Teasing and Pleasing

by Catesby

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sexy pricktease gets more than she bargained for when she spends a summer's day turning on all the men she meets.

Last week we had one of those rare occasions in England, a glorious sunny day. The warmth of the sun on my body and the beauty of the sky always put me in a very good mood, and I like to take full advantage.

After my husband had left for work I took a quick shower and went to catch a bus to the outdoor swimming baths in Tooting. I wore my favourite summer dress, low-cut at the top to show off my big firm boobs, and very short at the bottom to expose my sexy legs. I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist and I liked this dress especially because of an incident that happened once when I was wearing it.

I was at Euston Station waiting for my husband, who was returning from Manchester, where he'd been on a business trip. As a sexy surprise for him, I had worn the dress without any underwear on whatsoever. On the tube on the way there, several men had been looking down the front of my dress. I am sure they must have been able to see my nipples, which went very hard just at the thought. Then on the escalator up to the station I noticed a teenage lad behind me who was leaning forward trying to sneak a peek up my dress. After waiting for fifteen minutes I saw my husband emerging from the platform and I waved towards him. He took one look at me and began running towards me. He had already told me over the phone that he had been dead horny all week and couldn't wait to get his hands on me. As soon as he reached me he grabbed me, lifted me up and began swinging me round. As he did this, his arms accidentally caught the hem of my dress, raising it above my waist. I am sure he didn't realise this, but I did, and so did all the people around us, who all got a good look at my naked ass. This turned me on so much that when he let me down I dragged him into the nearest pub and made him fuck me in the toilets.

So today I was wearing the same dress, and getting the usual leers and sexy comments from guys as I walked past them. I didn't smile or make any reply to them, but if they could have seen my eyes behind my dark glasses, they would have known I loved every cheeky thing they said. I wasn't naked underneath today however. I decided to wear my bikini on the way, so that I would have to take it off on the way back, as it would be wet after I'd been swimming. If I'm going to be a bit tarty I like to have an excuse at the ready. If the truth be told, the bikini I had on didn't leave much to the imagination anyway. If the wind raised my dress at all while I was walking, I'm sure anyone behind would assume I wasn't wearing any. The bikini briefs were of the thong variety and hardly covered my ass cheeks at all.

When I got to the changing rooms, I didn't bother with a cubicle. I opened up a locker, put my bag and high-heeled sandals in, then whipped off my dress, folded it and put it inside. I was just making my way towards the swimming pool when I heard a loud, ugly voice behind me.

"Oh my God. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. You're surely not going in the pool dressed like that. Why, you're practically naked."

I turned around to see a plump middle-aged lady in a one-piece bathing suit. The expression on her face matched her voice perfectly. I was feeling too good to argue, so I smiled sweetly and said, "Well, you see girls wearing these on the beaches all the time."

"Not all girls," she replied. "Only filthy sluts would show their bottoms in that manner."

"Oh no. Us filthy sluts get our tits out too," I said, lifting my bikini bra for a couple of seconds to show her my boobs. "I don't think I'll be wearing this for long in the pool."

Her face froze in horror and she had no answer to that, so I turned around and walked out. Outside the sun was shining brightly and the water was an inviting blue, but I didn't dive in straight away. The frumpy lady's reaction wasn't the type I was used to enjoying when someone looks at my ass, so I decided to walk by the pool over to where a group of young men were hanging around by the diving board.

As I walked towards them I could feel someone staring at me, and I looked behind me to see a man, aged about fifty, with his tongue hanging out, looking at my ass. I carried on walking, slowly now, with a sexy wiggle. I was hoping to myself that he was the husband of that miserable cow from the changing rooms. As soon as I got to where the young men were, they immediately began chatting me up. I told them what the lady had said to me and asked them if my bikini made me look like I was a filthy slut.

"Turn around, so we can have a better look," one of them said with a leer.

I did as he asked, and bent over slightly, my hands resting on my thighs. I then looked back over my shoulder at them, my eyes level with their swimming shorts, which now seemed to have a noticeable bulge in the middle.

"So, what do you think? Am I a filthy slut or not?"

Before they could give me an answer, we were suddenly interrupted by the pool attendant saying, "Excuse me, madam. Could you come with me please?"

He looked very embarrassed and his face went bright red when one of the guys said, "Hey man, get your own girl."

I felt a bit sorry for the man, and not knowing what it was about, I followed him as he ushered me towards his office at the other side of the pool.

"I don't quite know how to put this," he began. "But we've received a complaint."

"What about?" I asked.

"About... about your outfit."

"Oh," I said, turning my back towards him. "Does my bum look big in this? Is that why?"

"No, no. It looks lovely... I mean it's... fine.

"Only fine?" I said with a pout on my face. I knew exactly what this was all about, and which bitch had complained about me, so I thought I might as well have some fun with the situation.

"No, it's the best I've... "

Suddenly he was lost for words. He was in his thirties I imagined, and looked to be the shy, bookish type.

"The best ass you've ever seen? My husband thinks my tits are better than my ass. But then, he's had a much better look at them than you have."

Automatically his eyes went straight to my chest.

"At least no-one could complain about the top of my bikini. There's not even much cleavage, unless I do this." I said, holding the sides of my bra and pushing them together, which made my boobs look even larger. I could feel my nipples becoming erect under his stare, and I thought about letting him suck them.

"I'm sorry, madam," he began to wipe sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief. "But I must ask you to leave, unless you put on more suitable attire. I'm afraid that the lady who made the complaint is on the town council, and would be sure to raise an uproar if things weren't dealt with to her satisfaction."

"So you might lose your job, you mean?"

He just looked at me with a pleading expression on his face. I didn't imagine he'd get sacked, but I was still in such a good mood I didn't feel like causing any trouble for anyone.

"Okay. I'll leave, but only for your sake, not because of that old bitch."

"Oh, thank you, madam. You know, I can't imagine anyone else would ever have complained about your um, bikini."

"I guess I picked the wrong day, huh?"

"Well, yes. She only ever comes here on Tuesday mornings. She stays for an hour and then she's always gone by the time I leave at noon."

"So, it wouldn't bother you if I came back later?"

"Um, well," he began nervously. Before he could give me a definite answer I turned on my heels and said, "I'll see you another day, then."

After I left the changing rooms I decided to do some sunbathing in the local park. I was feeling pretty horny after getting that chap all hot under the collar, and thought that I might give myself some finger relief if I could find a quiet spot in the park. I have masturbated several times in public places and I am sure that no one has noticed, not that it would bother me too much if they had.

As I walked underneath some trees towards a clearing I heard voices. Through the trees I could see there were three young men sitting on a bench. They were all about nineteen or so and not bad looking. One especially took my fancy. He had long hair and a very smooth face. I paused for a moment and listened to their conversation. They were talking about a girl they were at college with who they'd all fancied like mad, because of her big boobs. One of them said he'd felt her up once while she was asleep during a party. Then they began to talk about other girls they knew, all in a very crude way, which turned me on.

As I came out of the clearing I walked past them on the grass. They abruptly ended their conversation and I knew they were looking at my long smooth legs as I walked, sashaying from side to side. When I was about fifteen feet away from them, I came to a stop. Why sunbathe alone, I thought, when I could have the lustful stares of a bunch of horny teenagers to keep me company. I could tell that they would be too shy to actually try anything on with me. I wouldn't have been surprised if they were virgins, in fact.

I took my towel from my bag and laid it down in front of me to lie upon. Then I turned my back to them and lifted my dress up over my shoulders before bending over to fold it and place it in my bag. As I was bent over I knew that these lads would have an amazing view of my ass and I could faintly hear their hushed whispers.

"Fuck me, look at that," one said.

"I'd kill to get my hands on that ass."

I knew that if I lay down facing away from them that they would spend ages looking at my ass cheeks. Maybe my thong would disappear between the folds of my pussy, and they'd see even more than they bargained for. Although the thought of this was very exciting for me, I wanted to be able to see the look of lust in their eyes, so I lay down on my belly facing towards them. I then undid the straps of my bikini bra and let it stay beneath me, just covering a small portion of my large boobs, which were now pressed against the towel. I had placed a magazine in front of me, and pretended to read it. Each time I turned a page I deliberately moved my arm so that one of my breasts became completely visible.

I watched with glee as they stared at my boobs, waiting with anticipation for each time I moved my arms. As I was wearing dark glasses, they couldn't tell that I was looking at them all this time, and hadn't read a word of the magazine. I was feeling more and more horny and considered placing one of my hands between my legs, but then I had another idea which I thought might excite these lads, and of course myself, even more.

I reached over with my left hand into my bag, giving them a good peek of the whole of my left boob, including the now very hard nipple. With my hand still inside the bag I picked up my mobile phone and pressed a few buttons until I got to the ring tones menu, which I then pressed to make the phone start ringing. I then took it out of the bag and pretended to answer it.

"Oh, hi Kerry," I said brightly, making sure they could hear my every word. "How are you feeling, hangover?... No, I still feel drunk. That was some party last night, huh?... What do you mean?"

I began to laugh into the phone. I had a definite plan in mind and needed to make sure it sounded like a proper phone call. My husband loves it when I talk dirty and I was sure these lads would too. As I was speaking I acted distracted, like I didn't notice that my bra was not covering me any more, and that each time I moved they could see my naked boobs.

"Well, what about you? I saw you go in to that bedroom with that black guy. Did he fuck you?... Oh my God! Did he have a massive one, then? I thought so. I could feel it against me when he was dancing with me before."

I kept my eyes on the three lads, and noticed that the blond one in the middle was beginning to slyly rub his crotch.

"Yeah, you're right. We should have had a threesome... I know, it was wild. I went in the kitchen at one point and Anna was on her knees sucking this guy's cock, while another guy was kneeling behind her and feeling up her tits... Well, I was only there a few seconds before he came all over her face. It was dribbling down her chin... Yeah, I know she's such a tart. Then the guy groping her tits looked at me with a 'your next' expression on his face, so I went back in to the front room."

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