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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: An innocent remark at work gives me an idea for that Evening's date.

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Note: I'm not certain whether Flake is sold in the USA. For those not aware Flake is a long stick of milk chocolate that is made up of hundreds of little flakes.

Suzie slowly sucked the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate in the world, just as the model did in Cadbury's advertisement for its Flake. Her lush red lips caressed the chocolate bar as she fed it seductively into her mouth. Every male's eyes were locked onto those luscious lips. Unhurriedly she moved the wisp of blonde hair that had luckily found its way into her mouth. The Flake, once the texture of bark was now as smooth as a new candle, the heat of her mouth melting the milk chocolate. She let it slip from her mouth with the slightest hint of a pop.

'And that gentlemen is the only thing phallic that will ever see the inside of my mouth.' Suzie stated confidently, her words bringing groans of disappointment to every male around, including those, in the majority, who knew they'd never get Suzie to look at them sexually, never mind actually do anything.

'Well said!' Exclaimed Jenny.

'You would agree B.A...' Said Lee laughingly. Jenny Williams made no attempt to hide the fact that she was gay. Every man in the office thought this to be God's idea of sick humour. Jenny was the only woman who left Suzie behind in the looks department. Ms J. Williams, as she had written on her business cards, was petite in stature but not in manner. She barely topped 5', had a figure like Wilma Flintstone with a temperament that earned her her nickname. (B.A. for Bad Attitude, as in The A Team.) She was also easily the best salesperson in the department.

The lunchtime conversation, as usual, had drifted to sex. Lee Fraser, the third female member of our group, had in her delightful and detailed way, explained how she had given her latest boyfriend a blowjob. Lee was little Miss Average, everything about her was normal, average height, a touch overweight, mousy hair, ok at her job but no more. Yes she was average in everything except her sex life. She was deeply in love with her new boyfriend of 2 days, as she'd been with every one of the others, none of whom ever lasted more than a week. Perhaps it was having your performance analysed and criticed in front of all her colleagues the following day or maybe not many blokes could manage four or five times a night - EVERY night. Nobody at work would ever dream of going out with Lee with one exception.

Steve Martin, who unfortunately had missed out in the looks department, had been drooling over Lee as she'd talked and whose eyes now wouldn't leave Suzie's mouth asked what were his chances. Everyone laughed. Steve may have been better suited to life if he'd developed a personality to make up for his lack of looks, but no it seemed that his namesake had obviously claimed his entire share. In his mid twenties Steve was almost certainly still a virgin. Suzie hadn't even thought his question worthy of comment, as we all knew the answer to that. Besides, Suzie was going to be mine, not that anyone else in the office knew. Unlike Lee I kept my private life exactly that, private.

After many weeks of asking I'd finally got her to go out with me for a meal earlier in the week. The evening had proved a success and tonight we had our second date. Without words we both knew that the night would end up with us sharing a bed.

'Are you listening David?' asked B.A. 'You looked miles away.'

'Sure was,' I agreed, 'I was just letting my imagination run wild.' As I said this, my eyes caught Suzie's and she shared a knowing smile. She knew exactly where my mind had been.

That afternoon I thought about the Flake and what Suzie had said. Was this to let me know that oral was off the menu, at least for her? If so then it was a pity but there was plenty other choices "A la Carte". As I thought about it an idea slowly developed in my warped mind. 'Possibilities' I thought.

The phone interrupted my delightful thoughts and I knew by the number on the display that it was Suzie.

'Are you still bothered about tonight?' she asked teasingly, knowing damn well that I'd been trying for weeks.

Keeping the humorous mood I replied, 'can do. I don't think I've got anything better to do what with the tiddlywinks finals been cancelled.'

'It's nice to know where I stand in the order of things,' she laughed. 'Seriously though, what are we doing tonight?'

'I thought I'd cook us a meal.'

'What! You can cook?' she exclaimed.

'Of course! Aren't all the best chefs men?' I retorted.

'Ugh! They're all right at posh stuff but how many do the day-to-day boring stuff? None that I know.'

Finding it difficult to disagree, I said 'Ok. You can cook then.'

'No way Jose!' she shouted, 'your place it is then. What time?'

'I'll need to get some stuff, give you a couple of hours to do your face,' I heard a loud "oomph' from the phone, before continuing, 'so shall we say about eight?'

'Eight it is then,' she said as she hung up.

I waited a few moments then rang her back.

'Now what?' was her none too gentle opener.

'Wouldn't it be a good idea if you knew where I lived?'

'Oops!' she said. I then gave her directions to my flat.

When I opened the door to her she looked stunning. She was wearing neatly ironed white slacks with a black chiffon blouse, which showed a small black bra underneath. Her hair looked as if she'd come straight from a salon and her negligible use of makeup enhanced her already beautiful features even more.

I moved to one side and used my arm to indicate where to go. As she stood in the doorway I placed my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck softly. When she turned to face me I backed off with a smile.

'Wine?' I asked.

'You've given me nothing to whine about yet,' she smirked.

I groaned at that. 'I'll take that as a no then shall I?'

'Don't you dare. I'll have white please.'

I already knew she preferred white so I already had a bottle of Chablis in the fridge. I gave her a glass and sat her down at the table telling her that everything was just about ready.

I had cooked my specialty, garlic mushrooms with leeks and tomato, and was happy to see Suzie empty her plate with relish.

'Not bad!' she said. 'I hope you've got something nice for afters.' She grinned at her obvious innuendo.

'Count on it,' I replied with what I thought was an evil grin.

'Can't wait,' she whispered.

I stood up and picked my plate up then stood behind Suzie as I leaned over her to add her plate to mine. I took the opportunity to kiss her neck again, but avoided her lips when she turned to face me. 'More wine?' I asked.

Suzie nodded her assent.

I took the dishes into the kitchen where I opened the fridge. After checking on my special dessert I took out another bottle of chilled Chablis. When I got back to the living room Suzie had moved to the sofa. I offered her her glass before joining her. We made small talk about work for a few minutes before we both put our glasses down and kissed.

Initially it was a soft tender affair but soon developed into full-blown passion. Our tongues wrestled with each other as our hands explored each other's bodies.

My hand quickly found Suzie's left breast and I squeezed the firm flesh through the thin material of her blouse and bra. Her low moans of pleasure told me that she didn't want me to stop. I reluctantly released my hold in order to unbutton her blouse. My intention was to go slow, oh so slow. To do this I had to pull back from Suzie's lips, as the fire they were sending through my body was too much. Instead I moved my lips to the skin exposed by each opened button. I pulled the blouse out of her white slacks allowing my fingers to slide a few inches under her belt to caress her firm stomach. Suzie leaned forward so that I could remove the blouse and I took the opportunity to remove her bra as well. Her wonderful breasts exposed to my eyes gave me immense pleasure. They were small to average in size but there was nothing mediocre about their beauty. I had previously felt their firmness but now I saw them for the first time I was astounded. With not even a hint of sag each breast was a perfect hemisphere capped with a small light areole, itself topped with a delightfully pert nipple.

'God! They're fantastic,' I heard myself say. Again I cupped the now naked left breast, enchanted by its weight and soft feel. I rubbed her nipple with the palm of my hand, feeling it respond to the attention. I squeezed the breast bringing the nipple up into the circle formed between my thumb and forefinger. As I looked at it, flushed and hard with hot blood, I could constrain myself no longer and swiftly bent to take the waiting bud into my mouth.

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