Jill and Ted's Sexcellent Adventure

by BiggerJim

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ted gets out of hand during sex play. Jill straightens him out.

"Hey, Hon," Ted called "what do you say we go out Saturday night? A little dinner, maybe a movie?" Ted and Jill were in their thirties, married for 12 years and very happy overall. Sex was conventional with a little oral thrown in for good measure. Lately, though, Ted has been getting "ideas". He's been surfing several Internet porn sites and has found that he likes the idea of B&D, anal, spanking, dildoes and vibrators. He was determined to get as much of this introduced to their lovemaking as possible. "Sounds good," Jill replied, "I can't wait!"

Ted was a man with a plan. He had shopped at an "Adult Boutique" in another town, and stashed his "toys" in a box under the bed. Come Saturday night, he planned to get Jill a little drunk and see what he could get away with. Who knows?, he thought, maybe Jill might even get into it.

Saturday night came, and Ted took extra effort to make the night nice. Dinner was great and they finished a bottle of Cabernet, with Jill drinking most of it. The movie theatre was almost empty, so they took a seat towards the rear. About halfway through, Ted started gently stroking Jill's nipple. Her sharp intake of breath, and rapidly rising nipple told Ted that he was on the right track. Ted's pinching, tweaking and tugging on Jill's nipples had her squirming in her seat. "Don't get me started if you're not going to finish," she whispered. "No problem," said Ted and he reach down between her spreading legs and lifted her dress.

Ted ran the tips of his finger over the outline of her steamy mound; his nails tracing the edges of her pussy as she lifter her crotch to meet his hand. Looking around to make sure that no one was paying them any attention, Jill slipped off her panties and stuffed them into her purse. Scooting back on the hard theater seat, she hiked her dress up and told Ted, "Get busy!"

Never one to need much encouragement, Ted gently teased her swelling clit. Having witnessed it several times, he could imagine it growing hard and red until it stuck a full quarter-inch above the folds of her dripping pussy. Moaning lowly, Jill urged, "C'mon...give it to meeeeee!" Shifting his hand, Ted slipped his middle finger into her wet slit, up to the second knuckle. He started to slowly fuck it in and out while frigging her clit with his thumb. "Is this what you had in mind?" he asked as he slipped a second finger into her. Jill's back arched and her mouth hung open as her first climax shuddered through her. She held on to his arm in a death grip while he calmly pumped his fingers in and out of her rhythmically throbbing pussy. "Yessssss..." Came the softly hissed reply. Ted slowly pulled his fingers out Jill's juicy crack. "You know," he continued, "I've got a throbbing cock that could use some attention".

Wordlessly, Jill unzipped him and pulled Ted's stiff cock from his pants. "Ooooh, you're right!" she said, as she fisted his pulsing erection. Tightly gripping his throbbing dick, she slowly pumped up and down, while watching the movie, not really paying attention to Ted. "Hey," he whispered, "I could use a little more enthusiasm here!" She turned to him and said, "What? Right here?" Shifting off her seat, she kneeled next to him and loving kissed the head of his cock. This brought a low moan from Ted and he leaned back and closed his eyes.

Jill licked Ted's cock up one side and down the other, slurping hungrily as she slid her lips over the head and down the shaft. Up and down her head bobbed as she pumped the base of his cock with one hand and milked his cum-heavy balls with the other. She knew he was ready to blow his load when his balls tightened up and his already stiff cock swelled and hardened even more. Grabbing Jill's hair he continued face-fucking her as be shot a steamy load of cum into her mouth and on her lips. "Things are definitely looking good tonight," he thought to himself.

Ted and Jill eyed each other hungrily as they left the theater and drove home. By silent mutual agreement, neither spoke a word. Shedding clothes they tumbled in the front door and crawled upstairs to the bedroom. Jill kneeled on the bed facing Ted as he stood there panting. "I'm very wet," she purred. "What are you going to do about it?" A low growl escaped his throat as he lunged forward and pinned Jill to the bed. "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to tie you up and I'm going to lick your pussy until you scream. What do you think about that?" "I don't know about the tied up part, but I like the idea of a good tongue bath on my clit." She replied.

"We'll see" he said as, kneeling astride her body, he reached over to the nightstand and retrieved two pairs on handcuffs. "NO!" she said when she realized what he intended to do, and she tried to squirm out of his control. Ted set about the task, one wrist at a time and he eventually had her hands cuffed to the wrought iron headboard. Out of breath and flushed with the exertion, Ted stood back to admire his handiwork. "Where did these come from? Let me out of them! What are you going to do to me?" The questions tumbled from Jill's quivering lips. Ted, never wanting to be remembered as going back on his word said, "I told you. I'm going to lick your pussy and suck your clit until you scream." Jill clamped her legs shut tight and said, "No you're not! You're going to let me up right now!" Somehow, though, her protests didn't carry the same feeling of fear and outrage they started with. It dawned on Ted that Jill was getting a bit excited by this turn of events.

"Jill, dear," Ted said, "You really have no choice. You are tied up, helpless, at my pleasure, and I intend to enjoy this evening. The question is, will you?" Jill looked at Ted and seemed unable to process what he was saying. "Spread your legs, Jill, let me see your pussy." Jill, feeling a little strange because her clit was already throbbing and her pussy was juicer than it ever had been, refused. "OK," he said, " Let's try a different approach." Reaching under the bed, he retrieved the box of goodies and started rummaging around. Jill tried to lift her head up to see what was in the box. But was restrained by the handcuffs. Pulling out a black scarf he slowly dragged it over Jill's heated flesh. She squirmed under its touch and shivered as it danced across her rapidly hardening nipples. As he slowly worked his way to the top of her shoulder, he stopped, and then rapidly wound it around her head and over her eyes until she could not see. "Ted! I can't see a thing! Ted! Ted?" Ted remained silent as he rummaged through the box. Grasping two wooden clothespins in his hand he turned to her and said, "Jill, I told you to spread your legs and let me have some of that hot pussy of yours. Please do it now." Ted spoke gently but firmly. Jill, still not fully recognizing her predicament clamped her legs even tighter together and said "No."

Slowly, Ted lowered one clothespin over Jill's erect right nipple. Gently, he allowed the improvised nipple clamp to squeeze her tender flesh until he let it go. The wooden pincher stood straight up atop Jill's quivering tit... "Oooo! Oooo! Oww! Owwwwww! That pinches!!" Jill squeaked in surprise and anguish. Ted calmly walked to the other side of the bed and whispered to Jill, "Show me your hot, dripping pussy?" Jill's breathing slowed as she considered her options. The pinching pain in her nipple had subsided to a dull ache and she figured that she could tough it out. The one disconcerting aspect was that her pussy was aching for attention. She lay there wondering why, when Ted got tired of waiting for an answer. Slowly, he lowered the second clothespin over her budding left nipple. He lined it up precisely and let it go. SNAP! Jill arched her back off the bed as the star shine of pain exploded from her abused flesh. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as she flopped on the bed like a gaffed fish. "Whu-whu-whu," she mouthed incoherently. "I asked you, rather nicely, to show me your hot, dripping pussy, and I still don't see it," Ted intoned rather reasonably.

Shaking, her knees slowly parted as Jill's panting whistled between her clenched teeth. Her glistening cunt seethed in its own steamy juices, as her clit stood up proudly, like a miniature erection. Ted stared wonderingly, as he had never seen it this engorged before. "Very nice!" he said. "See? Give something and you get something." He went back to her right nipple and, giving it a gentle twist, slowly unclamped the clothespin from the mashed bud. "Ahhh..." Jill breathed a sigh of relief.

Ted repositioned himself between her legs and gently kissed her inner thighs. Working his moist lips gently around he, he teased her with his tongue, lips and cool breath. She moaned in frustration as she lifted her bottom off the bed, pushing her greedy muff into his face. Electricity shot through her as he rasped his tongue over her aching clit. It was like working a light switch: he licked and she levitated over the bed. Up. Down. Up. Down. Finally finding her voice she croaked, "Give it to me." Teasing her, he slipped his little finger past her outer pussy lips and gently massaged her entrance. "Yessssss..." she hissed, "More...more". Removing his finger, he shot his tongue into her gaping pussy and fucked her with his face.

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