Last Night of Freedom

by Catesby

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bride-to-be is dared to kiss one hundred men on her hen night. Some of the men get more than just a kiss.

I had been living with Tom for about a year when we decided to get married. Before I met Tom I was a bit on the wild side, sleeping with all sorts of men, and doing a lot of crazy things. When we moved in together, everything changed. We both began to settle down and live at a more relaxed pace. Not once did I think about being unfaithful, despite the way I had lived my life before. The marriage itself was pretty much a spur of the moment thing and we scheduled it for four weeks later. Tom's best man, Ray, organised the stag night for him, while I left the planning of my hen night to my sister, Jan.

The day before the wedding, we had it all planned out. I was to go out with Jan and a few girlfriends and then spend the night at Jan's house, to meet Tom at the church the next day. I took a cab to my sister's house at about six o'clock, bringing my wedding gown with me. We had a lovely meal together, sharing a couple of bottles of wine, in preparation for the evening to come.

After dinner, we went upstairs to Jan's bedroom to apply our makeup, when she asked me if that was what I was planning to wear tonight. I had on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, which seemed okay to me, especially if we were going dancing later.

"No, no. Come on Sal. This is your last night of freedom, remember? You have to dress the part. Here try this on."

Jan took a short white dress from her wardrobe and passed it to me. My sister is two years older than me but in terms of shape we are almost identical. The only difference would be in the size of our breasts, hers being even larger than mine. I always thought that on a slim frame such as we both had, that my breasts looked big, but hers looked enormous. Men often stood and stared in disbelief as she walked down the street, often wearing no bra, to encourage the men even more. I took off my jeans and T-shirt and put on the dress, which fit perfectly, the hemline just reaching below the cheeks of my bum.

"I don't know Jan. It looks great, but I can't wear it with this bra," I said. I was wearing a black bra, which was clearly visible under the dress.

"Don't wear one then," she replied.

"I can't do that."

"I tell you what. If you don't, then I won't either."

I had to laugh at this. She hardly ever wore any underwear at all, let alone a bra.

"Okay, but my knickers show through as well, and I'm not taking them off, even if you're not wearing any," I said and began to take off the dress.

"Wait. I bought a present for your honeymoon. You can wear it now," she said and handed me a small box.

I opened it up to find a pair of light pink panties emblazoned at the front with the words - FUCK ME QUICK. I burst out laughing when I saw it. It was typical of Jan's sense of humour to get something like this for me. I took off the dress and my bra and knickers, and then I put my new underwear and the dress back on. The panties didn't show through the thin white material of the dress, and I was glad to see that a lot of cleavage showed at the front of my dress, which had quite firm support. Jan then gave me a pair of her white stilettos so that the outfit would match.

Jan put on a mini skirt and low cut halter-top, and we finished applying our makeup. After a while the cab driver arrived, honking his horn. Just as we were about to leave, Jan stopped me.

"Wait a sec. You have to put these on too," she said, passing me a pair of white hold-up stockings. "Come on, you have to wear the whole outfit."

I pulled on the stockings and wasn't surprised to find a two-inch gap between the tops of the stockings and the bottom of the dress. I thought it made me look like a tramp, but I wasn't in the mood to argue with my sister, so I agreed to wear them.

"And now, the final touch," she said placing a bridal veil over my head.

"Oh, Jan. That's too much."

I checked myself out in the mirror. Here I was, on my hen night, dressed from head to toe in virginal white, yet I looked like the filthiest slut in town.

Suddenly the cab driver honked his horn again and Jan grabbed my arm.

"Come on, Sal. I'm going to see to it that you have lots of fun tonight."

I followed her down the stairs and got into the cab. The driver looked me up and down, and said that he bet we were going to have a good time tonight. Jan and I laughed in agreement. We had arranged to meet Kerry, Cat and Tara at a pub in town, and I couldn't wait to get there. I felt self-conscious in the outfit I was wearing and wanted a good few drinks to help me relax.

The girls all had a good laugh when they saw me, and for the next hour we drank loads of wine, as men kept buying us drinks and chatting us up. I was receiving a lot of attention, because of the way I was dressed, and I have to admit I enjoyed the lustful looks I was getting. At about half past nine Jan dragged us all away from the guys and made an announcement.

"As it's your hen night," she giggled at me. "Last night of freedom and all that. You have to kiss one hundred men before the evening's out."

I just looked at her and said, "No way."

The other girls started trying to encourage me, except Kerry, who looked at me disdainfully. "I told you she wouldn't do it. She's always been a goody two-shoes."

This was actually what she and a few other girls used to call me at school, and I always hated it. It was probably one of the reasons why I went a bit wild when I left school. Kerry knew very well that I had slept around a lot when I was seventeen, eighteen, but if she knew everything I had done I'm sure she would have been shocked, and she was no shrinking violet herself when it came to sex. I could have ignored her challenge quite easily, but in the end I thought what the hell and agreed to go for it. I wasn't married yet, and having a few men kiss me on the cheek couldn't really be construed as being unfaithful.

Jan took a card from out her purse and showed it to me. It had dozens of little stickers with hearts on and she told me she would stick one on my dress each time I let a man kiss me.

"Do I have to go up to them and ask them to kiss me?"

"Yes, you do," my sister answered.

"No need for that in my case," a voice interrupted.

I turned around to see one of the men who'd been chatting me up earlier. He must have listened in on our conversation. He put his hands on my hips and moved his mouth towards mine. I quite fancied this guy, so I did nothing to stop him as he stuck his tongue in my mouth and pressed himself against me. After a few seconds I pulled away from him and Jan put one of the heart stickers on the sleeve of my dress.

"One down, ninety-nine to go," she said grinning at me.

Two other men had watched what happened and immediately came up to me. As the first one leaned towards me, I moved my head to one side so he could kiss me on the cheek, but he took my face in his hands and lined my mouth against his, pressing his tongue hard against my lips until I opened them. I tried to use my tongue to force his out of my mouth, but only succeeded in making him think I was reciprocating, as his hands went around to fondle my ass, and pull me against his hardening crotch. When the second one did the same thing, I wondered what I had let myself in for. Was I really going to let a hundred strange men kiss me fully on the mouth, using their tongues, while their hands groped my ass and their cocks pressed against my belly?

I soon noticed that a line was beginning to form in front of me. Eight or nine men were waiting to have their turn. I grabbed a glass of wine from Cat's hands and downed it in one. The words 'last night of freedom' repeated in my mind like a mantra.

"Who's next?" I called out.

A young muscular guy came up to me, and this time I made the first move. I put my hands on his shoulders and placed my lips against his, flicking my tongue around the top half of his lips until he opened his mouth and drew my tongue inside. As we kissed I felt his hands reaching behind me, lifting my dress, as he tried to put his fingers inside my panties. I reached back and smoothed down my dress, not pulling back from the kiss until his hands reached my panties and he tried to pull them down. Next, a tall, slim man made a beeline towards me. He kissed me softly and began running his hand gently up and down the front of my dress. His lips felt so good and he was so gentle that I didn't try to stop him touching me. Soon, his kissing became deeper and more passionate and his gentle hand became more forceful, pressing hard against my breasts. It couldn't have taken him long to realise that I wasn't wearing a bra, and he tried to scoop one of my tits out of my dress. His hand covered my breast completely, fingers rubbing against my nipple, as he used his other hand to lower my neckline. He kept his tongue in my mouth as I moaned, making no move to stop him. As soon as he had managed to get it out into the open, he pulled his mouth from mine and lowered it to my exposed breast. One of his hands clamped around it as he sucked on my engorged nipple, while the other went up under my dress and fiddled about with my panties. I held his head against my chest as he sucked me harder and harder, until a big, fat man, standing behind him pulled him away, telling him not to be greedy, and he stepped up to take his place.

I tried to put my bare boob back inside my dress but this big barrel-chested man placed his large rough hand on mine and stopped me. He didn't even try to kiss me on the lips. He was only interested in my tits. His hands went around my hips, pulling me towards him as he licked and sucked my nipple. I looked in front of me to see all these men watching, knowing they were going to be able to do the same thing to me in a few minutes time. After a while I felt the man's teeth as he bit me hard. I pulled back instinctively, causing my boob to pop back into place inside my dress. The fat man came towards me again, but I waved my finger at him.

"Oh, no. You've had your turn," I said and watched him head back to the bar, licking his lips.

As the next in line walked up to me, I kept both my hands cupped against my tits so he wouldn't be able to get at them. Of course, this just meant that he had easy access to my bottom, and I had to make a choice. Let him feel up my ass all he wanted to, or take my hands away from my chest and risk my tits being exposed and groped and sucked on again. I let him caress my buttocks, I let him rub his fingers against the mound of my pussy, I even let him put one finger inside my panties as he tried to find my opening. It was only when he began to pull down my panties completely that I put a stop to things and called for the next one to come forth.

Ten minutes later I had fifteen hearts on my sleeve and a very wet pussy. Some of the guys who kissed me had bad breath, some were ugly, but I was getting into the swing of things now, and I was finding it fun and exciting. After the first half-dozen, I stopped trying to fight them, and I let them stick their tongues in my mouth and fondle my bum and grope my tits all they wanted to. All I stopped them from doing was pulling down my panties and exposing my tits.

After all the men in the vicinity had had their turn with me, Jan dragged me over to the other side of the pub, near the pool tables, where the rougher guys usually hang out.

"You're really loving this, aren't you?" she whispered to me.

"Is it that obvious?" I giggled.

We stood in front of a group of surly looking men sitting by the pool table and Jan nudged me.

"Will you kiss me please?" I asked to the one nearest me.

He didn't say a word, just pulled my face down towards his and began kissing me, his three-day stubble rubbing against my chin. Suddenly I felt a hand reach down the top of my dress as I leaned over the table. It was the man sitting next to the one I was kissing, and when he found I was wearing no bra, he put his other hand down my dress and began squeezing both my tits. Moments later I felt another hand pull up my dress from behind. I couldn't move at all. One man held my face while his tongue explored my mouth, another was groping my tits and pinching my nipples, while a third now rubbed his hand against my very damp panties. I felt sure that any moment I was going to be dragged on to the pool table and gangbanged by the lot of them. I felt scared, but my pussy just got wetter and wetter, as I felt a finger rubbing against my clitoris. I began to moan in a low voice as I thought about them all fucking me.

My dress was pulled up about my hips, and I wondered how many people could see me, ass in the air, panties exposed, being kissed and fondled by three men at once. The man behind me stopped rubbing his hand against me for a moment as he pulled down my panties, which I could feel were now soaking wet. I had tried to stop all the other guys from pulling them down, but now I didn't care. I wanted them to strip off my dress completely and take turns fucking me while the others gave me a good grope all over. I felt a finger pushed deep inside my pussy, moving back and forth, building up a rhythm. I still couldn't move, but by now I didn't want to.

Suddenly, the finger in my pussy was gone and I was pulled away from the two guys groping and kissing me. I turned to see Jan and the other girls pushing a couple of men away from me. They then grabbed me and dragged me out and we ran from the pub, laughing.

"Here, maybe you should put these back on" Jan said, handing me my wet panties.

"They always take things too far, in that pub," said Tara. "We should have chosen a wine bar. Are you still up for it, Sally?"

"Sure," I said. "No problem." The fact was I was really disappointed that they put a stop to what was happening. I felt pretty drunk and very turned on and I was game for anything now.

"Here," Jan said, putting three more stickers on my sleeve. " I know only one of them actually kissed you, but I think a good grope is worth at least the same as a kiss, don't you?"

We spent the next hour and a half drifting in and out of different wine bars, restaurants and takeaways. In each one I was groped, fondled and kissed by a handful of men, and I wished that I had to kiss two hundred, not one hundred. When Cat stopped us at one point and counted ninety-two hearts on my sleeve, I seriously considered pulling a few of them off surreptitiously and demanding a recount.

Before I could do this however, Jan told us that we had to get a cab right away. She didn't tell me where we were going but I'm sure the other girls knew. After ten minutes we pulled up outside a nightclub. It was a strip club, and this was Ladies Night. I looked at the posters on the wall, featuring photos of sexy, muscular men. I'd never seen a male stripper before and I was looking forward to it, but I was a little disappointed, because I knew there would be very few men inside whom I could get to kiss me. If I had known what was going to happen next, disappointment would be the last thing on my mind.

The strip club was situated in a very rough part of town, and I felt a little nervous as we queued up to get in. There were two big shaven-headed bouncers on the door, and they both grinned when my sister told them about my kissing quest.

"It's her wedding day tomorrow, and she has to kiss a hundred men tonight."

Both men leered at me, and the bigger of the two asked how many I'd kissed already.

"Ninety-two," replied Cat.

"So, which one of you wants to be ninety-three?" I asked stepping forward, chest out. I wasn't going to be able to let many more men at me, so I thought why not let them have a fondle of my tits too.

The biggest one didn't need asking twice. He grabbed me and held me against his powerful chest and kissed me until I was gasping for air. I relaxed my body completely in his arms, hoping he would take it for total submission, and get more and more frisky with me, touching me wherever he liked. Unfortunately, he soon pulled away and let his colleague take a turn at me. This one was not as strong but he was much better looking than the other one, and I made no attempt to resist as he groped my ass and pressed a hand against my tits at the same time.

The other girls in the queue began to get impatient, as they all wanted to get in the club and feast their eyes on the men.

"Why don't you take the little tart somewhere else. We want to get in," shouted a woman near the back of the queue.

Suddenly the bouncers decided they had better be more professional, and they ushered my friends and I into the club. When we were inside, the venue looked kind of seedy. Ladies Night here was only once a month. The rest of the time it catered for men. Tara asked Jan why she'd picked such a sleazy joint.

"Well, in most other strip shows in London the men keep their posing pouches on, but I've heard that this lot get their cocks out and that they all have massive ones. And I've got us front row seats."

"That's three very good reasons," said Kerry, and we all laughed and got some more drinks in.

We spent the next hour getting more and more drunk. The show was great, the strippers were good-looking and had lovely, hard bodies, and lovely big cocks. One of them kept looking at me while he danced, and when he whipped off his underwear, the whole place seemed to gasp in unison. His cock dangled down between his legs, almost reaching his knees.

"God," Jan whispered to me. "Imagine what it's like when he's got an erection."

As he danced naked, his massive prick swaying from side to side, I felt his eyes looking me over.

"I think he likes you," said Jan. "Listen, why don't you try to make his cock go hard. Go on. It'll be a treat for all the girls here."

"And how am I supposed to do that?"

"Lift up your dress, so he can see your knickers."

I giggled, and did as she said, raising the hem up around my hips. I saw him look down at me and step closer, trying to read the writing on my underwear. When he was a few feet away from us I saw him smile and I mouthed the words to him, "Fuck me quick."

His cock seemed to be growing thicker as he looked at me although it still pointed downwards. Suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye that Jan had pulled down her top and was showing him her great big tits. She pinched her nipples, until they pointed outwards, and made obscene gestures with her mouth and tongue. I knew she was trying to get him excited and I thought I should help, so I began rubbing my hand against my panties, and mouthing the words "Fuck me."

The whole crowd cheered as his cock grew rapidly engorged and began to point upwards. He moved closer towards Jan and I, and he let her guide his hands on to her massive naked tits. I watched, my mouth open wide in shock, as he groped my sister, his cock, twelve inches of thick meaty hardness, bobbing just in front of me. Without warning, he plunged it inside my open mouth, the bulbous head ramming against the back of my throat. I watched in amazement as he held the top half of his cock in my mouth, while my sister ran her hand furiously up and down the base of his shaft. I heard him moan as he carried on feeling up Jan's tits while she wanked him off into my mouth.

After a while I felt the head of his cock grow even bigger, and I knew he was about to come in my throat. Up to this time I had never swallowed a man's spunk before, not even my fiancé's and I was determined not to do it now. I opened my mouth wider and pulled back away from him, forcing his cock out of my mouth, just as he let go, spurting out all over my dress, as Jan's hand continued to work up and down. The girls in the crowd all cheered loudly as they watched a fountain of spunk rain down from his massive cock all over me.

As soon as the last drop of his jism fell on me, the stripper turned away and headed quickly for the backstage area, a loud chorus of cheers and whistles behind him.

"God, Jan," I said. "You're such a dirty cow. Look what he's done to my dress. It's soaking."

" Don't worry about it. At least you won't forget tonight in a hurry. What a lovely fucking prick he had. I wish I'd had it in my mouth."

I should have known what her response would be, so I just stood up and went to the toilets to try to clean up a little. I went to the back of the hall and walked down the corridor to the Ladies.

"I've been looking for you," a voice said behind me. I turned and saw one of the bouncers who'd kissed me earlier. It was the big, ugly one.

Before I could make any reply he grabbed me and lifted me into his powerful arms, and carried me through into the kitchen. Oh my God, I thought, he's going to put me on a table and fuck my brains out. I felt powerless and that turned me on even more.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked in a little girl voice, playing now, because I really wanted to be fucked.

"The boss wants a word with you," he said gruffly.

"What? Why?"

He didn't answer, he just kept walking, until he reached a door marked Manager's Office. He knocked sharply then opened the door and let me down, making me drop my handbag. I quickly knelt down to retrieve the items which had fallen out, then turned to find myself facing a desk where a middle-aged man in a suit was sitting down. I presumed he was the owner of the place. Another man, slightly older, stood beside him, pouring them both a glass of whiskey each.

"Thank you Jed. That will be all," the manager said calmly, and the doorman walked out of the office.

"What the hell is going on?" I shouted at the two men. Their eyes were both focussed on my legs. I gathered that they liked the way my stockings were clearly visible below my short dress. The one sitting down, eyed me up and down slowly before replying.

"Well, miss. The reason I asked Jed to escort you to my office is because of what you did earlier."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you see, we have a license for adult entertainment here, but that does not allow us to let little sluts like you suck the dicks of our performers."

"I'm not a slut. He forced it in my mouth. It wasn't my fault."

"Of course not, miss," the other one piped up. "Why, who would even think you're a slut, dressed as you are. No bra, stockings showing, cum stains on your dress."

They both laughed.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked.

"Have no fears, young lady. We're not going to force ourselves upon you, however much you may want us to. Jed told us earlier about your little competition, and he said how you had a hot little body, with which I readily concur. Now, in my line of business, a woman with a sexy figure and a whorish temperament can be of many uses."

"You want me to work for you? As a stripper?"

"Well, something along those lines, yes."

"I'm sorry. I can't. I'm getting married tomorrow. My husband, he... "

"Don't you mean fiancé? Arthur, turn on the video, there's a good chap," the manager said.

I watched the screen and saw a naked man dancing in front of an audience of women. The camera moved to one side, showing the front row where the dancer was gyrating. I watched myself on screen pulling up my dress and mouthing the words "fuck me" to the man. Suddenly the scene cut to a close up of my face sucking on his giant cock. They had filmed the whole thing. As I continued to watch, I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy. The thought of two men watching a film of me sucking someone's cock, while I was stood there in front of them, made me feel so dirty, and so excited.

"So, it's blackmail. I do what you say, or you show my fiancé."

"Blackmail's such a dirty word," said Arthur. "I think we should call it a gentleman's agreement. Don't you agree, Mr Hemmings?"

"Anyway, my dear," said Hemmings. "I rather think it's time you showed us the goods."

"You want me to take off all my clothes in front of you?"

"No, Miss. Not at all," Arthur said quickly. "I would much prefer that you kept on the stockings. They are really rather fetching you know. Here, I'll put some music on, and you can show us your prowess at the art of striptease."

"Of course, it's possible that you haven't got what it takes, in which case, we couldn't possibly use you," interjected Hemmings. "The amount of times we see mutton dressed as lamb, it's a terrible shame."

Arthur put an old Motown number on the stereo and told me to dance. I began to sway my hips, slowly at first, then a little faster, as I became more tuned in to the rhythm. Hemmings' words were like a challenge to me, and although I had no intention of working for them, I wanted them to see just what they would be missing. I danced with utter abandonment, tossing the hem of my dress up about my hips, and keeping my hands there, showing them my panties. I saw their eyes centred between my legs as they read the invitation written there. I turned my back on them, and bent over, tracing a line along my pussy with my fingers as I rocked my ass from side to side.

I turned to face them once more, and pulled down the front of my dress, exposing my firm, bare breasts to the old perverts. I began playing with myself a little, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples and licking my lips, mouth open as if in ecstasy. I pulled my dress down and left it hanging around my ankles, leaving me in just my panties, stockings and high heels. My hands went to my hips and I jiggled my tits at them like a cheap whore, savouring the lustful looks they were giving me. I moved right up to the desk where they were sitting, hooked my fingers around my panties and pulled them down. I brushed my hand against the triangle of hair covering my pussy, and pressed a finger against my clitoris. I was really turned on and I badly wanted to come, masturbating right in front of them. I felt like I was in a dream world as I rubbed my clitoris and played with my tits just feet away from them, and I only snapped out of it when the music came to an end.

The two men clapped, smiling brightly at me.

"Even better than I expected," said Arthur. "She has my approval."

"Good," said Hemmings. "Now that's settled. I can think of only one way to seal the agreement."

Oh God, I thought, now these two old men were going to want sex with me. The events of the evening had made me hungry for cock, but if I was going to be unfaithful to my fiancé, I didn't want it to be with them.

"Jed told us that you still needed to kiss a few more men for your competition, is that right?"

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