Delivery Charge

by Telephoneman

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Desc: Sex Story: I sell a sexy lady a new TV. She wants it delivered. There is a charge of course.

I own a small store selling television, videos and hi-fi equipment. I'm a reasonably good salesman and earn a decent living.

Last week a young woman came in to the shop and stood looking at the televisions. Even in an empty shop I never dive on new customers preferring to give them a few minutes to find what they're looking for. Today, this strategy had the additional benefit of allowing me to admire the woman. She was tall, well over 6' in her heels and had long flowing light red hair. My view was side on so I could really appreciate her figure. Slender in build, she had 'C' cup breasts and legs to die for. Without the high heels they'd be great but with them they were absolutely superb. Her short summer dress, flared from her hips displayed her legs to perfection, something I felt sure she was well aware of.

I shook off delicious thoughts of those legs and walked over to her. All the televisions were showing an episode of "Baywatch" and as I arrived at her side an array of scantily clad males took centre screen. 'Which one takes your fancy' I asked deliberately vague.

She responded with a laugh, always a good signal for a salesman. 'All of them, but the dark one is best'.

'I meant which TV?' I explained, my eyes telling her that that wasn't totally true. I'd been hoping for a little blush but I'd misread this young lady.

'Oh that's easy,' she replied 'which ever one shows him best.' The smile that accompanied her statement showed perfect white teeth and a twinkle in her eye that told me she could give as good as she got where banter was concerned. That suited me down to the ground. I enjoy a bit of banter with customers but you've got to be careful about which ones you pick. I kept one eye on the show trying to match my comments with the camera. I already had in my mind which TV I wanted to sell and when the camera showed a close-up of her choice of men I moved to that TV and said 'This will give you what you want'. As I spoke I looked directly into her eyes. I was struck by their intense colour. They were a striking bright blue that could hypnotise you in seconds. The rest of her face, though pretty fell short of the beauty in her eyes.

Knowing I was studying her she answered with a knowing smile 'I'm sure he could'

The sale proceeded in a similar tone with her eventually agreeing to purchase the TV I'd first suggested.

'You'll deliver of course' she stated.

'Yes, but there is a delivery charge' I replied.

'And what's that?' she asked again looking directly into my eyes.

I'd noticed the wedding ring on her finger and continuing our earlier innuendo I ventured 'That would depend on if your husband's going to be home or not'

She laughed, not such a pleasant laugh this time and replied 'If he was home I wouldn't need it delivered in the first place. No he's never around when he's needed'. She realised that she'd suddenly got a bit morose and forced herself to cheer up 'No he won't be around. Does that mean its free' she went on to ask.

Caught out in what had intended to be nothing more than flirtatious I had little choice but to concede gracefully 'Of course its free. For you I'll even deliver it myself.' This sounded gracious but was in fact economically based. My deliver driver charged me per delivery and if I were not to lose out then I would have to deliver it myself.

During the next ten minutes of paperwork, in which time I discovered her name was Linda, I arranged to deliver the TV that evening straight after work.

The rest of the day was quite busy and I had little time to think about Linda. With women customers I nearly always flirted and with nice ones even being a bit suggestive. It was all part of a sales technique and I never did it with any other intention but a sale. At work I'd always kept my brain filled with blood and not my cock. Linda was the first woman to get anything free that I wasn't prepared to give to any other customer. I blamed her eyes.

I knocked on Linda's door and was pleasantly surprised when she opened it. In a sales environment I hadn't truly realised just how knockout she was. She was wearing sandals and a short skirt, similar in style to a tennis skirt, but made of chiffon like material. A dark red blouse, of a similar material, worn outside her skirt completed her outfit. I felt my cock stir so I quickly went to my car and carried the TV inside. I'm a big guy but even for me it was a struggle but eventually I got the box into her lounge. The labour had its desired effect on my ardour.

It didn't take long to unbox the TV and connect it up to the aerial. As I sat on the floor tuning the television Linda came in from another room with two glasses of white wine.

She gave me one of the glasses and sat down at the side of the TV directly in front of me. 'I'm sure you can manage one' she said, relaxing back in the chair. From my prone position my eyes were level with her thighs and as her knees were slightly apart I had a clear view of her inner thighs. Her gorgeous thighs touched at the last moment preventing my eyes from seeing her panties. I tried to concentrate on tuning the TV but I could not stop my eyes being drawn to the wonderful sight in front of me. Linda leaned to one side to put her glass on a nearby table. As she sat back her legs opened a bit wider allowing me to see her red panties.

Somehow I managed to drag my attention away from her legs long enough to finish tuning the TV.

'All done' I said as I pulled the old TV out and pushed the new one into the corner.

Linda stood up and came and sat on the floor beside me holding her hand out for the remote control. 'Show me how it works' she demanded.

My stiff cock was aching from imagining her soft pussy lips barely hidden by her panties. I'd managed to position myself so that whilst sitting in her chair Linda could not see the bulge between my legs. Sitting beside me she could not help but notice it, in fact her hand was only about six inches above it as she waited for the remote. The fact was now that as she'd turned to hold her hand out her breast was pressing into my shoulder. As I showed her how the remote worked my hand regularly held the remote over her hand. This physical contact was electric and I started doing it when not strictly necessary.

'Can you install the old one in my bedroom?' Linda asked.

'Is there an aerial socket?' I asked glad to be back on firmer ground.

'Yes I think so' she said.

'Good. It should be no problem then' I stood up to get the old TV forgetting my erection, which had not subsided any. With Linda still sitting down, my aching cock was directly at her eye level. I looked down at her and saw that she was looking straight at it. I found great pleasure in this beautiful woman watching my cock and this pleasure caused my cock to harden even more.

Linda broke the spell and said. 'Come on. I'll show you where I want it'

I picked up the old TV glad that it was smaller and lighter and followed Linda up into her bedroom. Even struggling with the heavy TV I couldn't help admiring Linda's firm young arse climbing the stairs in front of me. As I entered her room Linda was clearing a few clothes off a table a few feet from the bottom of bed.

'Will it go there?' she asked.

I placed the TV on the table and looked for a power socket and the aerial lead. The power wasn't a problem and I knelt under the table to connect it. The aerial lead wasn't long enough so I told her 'You'll have to get a longer lead'

I turned round to talk to her and found that she was sitting on the bottom of the bed only inches from me. Because of the lack of space her legs were spread either side of me allowing me a full view up her naked thighs to her scantily covered pussy. I could easily see the contours her pussy lips formed and I sure could smell their aroma.

'What I'm going to do in bed tonight with no Tele' she whimpered.

'I'm sure we can think of something' I said simultaneously stroking the inside of her thigh. I stayed momentarily just above her knee giving her time to object. I was not expecting any protest and none came so I moved my hand further up her leg. Quickly my fingers arrived at her panties where I caressed the surrounding flesh before running a finger the length of her pussy. Linda let out a moan 'Mmm that's nice' she said.

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