By Accident

by Telephoneman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Romantic, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: My close encounter with a motorcyclist leads to a new wife.


The music started. I turned around to watch Stephanie walking confidently up the aisle to the sound of The Wedding March. She's always looked fabulous but now, as a bride, she looked even better. Memories of her soft body flooded back, uncalled. The way her small pert breasts felt in my hands and the first time I'd seen her naked, but most vividly I pictured her young body riding my rock hard cock.

I shook my head slightly. Now was not the time to sport the erection such thoughts would surely bring. The vicar started droning on the way they do leaving me to recall how we first met.

1. The Accident

It was a bright summer's morning, not a cloud in the sky or on my own personal horizon. I'd just finished an eighteen-month contract and was walking into town to look for a well-deserved holiday, one of the few things that I preferred not to use the Internet for. Parking in my local city centre is so abysmal that, subject to the weather, I always walk. It was only a few miles and I really needed the exercise. I'm tall, 6'6" to be precise, but at eighteen stone (252 pounds) I was more than a bit overweight. I'm in my mid forties, not too bad looking (at least that's what I'm told) although my hair is thinning slowly and going grey rapidly.

I'd walked no more than a few hundred yards when I heard, coming from behind me, what was obviously a motorcycle. Being a keen rider myself I paused and turned around to see what type of bike it was. I certainly didn't expect what I saw. A smallish bike was approaching me at speed doing a wheelie (the front wheel off the ground). I had a few brief seconds to realise that the rider had lost control before it had veered straight at me. Unable to move in time I'd instinctively put both hands out and waited to be hit.

The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground with my left leg wrapped painfully round the now stationary motorcycle. My hands and wrists both hurt but not as much as my leg. My first thought was that I'd live, the second, so much for a holiday. After a couple of moments of self-pity I'd finally remember the rider. I looked around and saw a small, helmeted, figure rising slowly and gingerly to their feet.

I could tell by the way my leg was unnaturally bent that was broken. Awkwardly I reached into my pocket for my mobile phone and dialled 999. I told the operator where I was and that apart from my leg I didn't feel too bad. I told her that the rider was walking about but obviously was quite dazed.

Fortunately I lived quite near the hospital and the ambulance arrived inside five minutes. By this time the motorcycle's rider had removed their helmet, releasing a stream of long blonde hair, and walked over to check the damage to the bike and me. As the hair indicated, but not guaranteed, the rider turned out to be a young girl who was so apologetic that in other circumstances I would have been laughing. She kept explaining that it was the first time she'd ridden a bike with a clutch and gears and that she'd gotten it all wrong. With as much of a smile as I could muster I told her that I'd noticed that.

She asked to borrow my phone to call her mother. She was still talking when the ambulance arrived. One paramedic came over to me, took one look at my leg and called for the stretcher. After checking that I hadn't passed out at any stage I was carefully disengaged from the bike and put into the ambulance and taken off to hospital.

2. In Hospital

The following morning I woken, totally disorientated. Whether it was from delayed shock or the painkillers I'd had, I don't know, but it was a good five minutes before I realised where I was and why. I was lying in an uncomfortable hospital bed with an even more uncomfortable plaster cast on my leg. To make matters even worse I had a plaster cast on each wrist and hand. On TV when someone comes around like this there's a beautiful nurse waiting by the bed to explain everything. Not here, this was England's NHS. It was two hours before a nurse came to see how I was doing. Being an emergency admission I had no books or papers to pass the time. To say I was pissed off would have been an understatement.

The nurse was a good foot shorter than me yet easily matched me in weight. She condescendingly reminded that I had a compound fracture of the left leg; my right wrist and right thumb were broke as was a bone in my left hand. 'Going to the loo is going to be fun' I thought.

I was asked if there was anyone at home who could look after me and when I said no I was told that I would need to stay in hospital a few days more. They would then get the district nurse to call in once a day. I was also told that a policeman would be in later to ask what had happened. I just nodded.

A few boring hours later the nurse came to check that I was decent, telling me that I had visitors. I assumed that these would be the police, as no one else knew where I was. I was long time divorced and my only son was globe trotting somewhere in the southern hemisphere.

When two women entered, at first I wondered who they could be, they certainly were not the police. My initial attention was on the older woman. Slim, extremely attractive but naturally so, she was certainly appealing. Early thirties I'd guessed. 'Nice. Yes very nice' I thought before looking at her younger companion. It was then that I recognised the bike rider. She too, looked nice and I could see the resemblance between the two, in fact apart from the hair colour they could nearly pass as twins. Obviously mother and daughter which meant I needed to revise my guess at her age.

'Errr! How are you feeling?' asked the daughter.

'I've been better, thanks' I replied.

After a few attempts to apologise, her mother interrupted and introduced herself as Helen and her daughter as Stephanie. She told me that her daughter had told her what had happened and had insisted on coming to see how I was and, of course, to apologise.

I asked Helen if Stephanie was insured to ride the bike and had she talked to the police. Helen told me that, yes, Stephanie was insured and, no, she was due to give a statement later that day, but also she wanted to know why I asked. I told her about the police's impending visit and explained that as she was insured I would tell it how it was except that I saw nothing until I was hit. I suggested that Stephanie say that a dog ran in front of her causing her to swerve.

I could tell by Helen's eyes, that she was suspicious of my motives. I laughed as best I could and explained that I was a biker myself and we all stuck together. I said nothing could change what had happened so why did her daughter need to get into trouble for it. I did make two conditions though. First, that she does not give up riding but secondly that she takes proper training before going on the road again.

Helen took her daughter to one side, just out of earshot. I took the opportunity to assess my visitors. Helen had her back to me. She was wearing lightweight trousers that showed her figure off to perfection. The cheeks of her backside looked firm and good enough to eat. Her hair was dark and straight, worn just below the collar, ideal for running your fingers through. I'd already noticed her small breasts and thought them ideal for her slim figure. I'd spent a lot of time on the mother but the daughter was worth inspection in her own right. She was virtually a younger version of her mother. I wouldn't say no to either of them, although at my age I thought Helen to be the preferable. Not that I expected to find out. Since my divorce, and to be honest even before, I always took every opportunity to admire beautiful women. Never during my marriage and only rarely since had I attempted to follow up my interest.

They both nodded to each other before returning to my bedside. They had agreed, Helen somewhat reluctantly, Stephanie enthusiastically.

Helen then got around to asking how I was and how long I was expected to remain in hospital. When I explained why I needed to stay longer than actually necessary Helen laughed.

'There is no need. Stephanie will come and look after you and keep your house clean' she said with a big grin. I got the impression that Helen felt that Stephanie had come out of this unscathed and was deserving of a little punishment.

'Mum!' Stephanie started with, intending to object. She stopped when she saw her mother's expression and gave in with good grace. 'I suppose, as I'm why he's in need of help I can't really object.'

'No you can't girl.'

Not thinking straight I said, 'You're not worried about your daughter in my house?'

Again Helen laughed. I thought she looked fabulous when she did. 'No I'm not worried at all. In your state I think she'll be safe enough. If anything it's you that should be worried.'

I looked at my leg and hands and accepted she had a point. Even if I did have evil intentions I was in no position to carry them out.

3. Recovery Begins

A week later I'd become accustomed to the new regime. In the mornings I would manage to dress myself, if you can call just a robe dressed, and do my ablutions. With both hands in plaster this was not easy and it would take close to an hour but I did not want anyone else helping. Around midday Stephanie would appear with some lunch, usually sandwiches, check if I needed anything then disappear around one. Three times a week my nurse came, usually between two and three, stopping only long enough to make certain I was ok, or on two occasions giving me an embarrassing but necessary bed bath.

Around seven Stephanie brought tea, usually something Helen had made but occasionally a takeaway. She stopped long enough to clean the house. After the first two visits there was little to do other than make my bed - I was not really able to make much of a mess. Also those first visits finally exhausted her supply of apologies and we started talking about anything and everything.

Helen came round just the once to check that Stephanie was looking after me. Apart from a slight discomfort in my leg and really annoying itches that I was unable to scratch I was quite enjoying myself. The computer was never switched on, which meant I couldn't "find" any work to do, and I had a beautiful young woman running around after me.

During the week I'd discovered many things amongst which were that Helen was divorced but had a boyfriend (pity but understandable) and Stephanie had no boyfriend and was, surprisingly, still a virgin.

I'd told her of my divorce and current lack of female company. When I told her that I hadn't been with a woman for nearly three years she couldn't believe it. Although lacking actual experience herself, she'd always thought that men couldn't go without it for more than a few days. I got more and more embarrassed as I ended up telling her that men masturbate. The more embarrassed I became the more Stephanie seemed to enjoy asking for more details. When she had finally gone home she was giggling at my embarrassment.

About ten days after I'd left hospital Stephanie arrived wearing a mini skirt and tight top. This was the sexiest I'd seen her dress yet. After we had eaten (Stephanie always ate tea with me) Stephanie turned the subject back to masturbation.

'How have you managed this last week?' she asked.

'I haven't' I answered, once again feeling the blood rush to my cheeks.

'I didn't think so, but don't worry I'll do it for you' she said casually as if offering to make me a drink.

I was totally stunned. To be honest the thought had crossed my mind, but only as a fantasy. I knew my face had now gone the colour of beetroot. 'I don't think that that is necessary or a good idea' I lied. At the moment I knew I was getting an erection just thinking about it.

'But mum said I was to look after ALL your needs.' She said innocently.

'I don't think she had that particular need in mind' I responded.

I was sitting on the sofa with my injured leg resting on a stool. As usual I was wearing just a large dressing gown, well secured around my waist. Stephanie came and sat next to me and placed her hand on my covered, uninjured leg.

'Please. I want to help' she pleaded before admitting 'besides I've never seen a man's thing before.'

My cock was getting harder by the minute as was the ability to resist.

'You're too young. I don't fancy being arrested.'

Stephanie huffed and said 'I'm not that young. I'm legally old enough to do what I want.' To emphasise her words she moved her hand on top of my cock.

I realised that I hadn't asked Stephanie her age, but thinking about it, the fact that she was riding a motorbike meant that she must have been old enough. I was also very aware that even through the two layers of thick material my cock loved her touch. The fact that I didn't immediately move her hand she took as permission to continue. She quickly moved her hands to grip my dressing gown and then to open it across my lap exposing my hardening manhood.

Stephanie leaned forward to study my tool. 'Its big isn't it' she stated. (It isn't actually - only about 5"). Before I could reply she rested her right hand on my cock. This, of course, caused it to react.

'Oh! It moves on its own.' She exclaimed before asking 'what do I do now?'

All resistance had left me. I still felt uncomfortable with the situation but I'd passed the point of no return.

I told her how to hold it and watched in amazement as her young slender fingers moved up and down my shaft. I explained the little refinements her inexperience needed and soon was just leaning back enjoying this unusual but extremely pleasurable experience. I couldn't remember the last time someone else had held me like this without either progressing or with me returning the favour.

Fifteen minutes later, Stephanie was pushing me close to the edge. Self-masturbation is never this good. At last her baby soft fingers brought that familiar tingle and I managed to grunt that I was coming a few seconds before the eruption occurred. Stephanie, not knowing what to expect, was still leaning over watching her actions when my sperm shot out straight into her face.

'Yuk' she shouted letting go of my spurting member.

'Don't stop' I implored. Thankfully she listened and quickly returned her hand to where it was urgently required; although this time leaning back as she watched my cock spurt ever-smaller amounts.

'Wow! Is it always like that?' she asked, whilst her fingers still held my softening manhood.

'Unfortunately not.' I managed to say. 'The longer between sessions the more a man shoots. Having a beautiful young girl doing it for you also makes it that much better.'

'Can I do it again?' she said as she started to run her fingers up the soft shaft.

'You saw how much I enjoyed it,' I laughed 'you are going after wait a while but do you really think I'm going to say no?'

'Not when you put it that way' she said returning my laugh.

Every evening for the next week or so Stephanie would happily perform her necessary chore, as she called it laughingly. Each time she brought me to and over the edge her technique improved, she was learning when to slow down in order to prolong it, when to squeeze and when to caress. I just hoped her next boyfriend appreciated what I was doing for him.

It was Saturday evening when things moved up a gear. Stephanie had arrived earlier than usual and unlike her, she had started to work straight away with hardly a word to me. My experience with my ex was enough for me to know when to keep my mouth shut where women's moods are concerned. Whatever was wrong, Stephanie would either tell me in her own time or she wouldn't tell me at all.

Ten minutes later she stormed into the room and plonked herself heavily into a chair.

'Parents!!' she exclaimed.

I smiled at her touch of petulance, 'What about them?' I asked rising to her bait.

'Mum has arranged for me to go out with one of her friend's sons. I don't even know him. Doesn't she think I'm capable of making my own dates without her interfering? She does this all the time, I'm just sick of it. Anyway I told her I had to see you, that we had something special on for tonight and there's no way I want to see that strange creep just because his mum's "nice"'

'Oh! And what are we doing that's special tonight?' I asked with a smirk on my face.

Just then the phone rang. I went to grab the portable, which I kept at the side of my chair along with that other piece of invaluable technology - the remote control or doofer as it was known in my family.

Stephanie looked worried, 'If that's mum just make something up. Please!' she begged.

I nodded before answering the phone.

'Hi Helen. Yes she's just got here... Yes we have actually... Well Saturday night used to be restaurant night so Stephanie promised to cook a special meal for me tonight... No special occasion... do I need Rennie's (indigestion tablets)... oh that's good... Ok I'll let you know how it goes. Bye for now'

As I put the phone down Stephanie came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. 'Thanks.'

I smiled 'It's the least I can do for you, especially considering what you do for me. Your mum says you're a good little cook so we'd better get our story straight as to what you've cooked up for this "special meal" '

'That's no problem. I cook for you anyway' she said.

'There's no need really.' I objected, 'that was just the first thing that came into my head'

'I might as well as I can't really go home now can I?' she explained as if I was simple, 'plus I want to. I actually like cooking - always assuming you've got something in to cook.'

'You know where the kitchen is' I stated. I was not going to object to a freshly cooked meal. (I've told you what I look like. Does it sound like I'm anorexic?)

'Thai Chicken OK?' Stephanie asked after about five minutes rooting about in my kitchen.

'Sounds good to me.' I shouted.

Helen was quite correct. Stephanie was a good cook. It was a long time since I'd enjoyed a home cooked meal as much and I happily gave my compliments to the chef. I'd even thought it warranted the bottle of Montrachet I'd opened as an accompaniment.

Whilst in the heat of the kitchen, Stephanie had undone the top few buttons of the red blouse she was wearing. Although what it showed was minimal the effect was extremely sexy and I couldn't resist looking at every opportunity, using my imagination to good affect, certainly enough to have me aroused.

As we were sitting relaxing after our delightful meal Stephanie caught me looking at her cleavage. She looked down and seemed to realise that she was partly exposed. She started to button up when she stopped and laughed. 'Considering what I see of you it would be silly to stop you looking at a bit of tit, not that there's much to see anyway.'

I objected on two counts, 'You're showing hardly any breast at all and what you have got looks perfectly proportioned from where I'm sitting.'

'If I'm not showing anything why are you looking?' she asked seriously.

I hesitated before deciding to answer her honestly, 'because it looks incredibly sexy. Sexiness is as much if not more in the imagination as in anything else. Your blouse looks sexy because of what it hints at rather than what it actually shows.'

My honesty was rewarded with a massive blush, and for Stephanie a rarity - no immediate response.

After a few moments contemplation Stephanie jumped up and came and sat next to me. 'I've done one chore' she said indicating the dinner dishes, 'I suppose I might as well do another one.' She was trying, and failing, to keep a straight face.

She quickly pulled my robe aside to expose my erect cock. She looked up at me and said, once again seriously, 'you weren't kidding. You do think I'm sexy?'

'Stephanie.' I demanded her attention, 'when you're a bit older you'll realise just how beautiful you are, and like most beautiful women it doesn't take much to become sexy. Just then, watching you relax with your tight jeans showing your legs off and your breasts trying to push your blouse away and only just failing made you look incredibly sexy. Add to that the fact that you were totally unaware of it and you're surprised that I've got an erection.'

By now Stephanie was running her fingers gently along my cock, feeling it as even more blood rushed down my body to greet her touch. Just as got about as hard as I could Stephanie stopped. She stood up directly in front of me and began to unbutton the rest of her blouse. I felt I should tell her to stop, that she didn't need to do this, but somehow the words never made it the short distance from my brain to my mouth. Apart from optical, every other sense I had switched off for those brief few seconds making certain that my eyes missed nothing of the spectacle occurring before me. By my internal clock she took about two days to undo all the buttons and another one to remove the red fabric altogether. It's departure revealed a well-tanned slim body with a frilly, petite red bra concealing her breasts. I forced my eyes away, as far as her deep blue eyes and saw that she was watching my reactions intently. She then reached behind her and undid her bra slipping it off in one graceful movement. My gaze rapidly returned to her exposed breasts. They were small but without the slightest hint of sag. Her nipples were also quite small against light aureoles. Her breasts suited her body to perfection. I cursed the plasters on my hands, preventing me from cupping those lovely symbols of femininity, then thought of the irony that it was because of those plasters that this vision of loveliness now stood before me.

As if sensing my inability to talk Stephanie leaned over and placed the briefest of kisses on my lips. 'You don't need to say anything. Your expression tells me more than words ever could. Now lean back and let me get on with my chore.'

Who was I to argue? I happily leaned back once again I felt Stephanie's soft fingers encircle my cock. Nirvana then got better as I watched her lean over and use my cock to rub each of her nipples in turn. I saw them swell and harden, thinking if my hands can't touch them then my cock was a pretty good substitute.

For the first time Stephanie's breath became laboured as her own pleasure rose. After about ten minutes of pleasure for her and ecstasy for me she turned to look at me with an incredibly knowing smile, bearing in mind that she was still a virgin. She turned back to my cock and this time wrapped her mouth around it. She'd given me no hint as to what she planned and the sudden moist heat of her mouth nearly caused me to come instantly. She sucked hard, moving her mouth up and down with little rhythm. It was only that inexperience which allowed me to last the three minutes I did. Somehow, through the haze of lust, I managed to ignore my own selfish requirements and gave her just enough warning to pull away. To my disappointment, but not surprise, she did so, but as second prize she continued using her hand to finish the job. I shot load after load all over her upper body.

She sat back and looked at me with well-deserved self-satisfaction.

I looked back at her beauty, her eyes brighter than ever, her face and neck flushed with colour. Her erect nipples capped the perfect breasts now covered with my sperm. 'Where did all that come from?' I asked, still in amazement.

She looked deep into my eyes before answering. 'I honestly don't know.' She then lightened up a bit, 'why? Are you complaining?'

'What do you think?' I replied trying to look as smug as possible. 'Actually I do have one complaint.'

A look of shock contorted Stephanie's features but before she could comment I explained. 'So far it's been me that's had all the enjoyment and it's you that's done all the work. If you'll let me, I'd like to return the compliment'

She blushed. 'What do you mean?'

I lifted my plaster-clad wrists up. 'With these I'm limited to what I can do but I'd like to use my mouth for you as you just did for me.'

She managed to even redder than she already was. 'I don't know. Let me think about it.'

I agreed. The rest of the evening was uneventful in comparison, although Stephanie did cuddle up to me. The feeling of her naked breasts against my chest was delicious, sensual rather than sexual, but I again cursed my incapacitation.

4. One More Step

Sunday afternoon found me, alone, watching a rather poor game of football. Halfway through the first half I heard the door open and Stephanie shouting 'Hi.' - I'd given her a key after the first few days, it was easier than me hobbling to the door.

'You're early.' I cried back, 'I thought you'd be out soaking up the sun whilst we've got it.' Unusual for Stoke, it was still hot and sunny.

'Yea! We're going out later.'

'Somewhere special I hope.'

'No. Just going to my Nan's'

By then Stephanie had entered the room. She was stunning. Her top was tight across her breasts leaving her entire midriff exposed. It was pretty obvious she had no bra on. The skirt, if a couple of inches of fabric can actually be classed as a skirt, just about reached her thighs, which were tanned and bare.

'You like?' she asked laughing at my expression and performing a perfect twirl for me

'How could I not like it? The only thing that amazes me is how you got here without being molested.'

Just then she bent down to pick up an empty cup. To do this she turned away from me and as she bent I saw that she was wearing nothing at all under her skirt. Her arse was near perfect, two mounds of firm tender flesh.

'Bloody Hell!' I shouted, 'Are you trying to send me back to hospital, this time with a heart attack. I hope you're not going to do any housework? I don't think I could survive watching all that bending.'

She laughed again. 'No. I'll do all that tomorrow, the cleaning that is not sending you to hospital. It's nice to know you appreciate my effort.' She looked at me, suddenly serious. 'David.'

'Yes.' I answered mimicking her serious tone.

'You know what you said last night? Did you mean it?'

'Of course I did.' I said remembering exactly what she meant.

'Good! Then that's what I want.'

Just like that! I thought. Oh the impetuosity of youth. To be truthful I was happy with her attitude as it showed me that for Stephanie this was learning about sex and not an emotional thing. The last thing I wanted was for the young girl to get emotional about me. (What did I say about the impetuosity of youth, how about the vanity of age?)

I thought about asking her if she was sure, but her tone of voice and the fact that she'd thought about overnight told me she was. 'What right now?' I did ask.

'Why not?' Stephanie paused a moment before continuing. 'How?'

I thought about it for a moment, before asking her to help me to the floor. All this plaster on my limbs was certainly screwing up any foreplay. I couldn't move about, couldn't even kneel. Only the tips of my fingers were free and to move even them I had to move my entire arm. What I could do was certainly limited. One part of my body I could still use to its fullest were my eyes. Lying flat on my back with Stephanie standing at my side gave me a clear view up her skirt, and what a view. Her legs were too close together for a perfect view but I could see a sparse covering of ash blonde hair parting beautifully to frame her young pussy, the same pussy I was soon to taste. My cock, forever predictable, was erect and also sticking out of my robe.

'Well! Something is ready' Stephanie declared and knelt down at my side to take my aching cock into her tender hands. 'Is it always this hard?' she asked gently running her fingertips along its length, 'or is it just when I'm around?'

Returning her beautiful smile I said 'What do you think?'

For the second time in two days, Stephanie leaned over and took my cock into her warm mouth. I shivered with delight as I felt her lips applying gentle pressure as her tongue played with the head of my rigid manhood. Remembering, just, why I was lying on the floor I told Stephanie to position her knees either side of my head. Without the slightest hint of embarrassment she hitched her skirt up to her waist and did as I asked. Immediately I was greeted with the sweet musky aroma emanating from the moist pussy inches from my nose. I savoured the delightful sight, noticing that her lips were already swollen and her clit in view. I lifted my head and placed a long lick from her pubes over her clit and finishing with my tongue greeting the tangy secretions from her sex. I felt Stephanie shudder when my tongue first touched her clit.

I continued lapping up the juices then flowing freely, savouring each drop as if it was fine wine. I'd occasionally move back up and flick her clit with my tongue, each time bringing a shudder from my beautiful young partner. As Stephanie started to squirm and buck from my actions I needed to put my arms against her hips, I couldn't actually put them around, as I wanted to do. I then started to concentrate more on her clit, using my tongue and lips to elevate Stephanie to the next plane of pleasure. She was a very willing passenger. By then Stephanie's mouth had left my cock as she fought to control her approaching climax. Suddenly her legs gripped me tightly and I felt her whole body tremble. The sound of her scream of ecstasy even reached my thigh-covered ears.

It was a good twenty seconds before her, surprisingly strong, legs released their hold on me. Turning around to face me she planted a long and tender kiss, our first proper one, on my willing lips. 'If I'd known it was going to be that good I'd have let you do it yesterday. No. I'd have MADE you do it yesterday.' She gasped as she finally came up for air.

I smiled in reply before promising. 'Wait until I can use my hands on you.'

The rest of that afternoon flew by in a crescendo of oral activity. Stephanie said she wanted me to come in her mouth but was not certain whether she could manage without gagging. The mutually satisfactory solution was that I came twice, the second time, with it's less volume was in Stephanie's willing mouth. She said that although she pretty neutral about it she was more than happy to do it again because of the look of pure pleasure she'd seen on my face as I'd shot my load into her mouth. Stephanie had managed about a dozen orgasms of varying intensity; although she did say that they were ALL better than her own fingers could produce.

The next few weeks passed with similar pleasures. Stephanie gave no hint that she was ready to surrender her virginity to me, although I'd certainly wanted to fuck the gorgeous young woman, but I managed to keep that to myself, contented in the almost as pleasurable alternatives (it's a hard world).

One interesting event did happen during that period. Helen visited one Saturday morning. She seemed to have no specific reason. She said she was checking on Stephanie's work and how I was coping. I said I had absolutely no complaints about Stephanie. Helen, looking stunning in a simple white blouse and calf length skirt, smiled what looked like a knowing smile. It was as if she knew what was going on. I managed not to blush.

We talked for a couple of hours. Each passing minute my mind was looking at Helen in increasingly sexual way. I've thought about that morning regularly since then. I'm sure that Helen not only knew how I was thinking but also actually led me there. Anyway, I started by just admiring her figure and dress sense but by the time she left I was picturing Stephanie's wonderful body mixed with Helen's maturity and experience. The resultant image was breathtaking.

5. Stephanie's Virginity

The day started well, improved and finally ended better than ever.

The day in question was the Friday when I had the casts removed from my wrists. The muscles had only atrophied slightly and it was sheer bliss to be able to flex my fingers and actually pick things up. You don't realise just how important how our hands and fingers are until you have to do without them. I left the hospital with a grin a mile wide, much to the consternation of several passers-by, who saw a man struggling along with a heavy cast on his leg but who looked like he'd just won the lottery.

I called in the shops and bought the ingredients for the meal I'd promised to cook for Stephanie and Helen that evening. Helen was going out, but not until nine, so we'd arranged for an early meal. They were due at my place for a six thirty start. I was doing a particular favourite of mine; garlic mushrooms cooked with leeks and tomatoes and served in grilled peppers.

Around four o'clock I got a phone call from my son saying he'd be home Saturday morning. I hadn't seen him for four months and although we talked regularly I still missed his acerbic wit. He said he was looking forward to meeting Stephanie as he'd heard so much about her.

When the two women arrived the contrast was striking. Stephanie was extremely casual just tee shirt and jeans whereas Helen looked a million dollars. A long black evening dress hugged her like a second skin. She was wearing more makeup than I'd seen her wear before but even then it was sparse, perfectly applied, quality rather than quantity. Over the meal I felt myself wishing that Helen would dress for me like that. I was confused over the conflicting emotions I was feeling for this mother and daughter; definitely a strong attraction, emotional and physical, for the former and pure lust for the latter.

After the meal Stephanie cleared the table and tidied the kitchen leaving Helen and I to talk. I'd mentioned that Joe was coming back and the conversation drifted naturally to kids, especially as they got older. Again I got the distinct impression Helen knew what was going on between her daughter and me. We also discussed what we wanted out of a relationship, agreeing on virtually everything. I didn't know if it was wishful thinking on my part but it seemed to me that for someone who was about to go out with her boyfriend, Helen did not appear to want to rush. I wondered and even, unfairly, hoped, that there were problems between them. It was almost nine thirty when Helen left.

Almost immediately Stephanie came and snuggled up to me. 'Now let's see if you're as good as your promise.' She said. When she saw the uncertainty on my face she added, 'you remember. How better you're going to make it for me when you can use your hands.'

I'd been waiting weeks to hold and caress Stephanie and it seemed that she was as eager as I was. My leg was still an inconvenience but no more than that. I sat back on the sofa and gestured for Stephanie to join me. She sat on my lap with her knees either side of me and we kissed. It's amazing how much better; even a simple kiss is when you can caress your partner. As if making up for lost time I spent nearly half an hour just kissing and stroking her face, lips and neck. Judging by the soft moans of pleasure Stephanie wasn't complaining too much, although it was Stephanie that eventually pulled away. She swiftly removed her tee shirt and bra before returning to my eager lips. My hands caressed her back, tracing her spine, my fingers taking delight in the sensuality of her flesh. Stephanie leaned back and guided my hands to her young firm breasts. It was something we both wanted. The biggest drawback of the last few weeks, for me, was my inability to feel her breasts. I did so then, using my fingers to stroke them each in turn and my hands to cup them from below. I was initially careful to avoid her nipples. I wanted this to last. When I finally paid her nipples their due attention I thought Stephanie was going to come. She jumped and her whole body shook. I used my palm to roll the already erect nipples before teasing them between my fingertips. I lost track of how long I spent making love to her breasts, for that was what it felt like. When I eventually pushed her back a little to try to bring my mouth to replace my loving fingers it proved too uncomfortable for both of us. Stephanie stood up and removed her jeans and panties, a very pleasurable sight for me, before struggling to undress me. When we both naked she helped me to the floor for what had become our favourite position; "69" with Stephanie on top.

I was surprised by just how wet she was before I'd even touched her pussy. It was like drinking from a fountain of nectar. The best thing though, was that I could use my hands to grip, squeeze and just caress her firm buttocks as I tongued her. Virtually the first time my tongue made contact with her clit Stephanie came with an intensity that I hadn't seen before. I was not prepared to let up and pulling her on to my overactive mouth I continued to suck, bite and flick her clit. Her orgasm just went on and on. I could feel her juices running down my chin and I loved every second of it. Despite my best efforts Stephanie managed to pull herself off my mouth.

She turned around and sat astride me before leaning forward and kissing me. When she broke the kiss she said. 'You bastard! You only did that so I'll let you fuck me.' She laughed at my justified expression of innocence then said. 'Well it worked. My body's telling me that nothing else will do.'

She lifted her body away from me slightly and then reached down between our legs and gripped my rigid cock. When she'd sat astride me her wet pussy lips had easily spread either side of my cock, covering it with her come. She guided my head to the entrance of her womanhood and lowered herself immediately. I felt the delicious sensation as it entered her. She hardly paused as my cock had met her hymen, just pushed herself down. The slight pause and a brief grimace were all the clues I got of her lost virginity.

I'd never deflowered a virgin before and I'd been expecting a more difficult time. Stephanie was beyond thinking; instinct had taken over as she finally took my entire length inside her tight pussy. I looked at where our bodies joined and then at the pure animal lust on her face. It's a picture I'll take to my grave.

I tried to thrust deeper into her but my position coupled with the plaster on my leg prevented any success. Instead I positioned my hands on her hips and used them to guide Stephanie. She needed very little tuition and was soon in a world of her own moving up and down my length knowing exactly when to change direction for maximum effect. I lay back and revelled in the physical sensations my cock was producing and the visual spectacle of this beautiful young woman riding it. Her breasts, as firm as they were, were bouncing in sequence with her movements. It was not too long before Stephanie began to climax, her body spasming, her face contorted with lust and her vocal release extremely verbal.

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