Amanda Finds True Love

by Angelgirl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, BDSM, Sadistic, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda has finally found the man of her dreams. There is only one small problem; he has a split personality and it seems to be driven to distroying her.

[Book 8]

Told by Holly.

You really should read ["Amanda's Sudan Holiday"] before reading this story.

It had been several weeks since I heard from Mandi; I sent her three e-mails with no response. I thought she would surely respond when I sent back her last story, ["Amanda's Sudan Holiday"]. She usually had a few comments about how I edited things but nothing this time; just silence. I was planning a trip to Seattle that coming weekend; Mandi always said I was welcome to stay with her. Although we had been friends for over a year I had never really met her, just by phone and on our computers. I first met her when I offered to edit one of her stories after reading her comment at the end of, [" Amanda's Nightmare"] that she really needed help. I thought we had become good friends. That is why I was so surprised when she just shut me out. The last time I talked with her she had given me her address and told me where she kept her spare key. I planed on going to her place and finding out what was wrong between us. I was even prepared to use her key and wait in her apartment. I arrived in Seattle early Friday evening and decided to phone her one more time before I went to her apartment.

"Hi, this is Mandi. I can't come to the phone right now but please don't hang up. Leave a message and I promise I will phone you back as soon as I can." Her sweet voice came from her answering machine.

"Just like Mandi, always worried that someone might get mad at her," I thought to myself.

I hailed a cab and off I went. We pulled up in front of a very impressive looking apartment building; it looked very pricey. The cab driver wanted to carry my bags up to the apartment but I told him to put them on the front steps. There was a coin operated newspaper box on the curb outside the front door. I took some quarters from my purse and walked over to it. As I was putting the quarters into the box I dropped one to the ground making it look as accidental as possible. When I bent down I put my finger under the lip of the stand and I felt something moving. I grasped it between my fingers and pulled out a bright shiny brass key.

"Mandi must have had a new one cut just for me, I thought. "She must still be expecting me. I wonder what is going on."

I pushed the key into the large front door of the apartment building. An electric motor clicked and the door swung open. When I got to her apartment a sudden fear fell over me, I can't explain why. I knocked on the door several times before trying the key. The apartment was dark and the curtains were closed but it smelled as fresh as a daisy, almost sweet. I could feel Mandi's ambience all around me. It was such a pretty apartment. I called out her name a few times, I didn't want to shock her if she was sleeping but there was no reply. I brought my luggage in and closed the door. I couldn't help myself; I decided to snoop around a little. The living room was beautiful, everything was decorated in soft pastels with pillows everywhere. When I went into the kitchen I almost died; I would give anything to have a kitchen like that; it had everything a girl could want. Centre island, duel sinks, a huge fridge, and an upright freezer. I decided to take a look into her bedroom. The first room I looked in was obviously not hers. It was a beautifully decorated room but I just knew it wasn't her bedroom. The last room I opened I could smell the wonderful scent of her perfume in the air. I saw her computer sitting on a desk in the far corner. Her Queen Size bed with its giant canopy was so impressive. She had told me many stories of the frolicking she had done on that bed. I could see scuff marks on the large wooden corner posts.

"I bet that is from the handcuffs she allows her lovers to use. I wish I had the courage to allow a man to do that to me," I thought as I imagined myself spread eagled and bound to the bed.

Just as I was about to leave her bedroom I noticed a sheet of paper on the desk beside her computer and out of curiosity I picked it up. It was a memo to herself but it was about me. I figured I could read it.

"Must tell Holly about my new man. Better than that I'll send her the draft of my next story. I haven't thanked her yet for the wonderful job she did with, ["Amanda's Sudan Holiday"]. Must send it tomorrow after Abdul leaves," the note ended.

Abdul !!!!. ABDUL !!!!That's the name of one of those brothers who tried to kill her," I thought as my heart almost fell into my shoes. "She couldn't possibly be talking with them again. Even she can't be that crazy," I said out loud. And what's this about a new story. I never heard anything about a new story."

I began to panic and decided to start her computer. She had told me her passwords so many times I knew them all by heart. I opened the folders she kept her stories in. They were all there. "Amanda's Secret Memories," "Amanda's Big Mistake", "Amanda's Nightmare", and so on. I recognized them all except for the last one. "Amanda's Last Lover". I had never seen that title before. I decided to open the folder and read the story.

After reading her story I know that I don't have the strength to relate what I read. I already know the ending and I think it best if I let you read it for yourselves. I am going to attach her story to this letter. Here is her story.

Amanda's Last Lover

Angel girl

I am going to start this story by telling all of you, [my friends] that I have finally met the man of my dreams. I'm going to give the plot away right at the beginning, because there is no plot. I am going to bore you to death telling you about this wonderful man. Okay, I might add a little sex but that's only because he is everything I have ever dreamed of.

P.S. Did I tell you I am the happiest girl in the world?


After the plane landed back home in the good old USA I didn't care if I lived or died, I was such a mess. They hadn't been very neat when they sutured every opening in my body with twine. I didn't think I could ever go out into public again. I looked like something out of a monster movie, but I was taken to one of the most prestigious hospitals in the U.S., "Mount Sinai". I was told that Abdul 1 was paying for everything. They performed magic on me and within a few months I was looking almost as good as new. I can't imagine how much it must have cost him. The only contact I had with him was a note he left me. He begged me not to tell anyone what had happened. He said that as much as he was willing to risk death in rescuing me he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he knew he had brought disgraced upon his family. As much as I wanted to tell the world what a bunch of cannibals they were over there I decided to remain silent. How could I hurt the man who had saved me from such a terrible fate?

After getting out of the hospital I lazed around my apartment trying to find that old spark, but something was gone. That terrible adventure had taken something from me. I just couldn't find the will to do much of anything. My mind kept drifting back into thoughts about Abdul 1, and how he had risked his life to save mine. No one had ever done anything like that for me before. I couldn't get him out of my mind, I wondered if he was still alive. Maybe they found out and had killed him. He was the black sheep in the family. His mother had been an American. He stood out like a beacon with his blond hair and fair skin. I had tried to persuade him to come with me but he said it would dishonour his family. He was a very proud and honourable man. I tried my best to force the thoughts of him from my mind because I knew I would probably never see him again. Once I even invited two of my craziest lovers over for a night of fun. I was sore for days after they had finished with me but I didn't get any pleasure from it; it wasn't them I wanted. There was only one man I wanted to give myself to. I decided to quit fighting it and started decorating my home in a manner I thought might please him. I had become a boring person. I would just have to wait until something lit my spark again, I couldn't do it myself. Little did I know just how soon that would be. It was Friday evening and I had just gotten home from work when I heard a knock at my front door.

"Who is it?" I called out from behind my door.

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