Wolf's Friends - Dan

by White Wolff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Going home with a drunk pal leads to a quickie with his wife

I met Dan playing pool. He was a small stocky guy, his balding head almost shaved. We got on great the night we were paired together for our pub's annual competition. It was a competition that we won quite comfortably. It was just gone eleven o'clock as we were being kicked out of the pub complaining about England's antiquated drinking laws that Dan suggested we continue at his house. I need all the concentration I can get so I don't drink whilst I'm playing so I'd only had a couple, unlike Dan who'd been drinking all night. I felt happy with our win and readily agreed to go to Dan's. When we got to Dan's house his wife, Debbie, was still up waiting for him. She was not happy with Dan's state or the fact that I was in tow.

He told her to shut up and get some beers. Still complaining she did as she was asked. Debbie who I'd met out a few times, was about 5'4" a bit skinny but with nice tits. She was a peroxide blonde with black roots. She'd removed all her makeup ready for bed. She was wearing a dressing gown wrapped tightly around her, which hid everything but did emphasise her tits. Overall, I'd decided on previous occasions, she was quite fuckable. Debbie brought a six-pack in and gave us a drink each, including herself. We'd sat down in three separate chairs in a rough triangle. Dan told Debbie of our success and for a while she joined in our little celebration. The obvious friction between them soon resurfaced when Dan complained of how she was dressed.

'You never try to look nice for me nowadays' he complained.

'What's the point you're always too drunk to do anything anyway' she retorted.

I felt a little uncomfortable when Dan moaned to his wife. 'I need to be drunk to sleep with you'.

He smiled as if he'd won a point. I was starting to feel embarrassed and decided it was time for me to go when Dan added 'No one who wasn't drunk would want to fuck you.'

Debbie's response was to look at me and ask 'Wolf. You're not drunk are you?'

I shook my head in agreement not sure where this conversation was leading.

Debbie continued 'Would you like to fuck me?'

I'd already decided that I would but I didn't think that now was not the right time to admit it. Whatever I said I would upset one of them. 'I don't think I can answer that in the circumstances' I said trying to be diplomatic.

'Why not?' demanded Debbie

'Yes why not?' added Dan. 'Come on man tell us. You could never want to fuck Debbie could you?'

I was now angry with Dan for bringing me into this argument and I'd also picked up on the "could you" rather than Debbie's "would you" so I answered honestly

'Yes I could happily fuck Debbie.' That shut the pair of them up long enough for me to stand up and say 'I think I'd better leave now'.

Dan shouted 'Oh no. I don't believe you, I bet she couldn't even give you a hard on' he laughed at his own sick joke.

'It'd be easier than trying to get you hard' sneered Debbie. She stood up and removed the dressing gown.

'What are you doing?' shouted Dan.

'Getting him hard so he can fuck me' Debbie shouted back defiantly.

'Go on then.' sneered Dan 'get the rest off and then see if he still wants to screw your scrawny little body'

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