Sweet Afternoon's Wait

by Jammes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, .

Desc: Sex Story: A bank robber hiding out gets more than he ever hoped for.

Chapter 1

When I heard the sirens heading my way I knew it was too damn late. I cursed and looked around for a place to hide. There across the street! No one was in sight yet and the sign said open. I rushed over and hit the door. I got inside just as three cop cars came screaming by. Whew that was a close one. What a day for my car to decide to crap out on me again. Of course that was part of the reason I decided to rob the bank in the first place. Too many bills, not enough money coming in. I mean, hey, why let those guys keep all the money?

Everything had gone so well there too. I had staked the place out for three days. Nobody there to cause a fuss except one sleepy security guard. I went in with a hat and sunglasses and a false beard. One sight of my gun and that bitch teller about pissed her pants. I could see the fear in her eyes. I could see her nipples getting hard too. Most girls are like that you know. Show them a good-looking guy with a gun and their panties are getting all moist with excitement. I could tell right away. The fear and the excitement really get to them. She didn't say a word and I know she didn't hit any alarms. In fact I didn't hear a damn sound until I hit the car. That's when all hell broke loose. The alarm went off and I could hear the shouts and screams. So of course my car got three blocks and the piece of shit just went and died on me!

I turned away from the door. The car was sitting kind of funny but not too obvious. I put some change in the meter before I came over. It's always the little things that get you. That's when I saw her. I guess she was the store clerk. She looked at me kind of funny, which I guess made some sense. You don't find many guys coming into dress shops. Lingerie stores yes, but this was one of those fancy places. In fact it looked like they mostly sold wedding dresses here. "Can I help you?" she said.

I looked the girl over. She was pretty young and one sexy little bitch. She was a petite little thing with small firm tits and one very nice figure. Just the type I found most attractive. She was in a black skirt with a cream colored top. It looked good on her. I was kinda surprised to see that she wasn't wearing a bra, but she didn't really need one anyway. I gave her a smile. "Hello, honey, how are you doing today?" She looked confused for a second. Just then one of the police cars came flying by returning from the bank. I turned, startled and my hand went to the gun in my pocket. But the car kept going so I turned back to my sexy little store clerk. "What's going on?" she asked me. "Oh, I guess there was some excitement at the bank." I told her with a grin. Her forehead wrinkled. "What kind of excitement? "Probably just a false alarm," I told her. Her face still looked a little suspicious. "Are you meeting your wife or girlfriend here?" "Me!" "A girlfriend?" I started to give a small laugh, but stifled it. Quickly I tried to come up with a cover story. "No, I'm...shopping for a gift for my mother." It's her birthday next Tuesday and I don't have a clue what to get her." "Do you have any suggestions?"

Some of the suspicion left her face. "Well, we might have something you can get her sir. Does she like gloves?" "Gloves? Yeah, gloves would be just great!" I beamed at her. She turned to go to the back end of the store. I admired the sway of her ass as she walked away from me. I grinned and followed her. For the next several minutes she pulled out several pairs of gloves to show me. Since I was just trying to kill time until the cops all went home I didn't want to decide on a pair. You would not believe the types of gloves available for women! We were just nearing the last pair in the shop when there was a sound at the front of the store. I turned to look. Her back was turned and she didn't see who it was. "Just a minute." she called. Damn it! It was a cop! He was just standing there and hadn't seen me yet. Quickly I grabbed the girl from behind, my hand over her mouth. She wasn't a very big thing so it was easy to drag her behind the curtain in back.

I pushed her against the wall, my body against hers, my hand on her mouth. I could see the fear in her eyes. "Now, listen up closely bitch." I growled at her. I pulled the gun out and showed it to her. She gave a small moan at the sight. I shook her a bit and kept whispering. "Now you listen closely." "There's a cop out there and he's looking for me." "You are going to tell him that nobody has even come in the store all day, you understand?" "If you don't, I promise you that I will come out shooting and the first bullet will be headed directly at your heart." "Do you understand me, bitch?" She nodded her head frantically. I pulled my hand off her mouth and slowly stepped away. We both heard "hello" coming from the front of the shop. I looked her over. Her chest was heaving and she looked scared. "You better look better than that" I whispered. She visibly took control of herself and stepped out.

"Hello officer," I heard her say. "I'm sorry to take so long but I was behind some boxes and had to move them." "That's not a problem," the cop said. He smiled at her. "Are you the only one here?" "Yes," she said. "Have you seen anything unusual recently?" "No, what do you mean?" "Well, we've just had a bank robbery and we're checking out the local neighborhood. Seeing if anybody has seen anything unusual. Not just today but recently. You know any suspicious characters hanging around or anything like that." "A bank robbery!" she cried. "Wow, what happened?" The cop was looking around the room a little and at the girl quite a bit. Like I said she was a pretty, sexy thing and was certainly pleasant to stare at. He rested his hand on the gun at his side. "Yeah, it was pretty exciting. Apparently the girl he went up to panicked and didn't hit the alarm until he was well out of the store. This guy's apparently pretty scary. But don't worry, we'll get him. We're closing down the highways out of town and keeping an eye out. He won't get far."

I waited, feeling the tension. I was running quite a bluff with this girl and I could only hope she was the type I could pull it off with. I kept waiting for her to scream or make an excuse to leave the shop with the cop. But she just stood there. She and the cop exchanged a few pleasantries and before I knew it he was leaving. It was obvious that he didn't have a clue I was back there. After he left the shop the girl just stood there for a few seconds. Then she turned back to face me. Her face was showing some fear again but also something else. I stepped out from behind the curtain and gave her a nasty grin. "That was pretty good baby. I think we'll get along just fine." She stood there staring at me. "Now go put the closed sign up and lock the door." She turned and quickly obeyed. I kept a close eye on her. After locking the door she turned and came back to where I was standing. "You're a bank robber?" she asked. "That's right," I told her. "Wha... What are you going to do to me?" I took the time to look at her up and down staring openly at her body. I could see her chest beginning to move a little faster. It made her tits move up and down rather pleasantly I thought. I took a step closer to her. "Why, baby, what do you want me to do to you?" She blushed and looked down. "Le...Let me go?" she whispered. I laughed and she turned even redder. "That would be pretty stupid of me wouldn't it? Besides, I don't think you really want me to let you go." She looked up at me. "What do you mean? Of course I do!" "Really?" I said. I took another step closer and suddenly reached up and grabbed her right tit with my left hand. "Then why are your nipples so fucking hard baby?" She froze and my shifted over and grabbed her other tit. "Both of them are rock hard baby!"

I stood there with my hand on her tit. She looked down and sideways and everywhere but me. I decided to push a little harder. Taking my thumb and forefinger I begin to lightly roll the nipple of her right tit through the silky fabric of her shirt. I moved a half step closer and spoke to her in a low sexy voice. "I mean come on, you could have done half a dozen things to let that cop know something was wrong but you didn't." Her only response was to take a deeper breath and mutter something. "What did you say?" I demanded, changing my hand over to start playing with her other tit. She jumped a little and said a little louder, "You would have killed me." I chuckled. I took my hand off her tit and put it on her chin raising her face up to meet my eyes. "You know that's not true darlin. Hell, why don't you just admit that the thought of me holding you hostage has your pussy all wet with hope?" She shook her head. "No, no it's not true. I want you to let me go." "Really?" I sneered. "Pull your skirt up." She stared at me a second. "You heard me bitch, I said pull up your fucking skirt." I could see her breathing getting heavier as she considered my demand. Then slowly her hands came down and grasped the sides of her skirt and she began to pull it up. I watched her closely, my cock beginning to stiffen up. Soon she had her skirt hiked all the way up to her stomach and I had the most delightful view of her sheer powder blue panties.

She stood there trembling. I reached down and deliberately cupped my hand against the mound of her pussy. I looked into her eyes and grinned. "Just as I thought, you're little cunt is soaking wet!" I rubbed around a little more. "I see you keep it shaved nice and clean too." She said nothing only turned a little redder and shifted a little on her feet. I pulled away from her and moved to a nearby chair. I sat down and continued to look at her. She remained in position with her skirt pulled up holding it in her hands. I crossed my legs and leaned back. "So, what's your name girl?" She looked at me and softly muttered something. "Speak up girl, I couldn't hear you." She said louder, "Mary, my name is Mary." "Well, that's a pretty name. A pretty name for a pretty girl. So tell me Mary, do you have a boyfriend?" She nodded her head yes. "So how long has he been fucking you?" She said nothing. I casually rested my gun on my lap. "Now Mary, don't piss me off. If I ask you a question I expect a fucking answer. Now, how long has he been fucking you? Don't make me repeat a question again bitch." She turned pale, "We've been fucking for several months sir" "I see." So you like being fucked don't you Mary?" She took a few seconds and I thought I might have to actually get up and smack her. Obviously she could see that and quickly answered. "If I really love the man I'm with, then yes I like to be...fucked."

"Bullshit, I snorted. "You're a hot little bitch who loves to be fucked and fucked hard. Aren't you?" She gasped and shook her head violently. "No, no I'm not!" "Yeah right," I said, "That's why your still standing there with your skirt pulled up. You never even thought to ask if you could put it down. That's also why your little pussy is dripping. You want to be fucked and you want to be fucked hard." She kept shaking her head no. "Yeah, that's exactly what you want. The only question I have is whether or not to make you admit it. I could just fuck you, while you "tried so hard" to resist me. Or I could make you tell me that you want to be taken and taken hard. Which one should I do?"

Chapter 2

Mary gave a little moan of fear or shock. I couldn't decide if it was that I had just told her that I was going to fuck her or that I had told her I might make her beg for it. I grinned at her and leaned back in the chair. She continued to stand there with her skirt pulled up. I was amused by further proof that she really wanted it. I had given her a pretty good hint that she could drop the skirt and she still stood there holding it up! I looked over her body some more. Damn but she was a fine one. She stood there during my inspection. Her body was visibly trembling, but I knew she was also incredibly turned on. I decided to keep pushing and see if she would ever really resist.

"Mary," I commanded. "Take off your blouse." She started and looked at me for a few seconds. Then without a word she let go of the skirt and pulled the hem of the blouse out from the waistband. Her trembling fingers fumbled with the buttons from the top down but she steadily released each button in turn, looking down at her hands rather than up at me. Finally she released the final button and slowly pulled her blouse off her body. She was blushing furiously but never paused. She stood there with the blouse in her hands and slowly raised her head to look at me. "Just throw the blouse over on the counter," I ordered her. She turned slightly and tossed the top over to the counter just a short distance away. Then she turned back and faced me again with her arms at her sides. I chuckled to myself at the additional evidence that she was secretly excited by my taking over her shop and her body. She was making no effort at all to cover her tits with her hands. I stood up and moved closer to her. I stopped a short distance away and slowly brought up my left hand and moved it to her right tit. Other than a slight widening of her eyes and a soft gasp as my fingers made contact with the firm flesh of her tit she made no move to resist me. I smiled at her and began to play with her tits, moving from the right to the left for several minutes. Her nipples were standing up hard as little pebbles. She closed her eyes and stayed still. "I do love my women to have small firm tits honey." She slightly shook her head. I stepped back and sat down in the chair again. After a few seconds her eyes opened. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavier again. I grinned at her. "Now the skirt."

She looked down at her feet but her hands moved down to the side of her skirt without hesitation and I heard the sound of the zipper going down. Then she was pulling it down and stepping out of it. She didn't wait for instructions to toss it on the counter next to the blouse. She turned to face me, wearing her panties and her shoes only. I could see her chest heaving and I knew she was anticipating my next command. I felt a large smile creeping across my face. "Ok, honey, time to take off the panties." She sighed and slowly reached down to her panties. As she began to pull them down I called out, "Don't throw them on the counter Mary, hand them to me." She pulled them off and slowly came over to me and handed them off. I held them in my hand and looked at her. "These are soaking wet!" She looked away again. I bunched them up in my hand and held them to my nose inhaling deeply. "Oh baby, has anybody ever told you that your cunt does smell beautiful?" She started and then said softly, "My boyfriend says that my...pussy is the best thing he's ever tasted." Then she turned red. I smiled. "I bet he does, sugar." I sniffed the panties again. I looked up at her. Step a little closer honey; let's take an up close and personal view of that pussy of yours. She sighed and stepped a little closer. "Please," she whispered, "please let me go. I won't tell anybody you're in here." I looked around. It was beginning to get dark but I wasn't in any hurry to move. "Not quite yet darlin, besides you're really enjoying this, you just don't want to admit it." She shuddered and her head shook slightly. "Now why don't you spread your legs for me." She shuffled her legs about three inches apart. "Bitch, you better get those fucking legs spread for me!" She groaned and spread her legs to about shoulder width apart.

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