it was all over without an incident, come from his throat.

"Good idea pretty lady." That's all he said, so I just turned and headed for the stairs. As I walked up the steps, shame and guilt flooded my senses. I could feel the wetness between my legs as I walked. My panties were soaked through and I know why! Slamming my bedroom door,, I fell on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

Hours later, I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming and yelling at my daddy. "I can't believe you let that little bitch sleep all evening! None of her work is done! Look at this mess. Who's gonna clean it up?" My so called mother went on.

"Carrie." Dad tried to speak. I was now sitting at the top of the stair way. I could see them in the living room. The very same room where, just a few short hours ago dad and I were so filled with a confused kind of love,, was now filled with a more confusing kind of anger and a sad kind of hate.

"Well, not me Mr.! Mom interrupted as she put her suit jacket back on. You let that lazy bitch sleep the day away, you fix dinner and you clean this fuckin house!"

"Where are you going? Dad asked as she headed for the door. Mom stopped short of the door, turned and look my dad dead in the eye and said.

"You know John...there was a brief silence...fuck it, just fuck it all and while your at it, fuck you too John." The last thing I heard was the slamming of the door. I was too scared to move, my body shaking all over. I felt bad inside because I knew it was my fault that all this happen. Dad turned and headed toward the kitchen, that's when he saw me sitting on the stairs.

"Aw Patti. He said. I'm so sorry. How long have you been sitting there?"

"Long enough! I yelled as the tears flowed. I hate her! I screamed as I got up and ran toward my room where I was left alone to cope with feeling that were too crushing for a girl my age to handle by herself. Part of me died this awful night. As far as I was concerned my mother no longer existed. As for my dad, I was very upset with him for failing to come to me when I needed his comfort. I desperately needed to feel his strong arms wrapped tenderly around me telling me not to cry. I wanted my daddy to tell me that everything was gonna be alright, but he never came.

Things between my parents increasingly got worst. They rarely spoke to each other. Dad would sneak a smile my way once un awhile, while mom did all she could to make sure that I knew that she was feed up with both me and my daddy.

My birthday was just a short week away. Half-heartedly I planned my party. It went from a guest list of 20 to 25 people down to just a few of my closest friends due to the friction around my house. Turning 16 was still the high point in my life and I meant to celebrate it come hell or high water.

Today was Saturday, mom would be home all day. So to avoid her, I went over to my girlfriend's house. I began to feel sick around noon so Becky's dad drove me home. As I walked in the front door, I knew right off that something was frightfully wrong. The downstairs was deafly quiet but I could hear voices coming from the upstairs. Quietly I crept up the stairway. I could now make out the conversation between my parents, most of the talking coming from my mother.

"Look John," I heard her say. "I just can't take it anymore, I have to get out." I was very shocked and surprised at the low tone of her voice. I stood there and listened as she told my father how she screwed her way to the top of the firm she worked for. Dad's face was blank. I'll never forget that look for the rest of my life. The hurt he felt was written so plain across his once very handsome face, I wanted to run in there and rip her lips off.

What it all boiled down to was this simple fact, mom was leaving us. That part didn't hurt me a bit, matter of fact, I was elated that the bitch was finally getting the hell out of my life and for good I hope! What hurt was the way she was hurting dad with all the graphic details of the affairs she has had.

"Aren't you gonna say anything? She yelled. Dad looked up at her with those stern blue eyes. At first I thought that he was gonna punch her out but instead he just said, "fuck you Chrissy." Then he headed toward the door. Quickly I raced back down the steps and out the front door. I allowed enough time to lapse before I re-entered the house and slammed the door to let them know that I was home.

Mom was the first One I saw. She was on her way down the steps. Our eyes met, her's were not as cold looking as they always were. I could detect a small tear forming in the corner of her eye. The closer she got to me, the more detailed the lone tear became. My god I thought, she's actually crying! She walked up to me, placed her arm around me and gave me a weak hug, said I'm sorry Sis, then walked out the door. I never saw her again.

I found my dad in his study.

"Oh, hi pretty lady. He said as I walked in. Home so soon?"

"Yea, I didn't feel well, so I came home. Dad? What going on with you and mom?"

Dad sat me down on his lap and explained everything to me. Mom had previously moved most of her stuff a day or so ago. Dad didn't even notice that her closet was practically empty mainly due to the fact that mom left enough to make it appear normal. I laid my head on his shoulder and we both cried. Yes, I cried, but not for mom. I cried for my daddy.

We both fell asleep, me still on his lap, his strong arm holding me tight to his chest. I was the first to waken. Dad snored lightly. I didn't want to wake him so I tried to get up as easy as I could without disturbing him. As I shifted, I felt his thing, it was rock hard! I knew that most boys do wake up to a hard-on but this was a full grown man, and my dad to boot! Was he hard because I was sitting on his lap I wondered.

Again I tried to move off his lap. The more I moved, the more I would cause his thing to rub into my behind. I was wearing a pair of my loose, thin materia led gym shorts and I could feel his hardness very well and it felt good. I could feel myself start to get wet. Part of me felt repulsive and sick but the other part of me wanted to stay on daddy's lap and grind my ass into his stiff manhood.

As I sat there trying to come up with a way to get up without waking him, my hand, on it's own, went down as my body lifted, and I began to rub his penis through his jeans. God it was huge! Not long, just huge! I must have been rubbing harder that even I imagined because dad started to waken. I jerked my hand away just as dad's eyes opened.

"How long have I been sleeping?" Dad asked.

"Good while dad. I said. I just woke up myself I lied."

It was then that dad realized that he had a huge erection. Clearing his throat a couple of times he said. "Well pretty lady, someone has got to get us something to eat. You better let dad up and I'll see to it" How about some pizza?"

"Pizza is fine." I said as I got up keeping my eyes on his crotch. There it was, his jeans bulged from the boner that he supported. My hand still tingled from the feel of it as my mind raced back to my rubbing him. I could feel the crotch of my panties and I was so wet I could swear that the dam stuff was running down my leg.

While dad went to the phone to order pizza, I went to the bathroom, I needed to wipe myself. As I sat on the commode, again my mind took me back, not only to what just happen, but to all the situations that has occurred between me and my dad in the pass few weeks. I remember how I got upset with dad because of the way his body reacted to mine, I mean a father isn't suppose to feel that way over his daughter.

But now, now things began to become clear to me as I tossed the soaked toilet paper into the water below me. Yes, he is my dad, but he's still a man. People say that men and boys think with the wrong head at times. If that is true then, dad's penis doesn't know or even care that I am his daughter. I was wrong for being upset with him. Never the less, I continued to think, I must now allow this to develop into a situation where neither one of us would have the will power to stop once it started. Now that mom is gone, dad will need me and I must be there for him, as a daughter, not a wife.

When I returned to the kitchen, dad had already set out the foam plates and had served up the pizza. I sat across the table from him as we ate in silence. After we were finished and the table was cleaned, we both got our bath then settled down for the evening. Mom's name wasn't mentioned even once.

Dad sat in his easy chair, I stretched out on the sofa. We didn't speak much but I could tell that dad wanted to talk to me about something. I didn't know what, but there was something on his mind. Finally after clearing his throat he spoke up.

"Ah...Patti...ah, there's ah...there's something I have to tell you, some thing that I failed to tell you earlier. You see Pat, before you came home this afternoon, your mom ands I agreed that we would meet at the lawyers office and take care of some business. You know, instead of going through a messy divorce."

"That's ok dad..." I started to say, but he cut me off.

"You don't understand honey. It's Saturday."

"Dad no! You can't! It's my birthday! Dad please!" I screamed as the tears flowed.

I'm so sorry honey but it was the only way..." This time I cut him off.

"Dad you know how important Saturday is to me, you even promised to help me. God, even after she's gone she still haunts me!"

"Look pretty lady. Dad said getting up and coming over and sitting beside me. Why don't you come down there with me. I promise we won't be long and then afterward, I promise to give you a day you won't forget. Besides, I could use the support."

I was quiet for a long time thinking about his proposal. "Ok dad. I'll do it your way, but you owe me big time. I forgot to send out the invitations anyway" He hugged me and immediately I thought about what happen last time we got this close. I anticipated him getting hard. As he hugged me I looked down the best I could hoping to be able to watch his pajama bottoms to rise...nothing. Part of me was relieved, but part of me was very disappointed.

We stayed up pretty late because there was no school tomorrow. I fell asleep some time during some boring movie that dad was into. I don't know how long I slept but I do remember feeling my dad picking me up and carrying me up to my room. As he walked up the steps, I remember his penis rubbing against my thigh, I could feel it as it began to grow. Again guilt flooded my soul, but it felt so good against my thin nitie.

I pretended to remain asleep as he softly laid me on my bed. My nitie rode up to my crotch line, I remained still waiting for him to cover me up and tuck me in, but he didn't. I knew he was still standing over me, watching me. Suddenly I felt his weight as he sat on the bed beside me. I felt his hand as he started at my foot and rubbed my leg up and over my thigh. I know I was covered with goose bumps as his strong hand caressed my thigh.

I knew it was wrong and I started to feel a little sick in my stomach, but something inside of me wouldn't allow me to move. Something inside me wanted to see how far he was going to go. His breathing became labored as he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"Good night pretty lady." He whispered. He covered me up then left my room. I was hot! No, not mad, I was horney.

The next day, Dad and I went down town to meet with mom and the lawyer. Dad suggested that I stay in the waiting room, he wasn't sure how mom would react to me being there. After waiting for twenty minutes, I got the idea that my being here was not such a good idea after all, so I sank into the chair and waited. I must have drifted off, next thing I know dad is shaking me.

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