Return To The Office

by Telephoneman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I return to collect my laptop and end up with a lot more.

I headed for my office in a hurry. It was a Friday evening and I needed my laptop for the weekend. The time was about 7 o'clock and I was on my way back from the latest trendy wine bar, where a few colleagues and myself had retired to, come the end of our usual hectic day. As the bar was only a few hundred yards from the office, I'd decided to leave my car in the office car park and my laptop in the security of my locked desk.

Once inside our glass fronted building I was walking past a colleague's office when I heard an odd noise coming from inside. I hesitated before pushing the door open. The lights were off but I could clearly see a woman, standing silhouetted, against the window. The noise I'd heard was coming from her. She was moaning and I smiled as I recognised that it was definitely not from pain. Because of the dim light it took a good few seconds for me to recognise Abby.

Abby was one of the older managers in the company. She was probably nearing forty, but still ten years my junior. She was a quiet woman, good at her job and, uncommonly, well liked by her staff. She always wore her dark hair up in a bun and I'd never seen her in anything other than a suit, either trouser or skirt. Today she had on a pinstripe trouser suit.

Even from the back I could tell that her hand was between her legs and that she was masturbating. I didn't really know Abby that well, but from what I did know this just did not seem like her at all. I wouldn't have called her prudish but her severe attire tended to point that way, I certainly didn't expect to see her like this. She was staring out of the window, so I walked a little closer to her and tried to follow her gaze. Our offices surrounded a courtyard and I scanned those on the opposite side. Whatever was affecting Abby was obviously coming from one of those rooms. Eventually I saw what was attracting Abby. A young couple was having sex on one of the desks. My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light and I could just make out a young man thrusting into what I assumed to be a woman who was lying on the desk. I could not make out exactly who the couple were but they were certainly enjoying themselves, as was Abby.

Abby's arm was moving rapidly keeping in time with the young man's thrusting buttocks. In her state of excitement Abby was completely oblivious to me, so I decided to just watch her rather than the distant couple. Abby's actions started to cause my cock to tingle and swell. From my position the couple was too far for me to see anything, other than the man's bare arse as he fucked the woman. Abby on the other hand was only ten feet away from me and was a lot more interesting. I'd never considered myself a voyeur but the idea of watching a woman masturbate was more of a turn on than I would have imagined. Up until now I'd never really considered Abby in a sexual way, probably because I had little to do with her at work other than the odd meeting. The fact that there were so many other younger women, who openly displayed their assets, around the office, probably had something to do with it too. As I couldn't see her properly, I mentally pictured Abby and found that, facially; she was quite attractive, especially considering her usual stern appearance. She was about 5'5' and slim with breasts that I assumed were small, simply because I'd never noticed them. I turned my attention to the real Abby standing in front of me and was pleasantly surprised. She had a good firm backside and what promised to be good legs.

Her moans were intensifying as her fingers brought her closer to release. I was now quite hard from watching Abby and from the occasional glance at the young couple. The man was showing his youthful vitality and was still pumping away with the unknown girl.

I quietly walked up to stand right behind Abby. Her breathing was now very erratic; she must have been quite close to her climax.

'I don't have his youth or physique, ' I whispered to Abby, 'but I do have a very hard cock if you need one.'

Abby spun around; her hand was still down the front of her trousers. The shock on her face was evident. She struggled to pull her hand out but I gripped her arm to prevent her.

'Please don't stop.' I felt her arm relax and so released my grip. 'You look so, so sexy like that, ' I added.

It took a few seconds for Abby to recover some composure when she finally said, 'God David. Are you trying to give me a heart attack sneaking up on me like that?'

This simple question was at odds with her hand, which once again was moving up and down her pussy. I was amazed at how calmly Abby, once over the initial shock, was acting. It was as if it was normal to be caught masturbating at work. I assumed that it was her state of arousal that was causing her to act so strange.

'I wasn't sneaking, nor was I that quiet, but your mind seemed somewhere else, ' I answered laughing, 'probably the same place as your hand.'

Abby blushed slightly and smiled, and like most women immediately looked ten times better, 'Yes you bastard! You could have at least waited until I'd finished. Have you seen them pair?' she asked nodding in the direction of the other couple.

'Oh yes, ' I replied, 'but I was far more interested in you.' I looked down at Abby's crotch and could see her hand still feeling her pussy. I could feel my cock aching with lust. 'Why don't you carry on watching them and let me look after your pleasure?' I suggested hoping to progress beyond voyeurism.

Abby hesitated before nodding. 'Mmm that sounds nice'. She then turned back to face the window.

I moved to stand behind her and reached my right hand round her to stroke her lower arm. I then let one hand move down her arm to join her hand inside her trousers and panties. With my other hand I enjoyed the feel of the soft smooth skin of her flat stomach. I lingered momentarily enjoying her warm flesh and to pull her body back against my erection, before moving my hand further down. My fingers encountered her hairy bush as they glided towards their goal. Abby moved her own hand away to allow mine to replace it. I skirted her clit and made straight for her wet entrance. And wet she was, immediately her female juices soaked my fingers as they probed her pussy lips. My finger slid into her and I was rewarded with a long moan of pleasure and a command for more.

I gladly obliged, letting my fingers explore her hot pussy. At the same time I moved my other hand inside her jacket to cup her breast. Her breasts were quite small, probably a 'B' cup but felt quite firm beneath the supporting bra. I used my thumb and forefinger to pinch her nipple and at the same time I moved my fingers to rub her clit. Abby's own ministrations had brought her close to the edge and now my simultaneous attack on two of her erogenous zones was enough to bring her to orgasm. She screamed and her whole body trembled as the pleasure rampaged through her body.

I'd been much too involved with Abby to watch the other couple, but Abby had been watching then intensely. I now looked towards the other office. The man had obviously come and he was now facing the window with his cock wet and flaccid. Abby's scream of ecstasy had been loud enough to reach them. The man, who I now recognised as someone from the Sales team, was trying to see what had caused the scream. I decided to give him a pleasant surprise so once I was sure that he had located us and was looking at Abby, I pulled her trousers and panties down. I was watching his reaction to Abby's body as I knelt down to remove her shoes and discarded garments. He pulled the girl to his side and guided her attention to Abby. Still standing behind Abby I removed her jacket and undid her blouse. Finally I stripped off her bra and left her standing naked at the window. I could see through the reflection in the window that Abby was revelling in the situation. I reached round to caress her small firm breasts. I was surprised at the size of her nipples. They appeared to have grown even more since I'd last touched them. The other couple was watching Abby as intensely as she'd watched them earlier. Abby's hands guided mine to where she wanted them and showed them how much pressure to exert. I was still fully dressed and my cock was so hard it was hurting. Abby guided my hands down her delicate flesh, across her firm stomach to once again cup her pussy. As soon as I made contact with her clit she jumped, obviously still very sensitive after her recent orgasm. Abruptly Abby turned to face me and to my delight undid my trousers and freed my aching cock. Her hand sent shivers through my body as she gently rubbed my manhood.

Abby looked up at me and said, 'I was going to suck you to make you really hard, but I don't think that's necessary. Do you?'

It certainly wasn't but I had to decide whether I wanted my cock in her mouth or her pussy. Her pussy won by a narrow margin and only because her mouth would be needed later, or at least I hoped so. I replied.

'No. Now get on the desk so that I can bury it deep inside your hot pussy.'

Abby quickly obeyed. She took up a similar position to that taken by the young girl in the other office. I'd momentarily forgotten about them but as I turned to look it appeared that hadn't moved from their position at their window.

As Abby lay on the desk I walked between her spread legs and positioned my cock against her sopping pussy lips. I rubbed it up and down her pussy's length getting it covered in her love juices but also keeping Abby stimulated by teasing her clit.

'For God's sake fuck me, ' demanded Abby.

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