Payment In Kind

by dircat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young housewife is forced to pay off her husband's debts.

Chapter 1: Deposit and First Instalment

She sat on the edge of the bed clutching the pink bathrobe tightly to her body. When she heard the door open she didn't want took up. She didn't want to see who had walked into the room. She heard a sharp intake of breath as the stranger saw her for the first time. "Oh yes," she heard him say, "you're something else." She heard him approach until he was standing over her. Her trembling increased as the reality of her situation sank in. "Not speaking eh?" he said, "well we can soon cure that." Quickly he grabbed her wrist and mashed her hand against the large cock which was already beginning to harden. Reflexively she jerked her hand away until it was free again. The man grunted. "That's one thing you'll have to learn girl - total obedience."

She still kept her head down, avoiding any eye contact with him. Even when he moved away and she heard him taking off his clothes she didn't move. She felt paralysed hardly able to breathe as one by one she pictured in her mind his body as each article of clothing was discarded. She virtually did stop breathing for a moment when she heard him unzip his trousers and heard him step out of them.

"No point in being quiet girl, you're not invisible, I can see you're there. If you don't look now you're going to have a real good close up in a minute." She moaned softly at his words but loud enough for him to hear. "That's better", he said, "I thought you'd died on me." Naked now he padded across the carpet towards her. Almost gently he put massive hands on each side of her head and forced her to look at him. She gasped. Nothing had prepared her for this. He was a giant. Standing well over 6 feet tall and with a body that was perfectly in proportion to his height. Shoulders broad, chest deep, stomach flat and hard and... and... God she moaned again... Oh God.

He chuckled as he held her head in a vice like grip. "Like the look of it do you?" he asked, "and it's not even at attention yet. But that's where you come in isn't it? Now get that piece of garbage off and let me see what I'm getting." She was still frozen, fear was written all over her stiff, tense body. His mood suddenly changed. Swiftly he let go of her head and plunged both hands down the front of her dressing gown grabbing her firm plump breasts in both hands.

She yelped in surprise. "Now when I tell you to do something I expect you to do it, understand?" and he twisted both breasts viciously in opposite directions until the skin corrugated and he could twist them no further. She shrieked in pain and even though it was difficult with the man keeping her breasts twisted she managed to slide the gown off her shoulders and let it slide to her waist. He let go of her and roughly pulled the gown from her body spilling her from the bed. 'Oh yes, ' he thought, 'she is a looker all right, I'm going to enjoy this.' Bending down he grabbed her breasts again and pulled her up from the floor by them.

She shrieked louder this time scrabbling with her feet and hands to gain leverage. Then she was dumped without ceremony back onto the bed. Her breasts were quickly turning pink from the rough handling they had suffered and now she was making a noise. Her constant soft sobbing filled the room irritating the man even further.

"None of that," he said harshly, "now suck on this." and he put the end of his now fully erect cock against her lips. She was unable to control her sobs that now wracked her body. "Oh Christ", she heard him say, "well there's nothing for it." and she saw him go back to his clothes. Hope suddenly shot through her body, as she saw him pick up his trousers, but the hope disappeared rapidly as she saw him pull the wide leather belt through the loops until it hung free in his hand. Through blurred vision she couldn't believe what she was seeing. 'No, he couldn't, ' she thought, 'he wouldn't... '

He approached her rapidly, rolled her over on her stomach on the bed and sat on her back heavily facing her feet, knocking the wind out of her body. Before he started he paused for a moment to appreciate the firm round shape of her buttocks, now twitching in agitation as she struggled beneath him. But he didn't hesitate for long. Beneath him she felt his weight shift as he balanced himself, then she heard a soft swish and then the pain exploded across her buttocks. Her scream was high and loud, not only filling the room but the whole house. Another swish another spasm of burning pain another scream. Then a third. Her arse cheeks were beginning to stripe.

Downstairs her husband put his hands over his ears and muttered "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Oh God forgive me, I'm sorry."

The fourth scream rang out. Then the final two cracks of leather on tortured skin signalled the end of her punishment. He rose from her body breathing heavily and stood by the bed watching her curled up form quivering where she lay. "Now," he said, "we'll try again," and he pulled her up until once more she was sitting on the side of the bed, "put this in your mouth and suck it!" His tone was sharp and despite her tears she parted quivering lips to allow him to slide his cock into her mouth and rest it momentarily on her tongue.

It was in proportion to the rest of his body and her lips were distorted by the size of it. He felt the pleasurable wetness of her saliva as she tried to adjust her mouth to accommodate him. Then he began sliding it in and out. She was as small as he was large and he knew she wouldn't be able to take all of him but sure as hell he was going to try. Gripping the back of her head with both hands he pulled it towards his groin as he thrust his hips forward, thrusting the massive hard rod of flesh back to the entrance to her throat.

Her nose began to run as she struggle to breathe through it and saliva was pouring from her mouth to run down her chin and hang in long strands to her breasts. He withdrew slightly but at the same time keeping a firm grip on the back of her head. Then violently he shoved it back in. This time it gained entrance to her throat. Her eyes widened in shock and panic as she felt it lodging in the entrance. He knew he couldn't stop now he was almost there so he pushed forward relentlessly. Suddenly the tiny gap relaxed with the pressure and his cock slid remorselessly in and down.

Even as he gave a few, very quick, back and forth thrusts getting her throat used to the feel he looked at her neck with satisfaction as he saw it had swollen slightly to take it all in. "Right hang on now," he said almost jovially, and pushed hard. A full four inches slid in and he felt the constriction around it as her throat spasmed and she started to gag. He pulled out quickly not wanting to damage her too much. As soon as she could she drew in deep ragged breaths, coughing, spluttering and choking all at the same time.

Her mouth and nose were now running with a mixture of saliva and tears adding to the strands already attaching her mouth to her breasts. Her chin was a sopping swamp of wetness. Once more he thrust it back in and once more he felt it slide into her throat. This time gripping the back of her head even tighter he thrust even harder and with satisfaction felt it slide passed her throat and into her gullet. Her eyes rolled up into their sockets and she weakly tried to push him away. Before she lost consciousness all together he withdrew to give her another brief respite. He let go of her head and took her swaying breasts in each hand squashing them hard over his rigid cock and dangling balls.

It felt good to have the pliable flesh rubbing against him, and it felt even better to know he could do it at all and that she was his for the duration. But he was there for more than just a tit fuck. For ten minutes he used her mouth and throat until she could take some of him without gagging. But he wasn't there for a deep throat job either. As he fucked her mouth he looked around the bedroom and saw what he wanted on the dressing table. A few more enjoyable minutes keeping himself under control for the greater pleasure to come then he withdrew from her lips completely leaving her breathing heavily still sitting on the bed.

He went across to the dressing table and picked up the jar of cold cream that was there. "Get on the bed and lay on your stomach." he said as he went back to where she was sitting. Wearily she did as she was told placing her head on her folded arms. "No I've changed my mind, come off the end of the bed so your kneeling then bend forward." She did exactly as he said. He approached her unscrewing the cap on the small jar as he did so. He scooped out a third of the cream onto his fingers and pushing his hand between her arse cheeks began pushing it into her anus. She jumped and looked back over her shoulder.

"W... w... what are you doing?" she asked nervously dreading the reply she knew she was going to get. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing," he said scooping some more cream and cramming it further up into her arse, "I'm putting cream up your arse, and do you know why I'm putting cream up your arse? I'm putting cream up your arse because I'm going to fuck it!"

A wail escaped from her mouth. "No please... please don't, I've never done that before, I won't be able to I know I won't... I'm too small for you. Please I'll do anything else you want but not that please not tha..."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he roared. "Jesus when you start talking you don't stop do you?" Another dollop of cream was inserted. "I... I... I'll do anything else you want, I promise I'll be good. He hesitated. "Anything?" he asked. "Yes... yes anything I'll suck you so you come in my mouth, I'll even swallow you deep down my throat, I think I can do that now." Again he hesitated. She was babbling of course using any defence she could to stop him from going ahead but all the same... Being the nice little suburban housewife she was she could have no idea what perversions he could make her perform if he wanted.

Then he shook his head. 'No, ' he thought, 'I can't spend too much time here.' and he threw the jar away and dropped to his knees behind her. She whimpered as felt the heat of his loins close to her buttocks, and then whimpered some more as she felt the end of his large cock nuzzle up to her small puckered anus. He looked down at his hand guided the cock and started use a circular movement with it as he slowly pushed forward. Her arse was so full of cream that it slid in easily enough causing her nothing more than small discomfort. He lodged it just inside of her rear channel, changed his hold on her to her hips, took a deep breath and shoved the full length of it deep into her rectum. She almost jumped off the bed with the shock of the forceful entry, and she raised her face to the ceiling and howled as loudly as she could. "Aaaaaggggghhhh!!!". He pulled part of the way out then another mighty shove embedded it deep inside her. Another shriek. He liked that sound. He liked the complete hopelessness of the noise so for good measure he pulled out and pushed back in quickly one more time.

This time the shriek was more like a moan. Thrusting backwards and forwards he began sodomising the girl in earnest. Her rectum had stretched to take the width of him and the cream, which was now being pushed further up into her bowels, helped to ease his progress. He grabbed her buttocks and began roughly kneading them. He began slapping them harder and harder as his fucking became faster. He leant over her and grabbed her wildly swinging breasts and then he forced her mouth wide open with four fingers of one massive hand and simulated a mouth fuck with them.

She was grunting uncontrollably and rapidly now with each forward thrust. Then his other hand left her tits and with one hand in her mouth and the other beginning to slap her buttocks for the second time he felt the strength of himself knowing he could anything he wanted. He started to feel her return with him each time he withdrew and he grinned maliciously. 'They're all the same, ' he thought, 'they're all the fucking same.' He slapped her buttocks and fucked her arse faster than ever. He was beginning to lose control. Once again he stopped slapping her reddened arse cheeks and at the same time took his hand from her over stretched mouth. Then just before he exploded his loins into her cream filled arse he reached around her one last time, grabbed her breasts and squeezed and pulled them upwards and backwards as hard as he could.

She began making a noise like an animal as her upper body was raised from the bed and slammed backwards into his broad chest. He then howled in release as the spunk began pumping from him filling her arse. "Yyyeeessssss!!" he screamed as his loins emptied themselves into her. Then he almost stopped in surprise. As he kept shooting spunk he felt her body begin to quiver until it was trembling uncontrollably then without warning she howled aloud with lustful passion as, in a gut twisting reflex a shattering orgasm swept through her body. 'Shit, ' he thought, 'she liked it she fucking well liked it!' and out of anger at her pleasure he began slapping her buttocks harder as his own orgasm slowed down and finally stopped. They both fell forward again onto the bed.

He lay there on her back panting heavily. Both bodies were slick with sweat and stuck to each other slightly. He was still angry, very, very angry. They fucking weren't meant to take pleasure in the forced rape of their arseholes. His mind raced to think of a way of punishing the broken woman who was squashed beneath his massive body. Then an idea came to him that made him grin openly.

His cock was still buried deep in her rectum and he bent his head and whispered in her ear almost soothingly. "Just stay like that... it's nearly over... not long now.' She hardly heard him. With the belt beating, the mouth rape and now this final degrading act of sodomy she was too dazed to concentrate. The final shattering orgasm she had experience had deeply disturbed her and so she just lay there, head nestled in her arms, eyes closed, almost drifting off to sleep. She thought he said "now" but she couldn't be sure but then she was viciously brought back to life. Her eyes widened, her head half raised from her arms and her back arched slightly beneath the man's weight as she felt the stream of hot stinging liquid pour into her bowels.

"MMmmmffffnnngghh", the sound was bursting from her mouth was one of pure horror as she realised that he was pissing into her body. "NNNnnnngghhh!!!" She struggled as best she could but he was too heavy and strong for her. She felt the vile liquid filling her bowels and stretching her insides as it continued to flow. The man was in heaven. This was one of the actions he liked. To be able to piss on or into a woman against her will was something he fantasised about when he wasn't actually doing it. Her legs kicked and stiffened as he continued to fill her. New beads of sweat sprang out over her body as her internal temperature rose from the heat of the liquid and her guts continued to stretch with each passing second. She retched, then retched again and still the urine poured into her, filling her, expanding her. Her small flat belly rounded slightly at the intake of so much volume. Even he was surprised. 'Shit, ' he thought, 'this is a pure fucking load.' He felt the contented pleasure of emptying his bladder and the sexual pleasure of emptying it into an unwilling, struggling, newly raped woman who was making animal like noises beneath him. "NNNnnngghhh... ," She now lay still not able to struggle anymore. He gave a few final squirts and as he withdrew and the tightness around his cock relaxed a few more until he withdrew completely.

With his weight off her back, she staggered to her feet and stumbled to the bathroom holding her hand over her mouth, retching as she went. The bathroom door slammed shut and the first sounds of her body emptying its newly acquired cargo, was silenced. The man went over to his clothes dressed quickly and went down the stairs.

As he let himself out he glanced at the man rocking backwards and forwards on the divan, a glass of whisky in his hand, and a half empty bottle in front of him on the coffee table, repeating "God... God... I'm sorry, so sorry... God..." like a litany. 'Stupid fucking cunt', the man thought and left the house.

Chapter 2: Second Instalment

She was back sitting on the edge of the bed. After the last hour of being beaten, sodomised, having a cock thrust deep into her throat and a man piss into her bowels she was still in a state of shock. She stared blankly at the deep blue carpet on the floor unable to think or move. After the stranger had left, Charley, her husband had come up the stairs, run a hot tub and had gently cleaned her down. Even in her dazed state she could recognise that he had been drinking. His gentle soaping of her body and the hands that thoroughly washed her hair had trembled slightly as his whisky laden breath filled her nostrils. She didn't care, she cared for nothing but her aching, bruised body and the numbness of her mind.

After the bath he had dried her with a large, warm towel and finally dusted her down with her favourite talc. Leading her back to the bed he wrapped a fresh gown around her and sat her down. As he left the room softly closing the door she heard the sound of the doorbell ringing downstairs.

Unlike the last time she looked up as the bedroom door re-opened. Her reaction was a sharp intake of breath. Two men entered the room. Somehow she had imagined that her visitors would come singly not in pairs but now she had to adjust her thoughts to accept the situation. Although she was young she was not unaware of how two men could use a girl simultaneously and her stomach clenched as she recalled some of the dirty pictures she and Charley had looked at together. She closed her eyes trying to blot out the images but she knew now, after her last visitor, that she had no choice in the matter. Whatever they wanted to do they could. She was powerless to stop them.

They wasted no time in stripping off their clothes and coming up to the bed. She saw that when naked they were not as young as they had looked when they had first come into the room. Flabby flesh and pot bellies told their own stories of age. The face of one was lined and mottled with broken veins and the hair of the other had receded almost to the point of baldness. They made her stand by putting their hands under her armpits and lifting her. Then one of them undid her robe and threw it into a corner of the room. The familiar trembling was now beginning to shake her body as she anticipated what was to come. They sat her down again and taking her hands made her grip their dangling cocks. She saw with relief that they were both small men. She didn't think her body could endure another battering like the one she had just had from her first visitor. She squeezed and loosened her grip; squeezed and loosened, feeling the two dangling organs begin to stiffen at her ministrations. Their hands were roaming over her face and down to her firm breasts caressing her skin with a gentleness that surprised her.

Their cocks grew no thicker but to her horror she saw that both men continued to grow in length as she squeezed and rubbed the hardening organs. Hoping to stop the continual stretching she transferred her hand to their balls which hung in loose sacs between their legs but that made the matter worse as each penis twitched as one and grew even longer. They were now fully erect and gently swaying in front of her face. From her position they appeared distorted by their length, almost two freakish accidents of nature. One of the men took his cock in his hand and guided it to her lips. She knew it was useless to resist and so she opened her mouth and let him slide it in over her tongue transferring her hand back to it as the violation took place. She continued to play with the second man's balls feeling them tighten at her touch. Hands on the back of her head made her aware of what was going to happen. She had learnt her lesson well. Before her head was forced deep onto the hard rod of flesh she voluntarily lowered it until the invading prick was at the entrance to her throat. Taking a deep breath she began swallowing it deeper into her gullet feeling it enter inch by inch with each gulp. Then her gagging began and she quickly withdrew choking and gasping for breath. Quickly she forced herself to recover and resumed the swallowing of his long, thin cock. The sound of slurping filled the room as she bobbed her head up and down allowing her throat to be stretched even further with each downward thrust. She stared straight ahead and could see the soft sagging belly getting closer as she took more and more of him in. Once again she had to withdraw to avoid choking but once again she recovered quickly and went straight back to her task.

Far above her bobbing head she heard them saying something to each other but she didn't recognise the language. Through half closed eyes she saw his belly was very close to her face and with a determination to finish what she had started she forced herself to swallow and thrust her head forward at the same time. Her gullet was filled with long thin cock and her face was squashed against the greying pubic hairs and soft wrinkled skin of the man's stomach. Her guts heaved and once again she had to withdraw, freeing her throat and mouth of the throbbing, twitching obstruction. This time it took her longer to recover but soon she was ready. This time though it was the second man who demanded attention. Her throat had loosened and she found she could take him deep into her gullet without much discomfort until again her face was mashed against a man's pubic hair. She found too that she could keep it deep inside her for longer. Saliva spilled over her lips drenching her chin and as she withdrew, the penis pulled more of the warm liquid from her soft mouth. Her lips were beginning to swell and her jaw and throat ached but still she forced herself to go on with her task.

For the next fifteen minutes she was kept busy between the two of them until finally she was allowed to flop backwards onto the bed panting painfully through her gaping mouth. Her bruised and swollen lips were difficult and painful to close but for the men, closing them was the last thing they intended. After a few seconds conversation they pulled her around and dragged her on her back to the bottom of the bed so that her upper body was suspended in mid-air. She had no choice but to lower her head until it was resting on the blue deep pile carpet and she was looking at the room from an upside down angle. From this position she could now see the men's faces and she saw the lust and lack of control neither of them could hide. Their faces were covered in a faint sheen of sweat and their breathing was laboured from the sexual activity they were engaged in. Both knelt down on either side of her head and without preliminaries pushed both cocks at once into her mouth and to the back of her throat.

Despite what she had already endured this act of a double mouth fuck hadn't occurred to her and not for the first time that afternoon her mind struggled to understand. Now there was no hesitation and both men began timing their movements so that they moved backwards and forwards in her mouth simultaneously. Her lips were pushed in then pulled out with each movement. The men became more urgent and soon she could only lay there, the top of her head on the carpet, forcing the channel into her throat wide open and accessible. The two mouth rapists were now pistoning in and out, no longer working together. As their lust and self control disappeared altogether they fucked her in their own time. She felt she would never be able to close her lips again as they were dragged and distorted by the wild movements.

"Eeeeeeiiiiiii!" she keened as one cock slid deep into her gullet. The second man continued to thrust in and out of her mouth as fast as his lust demanded. The first man pushed deeper into her until his balls were squashed against one side of her chin. Her throat made swallowing motions as saliva ran down into her stomach. The swallowing clenched and unclenched her hold on the first man's cock making him moan with pleasure. Then she could make no more sound except a muffled "Mmmffffnn" as the second cock thrust hard, burst through the tiny gap which was left at her throat entrance and joined its companion. Thin as they were both pricks together were far wider than the giant's who had been her first visitor and both pricks were much, much longer. She kicked and flailed her arms and legs as she felt the dual invasion stretch her almost to breaking point and the ends of the penises almost reach the entrance to her stomach. Her eyes rolled upwards as she could no longer hold onto consciousness but just before the darkness descended she felt her gullet stretch even further as the cocks began pumping their sperm directly into her guts...

She came to ten minutes later. The men had not wasted their time. She had been spread-eagled on her belly, her wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the bed with her husband's ties and both men were systematically beating her buttocks with the flat soles of their shoes. The firm round flesh of her arse cheeks jumped and danced with each impact as first one brought his shoe down hard followed by his companion. She didn't know how long she had been out or how long the torture had been going on but she was beyond making any noise. Her bruised and swollen throat was incapable of functioning, swallowing was almost too painful to bear and her lips were now twice their normal size. She lay there in a sea of pain as the fire spread throughout her loins, rekindled with each descending shoe. Her skin had now become deep red and purple in colour and the sound of leather on flesh filled the room and reached Charlie's ears downstairs.

Her husband had stopped moaning and chanting his constant litany and was just sitting there drinking whisky after whisky. Soon the bottle was finished and he staggered to the cupboard to fetch a second.

Tears of pain ran down her face soaking the duvet she was lying on and it was a short time before she realised the beating had stopped. The two men untied her and turned her over. She gave a strangled, hoarse yelp as her buttocks took the weight of her body. She yelped again as they dragged her to the side of the bed and made her sit up. She was a wreck. Her sweat stained tangled hair lay plastered to her scalp, her eyes were bloodshot and tearful and faint strain lines had appeared on her face running from the sides of her nostrils to the corners of her mouth. Sperm covered her chin and face where she had coughed it up and her breasts had swollen slightly from the rough handling they had received. The nipples jutted outwards firm and hard.

One of the men pushed four fingers into her mouth and prised her painful lips wider. He peered inside examining in detail the back of her throat. He noted with satisfaction how the tiny opening had been stretched wide and was now gaping open unable to close. He looked at his companion, nodded and smiled. The second man took his place in front of her and started to feed his long thin prick into her mouth. Even in its flaccid state it had no trouble in worming its way into her gullet. She felt it slide down until it could go no further, his balls resting on her spunk laden chin. She sat there unable to move or protest. All fight had left her and she was ready to accept whatever they made her do. The second man studied her face and noted the resignation but still decided to tie her hands behind her back. His memory told him that sometimes these women could muster up courage and strength from unknown depths. Taking one of the ties he secured her hands and then stood back to watch.

Her eyes flickered briefly as she felt the first hot splash of urine then she could only sit there as the first man started to fill her belly with the yellow liquid. She couldn't taste it, it was going directly into her guts, but her battered senses still repelled in horror at the action. On and on the man pissed. She had already experience it up her arse from her first visitor but this was somehow different. Her mouth should not be used in this manner it wasn't meant to be. But the man continued all the same. Her belly began to swell and she began to feel the pain of the stretching. Her body had been used in so many ways during the last two hours that she even began to accept the pain, knowing it was a temporary thing which would eventually be over. The man was finishing she felt his piss slow down to a trickle then a series of spurts then finally he started to withdraw dragging his long thin prick upwards and outwards over her lips into the open air. Just before it left her lips some uncontrolled drops hit the roof of her mouth. Those she could taste and her features grimaced at the bitterness of the liquid.

The second man pushed her backwards so that she was lying uncomfortably and painfully on her secured wrists. He straddled her chest and putting one hand under himself he grabbed one of her swollen breasts. With his other hand he pulled one of his own arse cheeks as wide as it could go and pulling her breast upwards let go of it so that her breast was jammed firmly in place the hard nipple caressing his anus. He felt the softness and pliability of the flesh between his buttocks and he smiled in satisfaction. Then lifting her head up with one hand he fed his cock into her mouth until it had nearly reached her throat lying there resting on her tongue. With his other hand he pinched her nostrils shut and began emptying his own bladder.

This time she could taste it. The stream made her cheeks bulge outwards but unable to breathe through her nose she swallowed noisily and continued swallowing as the acrid liquid filled her mouth time and time again until she cleared it by swallowing even faster. The man continued longer than his companion and the soreness of her throat from the double mouth fuck prevented her from swallowing his piss continually. She allowed it to fill her mouth bulging and distorting her cheeks then gulped it down as fast as she could to lessen the pain before her mouth was refilled.

Some of the yellow liquid escaped over her lips but a quick shake of her pinched nostrils warned her not to allow that to happen. She felt her belly stretch and distend further than it had before until the tight skin was shaped like a perfectly rounded ball. Her eyes were now screwed shut as she concentrated on getting rid of the hot liquid that filled her mouth. But like the last time the flow became a series of spurts which eventually stopped. The man withdrew.

They gave her no time to rest but untying her hands made her stand up. It was difficult to carry out the simple action without swaying where she stood, but it was even more difficult to carry out their next instructions without falling over. With a series of mimes they made her understand they wanted her to run on the spot. She started, her tits bouncing up and down against her rib cage with each step. They wanted her to go faster and she did her best to comply with her tits now gyrating and bouncing against her body as the speed increased...

One raised hand told her to stop and over her soft panting could clearly be heard the slurping and gurgling of the piss which filled her distended belly as it slopped around inside her. The men laughed out loud and clapped. Then they motioned for her to start again. Each time she stopped they laughed hilariously at the sounds coming from her insides. The sweat was now pouring from her body and her swollen breasts were beginning to hurt more and more as they bounced up and down and from side to side with each frantic step she took. But still they wanted her to go faster and so they took two of the ties from the floor and began flicking them at her bouncing tits.

The stinging of the ties spread through her sensitive skin and she began running as fast as she could with the sound of the urine in her guts sloshing and gurgling, loudly audible, as she continued to run on the spot. Her rounded stomach was also now beginning to make small rippling movements as the internal pressure built up even further. The men tortured her tits more sadistically until unable to continue any more she fell in a heap to the floor, gasping and panting, holding her belly to ease the pain from within. The noises from her body were now loud enough to hear without straining the ears. Then with one small gasp her own bladder released its own supply of piss all over the carpet.

She had completely lost control and although she could somehow endure and survive what the men had made her do she could not bear the thought that she had lost control of her own bodily functions. In deep despair and as the men, still laughing and talking in their own language, dressed and left the room, she lay her aching head in her arms and sobbed uncontrollably.

Chapter 3: Final Instalment

She was like a little girl again looking eagerly out of the car window as it sped through the countryside. Everything looked so new and fresh, so green and alive. For three weeks she had been kept in the house submitting to the sexual whims of her many visitors, and many there had been. She had no idea of the total number of strangers who had used her body, only that after the first day, which seemed so long ago now, she had accepted her fate without thought. Charlie had descended into a drunken shadow of his former self. He could not accept things as they were, knowing that he was responsible. It was about the third week that her ice calm acceptance had cracked.

She had been especially active most of the day and was lying on the bed exhausted. She had drifted off to sleep for a short while and when she woke up, still lying there on top of the foul smelling, stained sheets, it was dark. Charlie hadn't come up as he usually did to run her bath. Forcing her eyes to stay open she had gone naked down the stairs to find him lying there on the floor snoring in a deep and drunken coma. The coffee table, the one they had bought back from their holiday in Wales, was lying on its side where it had tipped over, spilling the full ashtray and nearly empty whisky bottle onto the carpet. The room smelt of stale tobacco, stale drink and stale sweat. At first she had just looked at him and then slowly her anger began to build, the first genuine emotion she had experience for sixteen days.

'You... pig', she muttered, 'you dirty, filthy, drunken pig. Look at you. Look at yourself. You stupid, stupid man... ' As she spoke dormant emotions began to return as she felt the beginning of rippling spasms invade then vanquish her muscle control. The real world, at first only dimly hinted at, suddenly and without warning flooded her mind, memories she had buried deep into the darkest reaches of her being became solid, tangible thoughts. Anger built quickly into rage as her tired, aching, body discovered the energy of hatred.

'What the fuck have you got to be drunk about. Oh yes I say fuck now Charlie boy, and cunt and bugger, and cock. Not like the little woman you knew a few weeks ago am I Charlie boy?" her sarcasm was heavy and her growing contempt palpable. "It's funny what you can learn on a crash course of whoredom isn't it Charlie? Do you want to hear more? Do you want to know what I've been doing Charlie? ANSWER ME YOU CUNTING BASTARD! You want to know what I've been drinking, want to know how many cocks I've had up my cunt, up my arse, in my mouth. Do you Charlie do you?' Her rage was changing. It was growing into hysteria. 'What do you think I was doing Charlie? Playing fucking monopoly? While you drank your stupid, pathetic self into a sodding stupor.' She was now pacing the room looking at the man on the floor, trembling violently.

'And do you know what Charlie? They think I'm good. ME! The woman who only did it straight or not at all. The housewife and homemaker. Well you should see her now, bouncing between the cocks of two men as they use her for their sexual fantasy. Or three men Charlie, all at the fucking same time. And once Charlie, you know what? I even managed to fit two men up my cunt at once." She half laughed, half choked as her self control deteriorated even further. "How about that hey? hey? Fucking good hey?' Her body was now perspiring heavily, she couldn't focus properly she could only see inwards, into the life she had led for three weeks. 'And there's another thing Charlie, I know what hog-tied is and a dentist's brace and the Catholic horse...

I know a lot of things Charlie', her contempt, rage and hysteria grew to breaking point "I know all about fisting, oh yes I know all about that alright and here's the funny thing Charlie boy the longer it went on the more I got used to it. Funny Charlie? Too bastard right it's funny because the more I got used to it the more I fucking liked it. I liked the whippings and the buggerings and the fuckings and the suckings. I liked everything they did to me. Not only liked it Charles, I CUNTING CRAVED IT... craved it... craved it... ', as the realisation hit home her voice dropped almost to a whisper, tears began to form, 'I fucking craved it... and I've got you to thank... ' her voice was no longer audible. She dropped to her knees next to her husband, put her head in her hands and let the new knowledge consume her. Then. "Aaaaagggghhhh!!", the scream was primeval, the scream came from her most inner self and the scream continued long after she had picked up the heavy glass ashtray and began smashing it into bone, cracking it against gristle and breaking it against teeth. It continued long after her husband died.

But that had been last week. Whoever controlled her life now had organised everything. All she had to do was to keep entertaining the visitors. She felt no sense of loss over Charles, no remorse and certainly no guilt. She felt... nothing. Her life had now taken a different path. The car passed through villages and she looked longingly at the shops wishing she could stop the car and go into one of them, if only for a moment, just knowing she could buy something if she wanted. But she was taken on towards her destination.

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