by Sweethotcoco

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A wife's gift to her husband on his birthday.

We had been married for five years and each year I tried to make Paul's birthday extra special with something that he would remember. This year I had made reservations in a romantic restaurant and I had planed on giving him a night to remember.

The restaurant was dark with candles at each table. Violins played throughout the place making it one of the most romantic places in the city. The waiters wore tuxedos and would wisk the plates away as we finished each course. Never had I been waited on like this before. As the music played I began to think of how hot and romantic tonight would be.

"Honey this is a great birthday," Paul said as he sipped on his wine.

I smiled as I ate a thin piece of cheese cake topped with sweet cherries. "It's not over yet," I said.

"Oh," he said with that smile of his. The one that always turned me weak in the knees, among other places.

"Here," I said as I handed him the card that I had made for him.

He opened it and read; To my dear husband Paul, each year my love for you grows, tonight is your special night, whatever you wish shall be, your fantasy shall come true, your loving wife Shelia.

As he looked up I held a key in my hand. "I booked a room for us in a hotel overlooking the bay," I said in a sexy voice.

He looked at me then said, "do you really mean it? Tonight you will make my fantasy come true."

Something in his voice made me feel a bit uneasy. After all I had thought that it would be a romantic evening with us. I wondered what he was thinking!

"Well, I do if it involves you and me," I said to him a bit hurt. "Just what do you have on your mind?" I asked.

"Well I never brought it up but I always had a fantasy of watching you and another woman having sex together," he replied.

I was shocked to hear him say this. In all the time that we have been together I never been with anyone else nor had he ever said anything like this before. Was he getting tired of me?

"Is this just a way for you to you to sleep with another woman?" I asked. Foraging shock at what he had just said.

The idea wasn't a complete turn off for me, in college I had slept with other women a few times, but I had never told Paul about it.

"No I just want to watch, that's all," he replied. "I saw a movie once with two girls and one of them remained me of you and I could never get the thought of you with another woman out of my head."

"Even if we did such a think, who would it be with?" I asked. "I don't think any of our friends would do such a thing and if they did how could we ever face them again?"

"That's just it," he said, "it would have to be a stranger that neither one of us knows."

"I'm not going to a prostitute," I stated in no uncertain terms.

"I'm not saying that," he calmly said, "we would find someone to our liking and pick her up. No names and we would never have to see her again."

The more that we talked about this, the more that I was becoming aroused. Already I felt my panties becoming damp. I couldn't believe that I was being turned on by this.

I remained silent for a few minutes, I noticed that Paul said nothing.

"Let's do it," I said.

Paul grin from ear to ear as he stood and pulled my chair out. I have to admit that I was feeling a bit excited as well.

"Just how are we going to find someone?" I asked as we got into the car.

"I guess the same way you find anyone else, go to a club and look around," he answered.

Fortunately there are several clubs in the city and after finding no one in the first two we went to the third, a small club but as luck would have it there were several single women there. I saw a few that I liked but I didn't seem to be having any luck being able to talk to them. I was about ready to give up and leave when I saw a young woman sitting by herself and she looked to be crying.

Her hair was jet black and as I offered her a tissue she looked at up at me with large almond eyes. She wiped the tears from her face.

"Thank you," she said.

"What's the matter?" I asked, forgetting the reason that I had come here.

"I came here with my boyfriend," she said, "we were dancing later this guy asked me to dance I thought nothing of it since he was dancing with some blonde tramp. Then the next thing I know he is gone and so is the car. I call our apartment and he was there and I could here a woman's voice in the background."

"Oh you poor thing, men can be such pigs," I said as I gave her a hug. I could feel her body shaking as I held her and my heart went out to her.

She again started crying on my shoulder. "Are you here with someone?" she asked with a little girl lost voice.

"Yes, with my husband, today is his birthday and we were out looking for a good time," I told her. Now I began to realize that her soft warm body was pressed up against mine. I could feel the outline of her small breast as it rubbed again the fabric of my dress.

"I...I'm sorry to be bothering you," she said, "you two should be out having fun," she said as she broke her clinch on me.

"Nonsense," I replied. "If you don't have anyplace to stay tonight we have a room and you would be more then welcome to stay there."

Then I saw Paul coming toward the table, as he came up I said, This is Paul, my husband, Paul this is," it was then that I realized that I didn't even know her name, but she looked up and said, "Yoko."

I quickly explain to Paul about what had happen and that I had invited her back to our room for the night. I could see in Paul's face the disappointment that his birthday surprise may be ruined but like me I could see that he was willing to help her.

When we got to the room it was nice, the large sliding doors overlooked the bay and the full moon was reflected on the calm water. The stars filled the sky and even with the lights off the room seem to glow from their light.

Yoko stood on the balcony looking out at the water. Paul brought us a glass of wine then went and laid down on the couch. "It's beautiful," she said, "but I really feel that I'm imposing." Then she started to cry again. Like at the club I held her.

I saw that this was having an effort on Paul; I could almost read his mind thinking, maybe tonight wouldn't be totally ruined after all.

I brushed Yoko's hair from her eyes and took her to the bed. I took a tissue from the nightstand and dried her eyes.

"There now it is going to be alright," I said as I finished drying her tears. She had the darkest eyes that I have ever seen. They were like two bottomless pools. I gave her a slight peck on the cheek and held her close again. As I held her I was brushing her hair with my hands. Even though we were still dressed I could feel the warmth of her body. Then I realized that her hands were rubbing up and down my back and I was being turn on by it. It had been so long since I held a woman in my arms. Was this lust on her part or just my imagination?

As I held her, our bodies slowly tighten together. Then she loosen her clinch on me. For a moment we looked into each other's eyes. I now took a chance and leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips. At first I thought that she would get up and run away, she seemed to be confused. She looked over toward Paul who was pretending to be asleep.

Softly I said to her, "sometimes a woman needs the comfort of another woman."

I...I...I never," she started to say as I placed my finger to her lips.

"Sssss," I whispered to her. "It's alright, you don't have to do anything you don't want," I said.

Now I again kissed her. Our lips met in a series of soft kisses. Slowly I place the tip of my tongue to her lips. She then opened her mouth and our tongues fought each other in mock battle.

"What about your husband?" she asked as she looked toward Paul.

"He is asleep and nothing will waken him," I lied.

For a few seconds it looked as if Yoko was thinking of what to do. Any decision had to be made up by her. Then Yoko leaned over and kissed me. I knew what she had decided.

I returned her kiss. Our hands wondered over each other's still clothed bodies. We both were in a state of lust for each other.

For a time we rolled in bed kissing and cuddling each other. I reached around her and unzipped her dress. She with some hesitation did the same to me. We both sit up on the bed and I slipped her dress off. Her bra was a white padded cup, I reached around her and and unhooked it. While her tits were small, a true A cup her nipples were some of the longest that I ever seen. They were about a digit length of my finger. I bent over and playfully bite one. I had turned my head so I could look at Paul. His eyes were half open he had undone his pants and his hand was on his cock. He had an erection and was slowly stroking it.

Yoko had her had tilted back and was breathing heavy as I sucked on each of her nipples. I lifted my head and puller her toward me and we kissed again. Now Yoko pulled down my dress. She unsnapped my bra and slipped it off. She started to rub around my nipples as she built up her courage.

"Is this the first time that you ever touch another woman's boobs?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied.

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