Bus Stop

by Telephoneman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, First, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A casual conversation regarding fantasies leads to my fulfilling one girl's dream and in the process meeting another.

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There was about a dozen of us in the bar. The usual Friday night crowd, straight from work. I loved these evenings. There were only two other men the rest were gorgeous young woman. At 50 I was twice the average age of the rest and therefore enjoyed it twice as much too.

As usual the subject got round to sex. Karen, our project manager, was always the leader, forever trying to embarrass the others, especially me being male and older. Karen was tall well-built girl, 5'9" with all the right curves.

She brought up the subject of sexual fantasies. Karen went first. Her fantasy caused little surprise. She wanted a group of sexy men, hypnotised to do her bidding. Most of the others had predictable fantasies. Both men and a couple of the girls wanted threesomes with two of the opposite sex. Two of the girls wanted sex with a total stranger and three had rape fantasies. Their idea of rape was by a man of their choosing and done without violence. This caused a few arguments, which the men wisely kept out of.

Sally, the last to go, chose sex in a public place. This was the surprising one, for Sally was by far the shyest of the group. To my mature eye she was also the prettiest with light brown hair framing an elfin face. She was 25 and whilst most of the other girls had physically peaked, Sally, I felt certain, would continue to improve for a decade or more. She was slim with small to medium sized breasts and a deliciously tight arse. She concluded her choice by saying 'Of course I would never actually do it in public.'

The others all agreed; none could imagine this timid young woman doing anything so daring. I on the other hand had the delightful image of her naked in a public place with MY cock buried in her pussy. It set my mind working. If I read Sally right she was a lot stronger character than her shy exterior showed.

It was about three weeks later when I had the chance to test my theory. Sally had given a presentation after work in the conference room. We work in central London and our conference room is on a mezzanine floor with large windows looking out on to the street. Although the window could not be seen directly from the street, there was a bus stop directly outside. Any passenger on the upper deck could see straight into the room. I stayed after the presentation to help Sally clear away. As we were working I asked, 'You remember when we were talking fantasies the other week?' Sally nodded but looked a little puzzled at the sudden change of subject.

'Were you serious?' I pressed.

'Yes,' she answered a little hesitantly, 'Why?'

'Come here a moment,' I asked and I led her to the window. I stood behind her as a bus stopped outside, about six feet from the window. A couple of the passengers looked directly at us.

'I've thought about you and your fantasy a lot.' Sally turned sharply to look at me. 'I think this room is perfect,' I continued, 'look at him giving you the eye.' I pointed over her shoulder to a young man on the bus as it pulled away. I remained silent for the next few minutes giving Sally chance to respond. The risk of a slap was there but the possible prize was worth that risk. By the time the next bus arrived Sally had not responded but she still stood in front of me looking out of the window. Once again bored young men on the bus focused on the pretty body a few feet away in the office.

I put my hands on Sally's hips and asked, 'what do you think they're thinking' One of the men had noticed my action and was now watching Sally intently. I moved my hands to her slim waist and caressed her. The man's eyes were locked on us and when the bus moved away the look of disappointment on his face was startling, even to me.

'Did you see his face,' I laughed.

'He was watching me so absorbedly he didn't want to go. It felt so strange,' Sally's voice was somehow different. I wouldn't go as far as saying she was excited but something stirred her.

Another bus drew up and once again jaded eyes searched out any stimulation. I watched the passengers; a young couple and three middle-aged women look toward us. The young man kept his attention on Sally. I chose this moment to move my hands to feel her breasts through the silk blouse she wore. I felt Sally's body tense and I hoped I hadn't miscalculated. The man on the bus also reacted. The surprise on his face was clear as he tugged at the girl beside him. Soon they were both staring at Sally as my hands fondled her soft breasts. Sally also reacted to their gaze by relaxing and whispering, 'God! Look at them staring.' Her voice was becoming hoarse as she realised the effect of our actions to the passing voyeurs. As that bus once more joined London's hectic traffic I began to play with her nipples. Sally leaned back against me. It was a minute or so before the next bus arrived.

This time it was quite full and most of the passengers on our side of the bus caught sight of where my hands were. About fifteen pairs of eyes were locked on my hands as I began to unbutton her blouse. I pulled it out of her skirt and opened it to display Sally's fabulous breasts, barely supported by a small lacy bra. Sally was watching the watchers with the same intensity and her breathing gave away her mounting excitement. To my delight her bra fastened at the front. I quickly unfastened it and moved the cups away. I resisted the temptation to immediately cup her naked breasts preferring to give our audience a glimpse of her sexy flesh. As the bus pulled away we could see necks straining to get that extra look. With nobody to watch I held her breasts feeling their weight before rubbing her nipples with the palm of my hand. Sally's low moan became louder as I pinched her already erect nipples.

I was so busy with her breasts and kissing her neck that I failed to notice the next bus arrive. Sally whispered, 'Next scene.' I turned Sally around so that we were side on to the passengers and I bent to take one of Sally's magnificent breasts into my mouth. I turned to look at the bus as best I could. I had a dozen eyes return my gaze. In the windows' reflection I could see that Sally was staring straight at the passengers. I concentrated on her breasts as I used my tongue to lick a nipple before sucking it deep into my mouth, giving it a light bite before moving on to a repeat on her other breast. A mixture of my actions and her audience had Sally in rapture. As the passengers continued their journey Sally pulled me up and positioned me behind her pulling my hands back to her breasts. She obviously loved to show herself. I started to move my hand down her stomach but as I reached her skirt Sally pulled my hand back up to her belly 'Not yet,' she murmured. I was happy enough to nibble her neck and fondle her breasts.

Another bus arrived and we both looked at our new spectators. Within a few seconds all eyes were on Sally and she took hold of my hand and guided it down 'Now,' she ordered. I realised that she did not want to start anything until we had an audience. I cupped her crotch through the thick material of her skirt. Although I could feel little, Sally responded to the pressure with a very long and loud cry. The looks on the faces of the passers by was amazing as they witnessed not just my actions but also the ecstasy on Sally's face as well as her half-naked body. I pulled the skirt up and gripped her pussy through the thinner layer of her tights. Once again my actions were accompanied by loud moans of pleasure. As yet another bus left Sally ordered me to remove her tights. As I knelt down to obey Sally kicked off her shoes. I slid my hands up the outside of her long thighs and gripped the top of her tights and pulled them down. I don't think she meant for her panties to join them but I did and a few seconds later she stepped out of all her underclothes. I also noticed that Sally had removed her blouse and bra.

Whatever happened, Sally seemed determined to face the window. I didn't care I just wanted to taste her young pussy. I moved round in front of her and lifted her skirt up. Her pussy hair was long and thick and, I thought unusually, not trimmed. I ran my fingers through it searching for the hidden valley below. She parted her legs allowing me my first glimpse of her swollen pussy lips. I put my mouth to her lips and my tongue probed for her clit. Simultaneously my finger probed her wet cunt, pushing deep into her hot body. I spent a long time finger fucking her as my mouth and tongue tormented her womanly bud. I was unaware and unconcerned about who was watching. When her Orgasm came Sally screamed in ecstasy, her hands pushing me harder onto her pussy. She later told me that she had to wait for an audience before she would let herself come.

As I stood up I saw a bus just about to pull up. I moved Sally to the window and told her to lean forward with her hands on the glass. The latest set of passengers was shocked to see this semi-naked young woman just a few feet from their eyes. I quickly kicked off my shoes and unfastened my trousers before removing them. My cock was as hard as it has ever been as I raised the back of Sally's dress in search of her hot, wet pussy. Sally bent lower giving me easier access to my goal. I slid into her wet cunt in one fluid movement. I deliberately stared at a young woman aboard the bus as I entered Sally. The girl realising I was looking straight at her, blushed, but her eyes never left mine. I watched her intently as I thrust hard and fast into the sexy body before me. My eyes told her that I wanted to fuck her the same way. I was oblivious to the other passengers aware only of Sally's tight cunt squeezing my cock with each thrust and the girl on the bus watching my every action. It was my turn to feel disappointment when the bus left.

With no audience for either of us we just fucked. One hand was holding her waist the other stroking her clit. We both felt my approaching climax and it was Sally that grunted 'Not yet, wait for the next bus.' I eased back, content for a few minutes to fuck Sally with long, slow strokes. Once again as soon as our guests arrived Sally came. Her screams of pleasure must have carried to the passengers. I put both hands onto her hips and began to thrust faster.

'Do you want to take your skirt off?' I managed to ask, keen on the idea of coming into her totally naked body displayed to our viewers.

'Ohh Yess!' Sally croaked. I slowed my thrusts as I unzipped her skirt. My cock felt betrayed as I removed it from her juicy hot cunt. Her skirt fell to the floor and I quickly re-entered her waiting pussy. As her skirt dropped and her naked pussy was shown to the passengers we both watched them. The surprise and lust in their eyes enhanced our own pleasure. Twenty or so hard thrusts later I was spurting my own come deep into her cunt.

As this bus left we were both spent. We managed to sit down in chairs with backs to the window.

'That was so much better than I ever imagined,' Sally managed to say.

I too was surprised at Sally's response but was amazed at my own. I'd planned this because I wanted to fuck Sally not because I was an exhibitionist but I had to admit it added so much to the actual sex, which was bloody good anyway. 'You can say that again,' I responded.

We spent thirty or so surreal minutes discussing our responses. Sally was still totally nude whilst I wore just a shirt. Sally's prime word was "amazed", at what I'd suggested, at her own reaction, at her quick compliance, at the passengers' reactions and at her excitement.

By this time I wanted to try it again but Sally was having none of it. I've got to finish clearing this room and I've got a boyfriend waiting for me. This latter was yet another surprise. We got dressed dodging between buses this time and I left her to finish clearing up.

The trip to the door was taken in a daze as I came to terms with what we'd just done. I wondered if there would be any come back at work or would it remain our secret shared only with a few anonymous commuters. As I walked out of the main door I could not help noticing a lovely feminine figure a few yards away. She had her back to me but what a back. Long slender legs disappearing beneath a short skirt. The skirt barely hid a delectable arse and ended at a slender waist.

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