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Desc: Sex Story: What does a sweet young girl do when she is challenged?

This was the first night that the "old gang" had gotten together since we had graduated from high school. Throughout the years in school we had grown and changed but we always had each other to lean on in times of need.

Now that we stood on the brink of true adulthood, I sensed that our time together would be fewer and far between. Some of us would start to work, others would go to college, and some would soon start their own families.But tonight was our night to sit around and remember the good good times, and the not so good times that now made us laugh.

Cathy and Tom (who apartment this was) sit on the sofa making out. Everyone thought that they would be the first ones to get married or at least live together. Rocky and Mike both had won scholarships to play football at State.

Ann and Brenda were giggling as they looked for some CDs to play. I knew both of them being ex-cheerleaders kept eyeing Rocky and Mike.

And I sit with Roger, we had started going out in tenth grade and have been a couple more or less since then. It was Roger who had taken my virginity and he was the only person I ever had sex with. One day, after we finished college I hoped to marry him. He had plans on being a doctor and I had always dreamed of being a lawyer like my own mother.

"Hey Tom what's this?" asked Ann as she held up a VCR tape.

Tom face grew redder then it normally was. Which is saying something given the fact that he had red hair. He jumped up and try to grab the tape saying it was nothing. Ann toss the tape to Brenda. The girls were laughing as they played "keep away" from him.

"I bet it Tom's porno tape he hid from Cathy," chucked Rocky.

Mike said, "hey pop it in the VCR and lets see what turns Tom on."

Tom and Cathy were both embarrassed as Ann turned on the TV and VCR.

"Hey some of us may not want to watch a dirty movie," I said.

"Little Miss Goody-Two Shoes can go into the bedroom with Roger if she is afraid of seeing some dicks in action on TV," Brenda said.

"Lighten up Stephanie," Roger said, "we might learn something."

I'm not a prude or anything like that, it's just that I never thought of sex as a spectator sport. I felt it was something private between two people.

The movie came on and it wasn't a very good quality. Some guy, who called himself Mr. Pete was on, I wouldn't call him a leading man. He was short and a bit overweight. He also was kind of old. He was talking to some very beautiful and young girls. But as silly as he acted he did treat the girls nice.

"It's one of those amerture tapes where the girls do it on film for the first time," said Mike.

The guys just sit around hooting at the women in the movie and laughing at the man. But the more I watched it the more I was turned on. I saw some things that I never knew people did. One thing that caught my attention was even though the guy acted as kind of nerdy, he had the girls (who all looked nervous) laughing and they all seemed to be turned on by what he did to them.

I don't know who first started it but the guys started talking about getting a camera and making their own movies. Mike stood and was acting as if he was fucking someone standing up saying that he could be a star.

I don't know why I said it but one statement really turned everything around when I said, "I bet that when the cameras comes on you'll have more in common with overcooked spaghetti then anything else."

"Look at little Miss Prude, you'll be the last person that would go on camera," said Brenda.

They all started to laugh. If there was one thing that got my blood boiling it is to be laughed at.

"Don't think I couldn't make a movie," I said with just a bit of fire in my voice.

"Sit down Steph," Roger said to me as he pulled me down on the sofa. "You know you are to shy to make a movie, why every time we do it you have to have the lights off."

The others once again started laughing. "Damn it I could, and I bet none of you would," I said.

I wished I've never said that last part. Roger spoke up and said, "I'll take that bet for a hundred."

Several others also shouted out their bets. This again started them laughing at me.

Over the next few days I thought of that night more and more as well as the movie. As I thought of it in bed as I played with my vibrator; I could still hear the others laughing at me.

Then as I was coming home one day I stopped at the adult book store. I sit in the car wondering if I could go into such a place. Then I saw a car of girls not much older then me (most likely from the local college) going in. Hell if they could go in then so could I.

The place wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It had some bright lights and was clean. Not some kind of sleazy dump full of sick old men in raincoats. I went up and asked if they had any of Mr. Pete's movies and they show me his shelf.

My god, there must be over two hundred tapes! I picked up a couple and paid for them. That night I watched a porn tape for the second time. I was hotter then I have ever been. In each tape Mr. Pete had sex with three or four girls and sometimes some of the girls had sex with another girl. None of them had done movies before. I watched them doing things I never seen before.

At the end of the movies I noticed a web address. I took it down. For several days I debated about writing to him. Then I remembered the laughing and I got up every ounce of courage and sent him an e-mail. He must get hundreds of e-mails and I was sure I would never hear from him. Later that day I did get an e-mail with a 1-800 number to call.

I don't why but I did call and was shocked when Mr. Pete answered the phone. Let me tell you he was just like in the movies always joking, yet there was a bit of business about him as well. I couldn't believe it, but the next morning I found myself on a plane going to California.

During the trip I kept having thoughts of why was I doing this, and more important could I do it? I went into the lobby and there he was in person just waiting for me. I was beginning to have my doubts about him, until I saw the car. He had come to pick me up in a stretch limo.

In the air condition car was another young girl and let me tell you she was gorgeous. Long blonde hair, blue eyes with the personality of a cheerleader. He said that we were both booked for the day, and that we were free to change our minds. His joking manner soon had us both at ease and laughing.

The trip took an hour and a half and the place was breathtaking. He had a mansion and inside was his studio. It was the only cheap thing about him, well outside of his cheap looking suit.

The studio was set up as a cheap hotel room. There was a sofa on one fake wall and right across it was a bedroom set up. Around this were lights and umbrellas and several cameras both on tripods and setting on a table. There was also a couple of TV set up as monitors with wires running all over the place. As soon as we walked into the room we was being filmed. This is so surreal I thought.

Now that I was really here I wondered if I could go though with it or not. Mr. Pete, who saw how nervous I truly was said whatever I decided was fine with him. He said that many times other girls got this far only to change their minds. The other girl was going first and I took a chair to watch.

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