Princess Tinakimknoa

by Birdman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happens when a guard meets the mummy of the biggest whore in Egypt?

As the guard walked down the empty hallway of the museum his footsteps echo throughout the exhibition. The job wasn't the best paying one but it was easy and gave him time to study. School in the morning and walking the halls at night gave him little time to sit down and eat so he snacked on his watch.

The museum was about to open its biggest exhibition every. Last year a team had discovered an unopen tomb. Not since Carter had found King Tut, has a tomb been found of such importance. Not much was known of the Princess Tinakimknoa, or as she had become known as Princess Tina. What was known was she had died at twenty-one, and it was believed she had been assassinated. It had been a rumor that the princess had bedded one hundred male slaves in one night and the next morning all the slaves had been,"loved" to death. If the princess had only had her way with just slaves she might have had a long life. But this wasn't her way. She took a liking to the son and daughters of the rich and powerful. Soon she left a trail of very happy bodies. She was soon known as the whore of the Nile.

Mike read the history of Princess Tina in the papers as well as getting information from the staff. He was thinking of her as he looked at the small dried mummy. She looks like a dried prune he thought as he cut another piece of apple. "You are sure one ugly pile of rags," he said looking at her. "Damn," he said as he nicked his finger. He turned and went to the first aid center. He didn't notice the few drops of blood that had fell on the glass coffin.

The blood ran across the top of the sheet of glass and found a small seam that hadn't sealed properly. The warm liquid dropped onto the dry rags soaking into them. The warmth and life giving liquid started feeding the dried flesh.

"Mike what happen to you?" said Professor Cooper. "Just cut my finger Tom nothing to worry about," Mike said to is friend. "How's the old gal tonight?" Tom asked Mike. "Just as ugly as ever. Tom do you belive the stories that she was the biggest slut in Egypt. I mean she must have been one UGLEE woman." Tom started to laugh and told his friend, "from what we know she was a real beauty and no man could resisted her charms."

After Mike bandaged his finger he returned to his rounds. When he entered the Egyptian room he saw that the glass covering the princess was broken. And there was a sweetness in the air. When he got to the coffin he saw that the bandages was ripped and torn. "Damn, some sicked bastard running around with a dried corpse," Mike said under his breath. Mike grabbed his radio and called, "Tom can you hear me, pick up." "Yea Mike what's wrong?" Tom asked. "Some sicko stripped the old prune and the princess is gone, get some help," Mike said as the power went off. Mike was surrounded by darkness.

Mike turned on his flashlight and started out of the room. As he entered the hallway his light fell upon a set of legs. The legs were tan and shapely. As he went up the form he saw that she was dress in the Egyptian dress. As he brought up the light he saw that the woman was wearing a chain type vest of gold and stones. Her nipples were poking out of the links of the chains. Mike couldn't help his self he felt his cock starting to rise. "Do you think that I still look like a dried prune?" she asked him?

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