I SPY... on you

by Birdman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, FemaleDom, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: We all seen those cameras, but just what do they see?

A New World:

A few years ago I become part of the world of downsizing; which is just a nice way to say I got the short end of the stick without a golden parachute. After trying unsuccessfully to find a job in my field I had to settle for the only thing I could find, a security officer. At first I was a bit embarrassed by this step down, but I soon learned of the perks of the job.

The Spy Room:

After a week on the job I was first shown the camera room or as we know it, the watch room.

Yes we may have seen the cameras in shops and offices but few people realized just how many cameras are truly watching them each day.

The room was small and cramped with a computer, chair, and twenty-five screens. I was able to watch every room, hall, and closet in the building. The only bad thing about our system was you could watch but not hear what was said in the private offices. Most of the time it is pretty boring stuff, but you would be surprised at what some people do at work when they think no one can see them.

Sure you see the occasional kiss or held hand but sometimes you got rewarded with a show. This story is about one such show.

The Bitch Gets Her's:

Mrs. Cooper (not her real name) was known as, "The Bitch." She was a VP of project 92 and ruled with an iron fist. I would say she was around her mid-forties, she had some sticks of gray in her dark hair which she wore in a bun. Her body was firm, since she worked out an hour a day in the company gym. But everyone tried to stay away from her since she had an acid tongue. Anyone in the hallways that saw her coming would quickly step into a open door. I wonder what power she held since even the CEO and Board Members seem afraid of her as well.

One day as I was scheduled to work the watch room I was stopped in the hallway by the Bitch. She read me the riot act because I had parked to closed to her car the day before. I have never hit a woman before but that day I came close.

As I sit in the watch room still steaming over the incident I checked into the Bitch's office. She had some poor slob of an underling who I couldn't see in there and I could tell she was on him just hard as she had recently had been on me. I was about to switch to another camera when she pointed toward the ground. The poor guy went onto the floor. She lifted up her foot and he began to kiss it.

I watched as he kissed and licked her shoe. She was telling him something and then she started to laugh. I was wondering how far this was going to go when the Bitch looked right at the camera and smiled. She knew that she was being watched!

She said something to the man and he began to lick her leg. I couldn't help but be turned on by this. The guy was about to her knee when I noticed that she was rubbing her tits. This was getting interesting, I watched as she unbutton her blouse. I was shocked to she that she was wearing a thin lacey red bra. The man was at her knees which just showed at her hem line. She slipped one of her boobs out and began to lick her own nipple. Again see looked right at the camera.

I had to undo my pants and slip out my hard cock.

I never thought that the Bitch would be a turn on but I couldn't take my eyes for the screen. She smiled at the camera, then grabbed the man by the hair, leaned over, and pulling his face up she planted a kiss on him. I realized that I was stroking my hard shaft at this sight.

The Bitch laid herself onto the table and still with her hands on the man's head pushed it to her hem line. He slip his head under her skirt.

I was jerking my cock like I was a teenager. This was hot. The man's head was under her dress and the only thing that you could see was his body. The Bitch pulled her other boob out and squeezed them together. They looked just like two eggs sunny side up. My own hard cock was aching. Again she looked toward the camera and blew me a kiss. I no longer could hole it. I popped off sending my hot cum onto my hand and a screen.

I hurried to get some paper towels. As I was cleaning up I again started to watch the screen. The Bitch had the man standing up. His pants was now down below his knees. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock. I couldn't believe it but she was giving the man a blow job.

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