Big Sister's Milkmaid - A Dream Diary Entry

by JenniferE

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Incest, Sister, Oral Sex, Lactation, Water Sports, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A young Jennifer finds that she can be of great service to her pregnant older sister and at the same time fulfill a few of her own fantasies.

I know that it was terribly perverse, what I did. But that is exactly why I did it. I have always had a taste for the bizarre, and what I did was about as bizarre as you can get.

By the time I was seventeen I knew that I was bi-sexual. I thought boys and their cocks were absolutely heavenly but many of my sexual fantasies, and I had plenty, involved women and girls. Whenever possible at school I would sneak a peak at my girlfriends as they peed or showered after gym class. I even spied on my own mother once or twice when she dressed or showered. By the time I reached eighteen my curiosity and unquenchable libido had me so horny all the time that I had decided to 'seduce' my best friend, Laurie Grant. After all, I thought, even if she did reject my advances she was not the type to go blabbing it all over the place. But as it worked out Laurie didn't get the pleasure until much later.

My twenty-five-year-old sister, Rebecca, had become pregnant in the fall of that year, and was eight months along at the end of my senior year. I usually stopped by a couple of times a week to see if she needed help with anything. Her belly was so huge with the baby that she was having a hard time getting around.

Rebecca was a wonderful big sister and we had always been very close, but we were quite different in many ways. She was a big built woman with wide hips and large breasts while I am more petite, being nearly flat chested and quite trim. Her dark hair and olive skin was a stark contrast to my pale complexion and blonde hair. But the differences didn't stop with our physical characteristics. Our personalities were quite different as well. Rebecca was very conservative, almost to the point of prudishness. I, on the other hand have quite a liberal mind, with a libido that was just as liberal.

It was raining furiously that day when I arrived at Rebecca's. Normally I would have rung the doorbell politely and waited for her to let me in but I was drenched and wanted to get out of the rain as quickly as possible. As I burst through the front door I caught Rebecca by surprise, startling her as she lay on the living room sofa. She tried to sit up quickly but the size of her belly made it impossible. I froze at the entranceway, my heart skipping a beat.

She looked absolutely beautiful. I had never seen a nude pregnant woman before, much less my older sister. But there she was, the only clothing she had on was a pair of white bikini panties that were not in very good condition. Rebecca's belly was so large and round that the tattered little undergarment served almost no purpose at all. Large tufts of thick, black cunt hair poked from the sides and sprouted through several tears in the material and I could plainly see her thickly swollen labia through a large hole in the bottom of the panties.

If my sister's sweet, pregnant muff wasn't enough to make me drool then the rest of her bursting body certainly was. Rebecca's belly was stretched beyond belief and her usually deep naval was poking straight up like a button. The poor woman's breasts were swollen so badly, they appeared as if they would explode at any moment. Her dark brown areolas were huge and her thick, long nipples were standing straight up. I could have stood there gaping at her all afternoon but I noticed that she appeared to be in great pain. Shaking my head to regain my wits, I went to her.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, extremely worried.

"Oh God, Jenny! I'm sorry about this!" she answered, her teeth slightly clenched.

"About what? What's wrong?" I was beginning to panic, thinking that the baby might be coming early.

"About you seeing me like this! Naked and all bloated."

I laughed. "You look gorgeous! Are you hurting?"

"Oh yes! It's my breasts. I've started producing a lot of milk and they feel like their going to pop!" she said looking down at her two extremely swollen tits. "It's very painful."

"What about using a breast pump?" I asked.

"I've tried that." She said, nodding to the empty pump on the coffee table. "Nothing is working!"

I was beginning to drip water on the living room carpet and quickly jumped back onto the marble foyer.

"Sorry," I said.

Rebecca just waved her hand and said, "Don't worry about it. Get a t-shirt out of my drawer and get out of those wet clothes."

I ran upstairs to Rebecca's bedroom and took the smallest t-shirt I could find then went into the bathroom to change. Even her smallest shirt hung to my thighs, unfortunately covering my cute little pussy.

By the time I made it back downstairs, Rebecca had managed to sit herself up on the couch. She had a painful grimace on her face and she was gently squeezing her left breast. I plopped down on the sofa next to her and watched as she performed a squeegee like massage on her overfilled mammary, trying desperately to relieve the pressure.

"Have you called the doctor about this?" I asked.

Rebecca nodded.

"He says that it's not entirely uncommon and that when the baby is here and nursing that I should be able to lactate freely."

"But that's not for another month!" I said in disbelief.

"I know and I don't think I can stand another minute of it. It is so uncomfortable."

Although I was deeply concerned for my sister's comfort, my own perverse desires were beginning to build in me. I tried to ignore the delicious sensations in my cunt as I stared at her bloated tits and swollen belly but my unquenchable libido and depraved mind were working overtime.

Picking up the discarded breast pump I said, "Mind if I try?"

Rebecca grinned through her discomfort and nodded, saying, "It hasn't done any good for me yet, though."

With my hand trembling slightly, I cupped my palm under my sister's plump breast and lifted it. It felt extremely heavy and very tight and blue veins were visible where the skin had stretched. Placing the clear nozzle over Rebecca's thickly distended nipple I gave the bulb a gentle squeeze and watched as the end of her tit was sucked inside, creating an airtight seal around her areola.

With my small hand wrapped around the bottom of her beautifully inflated breast, I gently squeezed the bulb several times in an attempt to coax some milk from my poor sister's tit. I stared with perverse fascination as each squeeze of the bulb caused her nipple to grow even longer and thicker and I found myself gently stroking the underside of her heavy breast as I pumped.

"It's no use, Jenny." Rebecca finally said. "It just won't work."

I released the pressure on the pump, and set it back on the coffee table but I maintained my soft massage of her boob. I just couldn't bring myself to let go of her succulent tit-flesh. To my surprise, Rebecca didn't ask me to stop.

It took me several moments to work up the courage, but finally with a deep breath I said, "What you need is a baby!"

"Yes, I know," Rebecca said. "But unfortunately, I won't have one for another month."

"Well, I could help you." I replied hoarsely. I was trembling all over as I said it.

"What do you mean, Jenny? How..."

Rebecca suddenly realized what I was hinting at. Her face went scarlet with embarrassment.

"Jenny! Are you crazy?" she yelped. "You're eighteen years old! And I'm your sister!"

Rebecca acted repulsed but I could see a thoughtful look in her eye, as if she were silently considering the idea. I took a chance and pushed her a bit.

"Well, I don't mind that a bit," I said. "After all, it's ok BECAUSE we're sisters."

Rebecca let out a pained sigh and let her head fall onto the back of the sofa. Closing her eyes, she said, "I don't think it would work anyhow."

"It's worth a try. Isn't it?" I said hopefully.

Rebecca sighed again, and after another moment of thought, nodded her head slightly.

My heart began to pound in my chest. The thought of having my sister's deliciously full breast in my mouth set my cunt on fire. Gently, I raised her breast a bit and leaned toward the milk engorged boob.

Rebecca shuddered as I pressed my closed lips to the tip of her oversized nipple and gave it a slow, lingering kiss. Then, with a moan that was impossible to suppress, I opened my mouth and encircled her large areola with my lips.

Hot sparks of pleasure shot through both our bodies as I sucked her tit flesh into my mouth and began to swirl my tongue all over her nipple. Rebecca's breathing increased as I gently suckled her sore tit and she began to let out soft sighs of pleasure. I felt her hand begin to caress the side of my face as her body relaxed.

I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. I finally had a woman's breast in my mouth, and the fact that it was my own sister's sweet, warm, milk-filled breast only made it better.

It only took a few moments of gentle sucking before Rebecca's nipple began to leak. At first it was only a few drops a fluid that dribbled out but as I increased the intensity of my sucking a steady flow of warm, sweet milk began to flow from her. I swallowed it greedily, my cunt flowing nearly as freely as my sister's tit.

Rebecca's soft caresses to my face became a bit more urgent and soon her hand was behind my head pulling me tighter to her. As her pressure on my head increased, my sucking became harder until at last her nipple was squirting milk like a fountain. Rebecca was moaning with pleasure as her stretch out mammary glands relaxed and released their pent up fluids. I was moaning out of pure sexual lust. My cunt was like a hot furnace inside and my poor little clit was begging for attention.

It took quite a bit of sucking and licking to finally drain Rebecca's left breast. As I drew my mouth off and began to clean her nipple with my tongue Rebecca gasped slightly.

"Oh, God, Jenny! That is so much better!" she said, her eyes still closed. "Do you think you can do the other too?"

"Love to!" I said as I leaned over her and took the second fat nipple into my mouth.

Nervousness and apprehension had caused me to hurry with the first breast, but the second one I wanted to savor completely. Rebecca didn't complain when I spent several long minutes lavishing her rigid nipple with hot kisses and swipes of my tongue. Her breathing was becoming rapid and heavy, as was my own, and both of us were moaning almost constantly.

Using both hands I circled her breast with my fingers and squeezed gently. As I slid my hands down towards her nipple a clear drool of warm liquid flowed onto my tongue. Pulling my face back a few inches, I repeated the squeegee movement with my hands and watched as Rebecca's nipple produced a milkier dribble of liquid. It spilled down onto her belly where it ran slowly off the large mound and onto the couch.

"Ahhh," Rebecca sighed as her breast began to flow of its own accord.

I quickly reattached my mouth to her milk faucet, still squeezing as I began to suck. Mouthful after mouthful of the sweetest thing I had ever tasted rolled into my mouth and I swallowed each one with ecstatic groans of passion.

I could feel my sister's heart pounding in her chest as her breasts rose and fell with increasing rapidity. I knew that if this thing were to go any further, I would have to be the one to try.

With my cunt aching, I placed my right hand on her huge belly and stroked small delicate circles with my fingers. Goosebumps popped up all over her belly and breasts and I heard my sister growl with pleasure. The more massaged her belly, the more milk she produced and the throatier her groans became. Throwing my apprehension and fear of rejection out the window, I let my hand trail below her naval, still moving my fingers in gentle circles.

Rebecca jerked slightly when she felt my fingers reached the waist of her tattered panties. A thick, wide tuft of dark pubic hair sprouted from beneath the cloth and I began to twirl my fingers in it, my nails gently scraping my sister's sensitive skin. I felt her belly twitch and her hips rocked slightly upwards, as if inviting me to go lower.

I took my sister's unconscious invitation and slid my fingers under the stretched waistband of her panties. Ever so slowly I snaked them down towards the heat that was radiating from her cunt. Her milk was flowing generously now and I had to swallow quickly so as not to spill any of the delicious juice.

Rebecca's body stiffened momentarily as I reached the top of her fur-covered slit, and I was afraid that she wouldn't allow me to continue. I paused and scraped my fingers back and forth just above the top of her swollen clitoris. Her body finally relaxed again and I deftly began to flick my middle finger across the shaft of her already slick sex button. I was delighted to find my hand in a deliciously foaming hot cunt. Rebecca was aroused far beyond what I had thought she was.

With a quick slide, I pressed my entire hand over her cunt and squeezed, pushing my palm into her clit and rotating it in a gentle grinding motion.

"Oh, God!" Rebecca cried out. Her straining nipple shot a hot blast of milk into my mouth and her hips lurched upwards. The unborn baby inside of her stirred and I felt it moving against my cheek.

Rebecca was starting to pant loudly and when I opened my eyes I found her gazing down at me, her eyes half closed and misty with arousal. I could feel my own young pussy quivering deliciously inside of me as tiny, little orgasms burst throughout my cunt.

We stared deep and lovingly into each others eyes, our pleasure and arousal completely mutual. She knew I was receiving as much enjoyment from our loving as she was. She knew the truth about me, yet the look in her eyes were not of disapproval.

"Jenny," she whispered. "Jenny, I"

I didn't let her finish. I knew what she needed.

I circled my middle finger around her sticky cunt lips momentarily before slipping quickly to the mouth of her pregnant fuck hole. I was amazed at how open and wet her pussy was and I easily slipped a second finger inside her.

"Oh, God!" Rebecca yelped as her body jerked. At first I thought I had hurt her but I quickly realized that it was a spasm of joy.

"More!" she panted and I pushed a third finger into her pulsing love hole.

Curling my fingers, I stroked the ribbed roof of my sister's satiny love tunnel, while my palm ground sensuously into her pulsing clit. Her body began to shake and jerk as milk flooded my mouth and spilled out onto her breast and belly. Likewise her pussy let go with a gush of thick cunt cream, coating my fingers and drooling onto the couch.

It took only a few more fingertip swirls around Rebecca's vaginal walls and she began crying out her pleasure.

"Oh, Sis! Oh, yes!" she hissed. "That's it! That's my spot! Oh, God, Jenny!"

I felt her frothy cunt clamp down on my fingers and her legs tightened around my wrist as Rebecca pushed her crotch further onto my hand. Her body jerked as she orgasmed and jets of creamy milk spewed from her nipple. I pulled my mouth off of her tit and watched as her warm lactate shot freely into my face. Opening my mouth, I caught the stream on my tongue, allowing it to fill to my lips before swallowing.

Rebecca looked as if she were in absolute ecstasy. Her eyes were glazed over as they stared down at me and her tongue moved wetly across her lips. She looked like a goddess of fertility to me as she writhed sensuously under my probing fingers and nursing lips. Even as her orgasm waned her breast still produced milk and I eventually latched back onto the rubbery, thick nipple to suckle her dry.

Rebecca recovered as I drained her tit of its sweet nectar and I was sorely disappointed when it had ceased to flow cmpletely.

Popping my lips off her nipple, I began to clean the spilled fluid from her breast and belly with my tongue. I was working my way down towards her foaming cunt when she stopped me.

"No, Jenny!" she said. "It can't go that far."

I was embarrassed and disappointed at once that she had stopped me so short of what could have been complete bliss for both of us. How I wanted to taste her womanhood, to drink of her warm flow of love juice from her most intimate place.

"Why not?" I asked, my voice cracked with disappointment.

"We shouldn't have even done this, Jenny. We're sisters!"

"You needed it as badly as I wanted it!" I protested.

"That may be so, but that doesn't make it ok."

I could see the guilt flooding into her now and I didn't want to push the point too far. At least not today. I wanted to have many repeats of our afternoon and didn't want to pressure Rebecca in any way. I knew that would never work.

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