Ali's Love

by Lisalynn_me

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ali's search for a lost love leads her on a journey into unexpected change.

© Copyright 2002

"Obey and feel pleasure..."

The young woman knelt with attentive obedience. Staring blanking into space, eyes void of any thoughts or emotions other than those they allowed her. Her mind wiped clean, sterilized of all past memories. Long gone unimportant, now replaced with new memories of obedience and servitude. Freshly implanted emotions and automatic response sewn deeply into her fertile mind.

"Whom gives you life?"

"My Emperoress."

"Whom are you allowed to serve?"

"My Emperoress."

"What is your name?"

Her mind swirled for an answer, which did not exist. As she struggled for a response tears slipped down her cheeks, emotions welling up inside her programmed mind. The feeling of being unable to perform as instructed completely foreign.

"You are unable to answer. Such thoughts are very painful in your mind. It is so hard for you to think. Hurts for you to think. Thinking makes you so tired, takes so much effort. Quit trying! listen and absorb the words, freeing you of the pain of thought. Obey and feel pleasure."

Salty tears stopped flowing and dried on the young woman's cheeks as tingling sensations began to appear in her mind. Her conditioned response, programmed deeply into the core of her mind, the center of all sensual feelings, her reward for obedience. Nothing else held any meaning. Nothing else filled her desires or thoughts or emotions. Her sole purpose to obey and feel pleasure. She would obey anything they asked of her. She was unable resist; unable to question anything they instructed her. Such thoughts had lost all meaning. Her being had been reduced to an object to be used by the others for the purposes of her Emperoress.

"Obey and feel pleasure."

Feeling a soft touch on the back of her neck, the tingling sensations electrified. Trembling quivers of pleasure flowed over her mind. Vibrations poured out over her body as she shook with such absorbing pleasure. Instinctively she gasped for breathe and moaned. The reward of her conditioning was always so pure, always so complete, always so addictive, forever craving.

"You need so badly to please our Emperoress don't you?"


"Correct you do. Obey and feel pleasure. Absorb these instructions. You will obey, you will please our Emperoress..."

Ali huddled by the window wrapped in her warm comforter. Gazing out into the steady rain. Days like this were particularly difficult. Thunderstorms were their favorites, holding each other as the sky came to life with the loud crack of thunder. Nature's energy amplified their love for each other. Such pure yet forbidden love. A bottomless void now dwelt within her. It had been six weeks since Tierra left, however the pain remained unbearable.

Ali tried to make sense of it, but it made no sense at all. One moment her life could not have been happier and the next in the depths of despair. Tierra simply did not come home one night. It was three days and a lifetime of worry when a note finally showed up in Ali's mailbox. There was no doubt it had been written with Tierra's hand. The note only asked that her belongings be sent to a post office box. Nothing else, no clue as to why, she did not even say goodbye.

"Ali dear, you are just going to have to let go."

Karsyn lovingly attempted to comfort her twin sister, although her words seemed to evaporate into thin air. Ali simply gazed out the window, her thoughts dreaming of happier times. The cute look on Tierra's face in slumber as Ali lightly stroked her hair. Sharing a cup of Hagen Das, the chocolate always so much sweeter as their tongues danced together. The eternal connection they felt for each other.

"It's late why don't you try and get some sleep?"

She worried for her sister and had come to stay with Ali for a few days. Just being there she hoped might be something.

"Why did she have to leave Karsyn?"

"I don't know, I don't know."

She held her sister as tears flowed. Ali slowly cried herself to sleep.

Ali's eyes squinted against the bright morning sunlight as she rolled over to escape back into slumber. Reaching out for Tierra her hand fell empty. Her eyes waking to the lost dream as she came back to consciousness. It might have been easy for her to simply surrender, to lose all hope. However Ali was not one to give up easily. As the days had past, some were better than others. Emotional waves flowed up and down. Sometimes the pain felt too great to bear. These deep feeling only strengthened her resolve to find the love Ali had lost.

"How did you sleep Ali?"

"Ok", she responded as she attempted to clear her voice from deep sleep. Ali pulled out the kitchen chair as she sat down at the table next to her sister.

"Ali, you just have to let the past be. I understand how much hurt you feel inside, but it's only going to get better when you learn to put her out of your mind and move on. I need my sister back, you know."

"Don't even go there Karsyn! I am going to find her, you don't understand, you never could, you've never approved!"

Karsyn wished she hadn't said what she had as Ali bolted from the room. She tried very hard to understand how her sister might fall in love with another woman. She worried that Ali would never let this go until it destroyed her.

The phone hardly began to ring when Ali grabbed it.

"Uh huh, oh my god! Oh god! Yes of course! Why did..." The phone clicked off. Ali immediately ran to her room to get dressed.

"What's going on? Where are you going?" Karsyn asked as her sister bounced around the house.

"She's back! I told you she would come back you didn't believe me! I knew she would come back!"


"Yes, she's back! And I have to go!"

"Well. What did she say?"

"She wants me to meet her at the coffee shop in half an hour. I knew she would come back! I knew it, I knew it!"

"Just like that? She disappears and then suddenly comes home? I don't know it sounds a little fishy to me. You had better let me come with you."

"No! You're not coming with me. You've caused me enough trouble already. You would only get in the way."

Karsyn felt as if a stake had been driven through her heart. All she tried to do was help. She loved her sister and only really wanted to see her happy. Ali did not really mean what she had said. It was a very selfish act as right now she only cared about herself. At times she could be that way, her tongue as sharp as a razor. Karsyn could not help but wonder if that was one of the reasons Tierra had left in the first place.

Ali nearly ran the few short blocks to the coffee shop. She eagerly waited on the sidewalk outside the front door, scuttering back and forth. Suddenly a car pulled up to the curb. The driver rolled down the window and called to Ali.

"Hi are you Ali? My name is Sitara. I have come to take you to Tierra. Please hop in."

"But I don't understand I thought Tierra would be here."

"She is anxiously waiting for you and I promise to take you there with haste."

Ali dismissed her better judgment and climbed into the car. She gripped the seat as the car sped away, she didn't mind, as she was anxious to get to Tierra as soon as possible.

"How is Tierra?"

"She is doing wonderfully. She has been so happy these past few weeks and is very anxious for you to join her."

Inside Ali wondered why Tierra had to go away to find happiness. She thought Tierra was completely happy with her, and yet now she was happier, but she wanted Ali to be with her. It would have seemed right if Tierra had been as miserable as she was. Ali felt very confused, as her emotions seemed to play with her mind. She settled down as the car pulled onto the highway.

"Where are we going?"

"It is quite a ways off. Just relax dear and we will be there before you know it."

Ali watched the barren landscape of the highway as it passed by. Her thoughts fully on her missed love. Anxious uneasiness filled her, wondering which emotions the next few hours might bring. She closed her eyes and brought forth the vivid picture in her mind, Tierra's warm loving smile. It always melted her heart, her own lips smiled at the vision. Her life with Tierra had been wonderful. It would be again, she was certain of that fact.

Riding in a car always seemed to make Ali sleepy. Perhaps from the time she was a baby and her mom used to drive her and Karsyn around to get them to go to sleep. As the car rumbled down the highway her eyes grew heavy, relaxed from steady motion. Eventually drifting off into deep sleep.

Fingers lightly gliding, tantalizing, arousing. Passionate energy flowing through their bodies, melting together in tighter and tighter embrace. Hearts pattering together in perfect rhythm. Swirling over and over, beads of perspiration dripping fueled from the fire of exquisite pleasure.

"Tierra... Tierra..."

Ali mouthed the barely audible words, as she was jolted from the dream when the car jerked to a stop. A few moments passed as her consciousness cleared. The dream felt so real as it always did. It appeared the car had come to rest in what was some sort of parking garage.

"Where are we? Tierra is here?"

"Oh good you are finally awake. You slept for quite awhile."

Ali was oblivious to the complete avoidance of the question. Rather she felt somewhat embarrassed. The roller coaster of emotions over several weeks had sapped her reserves. It seemed like a constant cycle of worry, hope, memories, sleep, over and over again. Now all those things would be something in the past, she would be reunited with Tierra in minutes.

Sitara opened Ali's door and reached for her hand.

"Come dear, we have a busy day ahead and Tierra is waiting."

Ali jumped from her seat, anxious to be together again with her love. Sitara pressed a series of buttons on a keypad and with a swoosh, the elevator doors opened. As the two women stepped inside the doors closed and the elevator started moving down automatically. A few seconds later it came to a stop as the doors opened. Fluorescent lights illuminated the white tile floor of a short corridor. Sitara's heals clicking as they quickly passed through.

"What is this place?"

"It is time for our meal, you must be hungry after such a long trip."

Ali was starting to become annoyed at the change of subject. The corridor came to an end at a bright red door. Sitara entered the code and the door opened into a large room. Dozens of women sat at rows of stainless tables quietly eating. Sitara invited Ali to sit at an empty seat towards the middle of one of the tables. Another woman placed a small bowl of rice and a wooden spoon in front of her, which seemed out of place in this sterile setting.

"First you must eat dear, we have much to do."

What did she mean? We have much to do? And where was Tierra? Ali felt confused and lost. Worry crept over her, something certainly was not right. She looked around the room at the other women. Most sat quietly eating; none seemed to be making a sound. Off in one corner, Sitara had joined another small group. Unlike the others, they appeared to be chatting. Obviously they were the hosts for this little party. Ali scanned the room for Tierra, but could not find her familiar face.

She did feel rumblings of hunger and decided to take a bite of rice. The rice was bland and sticky; it was all she could do to swallow. Looking for a drink of water or anything she nudged the woman next to her.

"Hey, is there anything to drink?"

"Quiet don't let them hear us talking."

"Ok well, what's the big secret?"

"You have got to get out of here before it is too late."

"I don't understand, I've come to meet someone, I am not planning on staying very long."

"As far as I can tell, everyone here has come to meet someone close to them. It's only bait, and then they get inside your mind. Look around you, look at the faces blank empty stares."

Ali felt a chill run down her spine. Was this truly some sort of trap? They weren't going to get inside her mind. She needed to find Tierra and get out of this place.

"Listen, my name is Tammy by the way, I think I know of a way to get out of here. I saw them punch in the numbers to open the door. Come with me and save yourself."

"I'm Ali. Tammy I am not leaving without my love, Tierra. I have to find her then we will both leave with you."

"We don't have time for that, we need to get out right away before it's too late."

"Please, you have to give me a chance to find her and then we can go."

"Ok, at next meal time. Sit next to me and follow my lead. Hopefully you have found Tierra by then. Regardless we need to make our run then or never."

"Thanks Tammy. Thank you so much for your help. I will find Tierra, if it's the last thing I do."

Ali tried to choke down a few more small spoonfuls of rice. Her mind rushed, she had to find Tierra. What kind of people were they? She was much too headstrong for anyone to do anything to her mind. Feelings of anger started to build within her as she thought of what perhaps they had done to Tierra. Her voice certainly didn't sound brainwashed or anything like that when she called. Then she remembered the brevity of the call and panic filled her veins. How dare they? Just then Sitara stepped up behind her.

"Did you enjoy your meal?"

"Oh yes it was lovely. Now when are you going to take me to Tierra?"

"Now dear. Please come with me."

Ali rose from her seat to follow Sitara. They walked to door at the opposite end of the room. Sitara punched the code and allowed Ali to exit. Into another corridor several door lined each side. Sitara walked to the fourth door on the left side and opened it. Ali noticed this door did not have a security lock. The door revealed a small room, actually more of a closet than a room.

"What is this?"

"We will be taking you to see Tierra soon, but I thought first you would enjoy a cleansing ritual," as Sitara pulled Ali towards the door.

"Cleansing ritual? What the hell is going on here?"

Ali shoved Sitara out of the way and ran to end of the corridor, beating on the door and screaming for someone to let her out. Suddenly the door opened. Instantly she was grabbed by both arms and unable to move. Their grip was too strong for her to resist. Their motions were firm but somehow gentle as they guided her towards one to the doors on the right side of the corridor. This room was small but larger than the other. As her arms were released she instinctively ran for safety and cowered in a corner. Sitara appeared in the doorway.

"Rest for awhile dear, it has been a long day. I am sure that you will feel better after you have had some rest."

The door was then closed and Ali found herself in complete darkness. She couldn't even see her hand as she held it in front of her face. For what seemed like hours she sat motionless in the corner. Her mind raced determined to find a way out. She had been violated, taken against her will, however her blood boiled when she thought about what kinds of evil things they might have done to Tierra.

Slowly she began to feel her way around the room, creeping along the walls searching for the door. The walls felt cold to touch and without features, she stubbed her finger as she unknowingly reached a corner. Inching her way forward she felt something protrude from the wall. As she placed her hands over the object she felt she recognized it as a handle. Ali felt a sense of relief assuming she had discovered the door. Her ear pressed to the wall, listening for anyone making a sound outside. She heard nothing and waited for the confidence to make a move. Just as she felt the time was right, Ali felt the handle jerk.

"Hello dear, I trust you had an opportunity to rest well."

Ali's eyes struggled to adjust to the bright light penetrating the dark room. Sitara's silhouette stood in the doorway. Ali's first instinct was a sarcastic remark, however she caught herself. Remembering Tierra, if she was ever going to find her perhaps it might be best for Ali to be just a little more agreeable. Not too agreeable though, there was no way she was going for that 'cleansing ritual'. Much to her relief it appeared Sitara had other ideas.

"Come now, it is time for your meal," as she took Ali by the hand and helped her to stand.

Perfect Ali thought, maybe this time she would find Tierra and Tammy would help them all escape. They walked the few short steps to the bright red door, which led to the dining room. As Sitara opened the door, Ali quickly surveyed the room for her love. She noticed only one familiar face and took the empty seat next to Tammy.

"Tammy I am so happy to see you again," Ali whispered being careful not to be overheard.

"Tammy I haven't found Tierra yet, they kept me locked up all night. Tammy?"

Tammy did not respond, she simply sat quietly eating her sticky rice. Ali reached out and grabbed Tammy's arm. Tammy's head slowly turned, Ali's heart sank as their eyes met. An empty blank stare, it was as if something had sucked the spirit out of her and left an empty shell.

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