Good Neighbour

by Telephoneman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman in distress needs a shoulder to cry on.<br> This was my first attempt at writing so be gentle with it!

I was sitting in my flat (one of a block of four), reading Terry Pratchett's new book, when I heard what sounded like crying. I got up and opened my door, which lead to communal stairs. Sitting at the bottom was the girl from one of the upstairs flats, crying her eyes out.

'What's the matter' I asked, 'are you all right'. Before she could answer I corrected myself. 'Sorry! Of course you're not all right'. She paused her tears and just about managed a smile. 'It's me that should be sorry, sitting here making a fool of myself, it's just that...'

Then the tears resumed.

I put my arm round her and told her to come into my flat and tell me what's wrong. I sat her down on my couch and gave her a large brandy. I then sat beside her and waited for the tears to subside.

Over the next couple of hours I learned her name was Jane, she was 28 (I'd thought about 33-35 but fortunately didn't tell her) and had just found out her partner, Steve, had been seeing another woman for the past six months. Steve and Jane had been living together for over five years and had been seeing each other since college. During her tale, which had been interspersed with numerous bouts of tears, she had moved from one end of the couch to my side ending up with her head and hands on my chest and with my right arm around her shoulder.

A bad divorce (as if there's a good one) and a few gold diggers had meant it had been a while since I'd last been with a woman. Jane was tall about 5'8" and very slim. I was trying, and on the whole succeeding, not to view her sexually. The last thing she needed was some old man coming on to her. Oh yes! I'm David a 49-year-old divorcee.

Carrying on with the story, Jane had told Steve to get out and followed him down the stairs to throw after him his dirty washing. She'd slammed the communal front door and just collapsed into tears on the stairs, which is where I'd found her.

A couple of brandies later, Jane decided to go back upstairs to her now empty flat. At my front door she apologised for the trouble she'd brought, to which I'd laughed and said it was worth it to hold a beautiful woman in my arms, adding that she should come down anytime she wanted to talk or just a shoulder to cry on. With that I shut my door and tried to get back to my book. I couldn't help thinking about Jane. I knew how any break-up hurt, especially when you're on your own.

I also own up to thinking how beautiful Jane was, and wishing I were a decade or two younger.

A few days later, I was just about to step into the shower before going to bed, when my doorbell rang. Grabbing a towel I wondered who was calling - I didn't get many, no, make that any, callers during the day, never mind at 10:30 at night. I opened the door and Jane walked in holding a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses and dressed in nothing but a long tee shirt. Seeing my puzzled face she laughed and said that I'd told her to call anytime. I'd like to say that she gave my barely covered body the once over but I don't think it even registered that I was only wearing a towel, and not a very big one at that. (For those of you that are interested I'm not too bad looking, 6'6" tall, slim (ish!) with a slight paunch and hair that can't make up its mind whether to go grey or just to go)

'I though I'd come and thank you for the other night' Jane said. 'I needed to talk to someone just to get it off my chest'

Then, noting what I was wearing, or to be more precise what I wasn't wearing, Jane just said ' Doesn't cover much does it?'

'Well I wasn't expecting nocturnal visitors' I laughed. I thought about going to get dressed but my attire didn't seem to bother Jane so why should it bother me. Jane's attire did bother me because I was certain that she had no bra on. I felt my cock twitch at the thought. ' Behave yourself David!' I thought. In the meantime Jane had sat down, filled the two glasses and was now holding out my glass. I took it and sat next to her.

'I've just got off the phone to Steve' Jane started, 'He wants to come back...'

'Typical woman let's man get away with anything and then welcomes him back as if nothing's happened' I started to think.

'... and believe it or not I don't care' she continued, 'I really don't care. I thought I needed him. He's the only man I've ever been out with but apart from that first night I haven't missed him at all.'

With that she smiled with such radiance I could have left all the heating off. She the swivelled on the couch grabbed her knees to her chest and faced me. 'What do you think of that then David?' she asked.

What I thought was shocking, because when she'd grabbed her knees she had revealed a brief but full view of her pussy. She was not wearing anything at all under her tee shirt. She was as sexy as I have every seen a woman. But it was all conflicting signals, coming in wearing next to nothing, showing me a glimpse of her pussy yet nothing in her words or voice showed anything sexual.

Up until now I had managed to avoid thinking of Jane sexually (OK well managed to control what I was thinking then) but now I had a bulging erection. With just a towel to hide behind, my cock was in full control.

Jane obviously noticed and giggled, 'Anybody would think I'm a boy' she said.

Now this threw me totally. Looking bewildered I asked her 'Why do you say that?'

'Isn't that what turns you on, or is it older men?' she asked.

'No!! Neither it's women that turn me on and right now it's one in particular'

'You're not gay then' Jane gasped.

The thought of being gay made cock disappear back from where it came, but it explained the confusing signals, she'd acted like I was another woman because she thought I was not interested in her at all. 'What made you think that' I finally asked.

'Well Steve always said you were, and the other night when I was in your arms you never tried to do anything'

'Did you want me to do anything?' I asked.


'Don't you think I knew that?'

'It doesn't stop most men!' she said with disgust.

'Well I have no control over other men but I'm not going to come onto someone in the state you were in. Even if I had have been tempted I'm not vain enough to think that a beautiful young woman is going to fancy me'

'That's twice you've called me beautiful. No one else ever has not even Steve'

Still a bit upset I almost shouted, 'I call you beautiful because you are, not just to look at but inside too, I found that out on Wednesday, you're a special person, you gave too much to Steve and he threw it back in your face.' I leaned over toward her and gently put my hands on her cheeks and looked at eyes, 'Jane. You are extremely beautiful and if I was younger then...' I let my sentence trail off because I had gone too far. 'I'm sorry' I said, 'I didn't mean to... you know'

Jane returned my gaze, looking directly into my eyes. I felt a powerful surge of power come from Jane's face through my hands and head straight for my cock. It was at full mast almost immediately. I looked down at the bulge under my towel and I felt rather than saw Jane's eyes follow suit.

'I think you'd better go before I rape you' I said trying desperately to make it a joke.

Jane said nothing for a few moments then stood up and faced me. 'You couldn't rape me'

Jane was right, I knew I could never do anything against any woman's wishes but I'd found where the line was. But I realised I'd mistaken Jane's meaning when she continued 'It's only rape if its against my will' with that she knelt down by my knees and slowly moved the towel away. She placed her hands on my thighs and slowly moved them to caress my shaft. I didn't know what had brought this on but I didn't care, all that mattered was Jane's hands rhythmically moving up and down. Jane bent down and started to lick the precum from my cock. I put my hands under her shoulders and lifted her up. Jane looked a bit shocked.

'Don't you want me to suck you?'

'Of course I do but the way I'm feeling at the moment I won't last two seconds and I want to make this last forever' With Jane now standing in front of me I put my hands on the outside of her calves and slowly followed the contours of her lush body. As my hands travelled up they scooped her tee shirt with them lifting it first enough to view her beautifully trimmed bush then small but perfectly formed breasts. With one final lift Jane was standing naked in front of me. It was my turn to go on my knees, placing my hands behind her caressing the baby soft skin of her firm buttocks I leaned forward. Before my tongue could begin its exploration of her pussy, I paused to inhale the distinctive aroma of desire. I placed my tongue where her soft trimmed down met her legs and traced the shape of her pussy. My hands were still caressing her arse and pulling her towards my mouth. I moved my mouth to just above her dark brown curls and kissed her stomach and then inched down kissing as I went. As my tongue finally found her slit and gently probed it Jane let out gasp and placed her hands on the back of my head. I moved my tongue slightly lower skirting her clit, a prize to be savoured later, until I found the entrance to her womanhood. She was quite wet already and I licked and sucked her fragrant love juices until I needed to explore further. I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could, savouring every bit of the nectar her gorgeous cunt could produce. My hands continued to explore her arse with one finger gently playing with arsehole without actually seeking entry. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and decided now was the time to play with Jane's clit. No sooner had I touched it than Jane pulled my head hard onto her cunt and shuddered and came loudly, very loudly. With my mouth pressed tightly against her clit I moved my right hand from behind Jane and used my fingers to try and trace the source of this river that had just started to flow. Jane's climax continued for longer than any woman I've known with her screaming, my tongue duelling with her clit and my fingers fucking her. Finally the pressure on my head eased and Jane came down from wherever she'd been. I moved my head and sat back on my feet looking up at her. It was a few seconds before she looked down at me and said simply 'Whew that was something.'

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