I'm Not in it for the Money

by dircat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, BDSM, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: They suddenly had a great idea how they could make a fortune. All it needed was a woman.

I followed her down the road, keeping strictly 50 yards behind the tall swaying body clothed in the white plastic raincoat. In the gathering dusk I couldn't see those rounded, tight buttocks and flared hips, nor the two firm looking breasts that I had noticed when I'd first started to trace her footsteps. But I could sense them, oh yes I could sense them alright. The sheer physical sensuality of her movements turned my guts into liquid fire. She was gorgeous and she knew it. It showed in the way she carried herself and in the way her stiletto heels beat a tattoo against the pavement. Her pace unhurried, yet with purpose. She knew where she was going but was in no particular hurry to get there.

Well, I was about to change all that...

She took a turn to the right and I saw my chance. As soon as she was out of sight around the corner I increased my speed. A quick glance showed me she was only twenty yards ahead. Now was the time. On silent trainers I ran up behind her and with one movement put my left arm around her neck, stifling the quick yelp of surprise before it became a scream, and pulled her backwards until she was hard against my chest. With my other hand I placed the chloroformed pad against her face and within seconds she had lost consciousness.

Toby brought the car alongside and I bundled her into the back seat. We always work as a team. It's safer that way as well as practical for without the car we could never carry out the operation. Toby had been following me as I had been following the woman, sometimes driving ahead if he was sure he wouldn't lose us both on his return, and sometimes dropping back slightly. Even simple precautionary measures like those could fool anyone who had noticed Toby driving along at less than a snail's pace. And we don't follow the prey for very long anyway.

As Toby drove away I looked down at the woman lying on the seat beside me. Her face was slack and her breathing steady as the chloroform kept her in a deep sleep, but even without the animation of awareness I could see the beauty of her. Long chestnut hair, heart shaped face and full sensuous lips gave only an indication of how she would look when she was awake, but I only needed an indication.

We eventually came to the house set back from the main road and I was gratified to see the large number of cars that were parked in the driveway and round the side of the building. It looked like a full attendance and I upped my estimation of how much money we were going to make by adding an extra zero. A couple of others helped Toby and myself carry her up to one of the bedrooms. Then they returned downstairs to their drinks. Only Toby and myself were allowed to be alone with the woman at this stage. Quickly but efficiently we stripped her of her clothing exposing the near perfect form to our view. She truly was magnificent. Her pale, flawless skin glowed with health and her firm, round, jutting breasts were just begging to be played with. A tapered waist flaring outward to form her hips which were supported by a pair of long, long legs giving the overall impression of a woman who was made for sex. And talking of sex I saw that her pubic area had been shaved recently, perhaps only a few hours before, I could not have asked for anything better. I knew by the sound of Toby's quick breathing that he felt the same and couldn't wait to start the proceedings.

From the cupboard standing in one corner of the room I fetched the restraining bonds. First we lay her flat on her back on the bed and then as Toby pulled her arms upwards above her head and held them there, I slipped the leather cuffs, joined by a small length of metal chain, around her wrists. Stretching her arms back until they almost reached the wall we fastened the chain to an open steel clasp securely screwed into the brickwork and, with one sharp click as the clasp was closed, her arms became fully secure. Positioning her in this manner had stretched her body taut, pulling her breasts upwards, accentuating the hardening nipples. For a moment Toby and myself paused as we allowed ourselves the pleasure of fondling the twin mounds, kneading them gently between us. Suddenly the woman moaned and we realised we were taking too much time in the preparation. We took her left ankle, attached a single cuff to it and pulled it backward until it, too, could be secured to the wall. Her right leg was treated in the same way. Now she was bent double on the bed her entire weight resting on her upper body and shoulders. Her breasts, released from their upward tension, had moved slightly to either side of her trussed torso, giving them enough slack to be played with by the visitors she would entertain tonight.

A couple of final things and then she would be ready. Toby fetched the two halves of the leather hood from the cupboard, giving one half to me. Standing either side of her head we placed the soft, padded material against the side of her face and while I held them in place Toby slipped one part of the zipper into the other and began drawing the two halves together. As the zip ran from the base of her neck up the back her skull, over the top and down the front I saw that the fit was perfect. Snug but not tight. It came to the end of its run at the bridge of her nose and Toby joined the final two pieces of leather under her flared nostrils by using four tiny hooks and eyelets. The hood had no eye slots so she couldn't see but it had a generous opening for her nose and as her mouth remained uncovered breathing would cause no problem.

Finally Toby put his fingers into her mouth and pulled her jaw downwards. As she was not yet awake the task was a simple one and the gaping mouth allowed me to insert the plastic wedge in over her tongue so that it was held in place by the pressure of her upper and lower sets of back teeth. Moulded to form around the teeth until both ends reached her gums, and the sections either side of her mouth joined by a plastic concave plate that moulded itself to her palate there was no fear that she would swallow the object and choke. We both stood back and looked down at the naked form that was now stirring slightly on top of the mattress, as the effects of the chloroform wore off.

Now that everything was ready the tension of the evening began to drain out of me. In its place, as always, came my usual, almost uncontrollable, sexual urge. I walked around to the side of the bed unzipping my pants as I went. She wasn't yet fully awake but to me that didn't matter. I wasn't in the mood for a long drawn out session, just a short release of tension was all I needed and cared about. My cock was hot, rock hard and ready to spurt. I stood for a second masturbating myself then taking her head in my two hands I turned it to face me. There wasn't any resistance. There never was. I placed the end of my now aching cock on her lips and then slid the length into her mouth along the top of her tongue. She was becoming fully aware by the second and as I began my pumping action she began, fruitlessly, writhing against her restraints. A slight movement behind me, and an even slighter upward shift of her body, told me that Toby was taking his pleasure in one of the other two holes that were exposed. The end came quickly and as I withdrew my penis some of the sperm dribbled over her lips to rest on her upper chin. It didn't matter. By the time the night was over her chin would be caked with the stuff. Tidying myself up I went to the door as Toby finished his own pleasure.

Outside sitting at the small card table were the two usual bouncers, only tonight they weren't there to bounce. In the beginning when we had first started, Alice my wife, Toby and myself had left the behaviour of the then very few invited guests, to trust, after all they were cultured and educated. But we hadn't realised what drink, numbers and a highly charged sexual atmosphere could do. After that first time we went searching for suitable men to keep a semblance of order and in the two sitting at the table we had found them. The money they were paid ensured their loyalty and discretion and, if they felt like it, they could have their fun as well at the end of the session. They almost always did.

It had all been Alice's idea. After five years of marriage our sex life was as superb as ever but we both felt that we were ready for something else. We tried various swingers groups and fetish clubs but nothing satisfied. Alice, who craved danger as well as extreme sexual exploration, devised the very simple plan. That was the other thing about my wife. She was one of those people who found it natural to come up with business ideas that worked successfully but never ventured into carrying them through. She used to say that there was always something lacking and so it fell to me to build and organise our various companies, even though it was she who gave them their original impetus. This worked fine as far as it went but to Alice it was frustrating that she earned no money of her own. So was born our latest and by far most lucrative venture. And to give her the financial independence she wanted we both agreed it was only fair that she should keep the entire profit herself. The change in her was noticeable from the start. She became more animated than I had ever seen her as she threw herself into running the organisation.

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