Snow White

by Bradley Stoke

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Desc: Sex Story: An erotic retelling of the famous Fairy Tale.

Snow White was feeling wretched and miserable as she lay naked in the shadows of the tall forest trees, as well she might after her unexpected rape at the hands of the forester. It had seemed such a jolly idea at first when he suggested walking into the woods with her ostensibly to show her what he did for a living, and the fact it was sanctioned by her usually unsympathetic stepmother and guardian made it an especial treat. But then he turned on her, beating her about the face, pulling off her clothes, and then forcing himself on her. At first, Snow White had no idea what was happening to her, but it soon became clear when he pulled down his britches, pulled out his erect penis and violated her. Whether the rape was to be all that she was to endure she didn't know, but in the struggle she managed to loosen his grip and ran deep into the woods.

She had no idea where she was or whether the forester was still running after her, but the pain she felt from his punches and the stinging, aching pain between her legs had weakened her so much that after a while all she could do was collapse onto the bracken, a trail of blood coursing down her inside thighs. Perhaps she was saved by the torrential rain that started within minutes of her escape. The forester's dog would probably have lost her scent, but it served to make her even more miserable. Her long hair was thoroughly damp and streaks of rain slid over her pale skin. Yet another misery in a thoroughly miserable life, which had steadily become worse since her father had died in suspicious circumstances.

Snow White lay in the damp undergrowth for hours, as she gradually recuperated from her pains. The early morning sun eventually rose in the sky, and shafts of light penetrated through the canopy of leaves above her, revealing to anyone passing by, a wretched sight as she lay prostrate on the ground, hardly conscious but not able to fall fully asleep. Her face was damp with tears, as much as her hair was damp from the rain and her body from the early morning dew.

And this is how Snow White was found by the seven dwarves who lived in a decrepit cottage in the middle of the forest, not far from the pit shaft where they worked. Shunned by the world for their freakish appearance, they had grouped together where they dug coal from beneath the ground and sold it at the market alongside the metal tools and garden vegetables they produced. The dwarves were not a pretty bunch. Their heads were large, their bodies small, and their limbs short and stubby. They were related to each other, but not too closely, and the brighter ones still felt bitterness towards a world that either treated them as objects of fun and derision or feared them as servants of the devil. This latter reputation protected them to some extent from those who might otherwise steal from them, or sell them off to a circus freak show, but it meant that other than each other they rarely had any human contact at all.

It was Sneezy who saw Snow White. He earned his name from the dust allergy which was in no way assisted by his labours in the coal mine and made much of his life a constant misery. He was recovering from another fit of sneezing, while his six comrades marched ahead, when he caught a glimpse of Snow White's remarkably pale skin through the trees, where she was illuminated by the sun breaking through the canopy. He signalled to the others to be quiet, knowing that it was he who was most likely to break the silence, and the seven dwarves gathered around Snow White's body.

She was moaning from pain, a darkening bruise on her cheek and over her eye, cuts and bruises all over her body, both from the rape and her naked chase through the dark forest, including a nasty gash on one of her ankles. Her legs were spread open which meant that for all the dwarves except the resourceful Doc, this was the first time any of them had ever seen a woman's crotch. Snow White looked up at the dwarves around her, shivering with fear. She believed that she was about to be attacked by goblins or trolls who, as legend had it, feasted on the flesh of virgins snatched from the villages. She had never seen such a deformed or ugly bunch of people.

There was Sneezy, whose nose was constantly red and from which usually trailed a globule of snot. There was Sleepy who had once contracted an illness which had left him permanently lethargic and for whom all physical effort was twice as great as it would for anyone else. And the dwarves were known for their hard work. There was Doc, the de facto leader of the group who handled the dwarves' financial affairs and had negotiated terms with merchants in the larger towns for some of their goods. He was short sighted, but had succeeded in manufacturing spectacles which partly corrected his vision, but meant that he looked especially monstrous behind the thick glass. There was Grumpy who was well-named, and was also the ugliest of the seven dwarves: one eye lower than the other and his mouth twisted up to one side. Then there was Happy who was a bit of a practical joker, but retained his popularity with a good wit and a willingness to accept as good as he gave. Bashful had a large birthmark on most of his face, which he was understandably reluctant to let people see. And finally there was Dopey. In most communities, he would have been considered a village idiot, if he hadn't died in childhood, but amongst the dwarves, his drooping lower lip and blatant mental deficiency were treated with a sympathy unusual in these harsh unforgiving times.

"Don't eat me! Spare me!" gasped Snow White, too weak to stand up and make a run for safety.

The dwarves laughed, not all of them kindly, at the girl's stupidity and ignorance. Doc, however, could see an advantage to be gained from the situation, even if he couldn't focus especially well on the physical manifestation of it. Here was a source of boundless rest and recreation for him and his comrades, and no doubt a willing worker in the cottage. Domesticity and home-cooking did not come easily to the dwarves, and Doc was all too aware of how filthy and untidy the dwarves' cottage was. He slapped Dopey hard on the ear, who was laughing along with the others without really being sure what was the object of their humour. Perhaps a naked woman in the woods was inherently amusing in itself.

"Don't laugh at the pretty lady," he commanded. For some of the dwarves, this mention of Snow White's prettiness was the first time that it occurred to them that this find carried some material value. "You can see she's in distress. Let's take her home with us and care for her." He leaned over to smile at the girl. "I don't know what you think we are, dear lady, but we're not ogres or monsters. We are mere artisans who live in the forest, making a living from our own toil and we don't wish you or anyone else any harm."

Snow White was reassured by the dwarf's kindness, although he looked so monstrous behind the thick lenses of his spectacles, and she gushed forth in a torrent of tears of gratitude which served both to clean her face and to make her look more wretched. "Thank you, kind sir. You're generosity and kindness is surely more than I truly deserve. I have been wrongfully used, but I am sure that you will not be so monstrous as to treat me so criminally."

It was not easy getting Snow White back to the cottage, but the dwarves had great ingenuity. They fashioned a stretcher from some branches and a cloth and carried her back on that, but it was not an easy journey back for the small men. For a start, although they were all of small height and stature, they were not all the same height. Some of the dwarves were just three feet tall, while others were more than four feet in height, not a huge difference in absolute terms but quite substantial relative to each other. But after much grumbling and some great effort, she was back at the cottage, and was laid down on two beds which were given to her, at great expense to Dopey and Bashful, the two dwarves least likely to complain. And there she lay for several days while a great fever engulfed her and the dwarves bickered amongst themselves as to why they should even bother with her.

Eventually, Snow White was lucid enough to see where she was: and a filthy, dusty place it was too. Doc came to see her while Snow White sat up in the bed, naked of course as the dwarves had no clothes which were nearly big enough for her. He looked at her perky, sharp nippled breasts with pleasure that he just about managed to disguise. He stood by Snow White as she turned to him, with a sad look in his face.

"How are you feeling, my dear?" he asked in a gruff but slightly squeaky voice.

"Much better," Snow White replied with some effort. "You saved my life. How can I ever repay you?"

For a start you can clean up the cottage, thought Doc, but he was too tactful to say anything. "We'll see," he said with a smile. "We are hard working people, and we need as much help as we can. If you are willing, would you help us keep house and home?"

"Gladly," smiled Snow White who at that stage had no idea what a formidable task lay in front of her. After all, housework was something she had become more than a little familiar with after the years spent skivvying in her stepmother's large rambling house. However, as her full wits returned to her, she saw just what a mountain she had to climb. She was not only expected to dust and clean the house, but to maintain the fire, cut wood, prepare them dinner and sew their clothes. This was more work than she'd ever done before, and at the end of each day the cottage became only gradually more presentable than the decrepit hole it was when she first arrived.

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