A Crude Business

by James Anderton

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Interracial, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Power Corrupts ...and absolute power...... When a bunch of students create a business plan to rule the world, no-one could predict the outcome. Their Tutor supplies the drive, they provide everything else

An Entertainment in several parts by James Anderton

© 2002

This story results from suggestions from correspondents that I add more chapters to my earlier story "The Ambassador's Wife". As the idea grew, I decided to incorporate characters from "Vengeance" another of my previous works.

I decided to use a long established literary device used by thriller writers for centuries?, pioneered (on the internet, at least) by Parker and others in their "Bankok Slaver" Stories, by writing a series of linked stories, rather than a lengthy novel. "A Crude Business" can be considered the scene setter for the series, to be known as the "POWER BROKER" stories.

A Crude Business - A Power Broker Story

Prologue: Autumn 1987 - England

Smoke drifted lazily into the air from the end of Gerald Knebworthy's huge Cigar. Before him, a select group of his brightest students, all mellowed by several glasses of good brandy, eager to share with him the conclusions of their private project. It had started as a post-grad joke, three years ago- "Write a business plan to create an organisation which will be the most powerful organisation in the world within 30 years".

Paul Hegarty rose to his feet.

"As Managing Director Designate", he started with a big grin, "I will introduce you to The GODS Corporation,

Global Organisation for the Destruction of Society, bringer of pestilence to the world's major powers".

His audience chuckled, as he launched into his presentation.

"First, what sort of enterprise? Political?, Industrial?, Financial?...".

Knebworthy sat forward in his seat. The guys had delivered...

"... only criminal certain enough,...need a real business plan..."

Knebworthy's mouth fell open. The plan being proposed was exactly the proposition he had come up with, but in a level of detail he had only dreamed about.

"...need seed capital, Rashchid's father could... operating cash from drugs? prostitution?..."

Knebworthy smiled to himself. This was going to work if they all bought into it.

"...all-pervasive power is essential... political... financial... violence... coercion..."

"What about the competition? You don't think people like the Mafia will just let you take over their path do you?" Knebworthy smiled to himself. Typical of Dan Hegarty to put his brother on the spot.

"No, of course not bro. We need new suppliers, new customers, niches, like these..."

Two hours later, Knebworthy, the newly elected CEO of GODS inc. dismissed his board and set them loose on the world.

Cape Town - South Africa 1988

The sun was going down. As it settled slowly against the horizon, two of the three girls sitting on the veranda got up to go. All three of them had been invited to the party, but Mathilde Steenburg didn't want to go. Sharp as a tack, Mathilde had excelled at her studies, graduating in chemistry at the top of her year, but she was still deeply unhappy. She looked across at her friends, blonde, lithe, good looking, laughing joyously about life and inwardly cringed. Mathilde knew she was plain. Not ugly, but always last to be asked to dance, avoided by the good looking young men to whom she was attracted. No, she did not want to sit by herself through another party. Her friend Judy came back to her and pulled at her arm.

"You have to come, Mattie, you need to be seen if you are want that grant for next year."

Mattie knew she was right. Jobs were impossible to come by, even for someone as talented as her. Growing strain within the government, and terror attacks from a few of the black majority were rapidly eroding the White economy. However dissilusioned she might be, she needed the research grant to keep her going until things improved, and good networking was essential. She got up and headed off to get dressed for the occasion.

Professor Wyatt always threw a good party, and as soon as they arrived it became clear that this would be no exception. Unusually, he was a defier of conventions. Black faces mingled with the white. Not many, it was true, but it was still illegal to mix in the wrong areas, and only brave blacks were prepared to run the risk in their search for a multicultural social life. The lights were low, and a disco unit created swirling patterns of colour against a background of throbbing music.

Within minutes Judy and Alice had been whisked off to join the throng of dancers, and as usual Mathilde found herself leaning against a wall, glass in hand, people watching. Time was hanging heavy as people got on with their socialising. If Mathilde had been on her own, she would just have left, but that wasn't an option. Suddenly, things took on a different complexion. Professor Wyatt sauntered across the room with the most stunning man Mathilde had ever seen. He was gorgeous. Tall, slim, but with a body rippling beneath his smartly casual shirt, and with a skin deep coffee coloured giving him the air of a well-to-do, confident businessman.

"Mattie, may I introduce you to Patrick." "He's an English writer, doing a book on our scientific education establishments."

"Pleased to meet you, Mattie." The voice was soft, deep, and welcoming. Mattie responded warmly, as the conversation flowed freely. His questions about her life at university slowly changed focus, becoming more personal as the evening wore on. Time seemed to stand still as their relationship deepened unbelievably quickly. Mattie knew she was falling for him. She wrestled with her feelings. Relationships with blacks was forbidden, but she was having difficulty recognising his colour. All she could perceive was the interest in his eyes and the soft seductive tones of his voice. At the critical point in her deliberations he made his move. He raised his hand, and with the lightest touch, stroked her cheek with the back of his knuckles. She nearly fainted at the unexpected delicacy of his touch.

"Please," he murmured "follow me."

As if in a trance, she simply followed, up the stairs, and into a small bedroom at the end of a short corridor. He held her gently in his arms and explained that the next day he had to return to London. The surge of disappointment she felt was quelled by the simple expedient of a kiss. She melted. She yielded her mouth to his, as his tongue probed gently, but insistently around her lips. As he lay her gently back on the bed, he stealthily undid the middle of her button-front dress. She felt the cool press of his hand on the flesh of her waist as his lips moved slowly across her cheek, and down into the crook of her neck.

His hand moved slowly upward, initially cupping her breast through her underwear, then sliding her straps off her shoulder to free her soft skin to his touch. She was losing control now, this was a new experience for her, and the feelings she experienced as his lips gently sucked on her nipple were almost too pleasureable to bear. She had always had her defences planned - don't let him get his hand between your knees, keep his groping to the outside of the thigh - but nothing had prepared her for this.

She felt his lips move down over her stomach, sending little tickling feelings scattering all over her midriff. She didn't even notice his hand slide under the waistband of her knickers, but as his hand continued it's exploration there was no escape from the intense pleasure triggered by the touch of his finger on her clitoris.

Responding to his encouragement, she lifted her hips to allow him to remove her knickers. As he did so,

his lips dropped to her groin and he began to slowly lap at her pussy. Her head back, rocking gently

side-to-side, she struggled for breath. Her whole body seemed to be twitching with desires she had never felt before. Her cunt flushed with the juices of passion, as her legs fell open, inviting him to move on. He moved off her. She clutched deperately trying to pull his head back to her fanny, but he had other things in mind. Sliding his trousers down below his knees, he freed up his dick. Long and thick, he was inordinately proud of it, silently thankful that Mattie would feel it before she saw it. As his lips returned to her neck, he thrust. Gently, but in one smooth stroke, his dick swept into her well lubricated cunt, taking her breath away.

It filled her, she gasped with the shock at it's size, but immediately began to grind her hips against his groin, making every effort to maintain contact between his dick and the centre of her pleasure. Rapidly the heat built, she began to chew on her bottom lip as her head now thrashed from side to side. Her cry of wonder, when it came, must have been heard in Bulawayo. She screamed with pleasure, right into Patrick's ear, as her legs tightened around his waist and her feet drummed uncontrollably on his buttocks. Mathilde had discovered sex.

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