Camping Discovery
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An inexperienced young couple encounter an older couple while on a camping trip. The curiosity of the young couple is soon satisfied by the experienced older couple

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Saturday morning, a warm spring day in San Jose. Ann rolled over and rubbed her warm naked body against her husband's back. Her nipples were hard and he pushed back against them as his cock stiffened. He rolled over, kissed her and pushed her back.

"Annie, I think we should get up now and get on the road. Remember, you're the one that doesn't like travelling at night."

That was true. Still, she couldn't resist wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him. She played her tongue around his mouth and felt his hard member pressed against her tummy. She slid her hand between them and rubbed his cock against her warm skin.

Jim broke her grip. "It's nine already Annie, I thought we were going to get an early start."

Ann shrugged and gave up her idea of having a little sex this morning. Anyway she was anxious to get away for a few days and it was true that she hated driving after dark.

Jim got up first. Ann watched him stand and stretch. Jim was over six feet tall and very trim. He had shoulder length blond hair, brown eyes, long arms and legs. His cock was still rigid and stood straight out, a pink shaft protruding from a nest of silky blond hair. Not larger than average she now knew, but she loved it. Below this hung a pendulous ball sack that looked out of proportion for the size of his member. His chest and stomach were well defined although he exercised only infrequently.

Ann slipped out of bed and headed for the shower. She paused in front of the mirrored closet doors. Her hands went to her breasts and pushed them up and together but she didn't have a lot to push. Her breasts barely filled a 34 B bra. At least her nipples were nice. Ann shook her long black hair away from her breasts and pinched her nipples, then admired them as they stood hard and erect. She stood on her toes to try to increase her five foot height. Her legs and her ass were her triumph. She was aware that when she wore heels, many men checked out her legs and ass.

She considered whether she should trim some hair from her bush. She thought about the term "bush" and how appropriate it was for her pubic area. Her pussy was topped with a copious amount of long silky black hair. She decided she was in a long hair mood.

Jim had been working a lot of overtime and had to take time off instead of pay. The timing was good because things were slow at her job and her boss was happy to have her take a few days off.

Her brother had told her about a beautiful little campground in the mountains. When she called to get reservations, the owner laughed.

"Lady, I wish you needed a reservation, but this time of year we're only half full even on weekends. It's a shame too, because the weather has been perfect."

The man had said that if they made good time it would take them five hours.

Jim had packed their VW camper the night before. A shower, a quick breakfast, pack those last minute items, and they were on their way by ten.

As they rode along, Ann watched Jim. They hadn't been using the camper very much in the last year. It seemed that they had less and less time for each other. They both worked, they had a baby to care for, they had a new house that required immense amounts of maintenance. This trip felt good.

She knew that when Jim was driving the VW, his thought drifted back to his college days. This was the car he had when Ann met him. That was four years ago when Ann was nineteen.

"Feels good to be back in the old bus, huh - Jimmie? Remember when you first picked me up in it?"

"Uh huh. Those were good times."

Ann thought back. She was the product of a conservative Catholic family. She had only two real boyfriends before Jim. She'd never had sex with them. The most that she had done with her first boyfriend was french kissing. With her next boyfriend she had gotten as far as letting him play with her breasts. This was her first realization of how sexually responsive she was. She remembered the first time that he put his hand on her bare nipple. Her body rippled with excitement that she didn't understand. At each pinch of her nipple her insides tingled. It was a new sensation for her, one that she fought valiantly.

"I remember I thought you were really hot stuff when I met you."

"Hey, I was hot stuff for a little Catholic girl," Jim laughed.

Jim was only two years older than Ann. When she met him, she thought he was quite worldly and mature. This wasn't quite reality though. Jim had gone out with several girls but had sex with only two of them. He thought he was a lover and was horny as hell.

Ann sometimes wondered why she even had continued to date Jim after their first few dates. He was constantly pressing her to let him fondle her and trying to get her to have sex with him.

She must have been horny and not realized it at the time.

She looked back at the seat that folds down into a bed, the place where she lost her virginity. They had been going out for about two months when she decided to let Jim slip his hands under her sweater.

They were parked outside her apartment. They were kissing and the windows were all steamed up. Ann had discovered that she liked kissing Jim more than any other boy she had kissed. She liked french kissing, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth where he would wrap his tongue around hers. Jim had a very long tongue and she loved it when her tongue returned to her mouth and his tongue followed into her mouth. He could stick his tongue deeply into her mouth and this excited her while at the same time sparking feelings of guilt.

Once they began kissing Jim would always begin trying to rub her breasts. Ann would always push his hand away. He would then direct her hand into his lap. Eventually she would allow him to press her hand against his hard member. She would feel it for a moment, then she would withdraw it quickly. On this night however, when Jim's hand began feeling Ann's small breasts through her sweater she didn't move it away.

Feeling Ann's hard nipples through the material and not feeling her remove his hand, Jim began pinching her nipples. Ann's sexual switches were flicked on. Jim moved his hand under her sweater forcing his way under her bra. He pushed her bra up over her tits. Her tits were small and solid and very warm. Jim's finger and thumb began pinching and pulling first one nipple then the other. Jim's tongue probed deeply into her mouth and she sucked his tongue wildly.

Ann's sweater had worked its way up and her breasts were almost exposed. Jim broke off his kiss and with both hands, raised the sweater and bra the rest of the way. There in the dim light her petite breasts displayed their pink erect nipples to Jim. Ann felt a quiver of excitement accompanied by a wave of fear.

Jim's mouth was on her breasts before she could change her mind if she had wanted to. No one had ever sucked on her nipples before. Suddenly Ann realized that this was the signal to her body that she wanted to have sex. Waves of warmth washed over her and her crotch became very warm and moist.

She dropped her hand onto Jim's lap and felt his stiffness. She spread her legs when she felt Jim's hand on her thigh. He rubbed her crotch and her pants became very wet. She pushed against his hand as it rubbed her. He said that he wanted to make love to her and she heard herself panting out a "Yesss, I want you to."

The moment that it took to stand up and pull the seat out into a bed gave Ann's conscience a chance to kick in. It was too late to stop. Jim had her pants and his pants off before she could think.

She reached down and felt him and thought that it was awfully large. It was hard and hot and slippery with his precum.

Ann lay back and spread her legs as Jim lay on top of her, raised slightly above her. He was kissing her and she him as she felt the pressure of him trying to enter. She suddenly wanted to say "stop" but his mouth covered hers and he rammed his way into her.

It hurt terribly at first, then the pain lessened and she felt him sliding in and out of her. Rather than pleasure however, Ann felt guilt and anxiety and pain. Jim kissed her and held her when he was done and told her that it would be better next time. But next time was not going to come as far as Ann was concerned. She was convinced more than ever that sex was dirty and something that was only to be done after marriage for the creation of children.

Ann told Jim that she didn't want to see him anymore, but a few weeks later she decided to go out with him again. There were no further attempts at sex but they found that they couldn't stay apart from one another. In six months they were married. The honeymoon was horrible but at least now Ann began to enjoy intercourse. She was somewhat free of the guilt feelings.

She began to realize that she really loved sex. She became comfortable talking about sex with Jim and her girlfriend. She stopped saying penis and vagina. She was titillated when talking about her pussy and Jim's cock.

"Hey Annie, pretty quiet. What ya thinkin' 'bout?", Jim's voice snapped Ann back to the present.

"Oh, I was just thinking about our first time in the back... and wondering why I went out with you again." Ann laughed.

"Give it up Annie. Once a girl has Jimmie, she can't stay away. I used to have to beat 'em off with a stick... wellll I guess it was pretty bad at first."

"Uh huh. But we're getting better. I think I've gotten rid of a lot of my hang-ups."

Ann drifted back into thought. The previous fall was probably a major turning point for her. She had watched a talk show concerning the use of sex toys. When the women talked about dildos and various sizes offering variety, Ann's curiosity was aroused. Jim almost fainted when she told him she might want to get a dildo and maybe see an adult video sometime. Jim caught his breath and asked if she wanted to go to an adult shop. In a moment of boldness Ann had said, "Yes, let's go now."

She had vivid memories of the store. It was not as sleazy as she thought it would be but she was the only woman in the place except for the woman behind the counter. She remembered feeling as if the half dozen or so men customers were all looking at her.

She was glad to be with Jim but also felt a tinge of enjoyment thinking that these men were glancing at her shapely legs and protruding ass.

The dildos were in a display case and Ann couldn't believe the range of sizes. There was one on top of the counter and Ann picked it up without thinking. It was mammoth she thought. The woman behind the counter explained matter of factly that it was made from a mold of a real dick. All of that brand up to the ten inches that she was holding were made from molds of real cocks.

It was so heavy and so thick and so long. It was twice as big as Jim. Ann couldn't believe that a man was that big. But she wanted it, she didn't know why. She just wanted it. The woman told her that it was the most popular model and to be sure to use a good lubricant. Jim asked about videos and the woman pointed to the back of the store where a few men stood before several racks of videos. Ann was too embarrassed to go back there. They bought the dildo and left.

That night Ann tried the dildo. Jim liberally greased her pussy and the dildo and tried to get it into her small opening. It hurt and felt too large. Ann took the dildo from Jim and worked the big rubber dick against her pussy finally getting it in without too much pain. Before long, Ann was enjoying the big cock rubbing inside her.


Ann's moan caused Jim to take his eyes from the road and look over at her. She had her eyes closed and her feet up on the dashboard, her hand rubbing her pussy.

"Looks hot Annie, is that my cock you're thinking about?"

Annie opened her eyes, "Of course, hon. Like you said, once a girl gets it, they're hooked."

Jim's head turned back to the road then turned to look out his window. His gaze stayed there for a while and then turned forward as a convertible gradually slid ahead of them in the next lane.

Ann looked at the open car and saw two young blond girls. The girl in the passenger seat turned and waved, her ample breasts clearly visible. Like the car, she was topless too.

Jim glanced back at Ann. "Just looking."

"That's ok, as long as I get to do some looking too."

"Of course you can Annie, I'm not the jealous type."

"Jim, how come guys all like big tits?"

"Jus' cuz they're big I guess. Same reason girls like big cocks I spose."

"Hey - there's the sign. We made it."

The drive had gone by quickly and they arrived at the campground in the early afternoon. The campground was sparsely occupied with motorhomes and trailers. They checked in and drove to the space assigned to them. Next to them was a large motorhome, the kind of luxury that Winnebago owners probably dream of some day owning.

"Wow, looks like we're the poor folks on this block." laughed Jim.

It took only a few minutes for Jim to pop the top up on the camper and hook up an extension cord for electricity.

The couple then went out to explore the camp and surroundings.

They strolled to the beach area by the lake. The trees were casting shadows on the beach and there was only one couple remaining in the last spot of sun. The air was still pleasantly warm. They were attracted to a path along the back of the beach.

A short distance later the path turned onto a small secluded beach area that was empty. Unusual because a break in the trees allowed the sun to continue warming this area.

Ann sat on the sand facing the water. Jim sat behind her and stretched his legs on either side of her. Ann leaned back into Jim and he began kissing Ann on the neck. Jim slipped his hands under Ann's blouse. She wore no bra and his fingers immediately began to massage her nipples as he kissed her neck. Ann's nipples responded, immediately rising to the pinching fingers.

"Yummm, feels like some pretty good tits here. Just the right size for me. Nice hard nipples."

Ann looked around to be sure they were alone. She then pushed back into Jim and felt his hard cock pressing against her through the thin material of his shorts.

"That's not all that's hard. Feels like you've got a gun to my back. You thinkin' of robbing me?"

Ann moved her hand behind her and began rubbing Jim's cock. She felt the shaft and rubbed her fingers in the groove of the head.

Ann was getting hotter as Jim pulled her nipples and massaged her tits in gentle circles. Ann got up and turned around to face him.

Now she sat on his lap with her legs over his. They kissed hot french kisses.

"Rub your tits on me Annie. Your nipples are sooo hard." Jim opened Ann's blouse so her hard nipples could rub against his bare chest.

Ann slid Jim's hard cock out of the pant leg of his shorts. She rubbed his shaft against the bare skin of her thigh as they rocked back and forth on the warm sand.

"Do you like that? Want me to squeeze your cock like that?'

Jim worked a finger inside Ann's shorts and found her moist slit waiting for him. Her legs were spread wide around him and he had no trouble sliding his finger into her hot hole. Ann shivered and wanted his cock inside her.

"I want you, let's fuck now... here... on the beach."

"Really?... here?... You're gettin' to be a pretty bold girl."

With another look around and no one in sight, Ann slipped off her shorts, then pulled off Jim's shorts. She then resumed her position sitting on his lap facing him. Now she could reach down and rub his hard cock against her clit.

"Oh yeah, much better. Suck my tits."

Jim sucked on Ann's tits as he enjoyed the attention to his cock.

Ann slid forward and Jim's cock entered her hot cunt. She began riding his cock slowly while kissing him deeply. Ann became excited thinking about the possibility that someone might come upon them while they fucked. She thought about someone watching them.

"I wonder if anybody's around. I wonder if someone's watching?"

"Wow, what a horny tramp you are today. Do you want someone to watch?"

"I dunno. Kinda scary. I guess not."

The tempo of the lovemaking increased. As Ann got hotter she started ramming her pussy furiously up and down on Jim's shaft.

She ground her pussy into him and felt his cock stiffen in anticipation of cumming.

"Uhh uhh uhh... fuck it... god you're so hard... ohh yeah!"

As Jim got ready to shoot his load he pulled Ann into him and rammed his cock upwards into her.

"I'm gonna cum hun... I'm cummmming! Ayeeeee!"

She felt him shoot a burst of cum into her. Jim could feel the warm cum and pussy juice draining from the wet pussy. The liquid ran down over his balls.

The couple tumbled over onto the sand in an embrace. They lay there until the sun dropped below the hills. Pulling on their shorts they decided that this would be their spot.

As they walked back to the camper, they noticed a couple sitting outside the motorhome. Ann went into the camper and lay down. The couple waved to Jim and he walked over to chat with them. The man got up and retrieved a folding chair and invited Jim to sit.

"Hi, I'm Fred and this is my wife Debbie. We came up from Concord. Where you folks from?"

"We're from San Jose. I'm Jim. That was my wife Ann. Looks like a pretty quiet campground."

"Yup. Pretty pleasant this time of year, no people and great weather. We came up Wednesday with another couple but they had to go home this morning. Mostly retired folks with time during the week."

They didn't look to be old enough to be retired and Jim discovered that Fred was semi-retired and was fifty-five. Debbie was forty-eight and they had been married thirty years. As they talked about nothing in particular Jim couldn't help but wonder if they still fucked after thirty years. He had to admit that they looked like they still would be interested.

Fred was about 5' 10" tall and appeared to have a slight pot belly although he was not fat. He had short dark hair that was clearly showing signs of grey. Debbie appeared to be about 5' 4" and was a little bit on the heavy side. She had immense breasts that Jim mentally pictured as a pair of bowling balls that would drop to her waist without a bra. Her hair was short and blond, bleached he was certain. She had sparkling eyes and an infectious laugh. Jim thought that she had a sexy quality.

As they talked Jim became aware that they touched each other a lot. Debbie frequently rubbed Fred's leg on the inside of the thigh. Fred would often return the favor. It seemed to happen whenever the conversation took a turn toward anything sexual.

Nothing definite, still Debbie sounded as if she had seen every talk show that concerned cross dressing, S&M, swapping, etc.

At one point Jim was sure that he saw the end of Fred's cock poking out of the leg of his shorts as Debbie rubbed his thigh.

Jim found himself getting a hard-on as they talked. Then he started to think that the couple was watching the lump form in his shorts. Afraid of embarrassing himself, Jim switched the conversation back to their motorhome. Fred told Jim all the particulars, it was a custom diesel made in Oregon and they'd had it for two years. Then Fred asked if Jim would like a tour. Jim said yes expecting Fred to show him around.

Fred, however, asked his wife to show Jim the inside. As Debbie stood up, Jim got his first good view of her. She was not fat at all, but very solid looking. As she stretched, Jim could see she had shapely legs and full hips curving into a modest waist. Like Fred, she had a slight pot belly but it was sort of erotic. And her breasts were definitely in the melon category. Jim followed Debbie into the motorhome and felt a little uneasy because his cock began to get hard again. Debbie showed him the front of the motorhome which was like a luxury living room with two couches and soft carpet on the floor. In the center of the coach was a dining area and kitchen the rival of any small apartment. As Debbie showed Jim around she constantly touched him. She was one of those people who have to put their hand on you every time they talk to you. His cock became a prominent bulge in his thin shorts and he was sure that she saw it. He thought he caught her checking it out.

Next they went into a narrow hallway. Debbie pointed out the bathroom and her lavish breasts rubbed against Jim's bare chest.

At the end of the hall was a door leading to the bedroom. Jim was in front and Debbie told him to open the door. Jim had difficulty. Debbie said that the latch always sticks, she then pressed herself into the small area and wiggled the door latch. As she did this, her breasts were pressed against Jim's chest and hand. He could feel her tits. He realized she didn't have a bra.

He couldn't believe that she could get by without a bra. He could feel her nipples. When the door opened, Debbie went in and showed Jim a room dominated by a king size bed. As she faced Jim, his eyes riveted on her chest, her nipples were clearly poking out through the material. His cock was a throbbing bulge in his shorts.

"Now Jim, just 'cause a girl shows you her bedroom, that's no reason to get excited." she laughed.

As she walked out of the room past him, she gave the hard bulge in his pants a soft pat. Jim was confused, Debbie was old enough to be his mother. Was she just treating him like a horny little boy or was she actually interested in him as a sex partner? Did she cheat on Fred?

For the rest of the evening, Jim couldn't stop thinking about Debbie. He told Ann about their motorhome, like an apartment on wheels, she should really see. He told her that even though they were older, they seemed really interesting. Then he told her that he thought maybe Debbie was coming on to him.

Ann laughed. " I saw her, it looked like she had huge bazooms. I think you're just desperate for some big tits to play with. Maybe I should go get a boob job since you seem to be so interested in size lately."

"Hey, that's not fair. You know I think you're tits are the greatest. And if we're going to start talking about size, you're the one that wanted that giant dildo. How can I compete with something that's bigger than any man could be?"

They laughed as they got into bed but both of them were thinking, "I wonder what big is really like." Ann rubbed her body against Jim. "You know, that was pretty exciting screwing on the beach this afternoon. I never thought I would do anything like that. I hope we can do it again tomorrow. In fact it felt so good that I think you deserve a reward for your effort."

Then she moved her body down. Jim could feel Ann's hard nipples slide down his chest. Ann paused frequently to rub her small tits into Jim. She felt Jim's hard cock dragging against her as she slid down. Her tits felt Jim's soft pubic hair. Ann took the hard shaft and began rubbing it against her tits, she rubbed the head over her nipples. Jim arched up, he loved feeling his cock on her tits. Ann licked the end of his shaft and teased it with her tongue. She rubbed the wet head of his cock around her nipples again. Now wet, his cock slid smoothly over her hard nipples.

Ann moved down and began licking his shaft from bottom to top, sliding the head into her mouth each time she reached the top.

With just the head in her mouth, Ann slipped her tongue around the tender end and sucked gently. Then she returned to lick again from bottom to top. Jim placed his hands on Ann's head and enjoyed feeling her silky hair as her head moved around him. Ann wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked him easily as her tongue dipped to his balls. She opened wide and sucked his balls into her mouth. Now his cock throbbed to her stroking as his balls were massaged by her tongue. Ann ran a finger over the end of the shaft. She felt the hole in the end and felt the slick liquid oozing from it. Her mouth relinquished his balls and she moved quickly to the top of the shaft. She paused to admire the cock, to watch the precum forming in the hole. She stretched her tongue out and tickled the end of his cock, then licked the precum and let it form a strand from her tongue to his cock. Ann's hand continued to work up and down the throbbing shaft. With her free hand, Ann cupped Jim's balls and squeezed them ever so gently.

Ann felt the activity in Jim's balls. She dropped her mouth over the shaft and sucked deeply. She took his shaft completely into her mouth and sucked his cock while her tongue caressed it. She bobbed her head up and down, fucking his cock with her mouth. Jim moved a little in rhythm with Ann's bobbing head. His cock ached with anticipation as she sucked him toward a climax. He felt her nipples hot and hard against his thigh as she worked on him.

Jim started to groan and Ann knew that he was going to cum. She stopped moving her head up and down. She held the head of his cock in her mouth sucking on it and running her tongue around the edge. Her hand stroked the shaft quickly and she felt the meat stiffen as Jim shot his cum against the roof of her mouth. Ann now pulled all of Jim's shaft into her mouth and let him fuck her face and shoot his load into her. Her sucking drained Jim of all his load and all his energy.

Ann then snuggled in next to Jim and they slept.

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