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Desc: Sex Story: A special school deals with men and women who can't stop showing themselves to everyone

Over the past few years i have written several stories and i have downloaded hundreds i am not sure which ones are mine and which ones were downloaded so if you recognize this as your story just let me know and i will either remove it or if you would like i will change the name so you get credit for it

"Mr. and Mrs. Parks, please sit down and make yourselves comfortable, I'm Aurora Gaines and this must be Chloe!!!"

"Thank you, Mz. Gaines," Alice Parks replied evenly, "it's so nice to meet you, I feel that I already know you after all of the phone calls and letters!!!"

"I quite agree," Aurora replied, "and I think that you've made a very wise decision to enroll you daughter in our facility!!!"

"It's more like a prison," Chloe retorted while sitting sullenly in her chair with her head down, "and I'm gonna hate it here!!!"

"Chloe," her father chided, "that's no may to talk, apologize this instant!!!" There was a pregnant silence while Chloe ignored her father's reproval until Aurora Gaines got her off the hook by interjecting, "Don't worry, folks, most of our students start out feeling exactly the way Chloe does, but they eventually come around!!!"

"I hope so," Alice Parks snapped after givng her daughter a sharp look, "I hope that you can do something with her, we certainly couldn't!!!"

Aurora turned her attention directly to Chloe and asked, "So, your problem is exposing your private parts to any and everybody, is thar about right!?!"

"With tears filling the poor girl's eyes she replied softly, "Y-yes it is, I just can't seem to help myself!!!"

"Let me ask you a question," Aurora Gaines asked softly, "do you have the urge to show me your vagina right at this moment!?!" After wiping the tears that were streaming down her face Chloe answered in a hushed tone, "Yes, I just want to rip off my panties and let you have a nice long look at my pussy!!!"

"Chloe," her mother said in exasperation, you know that you're not allowed to use gutter language to describe your genitals!!!" Aurora Gaines raised her hand to silence the out burst and sent on, "That's okay, honey, around here we almost always refer to the girls as pussies and of course with the boys we use cock, dick, or pecker, what ever makes you feel comfortable!!!"

"I like the sound of the word pussy," Chloe said while triumphantly glancing over at her mother!!! "Well, then that's what we'll call yours," Aurora replied gently, "now let me see it, please!!!"

Chloe sat there immobile for a second or two before asking softly, "You mean you really want me to show it to you!?!"

"Why, are you afraid to," Aurora asked!?! "You've got to be kidding," Alice Parks replied testily, "she flashed her vagina to the preacher for gosh sakes, afraid she is not!!!"

"Well are you afraid," Aurora repeated to Chloe!?! "No, I'm not," the young girl replied, "not at all, I just wanted to make sure that you weren't tricking me or something, that's all!!!"

"Well, I'm not," she replied, "now please, show me!!!" Almost gratefully the eighteen year old stood up, and in flash lifted up her skirt to reveal a naked crotch with a smoothly shaved vagina!!! "How does it feel to be exposing yourself to me," Aurora asked softly?!? "I-I think I'm going to cum," the poor girl stammered, "I'm really turned on!!!"

"What's your biggest fantasy when you show your pussy," Aurora Gaines asked!?! "That the who ever I'm showing it to would suck me off," she answered honestly!!! "You mean you'd like that person to drop to their knees and tongue your pussy," the lady asked softly?!? "Oh yes," Chloe gasped, "j-just look at my lips, they're absolutely bulging!!!"

"Have either of you ever taken the time to see how aroused your daughter can get," Aurora Gaines asked the Parks, "I think from just looking at her you can see that she has a special problem!?!"

"We know that now," Alice Parks replied, "and we hope that you can break her of this nasty habit!!!" Well we're going to try," Aurora replied gently, "but in many cases all we can hope to do is control their urges, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, now, as for right now, come here child, you are about to have you dreams realized!!!

Both Alice and Mark Parks sat there in stunned silence while Aurora Gaines pulled their daughter's gaping vagina to her mouth and tongued her to an incredibly stupefying orgasm that nearly caused her to fall over from the excitement of it all!!! "Now, how was that," Aurora asked with a crooked smile on her face!?! "M-my god that was the hardest I've ever cum," she panted while plopping back down in her chair with her skirt still hiked up over her hips, "can we do that again sometime!?!"

"Maybe," Aurora Gaines laughed, "but now we have to get you assimilated with the rest of your class!!!" Auroa leaned back in her chair and after pausing for a moment asked, "How do you feel about boys, Chloe!?!"

"I like ‘em all right," she replied, "why, does it matter!?!"

"Since about half of the student population is made up of males, you are going to be seeing a lot of big hard peckers," Aurora explained a matter of factly, "you see they have the same problem as you do, and since we don't discourage your overt activities, I'm afraid that there will be many opportunities for you to have your pussy filled with good hard young cock!!!"

"Do yo think that's wise," Alice Parks asked, "Chloe has a very hard time resisting a boy when he exposes his erection to her, I don't want her having sex to the exclusion of everything else!!!"

"I'm sure that won't be a problem," Aurora replied while pressing a buzzer on her desk, "Jackie, please have Rex come in now, we're ready for him!!!"

"I want Chloe to meet another student, his name is Rex and he's been with us for six months now," Aurora Gaines explained, "he has an unusually strong urge to expose and masturbate, or if he's lucky, to have the female fellate him to ejaculation!!!"

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