For Us

by Robbin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: We saw her at the dance club. What a hot slut she was. Her creamy black skin glistening in the club's light. God I wanted to fuck her- so why not? She deserves it for being such a cock tease.

My brother, Bill, and I saw you at the dance club the other night... you looked hot! Your skirt was so short and your top so low you were just begging to be raped...and we decided we were going to do it to you. We followed you out of the club; you got in a cab, we got in our car. We followed you across town to the suburbs and a nice little house. Nice, but nothing security alarms signs at least. We watched you pay the cabbie and stroll up your front walk. We watched you fumble for your key and then open the door. We got out of the car and approached your house. Your lights came one one room at a time and we could follow you back to your sounds from a dog, no other voices. When the bedroom light came on, we found the blind part way up. We could see the room was empty except for you. As you started to strip out of your clothes, we realized that that fine body of yours was just made for our use and we were going to use you hard.

We watched you undress...Your breasts looked so soft and squeezable. When you turned your back to us I had to take a deep breath. What an ass! It stuck out so nice and round! I told my brother Bill, "Her ass is mine!" " can have it first, but I get sloppy seconds. Lets call the gang and all fuck her, what do you say?" "And let them use her too??? Well, go back to the car and call 'em."

Bill left and I watched you some more. You lit some candles around the room. You laid down on the bed and started caressing your body. You must have gotten horny showing your body off so well at the club. Well, you fired us up, so tonight you're gonna pay. You pinched and pulled your nipples...niiiice. My dick got hard as you slid your hand down your stomach to your pussy. You spread your legs and ran your hand right down your slit, then grabbed your pussy and squeezed it too. I couldn't wait to taste you. Bill joined me about the time you slipped your finger into your hole.

"Holy shit, you been watchin that bitch get herself ready for us? Ummmm, looks good."

"Yep been watchin her squeeze herself all over. So who is coming?"

"Dave and Don can't, they say good luck. Couldn't get in touch with Duane. Rob, Tim, Mark and Larry will be here. And Jane. She says she wants some of that black bitch too. She said she hasn't had any pussy in a while so she is going to join us. Can't wait to see that."

"Me neither. Those little titties of Jane's are cute but not much of a match for this little bitch. That's gonna make Jane pissed. This poor fuckin slut will be lucky if Jane doesn't tear her tits off! So when are they coming? My dick is hard as a rock!"

"About 20 minutes. I may have to take it out and masturbate if she does this much longer. Damn she is a hot bitch!"

Just about then the hand on your tits slammed into the bed, your back arched and I swear we could hear you plain as day when you came.

"Oh yes, a loud one. I love 'em when they make noise when they cum!"

We watched you as you came down off of your orgasm high. You twisted and turned a bit and then just sunk into the bed, your big tits raising and falling rapidly, your hand being squeezed tightly between your taut thighs. You laid there for about five minutes and got up.

Bill said, "Guess the show is over."

"Don't know. How about checking the back to see if we can get in somewhere."

Bill left to check out the house. You returned from across the room with a dildo and got on the bed on your hands and knees. Shit, she's going to make this real easy for us, I thought. You started working the dildo into your cunt. It was a big flesh colored one made to look like a cock. Hummm, I thought, so she likes white meat. Well, between the six of us she's going to get more than she can handle.

Bill returned. "Damn how come you get to watch all this shit while I do the work!"

"Quit belly-aching. You're the one who said the party was over, I didn't. So how are we getting in?"

"A couple of windows are up a little to let the air in. Just a cut on the screen and we're in."

I started squeezing my cock. "Look at the way she is slamming that white cock into her pussy. She wants it hard and fast. You're good at that shit. Bet you can't wait to be slamming your balls into that little slut. I know I can't."

"Oh fuck. Would you look at that! She is going to do her ass too!"

"Ohhhh, can't wait to feel that tight brown asshole squeezing my dick. It'd better be wet cause I want to slam my cock into her soo hard she will never forget every time she sits down!" My dick jumped as you raised up on one hand and half turning towards us, plunged the didldo up your little puckered asshole. You buried your face into the bed and used your second hand on your pussy. We could see your fingers moving over your clit as that big dildo worked its magic in your ass. Your body was heaving!

The gang showed up as you were approaching your second orgasm.

"Fuck. This is going to be fun fucking her. She is one hot bitch!"

We all watched you cum. You raised off the bed and screamed as you shoved the dildo deep in your ass and then you collapsed on the bed.

"Alright lets go get the bitch." Bill led us around to the window.

Jane said, "Better let me go in. You guys are all so clumsy she'll hear us before we can get to her and I want that cunt!"

Tim pulled out his knife and cut the screen out of the window. The window was open about 6 inches. Tim lifted the window and it slid noiselessly open. Mark and Larry gave Jane a lift and in she went. After becoming acclimated to her surroundings, Jane made her way slowly to the back door. She turned the deadbolt and opened the door, letting us in. We moved slowly down the hall towards the bedroom door. The door had been left open. Peeking around the corner we could see you still laying on your stomach, exhausted from your orgasm. That made it easy for us. We rushed into the room and headed straight for the bed. You turned your head and was about to sit up and scream when I reached you. I grabbed your hair and threw your face into the pillow and held it there. You screamed and began to kick and claw as the others grabbed legs and arms. Tim held one arm, Mark another, Larry and Rob held your legs, Bill and Jane just stood and watched. I lifted your head up by your hair. "Shut up you fucking little bitch." and slapped you two or three times. Your eyes went wide but you stopped screaming. "We know you're a hot little slut just begging for hard white cock and we're going to give it to you." You started to scream again so I slapped you a few more times. Again you shut up. Tim pulled out his knife and popped it open. I turned your head so you could see it. "Now, if you don't be good I'm gonna let him start cutting on you. He just loves to cut soft tender tits. Now, you do what I say and you don't get hurt too bad and we all have fun. You live to fuck some more. I can't hear you bitch. You need some more slaps to loosen your tongue?"

You shook your head.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I...I'll do what you say. Please don't hurt me."

"All right bitch, lets see if we're gonna have to cut you," I said. "Bill shut and lock the bedroom door, just in case she gets a case of the "DUMB ASS" and tries to run." I took the knife from Tim and pressed the point into your tender breast, not hard enough to cut the skin, just hard enough for you to feel the threat. "Now, I'm going to let go and so are they, for the time being. Lets see how well you play ball."

With a nod of my head you were free. "Now, get up on your hands and knees and bark like the bitch you are." You looked so unsure of what to do. "Bark, bitch, bark like a dog."

"Bark, bark."

"What a fucked up dog. Beg Bitch. Sit up and beg like a good doggie."

You sat up on your knees and pretended to beg.

"God, for such a hot bitch you sure make a lousy dog!" said Mark. "Teach her how to howl".

I gave the knife back to Tim. "All right cunt, back on your hands and knees and face me."

Doing as told so you would not be hurt, you turned your back to Tim and faced me. I took one of your hanging breasts in my hand and looking you square in the eye, I slapped your tit as hard as I could. You screamed and I slapped it again. I grabbed you by your beautiful hair and jerked you head up to look at me. "And that is just the start of things to come if you don't do as we say. Understand?"

I took your face in my hands and looked you square in the eye. "Understand bitch?" and with that Tim thrust the handle of his knife into your cunt. Your eyes flew wide open and you whimpered as he fucked your pussy. "Understand?"

You shake your head vigorously.

Tim laughed as he fucked you with the knife handle. "Damn guys, she has the handle all wet and slippery already!"

Mark chimed in "Keep fucking the bitch...I want to see her cum."

Bill dropped his pants and approached the bed. "Here bitch, suck on this!" His 9" cut dick was thrust into your face. You did not take it immediately so Bill rubbed it across your cheek and chin. When you still didn't open your mouth, Bill bent it to the side and let it go flying, his hard cock striking your face like a slap. "Open your mouth bitch or Tim will use the other end of that knife in your cunt!"

Tears were running down your cheeks as you opened your mouth. Bill gently eased his cock into your mouth feeding you an inch at a time. When you constricted your throat and stopped him from going deeper, he still had about half of his dick out. He started humping your mouth. "Ummm...more tongue...yeah, that's it."

Apparently, giving you encouragement worked because you took in about two inches more. Bill put his hands on your head and caressed you. "Good little black bitch. Yes, make Uncle Bill feel...Good!" and with that he held your head tight and slammed his cock into your throat. His balls slammed your chin and you started to gag.

"Don't you throw up on my balls bitch."

You started thrashing about, apparently afraid of choking to death on his cock. He backed off and humped your tongue some more, then slammed himself in again. He gyrated on your face rubbing his balls over your chin. "Oh yeah baby!" He repeated his attack in the same manner for the next 10 minutes. Then, with one final thrust, Bill shoved his cock down your throat and shot his load, grunting and groaning. "Oh god she has a sweet mouth! Yessss. Ummmmmm."

Before Bill could do anything else, Jane grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him away. "My turn! You guys are going to tear her up and tire her out. I want her to eat my pussy first. You don't care if she just lays there as long as you cum; me, I need her to work at my pussy to make ME cum! Tim, stop fucking her with that damn knife!"

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