Jen's Plan

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young lady expands her sexual knowledge by seducing a mature, more experienced neighbor. This was written at the request of a friend, using her as the heroine.

The Plot

It was early Sunday evening and they were making love when the subject first came up. He was lying in the bed on his back, smiling up at her. She was sitting astride his loins, her hands on his chest, his phallus firmly implanted in her vagina and she was slowly sliding back and forth, raising a little on the forward stroke and rubbing his penis hard against her clitoris as she slid back.

Jen had her head tilted back, her eyes closed and was really talking to herself when she mumbled with a sigh, "Oh, God, that feels so good! I could do this forever."

Dave was beginning to squirm. "It won't be forever, I am going to blow my wad in just a couple of minutes."

"Oh, please try to hold off, I am not ready yet and I want to cum with you."

"Slide up my chest and let me put my tongue in you. You like that and it always seems to do it for you."

So she did. With her sitting on his face, he was able to take the little piece of her flesh that gave her so much pleasure between his lips and massage it with his tomgue. Alternating between sucking on her clit and plunging his tongue deep into her pussy, she on the verge of orgasm in just moments.

Her voice was almost inaudible as she mouthed the words, "Oh, oh, oh now oh, my God, I am going to cum." The words "Now, now, now" slowly built in intensity until she was almost shouting. With her urging, Dave doubled his efforts; his mouth doing to her what his cock ached to do, bringing her to the very pinnacle of ecstasy.

With a final cry, she flooded his face with her juices and surrendered limply to the feeling of euphoric bliss that comes with a complete, mind blowing, orgasm.

Remembering her duty to Dave, she slowly resumed her position on his hips with his erect meat occupying the place recently vacated by his tongue. By sliding up and down and clinching the muscles of her pussy she happily brought him to the fulfillment of their tryst in just moments. She reveled in her ability to repay him for the pleasure he had given her. The fantastic feeling of his hot seed, shooting, pulse after pulse, deep inside her, was an added bonus.

She was laying in his arms, enjoying the afterglow of sex when she whispered in his ear, "Thank you Dave. You are the greatest."

"How do you know? You never did it with anyone but me. You were a virgin when we met and don't have anyone to measure me against."

She mused on this for a moment and then said, "You are right. I have often wondered what it would be like to do it with another man, have his cock sliding in and out between my legs." She was almost mesmerized by this thought and appeared to be daydreaming. Suddenly she came to her senses and asked,

"Would that make you jealous?"

"I don't think so if it was done the right way, with someone we both chose and there was nothing more to it. In fact, it's kind of exciting. Do you want to try that?"

"I think I might like to experience how a different man might do it."

Dave smiled a little and said, "OK but we should find someone we agree on and have you seduce him. It should be someone older, more experienced, but someone that would not be a threat to our marriage."

Jen was absently playing with Dave's flaccid cock as she said, "I think I know just the man. Mr. Sheer, our new neighbor. I don't think you've met him yet. He just moved in next door a week or so ago. He is older and very nice and I know he likes me because we talk every time I go out in the garden. I think he is an American, retired or something. He lives alone and doesn't go out much." Noticing that she once again had her lover's attention, she bobbed her head and took his proud member in her mouth. "MMMMMM. You taste good."

Dave wanted to add something to Jens plan of seduction but right now, the only thing that occupied his mind was the feeling of his dick slipping in and out of Jen's mouth and his hand fondling the lips of her pussy. Jen, on the other hand, couldn't help but wonder what Mr. Sheer's cock would taste like or how it would feel to have him fingering or sticking his tongue her cunt.

Later that night Dave slept the deep, dreamless sleep brought on by his sexual rapture while Jen had visions of naked couples fucking, one of which was she and Mr. Sheer.

The Plot Thickens

The next afternoon, the moment she got home from work, Jen put her plan to seduce Mr. Sheer into motion. She changed into very tight fitting shorts and a loose, low cut, semi-sheer blouse that, without a bra, showed off her perky breasts to advantage. Before going outside, she took a quick look in the mirror and liked what she saw. At thirty-two years of age, Jen was an extremely attractive woman. Her long, light brown hair was the perfect frame for her beautiful face with the strikingly hazel eyes. Her breasts, although not large, were in perfect proportion to her body. The soft, smooth contours of her arms and legs were only enhanced by the creaminess of her unblemished skin.

She thought to herself as she headed out to the garden, "Well, lets see if Mr. Sheer thinks I am as sexy as I feel."

Although it was past 5 o'clock and the warm July sun was pleasant on her skin. She had only been puttering among the roses a few minutes when she saw him coming down the modest lawn area on his side of the little wall that separated their property.

"Well, time to take the bull by the pecker, so to speak," she thought to her self as she straightened up and waved to him. "Hello, Mr. Sheer, how are you this beautiful afternoon?"

"Oh, hi Jen, I didn't see you out here," he lied. From his window he had seen her come into the garden. He had quickly combed his hair, splashed on some aftershave and put on a clean shirt before coming outside to greet her. "What are you up to this lovely day."

Before she answered, Jen took stock of her prospective sexual partner. He was a big, handsome, muscular man, perhaps over six feet tall and very close to 200 pounds. His salt and pepper hair offered a nice contrast against his evenly tanned skin, but his most outstanding feature was probably his huge hands, almost like bear paws. He had an easy smile and a distinctive American accent but presented somewhat of an enigma, using both British and American phrases and expressions interchangeably.

She broke her daydream and said, "I was just tending the roses. If you don't remove the dead flower heads, it inhibits their blooming." She leaned over to snip off an old flower pod. This was a very purposeful move, designed to let her blouse fall open a little, more than enough for him to get a good view of her breasts. The thought that he was looking caused her nipples harden, making them very evident and even more appealing through the Jersey-like fabric.

When she looked up, she almost laughed out loud. He was just standing there; his mouth was open and beads of perspiration had broken out on his upper lip. She bent over again to pinch another flower bud, but this time away from him so that he had an excellent view of her nicely rounded bottom. As she worked, she peeked between her legs and saw his big paw rubbing a swelling in his crouch.

She straightened up and turned around only to find he had moved a little to place a small bush between them, blocking her view of his embarrassing swelling. "By the way Mr. Sheer, Dave and I wanted to invite you to supper next Friday, sort of a welcome to our neighborhood."

"Why, I would be delighted. I would like very much to meet your husband and I want you to call me by my given name, Edward or even better Ed."

"Very good Mr. - ah - Ed. So we will expect you Friday about 7. I hope you like lamb. Please dress casually. Dave wears a coat and tie all day and likes to be a little less formal in the evening." Now that the deed was set, Jen had a tingling in her body that she couldn't explain.

They chatted for a while longer and she found that he was 50 years old, retired from the oil business and had recently taken up writing. He was in Manchester doing some genealogical research on his family tree. Although he was an American from Texas, his mother had been British, a war bride from this area. He was researching his family tree and wanted to find if he had any relatives here.

Ed was disappointed when Jen excused herself and started back to her back door. Ed just stood there, reflecting on his good luck to move next door to this gorgeous nymph and watching the exaggerated roll of her beautiful ass as she walked.

By the time Jen went back into the house, the tingling in her body had changed to outright lust. Her pussy was so wet that it felt like her juice was going to run down her leg. When Dave walked in the door a moment later, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, a long slow wet kiss that left nothing to the imagination. She took one hand and slid it inside his trousers to find that the kiss had done its trick and his cock was already beginning to grow.

Jen pushed him back against the wall, fell to her knees, dropped his pants and swallowed his cock right there in the lounge. Dave never had a chance! He just stood there with his pants around his ankles and let it happen. When she was sure he was at his prime, she quickly stepped out of her shorts, turned her back and, on her hands and knees, presented her ass to him. With childlike obedience, he fell to his knees and stuck his rigid pole into her welcoming pussy.

In and out he drove, each thrust harder and deeper than the last. Jen could feel his balls slapping her ass with each stroke. Lick for lick she matched him, pushing back against him with each stroke. She was having orgasm after orgasm and wanted desperately for her lover to experience the ecstasy she was enjoying.

His words came out between breaths as if he was panting, "Oh - my -- God - Jen -- I - am -- cumming!" With a final grunt she felt his jitsm unload into her hot box.

They both collapsed on the carpet in the lounge, Jen was nude from the waist down while Dave, still in his coat and tie had with his pants tangled around his feet. He was still gasping when he said, "God Jen, what brought that on? You have always liked to fuck but that was the best."

She told him about her meeting with Ed Sheer and her invitation to him. By the time they finished the planning for the visit they were so horny they had to have another go at each other.

For the rest of the week, they spent every spare moment preparing for Ed Sheers visit and ultimate seduction. Jen couldn't help but wonder if Ed had any idea of the plans they had for him and if he did, was he anticipating it as much as she and Dave were. She fantasized about him, huge cock in hand, masturbating as he looked out of his window and watched her in the garden.

The Seduction

The awaited Friday night finally arrived. Jen was able to get off early and spent the extra time cleaning the house and generally getting ready for "The Seduction." The meal, a beautiful leg of lamb with roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots was simmering in the oven and Jen was preparing the main course, herself. With practiced care, she took a leisurely bath using scented oils, creamed her skin, shaved her under her arms, her legs and with a "what the hell, why not" attitude, shaved her pussy. She spent an agonizing few minutes deciding what to wear. She would have preferred a sexy mini skirt that showed her shapely legs but finally settled on a loose fitting caftan with no underwear. She rationalized that knickers might get in the way.

It was well after six when Dave got home and she sent him off to bathe and get ready.

It was dead on seven when the front door bell rang. "Hi, come in and welcome to our home. David will be out to greet you in just a second."

Ed presented the package he was holding. "Thank you, I hope you don't mind, but I found an excellent Bordeaux that should go well with lamb. He had taken Jen at her word and was dressed casually in khaki pants and a matching, multi pocketed, safari type jacket with a white, silk, ascot.

Dave joined them just as Jen turned to put the wine in the kitchen and she made the introductions. The dinner that followed was excellent and punctuated by small talk, about mostly about Dave's automobile business and Ed's involvement in the oil industry

At some point, just before dessert, Dave said, "I'm sorry but I must leave you two to your own devices. I promised a client I would meet him this evening to demonstrate an auto he is interested in. It should take me about two hours or so. I hope you don't have to leave before I get back."

Dave left and Jen was surprised when Ed joined her in clearing the table. "Have another glass of wine and go into the lounge and get comfortable, I will leaving the washing up till later."

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