Wolf's Friends - Diane and Peter

by White Wolff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Enjoying a quiet swim I'm joined by a mother and daughter. The enjoyment just gets better.

Diane and Peter are a retired couple who run a superb Guest House in Surrey. I have a client nearby and have stayed there so often that they've become friends. Their house is large and modern with a paddock and a reasonably sized private indoor pool. Usually this is not available to guests but fortunately I am one of the few exceptions. This is great for me, as I know neither Peter nor his wife used the pool in the evening, which leaves it free for my sole use.

One evening I'd finished my swim, showered and was drying myself in the one changing room when the door opened and in walked a little girl, aged about six or seven. Her mother quickly followed her. They were obviously not expecting anyone to already be there, especially a naked man. The mother was in her early thirties and looked quite tasty. As soon as she saw me her eyes moved swiftly to my exposed cock. Even flaccid my cock is impressive and this woman's eyes had difficulty leaving it. She managed to say 'Sorry!' before dragging the child out of the changing room. To my amusement she couldn't help a quick look back as she exited the room.

'No problem' I called after her 'I'll be done soon.'

I thought about my brief look at her and liked what I'd seen. She was average height, slimmish and very pretty. Her long hair, not quite blonde was also appealing. I decided to put my trunks back on and go back for a further swim. As I emerged from the changing room and passed the waiting woman she blushed and then ran into vacated room. Ten minutes later her daughter emerged closely followed by her mother. The girl ran and jumped straight into the water. The woman sat down at the edge and gently lowered herself into the water. At first we kept our distance but the girl was typically full of life and soon the two of us were playing. We were splashing each other and generally enjoying ourselves. Her mother still kept her distance.

As she'd walked along the side I'd had a good look at her figure. She had really nice tits, probably a C cup and great legs, with even better thighs. As she turned round and sat on the side, her bikini showed a nice pubic mound. She'd not left the water since. Laura, the little girl introduced herself as, wanted to show me that she could swim a whole length. As she set off I swam over to her mother and introduced myself.

'She's a bonny lass that one. I bet she's a right handful at home.'

The woman smiled as she admitted 'She sure is, a pure bundle of energy. Look I'm sorry about her barging in like that'

'Don't worry about. No harm done, at least not to me' I joked 'Oh I'm Wolf by the way'

'I'm Jan. and you're right no harm done, it certainly hasn't seemed to bother Laura' she added.

'What hasn't bothered me' Laura shouted from behind Jan.

'Nothing' her mother answered a little sharply.

As usual kids know exactly what's going on. 'You mean seeing Wolf's thing. That doesn't matter I see Ben's all the time but Wolf's is bigger' she said with typical childish honesty.

Her mother laughed and turned to me and said 'don't mind her. Ben is her three-year-old brother.'

Then as Laura swam away she added softly 'it's a lot bigger than her father's as well' then realising what she'd said she blushed again.

'Well I like it, but if you think it's big now you should see it when it's excited' I said smiling at Jan, wondering how she would react.

'Uhhm' her voice was noncommittal but her eyes had a sparkle that encouraged me.

I wanted to make myself really hard, so I dipped under the water to study her bikini-clad bottom. She was now leaning back against the side with her feet spread and in front of her to maintain the water level at neck high. Through the water I stared at her thinly veiled pussy. I could easily make out her pussy lips and the valley between them. I imagined running my tongue through that valley. As my head surfaced so did my cock. Although not fully erect it was certainly hard.

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