Wolf's Friends - Natalie

by White Wolff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: My brother's girlfriend teases me until something gives

Natalie was sex on legs, and great long legs at that. She was quite tall 5'9" yet had an inside leg of 37". She weighed in at a shade over 9 stone (126 lbs) and had natural long blonde hair. Breasts that were a perfect handful completed a very desirable body. Her looks matched the rest. She was quite young; in fact she still attended the local girl's school.

I knew these statistics because over the last ten minutes she'd told me. My ears had heard but my eyes were enjoying the view of this young woman sat across from me. Her micro skirt left just enough to the imagination. They say the brain is in two separate halves. At that moment mine certainly was. One half trying to hold a simple conversation with this sex kitten, the other half picturing my hands on her lithe body, caressing her firm young tits, and my mouth on her silken pussy tasting her feminine juices. The erection that went with these delicious thoughts I barely managed to conceal. Just then the door opened and my kid brother walked in.

'You ready Nat?' he asked.

She looked up at her new boyfriend with obvious enthusiasm. She quickly stood up shouted 'bye to my mum and me and went out with Paul. I can't remember too many times when I've envied Paul but this was certainly one of them. Two weeks later Paul and Natalie seemed closer than ever. Paul came rushing out of his bedroom and asked if I'd mind taking Natalie home, as he was late for work. The smug self-satisfied look on his face convinced me they'd been screwing.

I'll be delighted I thought but actually said unenthusiastically 'I suppose so, but it'll cost you.'

Paul knew that meant favours not money so laughed and agreed, quickly rushing out to his car. Natalie sat down opposite me, as she had that first night. Her fifteen-year-old body had lost none of its desirability and her skirt seemed shorter than before, if that was actually possible. I quickly noticed her nipples standing out from her tee shirt. I'd seen her come in earlier and I was sure I'd have noticed if she'd not been wearing a bra, which she definitely wasn't now. I wasn't complaining. I sat there making the odd inane comment whilst my eyes flicked between her fabulous legs and her unsupported tits with their erect nipples. At last I signalled that we should go and as she stood up I had a view up her skirt.

'Shit!' I thought, 'she's got no knickers on either.'

The sight of her bare pussy had me hard instantly. The ride back to her house took about ten minutes, but that was ten minutes of trying to watch the road and not her thighs. This was especially difficult, as I knew there was nothing under her tiny skirt. Natalie didn't help by touching my leg when talking. If this weren't my brother's girl I'd have fucked her twice by now.

This trip was repeated regularly over the next few months. Natalie appeared to love teasing me and I amazed myself with my will power as my cock was aching for Natalie's pussy. One evening we'd been talking music and Natalie said she had a CD I should listen to. She persuaded me to go into her house and wait whilst she got it. At first I declined because I knew how much I wanted to fuck Natalie but I was not prepared to do that to Paul. It was hard enough to behave in the car but alone in her house I wasn't sure if I could resist especially if she gave me the come on. The solution was to avoid her house.

This night she assured me her mother was in so I accepted her offer and went in. As soon as we entered the house a soft feminine voice called out

'That you Natalie?'

'No its burglars' she replied then said to me, 'wait here whilst I just pop up and get it.'

I could not resist watching this young girl climbing the stairs. As usual her skirt was more the size of a belt than a real skirt. From my vantage point I could see her delicious pussy and fabulous arse. The thought that only a few minutes ago my brother had probably had his cock in that pussy gave me yet another hard on. Did she ever put her panties on when I took her home? I doubted it for I knew she rarely had her bra on after leaving Paul.

'Jammy sod' I thought for the umpteenth time.

'Nice view' a voice said from my side.

I spun round, shocked out of my reverie. A woman in her mid to late thirties stood there with a grin on her face. It was obvious where Natalie got her looks. Not quite as tall as her daughter and carrying just a bit more weight she was probably better looking than Natalie. I'd noticed that she's glanced at my obvious erection when she made the comment and the amusement in her voice gave me the confidence to reply.

'Who for? You or me' I asked returning her grin and looking down at my groin.

'Touché' she conceded 'I did mean you but I must admit that's a nice bulge you're packing. You're Wolf I assume?'

I was slightly surprised, both by her risqué reply and by her knowing my name. She saw my puzzled look and added laughing 'Natalie has told me all about you and how she teases you'

That Natalie knew how much she was teasing me didn't come as too much of a surprise but talking to her mother about it did. 'I'm Jessica by the way. Natalie's mother' she held her hand out. I'd been too surprised to say anything but know I'd recovered somewhat I thought I'd continue with some Wolf charm. That is with total insincerity.

I took her hand and instead of shaking it I kissed her wrist, letting my lips just touch her soft skin.

'And I thought you were her younger sister'

Jessica laughed at my evident lie but made no effort to move her hand. I moved my lips further up the inside of her arm, loving the feel of her soft fragrant skin, and had nearly reached the inside of her elbow when I heard 'WOLF! That's my MUM' shouted.

Natalie was half way down the stairs and looking at us with put on disgust. Slowly and deliberately Jessica moved her arm away before she turned to her daughter and said 'Thanks. I'm not too old to appreciate some attention,' then looking at me added with a smile, 'even if it does lack sincerity.' Jessica then turned back to her daughter. 'I've just put some supper on if you're hungry.'

Natalie answered 'I sure am.'

Which guessing what she and Paul had been up to was not exactly a bombshell.

'How about you? Wolf.' Jessica asked, her expression showing the offer was genuine and not just being polite.

The decision I had was very hard to make. Do I go home to my small room and have at best a pot noodle for supper or do I stay in the company of two sexy women?

'Sure I don't mind a few extra calories.'

Supper turned out to be a delicious Spag. Bog. (Spaghetti Bolognese). Jessica and Natalie sat opposite me and did most of the talking. This suited me as I could admire and compare the two generations of sexiness. Jessica's hair was identical in colour but cut quite short. Both had the same striking blue eyes. Facially they were definitely beautiful with Natalie's younger skin giving her a slight edge. Jessica's more expressive face probably re-established par.

Jessica's breasts, which were hidden by the cardigan she wore, looked just a bit heavier. I'd glimpsed Jessica's arse a few times as she'd gone to fetch things from the kitchen and for me it was the deciding factor. Clad only in Lycra leggings it looked as firm as Natalie's but unlike her daughter's girlie backside Jessica's had that womanly shape that just draws blood to your cock. I imagined her bending over somewhere in the kitchen as I rammed my cock into her.

It was an interesting meal, with my eyes and imagination combining to maintain an impressive erection throughout. Just as I finished the phone rang.

Natalie ran to answer it coming back a moment later saying 'It's Paul. I'll take it in my room.'

She then grabbed her plate and ran upstairs telling her mother to hang up the downstairs phone, which she did.

'She'll be there a good hour or so' smiled Jessica.

Paul's job was as a security guard in an office complex. He had loads of free time and apparently spent the first few hours talking to Natalie on the company's phone. Automatically I stood up to take my empty plate into the kitchen, my mother trained us well, forgetting for a second my still evident bulge.

Jessica could not help but notice and said mischievously 'She's gone now, you can lose that'.

I stopped and smiled at her and said honestly 'Who said it's only for Natalie?'

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