Carree Loves Billy: After the Loving
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story is about the weeks following Carree and Bills sexual awakening; How they dealt with their friends, and new sexual horizons.

Monday morning I woke as a new and different person as the one who went to classes on Friday. Saturday and Sunday had totally changed my life as a woman and as a lover. I also had changed my own parents' perspective of me as their daughter. They knew that I was in love with Bill and he with me. They also understood, somewhat reluctantly, that he and I were totally committed to each other and planned to live our lives as a couple. I knew that I had committed my body, and it pleasures, to Bill, and his to mine. The only pleasure and commitment that would go un-acted on was true sexual intercourse. That was a promise we made to each other, to fulfill to each other, when the time was right, when we were married and in a position to handle the possible result of that union, pregnancy.

I stood at the mirror doing a deep clean on my face when I paused. I looked at the lips on my face, my mouth. Just a few hours earlier they had given my lover great pleasure. I had taken his seed into my mouth and tasted his very being, his gift of life. We had made love with our mouths to each other, had satisfied our great curiosities of each other's sexual beings.

I was surprised I was being so philosophical about all that had happened. I think there was a fear that I might feel cheap, but instead I felt the beauty of it. My decision to show Bill how I satisfied myself, after his unfulfilled necking sessions with me, was a good one. I left no doubt in his mind how I felt towards him. His fear of my rejection had now waned and he opened up to show me his fantasies of how he wanted to love me. I lost count of the orgasms he had given me, how he had brought me to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, and how satisfied and happy he had made me. I was so happy with everything that being in love could bring, and our sexual passions had only been tweaked at, the surface just scratched. We had so much more to look forward to.

How could I, at a few days shy of starting my eighteenth year, feel so sure and secure in the love of the rest of my life?

Those questions went unanswered as my perusal of life came to an abrupt halt with a banging on the bathroom door.

"Carree, I'm so sorry, pumpkin, but I have to get back in there,"

my Dad bellowed. "I know I used up most of the hot water already on you, but nature is screaming at me and I need that room back."

My Dad was, as my Mom categorized, like a teenage girl, in the shower. He would be under the hot water for 20-25 minutes, leaving a lukewarm reception for the next user, unless you could wait a half hour for the tank to refill and reheat. I was about 20 minutes into that half hour wait when he banged on the door.

"Daddy," I pleaded, "Can't you do that stuff while you're in here in the first place? Leave the fan on and spray."

I still had 45 minutes to shower and dry my hair, get dressed and eat a little breakfast before Bill picked me up for school. My Mom had called me downstairs when she heard my plight.

"Carree, I just poured your coffee and juice, why don't you eat now and save time later," she said from the foyer. I was already on my way down in my robe before she finished the sentence.

I turned into the kitchen and saw my juice, coffee, and a fruit salad with granola waiting for me. Mom sat down with me and started the conversation right away.

"I hate to say this, but you and Bill seem like a real good couple, Carree. While we sat and talked with the two of you last night I found it hard to believe that you were that mature. I can see where Bill is very special to you. You are both very comfortable with each other and act like an old couple. Just remember that you are both young and your views and personalities change, don't take each other for granted. Learn to grow with each other. My God, I'm talking to my 17 year old daughter like she's 25," my Mom rambled.

I was surprised at her candor and was proud that her attitude had changed about us. I wanted her to take us at face value, not as her little girl with a boy, and she had done that.

"Mom, I know things change and don't always turn out like we plan. But I know I'm only 17, and in spite of that, I never felt so right about anything. He just seems so natural for me. Our hearts beat as one sometimes. He makes me feel,... special." I said. As the words left my lips I know I blushed and I know my Mom saw it.

"Just remember not to mistake sex for love, honey, and what you told me about staying out of trouble, you know,... that way,"

my Mom said uncomfortably.

I reached out and touched her hand and told her not to worry, that as much as I loved Bill, I was still taking one day at a time, in many ways. I didn't broach the "virginity" issue. If she needed more assurance after our little spat yesterday, I wasn't going to satisfy her anyway.

Dad came in the kitchen as we finished our little talk.

"Give it a few minutes Carree and it should be safe and you will have enough hot water. Sorry to hold you up," he apologized and continued. "Your mother and I are happy with Bill as your boyfriend. I hope you know that 17 is pretty young to say you've made as big of a decision as knowing who you want to live your life with. But, I really like him. He really adores you, pumpkin.

He made me a little jealous, yesterday."

"I'm really glad you both like him," I said. "But, you do know that this is the same Bill I have been seeing since eighth grade.

You act like you never met him before."

" I KNOW that," my Mom said. " He just seems so grown up now, and he was always so shy and quiet when we were around. He really has opened up. He's lost that little boy aura about him, like he's been awakened to the world."

After my Mom made that statement, she paused and then I saw her blush and look at me. As soon as she made eye contact she got up to refill her coffee cup. I took that as a cue to get to the shower. My 45-minute window was closed to 35 and I might have to hurry a little now. I couldn't help but chuckle a little, to myself, as my Mom realized what it might be that erased the little boy aura from Bill.

As I hit the top of the stairs I heard my Mom yell one more time.

"Darn it all Carree, Megan Parker called for you 3 times yesterday and wanted you to get back to her. I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you yesterday."

Damn, I thought to myself. I was supposed to call her "no matter how late" on Saturday night when I got home. My duties as best friend had been shunned. During my shower I beat myself up for not calling her when she really needed someone. I had no excuse, except that I had just swallowed my lovers cum for the first time. I was so satiated and in the free fall of love at the time, even the best of friends were forgotten in that special moment.

As I switched my hairdryer off I heard my Mom speaking to someone downstairs. My Dad had left for work during my shower, I had seen his car go down the drive, and so I wondered whom it could be.

One more pause to listen told me it was Bill. He normally just blew the horn and waited.

My Mom was in the foyer as I came out of the bathroom. "Carree, Bill is here. He beeped, but you couldn't hear over your dryer.

You have 5 minutes; it's only 10 after. He was early. We're having coffee."

Oh my God, I thought to myself. Bill having coffee with my Mom!

Maybe he's telling her now good her daughter is at oral sex.

Ummmmmm, Well, maybe not. The 2 of them getting along to this extent, and my Mom feeling comfortable enough to call him in, only encouraged me more that my parents approval of Bill was real.

I came downstairs with my coat already on and my books in tow. I kissed Bill hello and my Mom goodbye as he finished his coffee and stood up when I came into the room.

"Good morning Carree," Bill said, "I guess I was a little early.

I must be anxious because this is a short week."

"Short week?" my Mom asked"

"Regular classes today and tomorrow, Mass and assembly on Wednesday with early dismissal for Thanksgiving," I explained.

With that we were out the door and on our way. We made small talk on the way to school as I sat and watched Bills face in my infatuation of the state of our relationship. The fact that neither he nor I, were bubbling about sex, told me that we were comfortable with all that happened, and it had fallen into place in our lives without being awkward. We were right in what we did.

Although I was mad at myself for forgetting my best friend, when she needed me, I was pretty happy with life right now. My first chore of the day was to seek out Megan.

Bill let me off and we kissed goodbye, and as I pulled away I had to go back for another smooch with a little tongue. He grinned and said, "I love you, YOU made my life this weekend."

I kissed him back one more time and said "Goodbye lover, it can only get better," as I squeezed his thigh and ran into the main door. I didn't want to go all the way to the parking lot and walk back in the cold.

I had enough time to get to Meg's homeroom before the first bell, but as I went by Heidi Stewart's office I heard my name called.

It was Heidi and I really wanted to make like I hadn't heard her so I could find Meg, but she called again.

"Carree,... Carree Kasc!! I have a message for you from Megan Parker." Heidi hollered over the din of the busy hallway.

I stopped in my tracks and fought off the rushing students to backtrack to Heidi's open door.

"Come in and close the door so you can hear," Heidi said as I came back and looked in around the rush of passing students.

I went in and closed the door and Heidi said, "Megan just called in late for first period, but wanted you to give her a call this morning. She has study halls and gym until lunch and won't be in until after lunch period. She's not feeling well. Sounds like, you know, THAT time."

"Oh yeah", I exclaimed, "We have the same rotation today. I can call her after theology. Thanks Heidi err, Ms Stewart," I said as I turned to the door.

"Carree, I have to go home to wait for a furniture delivery at 9:30. Do you want to go with me and stop at Megan's? She sounded pretty upset. I can mark you excused from gym, as long as you don't have too many X's. I'll put you down the same as Megan. I mark them as "cycle", and then there are no questions. Never ever tell anyone about me doing this, though. I know how upset Meg is and she really wants to talk to you."

"I don't have any X's in gym, Ms Stewart. I was supposed to call Meg on Saturday night, and then I was out all day yesterday and my Mom forgot to tell me she called until this morning."

Heidi scribbled out a pass to leave my second period study hall and gave it to me, saying "Meet me right here at 9:15, and remember, not a word. It's really no big deal, but... you know. OK?"

"I'll see you then Ms. Stewart," I said as I left and headed to homeroom.

Heidi Stewart pulled up in front of her house just as the furniture truck was getting there.

"I was going to walk you over to Parkers, Care, but I have to let the men in. I have a path shoveled to the gate on the back fence.

Just go through and knock on Meg's back door. I never got a chance to call her and say you were coming, but I'm sure she will be glad to see you," Heidi said, as she gave me the bums rush.

I knocked on Parkers back door on the patio and when Megan came to answer it I hardly recognized her.

"Oh my God Megan, did Jimmy do that to you?" I was astonished at how red and blotchy her face was and appeared to have a black eye.

"No, No, the son of a bitch broke my heart, but he didn't lay a hand on me. I would have handed him his balls if he did. I've been crying and I tried some eye drops and my eyes had a reaction. Then, I rubbed my right eye so much; I may end up with a shiner. (She started crying again) Look at me! I am such a fuckin' mess. And YOU, you son of a bitch, some kind of best friend you are. I'm hoarse from screaming at my phone to ring, waiting for your call!!"

I reached out and hugged Megan and apologized and explained about not getting her messages, and calling after 2:00 a.m. on Saturday seemed unreasonable. She seemed to understand, but she was still a basket-case.

I put my arm around her and walked her to the living room and sat her down and asked her if she ate yet. She hadn't and I went out and made coffee and put on some hot water for instant oatmeal I saw on the counter. All the while we talked in raised voices from kitchen to living room. I told her how Heidi got me out of school and found me this morning, just small talk until we could talk eye to eye. Speaking of that eye, I went to the bathroom and found an ice bag for her eye. In about 7 minutes flat, I had some coffee, hot oatmeal and an ice bag on a tray going into the living room.

"Oh Care, how could I have been mad at you. You're here like a Florence Nightingale to help me." Megan said as she touched my arm.

"Sit back and let me get the ice bag started while your coffee and cereal cools, Now, I know it's cold, but that eye needs it.

Grin and bear it you little bitch, for calling me names," I said kidding her. I knew she was pissed when I didn't call and probably called me every name in the book.

She put her head back and said "If you only knew... Owww, THAT'S COLD, you son of a bitch. Ooops there I go again."

"No shit Megan, what did you think ICE would be?" I said.

"Just lie back and bear it for a minute or two. Shut your gutter mouth and calm down and listen to me for a minute. Umm, Bill and I have been pretty sexy the last couple days. We are like this amazing couple right now. I'm not saying this to make you jealous or anything, just be happy for me Meg. God, I love him so damn much, and we really got, oh I don't know what you call it, sexy, like I said."

"You didn't do it, did you?" Megan asked cautiously.

"NO, of course not," I said "but we sure were into each other, Meg. He is just the best guy there could ever be. I can't tell you how much I love him. He is so special. But, enough about me, take a deep breath and spill your guts about Jimmy."

Meg sat up and took her coffee and sipped a couple swallows and laid back and put the ice back on her eye, and began to talk.

"Well, it didn't go how I wanted it to, but I ended it MY way not his. He came over to pick me up and I wouldn't go with him. I insisted he come in and we hash things out at my house. My parents were over at Heidi's for cards. I sat him right here on the sofa and told him how much I really cared for him, that I thought I loved him, that he was real special to me. Although I was only a sophomore, he was a senior and we had to prepare for spending long periods of time apart. I told him I wanted to share special moments with him, you know, personal sexual things that tie the binds of people who love each other and want to express it. But, I let him know that I was not prepared to have intercourse with him on any basis. We had done it before but now I had changed my feelings about it. It didn't mean I cared for him any less, and it didn't mean that I was going to hold sexual intercourse as ransom for the promise of rings, trips, you know, all that baloney. I didn't want to trade a roll in the hay for a nice time.

He sat there with this long face on and I held his face in my hands and looked him square in the eye and told him, If there were no risk of getting pregnant, I would fuck him everyday and twice on any he wanted. I loved sex. I enjoyed sex. But it was only with him. Although we had only done it twice and each time I was afraid and had reservations, I loved it. But, it wasn't the fucking, it was making love to HIM.

To pack up with his friends and go away for a weekend to screw in a tent in the woods, or in a cabin, or any other arrangement, seemed cheap, and not something that people in love would do. If he said he wanted to take me and make love to me in front of his friends to show them how much he loved me, it would be one thing, not that I would do that.

I asked him if his friends ever screwed around with their other friends' dates, and he said, "not usually". That wasn't a NO, Carree!. I told him I was hurt that he wanted to treat me that way.

Here, I want to be something special and give of myself, and he wants to go to something like an orgy, where I might get shared.

I thought I was his girlfriend, not his conquest or contribution to a pot luck supper!

Then I set myself up for the big hurt.

I asked him if he ever had any kind of sex, even just necking, with any other girl, besides me, since we started dating.

He never hesitated and said NO. Just the way I asked him and the way he answered, I knew he was not lying.

Then I asked him if would turn down an offer of sex from another girl when he went away to school.

Again he answered NO right away and said he wouldn't do anything with anyone if he and I committed to each other.

But then he told me, the only commitment he would accept was, regular intercourse, fucking. He said if I liked doing it, and I felt about him as strong as he felt about me, it shouldn't be a problem.

If we had regular sex, he wouldn't go away with his senior buddy's and their little whores."

"Carree, if he said he loved me so much that he would honor his commitment to me when he went away, and he had never cheated on me at all, why did I have to screw him to prove anything to him?

He said that if I really loved him I would want to do it all the time. I was crying, and he felt bad that he made me cry and I went to get a tissue. When I came back I had a box with most of the stuff he had given me, things that I considered tokens on love. This was to be MY power play.

I told him that I enjoyed the time we had spent together, and had no regrets that I gave him my virginity. At the time it was right, and that was all that mattered," Megan rambled on, holding back tears.

"He got real pissed off and wanted to know what the big deal about sex was. All his friends did it all the time, BUT I wanted to make it seem like we were the only couple that ever snuck away and did it for the first time.

I told him that giving my body to another human being was a big deal and I was willing to do lots of stuff with him to express my love, but not that, not now.

That should be held in a special place because of the consequences of pregnancy and what it could do to the rest of our lives. I told him I only had one life and I wanted to live it in a way I would be happy, and I thought he was the one I wanted to share it with.

Then he got pissed and took the box of things and said I would never see it again, he would bury it.

He said to not call him anymore; he was going to get on with his life. He was an idiot for going out with a kid, just because she had nice tits.

He was saying things to hurt me, being a shit head. I was screaming at him that he was an asshole, that he really loved me and wasn't man enough to admit it. He was letting his friends decide whom he should be with. I really let loose," she continued.

"He finally got up, took the box and stormed out the door, and I've been crying here ever since," she said as she sought me out for a hug.

We hugged and then I calmed her down enough to get her to eat and finish her coffee and get the ice bag back on her eye. I kept her quiet and had her just listen to me. I said I thought he would come back, but not to wait for that to happen.

To sit and moon over a guy, who wanted a sperm receptacle, even though his heart was in the right place, was crazy.

I think Jimmy really loved her, but let his friends tell him what love was supposed to mean, and that meant regular screwing. Why he wouldn't even go down the avenues of alternative sex was beyond me. Was it not macho enough?

Jimmy had issues and until he got them resolved, I told Megan, she shouldn't blame herself. She had to toughen up and get on and stop feeling sorry for herself.

She clearly was swinging the hammer if there was any chance of reconciliation. She agreed that she should not bend from her position. It was her life she was dealing with. She wanted that life to be spent being in love with Jimmy, but he clearly loved himself and his friends lives more.

We sat on the sofa together thinking the situation over. She pulled the ice bag from her eye and asked if it was doing any good, and it clearly was. I told her to lie back and relax and she might be able to go through the afternoon at school without a question being asked. I told her that if a nun or anyone asked about her appearance, just to say she had her period. That usually ended those kinds of conversations abruptly.

"Megan, I don't mean to pry to be nosey, tell me to get lost if you want, but, did you ever let Jimmy think that you were going to start putting out on a regular basis and hang around with those goons he calls friends or classmates?" I asked.

"After he had me at his family camp he sort of intimated that we would be doing it again real soon. I told him that I would need a while to erase the guilt and fear from the first time before I ever thought to do it again.

Then he was mad and said he never did a girl just once, that he always screwed them a lot of times before he sent them moving on.

Macho bullshit!!

Obviously I blew up at him. I knew he was lying about other girls, I had to put his damn condom on, he had no clue. I don't think he knew what a clitoris was!"

"We had seen the film in sex ed class demonstrating putting a condom on a cucumber. Ours was the only class to see that!" Meg explained.

"The nuns shut the class down the next day. That was when the public school would send students for Religious Ed to St Pius, so the city council wanted the Sex Ed class to be taught to us.You know, the whole forced morality thing."

"We were supposed to have an instructor from City Central show each Gym class the movie. It made one showing before they shut that down. But anyway, about the condom, I knew to pinch an inch and roll down without using fingernails. He had no idea, and it was totally apparent that he had never used one or put one on."

"He had no idea about opening my bra and when he played...

Geez Care, this is a little embarrassing." Meg said pausing,

"Ummm, when he played around, "down there", he just poked his finger in and never even looked or felt for my clit." She said as she moved her averted eyes to mine."

"Oh shit, I can see you're embarrassed too, I'm sorry," Meg said.

"No, please go ahead, let's at least talk like grown up girlfriends, I want to help you out if I can," I said.

"Ohh God," she exasperated, "anyway I told him to find IT to help me get wet, meaning to stimulate me a little. But, he said, he did find it and he had his finger in it. How stupid was he? I knew then, that all his macho talk was bullshit."

"That was why I told you guys, at the truth or dare sleepover, so much about holding it and how wonderful it felt in your hand. I had it in my hand more than he had it in HIS that day! I didn't own one, but knew what to do with it, at least!" she said.

"I don't know if he really asked me out because I had big boobs for a sophomore, or not. I don't think he was making any ground with those whorey sluts his friends hang with, and he saw me as someone as gullible and susceptible as he was."

"But if we were ever in their company, there was always about 3 or 4 guys and 4 or 5 girls, he always treated me cheap, like the others treated their girlfriends. I avoided going out with them as much as possible."

"They openly joked about screwing, oral sex, you know all stuff couples keep as personal. I couldn't understand why he hung with them.

Jimmy was nothing like them, and if he hung with the guys from our class, you know ones in our crowd, he was always a great guy."

"But the peer pressure from his senior friends made him an asshole. I'm old for a sophomore, like you, but Jimmy is young for a senior. I think he's only a couple months older than me. I think they gave him the idea that I should be screwing him every chance he wants, and if I didn't put out, I must be cold or giving it to someone else." Meg said, drawing a deep breath.

"He does all this macho sex talk crap with those people, and then he would see a cute little teddy bear on a gold chain with a diamond in its belly button, and buy it for me, even though it means we have no gas money for the weekend. YOU figure him out.

Which guy is he?

I know he cares about me, but he cares what those other jerks think more, it seems."

"My sister Judy thinks he looks up to these guys as mentors, tough guys, because he's a little younger than they are. He wants to be in a position where a "new" Jimmy will come along and want to be like HIM.

When is he going to wake up and see these people as the jerks they are?

I mean, Carree, I love you, and look up to you in some ways, but I don't want to be in the same room with you when you have sex, even necking or what ever with Billy, er, Bill... sorry."

"He made the thought of having sex with him real exciting the first time and I really wanted to do it, I had so many questions and I wanted to keep him as my boyfriend. I saw so many possibilities, because he was so nice to me.

I liked it and I had an orgasm, even though I had to help it. But about a month later we did it again at his house and I was really getting into it and he yanked it out of me, having cum already in the condom. He ran to the bathroom and came back to get me to hurry, making sure his parents didn't catch us.

He just did it to say he did it.

I enjoyed it, but I wanted an orgasm. He just came and I guess he liked it for a second, but he ran and took off the condom and he was done - period. That's when I decided I would not run the risk anymore for the little I got out of it, especially when I can do better alone or with him watching me alone."

Meg finished her story as she pulled the ice from her eye and looked at me for a reaction to how the eye looked.

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