Payment In Kind

by dircat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young housewife is forced to pay off her husband's debts.

Chapter 1: Deposit and First Instalment

She sat on the edge of the bed clutching the pink bathrobe tightly to her body. When she heard the door open she didn't want took up. She didn't want to see who had walked into the room. She heard a sharp intake of breath as the stranger saw her for the first time. "Oh yes," she heard him say, "you're something else." She heard him approach until he was standing over her. Her trembling increased as the reality of her situation sank in. "Not speaking eh?" he said, "well we can soon cure that." Quickly he grabbed her wrist and mashed her hand against the large cock which was already beginning to harden. Reflexively she jerked her hand away until it was free again. The man grunted. "That's one thing you'll have to learn girl - total obedience."

She still kept her head down, avoiding any eye contact with him. Even when he moved away and she heard him taking off his clothes she didn't move. She felt paralysed hardly able to breathe as one by one she pictured in her mind his body as each article of clothing was discarded. She virtually did stop breathing for a moment when she heard him unzip his trousers and heard him step out of them.

"No point in being quiet girl, you're not invisible, I can see you're there. If you don't look now you're going to have a real good close up in a minute." She moaned softly at his words but loud enough for him to hear. "That's better", he said, "I thought you'd died on me." Naked now he padded across the carpet towards her. Almost gently he put massive hands on each side of her head and forced her to look at him. She gasped. Nothing had prepared her for this. He was a giant. Standing well over 6 feet tall and with a body that was perfectly in proportion to his height. Shoulders broad, chest deep, stomach flat and hard and... and... God she moaned again... Oh God.

He chuckled as he held her head in a vice like grip. "Like the look of it do you?" he asked, "and it's not even at attention yet. But that's where you come in isn't it? Now get that piece of garbage off and let me see what I'm getting." She was still frozen, fear was written all over her stiff, tense body. His mood suddenly changed. Swiftly he let go of her head and plunged both hands down the front of her dressing gown grabbing her firm plump breasts in both hands.

She yelped in surprise. "Now when I tell you to do something I expect you to do it, understand?" and he twisted both breasts viciously in opposite directions until the skin corrugated and he could twist them no further. She shrieked in pain and even though it was difficult with the man keeping her breasts twisted she managed to slide the gown off her shoulders and let it slide to her waist. He let go of her and roughly pulled the gown from her body spilling her from the bed. 'Oh yes, ' he thought, 'she is a looker all right, I'm going to enjoy this.' Bending down he grabbed her breasts again and pulled her up from the floor by them.

She shrieked louder this time scrabbling with her feet and hands to gain leverage. Then she was dumped without ceremony back onto the bed. Her breasts were quickly turning pink from the rough handling they had suffered and now she was making a noise. Her constant soft sobbing filled the room irritating the man even further.

"None of that," he said harshly, "now suck on this." and he put the end of his now fully erect cock against her lips. She was unable to control her sobs that now wracked her body. "Oh Christ", she heard him say, "well there's nothing for it." and she saw him go back to his clothes. Hope suddenly shot through her body, as she saw him pick up his trousers, but the hope disappeared rapidly as she saw him pull the wide leather belt through the loops until it hung free in his hand. Through blurred vision she couldn't believe what she was seeing. 'No, he couldn't, ' she thought, 'he wouldn't... '

He approached her rapidly, rolled her over on her stomach on the bed and sat on her back heavily facing her feet, knocking the wind out of her body. Before he started he paused for a moment to appreciate the firm round shape of her buttocks, now twitching in agitation as she struggled beneath him. But he didn't hesitate for long. Beneath him she felt his weight shift as he balanced himself, then she heard a soft swish and then the pain exploded across her buttocks. Her scream was high and loud, not only filling the room but the whole house. Another swish another spasm of burning pain another scream. Then a third. Her arse cheeks were beginning to stripe.

Downstairs her husband put his hands over his ears and muttered "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Oh God forgive me, I'm sorry."

The fourth scream rang out. Then the final two cracks of leather on tortured skin signalled the end of her punishment. He rose from her body breathing heavily and stood by the bed watching her curled up form quivering where she lay. "Now," he said, "we'll try again," and he pulled her up until once more she was sitting on the side of the bed, "put this in your mouth and suck it!" His tone was sharp and despite her tears she parted quivering lips to allow him to slide his cock into her mouth and rest it momentarily on her tongue.

It was in proportion to the rest of his body and her lips were distorted by the size of it. He felt the pleasurable wetness of her saliva as she tried to adjust her mouth to accommodate him. Then he began sliding it in and out. She was as small as he was large and he knew she wouldn't be able to take all of him but sure as hell he was going to try. Gripping the back of her head with both hands he pulled it towards his groin as he thrust his hips forward, thrusting the massive hard rod of flesh back to the entrance to her throat.

Her nose began to run as she struggle to breathe through it and saliva was pouring from her mouth to run down her chin and hang in long strands to her breasts. He withdrew slightly but at the same time keeping a firm grip on the back of her head. Then violently he shoved it back in. This time it gained entrance to her throat. Her eyes widened in shock and panic as she felt it lodging in the entrance. He knew he couldn't stop now he was almost there so he pushed forward relentlessly. Suddenly the tiny gap relaxed with the pressure and his cock slid remorselessly in and down.

Even as he gave a few, very quick, back and forth thrusts getting her throat used to the feel he looked at her neck with satisfaction as he saw it had swollen slightly to take it all in. "Right hang on now," he said almost jovially, and pushed hard. A full four inches slid in and he felt the constriction around it as her throat spasmed and she started to gag. He pulled out quickly not wanting to damage her too much. As soon as she could she drew in deep ragged breaths, coughing, spluttering and choking all at the same time.

Her mouth and nose were now running with a mixture of saliva and tears adding to the strands already attaching her mouth to her breasts. Her chin was a sopping swamp of wetness. Once more he thrust it back in and once more he felt it slide into her throat. This time gripping the back of her head even tighter he thrust even harder and with satisfaction felt it slide passed her throat and into her gullet. Her eyes rolled up into their sockets and she weakly tried to push him away. Before she lost consciousness all together he withdrew to give her another brief respite. He let go of her head and took her swaying breasts in each hand squashing them hard over his rigid cock and dangling balls.

It felt good to have the pliable flesh rubbing against him, and it felt even better to know he could do it at all and that she was his for the duration. But he was there for more than just a tit fuck. For ten minutes he used her mouth and throat until she could take some of him without gagging. But he wasn't there for a deep throat job either. As he fucked her mouth he looked around the bedroom and saw what he wanted on the dressing table. A few more enjoyable minutes keeping himself under control for the greater pleasure to come then he withdrew from her lips completely leaving her breathing heavily still sitting on the bed.

He went across to the dressing table and picked up the jar of cold cream that was there. "Get on the bed and lay on your stomach." he said as he went back to where she was sitting. Wearily she did as she was told placing her head on her folded arms. "No I've changed my mind, come off the end of the bed so your kneeling then bend forward." She did exactly as he said. He approached her unscrewing the cap on the small jar as he did so. He scooped out a third of the cream onto his fingers and pushing his hand between her arse cheeks began pushing it into her anus. She jumped and looked back over her shoulder.

"W... w... what are you doing?" she asked nervously dreading the reply she knew she was going to get. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing," he said scooping some more cream and cramming it further up into her arse, "I'm putting cream up your arse, and do you know why I'm putting cream up your arse? I'm putting cream up your arse because I'm going to fuck it!"

A wail escaped from her mouth. "No please... please don't, I've never done that before, I won't be able to I know I won't... I'm too small for you. Please I'll do anything else you want but not that please not tha..."

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