Asian Cam Surprize

by Billy Bond

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Rough, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Asian wife commits herself to sex on internet, husband plays along

I was looking at my favorite porn site on the net; it had some of the best nude Asian women I had ever seen. As I clicked through the different thumbnails, I became very aroused. My cock was growing in my boxers, I loved to use the Internet as foreplay before hopefully, having sex with my wife Kim. I looked at my watch, cursing the time I had again spent on the computer when I heard a shuffle on the stairs above me. I looked away from the porno site just in time to see a glimpse of someone darting her eyes through the oak railing of the entertainment area of the basement.

I began closing the jpegs and sites quickly but not quick enough, the next thing I saw was my 5'0 Asian wife Kim standing right over my shoulder leering at my 21" monitor, still filled with pictures of nude Asian women, some very young, others in several forms of rope bondage. Kim, my wife of eight years was now giving me that shameful look, she had caught me before, chatting with lonely women. This was new. She could see my fantasies. In the past I could deny anything because Kim did not know perfect English and never really spent much time on the computer. She knew even less about the Internet, now it was blatantly obvious where my interests were.

Instead of Kim getting pissed, she suddenly seemed to have a great curiosity about what I was doing. As Kim leaned over me, I glimpsed to see Kim's Asian petite frame in nothing more than a long white Victoria Secret sleep shirt, noticeably black bikini panties and cute ankle socks. Even with her black lace bra underneath, I could see her nipples protruding outward through the sleep shirt. Her shoulder length highlighted silky hair and 34/25/35 body was right in my face. She had just finished her period and I wanted sex badly.

I began to explain myself, making excuses when Kim put her hand over my mouth. " I know what your doing, don't lie to me, let me see". Kim reached down to squeeze my steady hard-on. My cock melted in her hand. "Why do you do this?"

"This makes you so excited"? Kim's broken English in her playful mood always made me hot. I bowed my head as she went on with her lecture. She had a different tone in her voice this time, as if she was very curious, She was. "Tell me, does Internet make you excited?"

"Yes" I admitted solemnly. "Make you horny," Again, I nodded my head. Kim laughed and squeezed my swollen cock again.

"So that's why sometimes you come up from basement at night and want to make love so hard?" Once again, I simply said "yes."

"I think so," said Kim.

Kim then surprised me by sitting on my knee at the desk chair and demanded that I teach her about the computer. For the next 90 Minutes, I showed Kim how to browse the Internet, including the various porn sites, (her eyes lit up when I showed her a men's site). She seemed to get into that site the same way a teenager first discovers a Penthouse magazine. I felt somewhat embarrassed looking at men's cocks as Kim clicked on various thumbnails of well-hung men. Then, when she saw a blonde female with large tits, she would just say, "oh she is so fake". I could see that Kim was now sexually curious and I wanted her to keep searching the sites because my hand was now cupping her breasts.

Kim squirmed on my leg, as I took her to a chat room by her request. I knew Kim had sent e-mails before, but never knew her to chat one on one with someone. I helped her set up a screen name, profile, and a password so she should enter a popular chat site. I told her to enter a local chat room; she did for a few minutes before she got bored and asked to go to an adult room. I didn't think she knew about them. I took her to a room called "married but flirting." Kim was barely situated in the room when she was Instant messaged by three men.

The first chatter asked directly if she was really a female. She responded "yes". The next chatter just said, " Do you want to fuck?" She cancelled the first and second instant messages and read the third Message. This one simply said, "Do you want to realize your fantasy now?" His screen name was Bangyunow. I couldn't believe Kim began chatting with this guy. He asked if she was alone, Kim said no, she was with her husband. The guy wasn't turned off at all by that. He asked if she was wearing much. Kim smiled at my shocked face and sipped at some wine before telling him exactly what she was wearing in detail. I could tell that Bangyu was becoming excited also as he typed faster and began to misspell words.

Kim wanted me to play along also, she asked me what to write, and I had her type in "what is your profile and how big are you?" Kim chuckled as she asked the question, almost immediately he came back with his statistics, he was 45, athletic and tall, the next line gave his cocksize (9.5") Kim shrieked loudly, she found it strangely exciting.

Kim shifted her weight in the chair, now resting her ass against my cock, which was growing with the temple of the chat foreplay. Bangyu asked several more personal questions such as are you and your husband touching? Are your nipples hard, etc? She responded to him she was excited also. I felt my heart rate increase as I began to run my hands over her body, touching her breasts, tweaking her nipples, sliding my hands over her ass and thighs. I could not believe we were doing this; it had been a fantasy for me for a long time.

Finally, Bangyu asked if she was really a female, She laughed and said yes. Bangyu then asked her to please, please send a picture of herself, it didn't need to be x rated. I had some jpegs from our digital camera on disk. I asked Kim if she was comfortable with that. She started scanning through the thumbnails on our disk until she saw one of her modeling a sheer black bodysuit as she curled her fishnet cover legs on our brass bed. Something like the Marilyn Monroe shot, except slightly covered. It showed a little of her hot ass and the outline of her nipples as they pushed out against the sheer fabric, she said it would be ok. I nervously sent the pic to Bangyu.

Within 30 seconds, we received his overwhelming response. "You are very hot Kim, Very, very hot." Kim just blushed in excitement and embarrassment. I smiled, happy that Bangyu found her sexy. It was arousing me also. His next response was more unnerving.

Please allow me to call you two. Kim and I looked at each other before saying no. We agreed that our number shouldn't go out to a stranger. Bangyu was a stranger. Perhaps Kim would receive harassment calls. Bangyu then asked if we had a popular computer program that allowed speech and video in the chat circuit. I knew I had the program loaded on the computer; all we had to do was to Assign Kim a screen Name, password and run it. After Bangyu explained that the program was very anonymous, no permanent number would be traceable, Kim and I said Ok, so now I was really getting excited Kim came on line with her own name, Kim'shot. Next, Banyu's name came up on console as a "Buddy". I plugged in some headsets and waited for Bangyu to create a private adult chat room. He called it "KimBangyu"accordingly. He went on to explain that no other parties would be able to penetrate the room.

I connected the audio for hands free operation and listened to Bangyu for the first time, "can you hear me Bill or Kim?" I answered yes; made some audio adjustments and passed the headset to Kim. Kim hesitantly took the headsets and placed them over her ears. I could hear his voice through the headsets. Kim answered, "Yes, I hear you". I could hear the excitement in Banyu's voice as he realized he was now speaking to a real female who was also was willing to play.

"Bill, can you hear me also? "Yes, Bills right here. Man this is great! Kim, I am fascinated by lovely women, especially beautiful Asian women, you have a hot accent and voice." Kim JUST SMILED. " I am so horny now."

"Tell what you two are doing." Slowly Kim answered, "Bill is touching me all over. I am getting hot too." Kim's breasts heaved as I fingered her nipples through her shirt and bra. She continued to speak to Bangyu, now in a labored voice.

Bill, take off Kim's shirt and bra. Kim slowly stood up as I lifted her sleep shirt over her head, exposing her black lace bra and matching bikini panties. She took a gulp of her wine before letting me unsnap her bra. Her tits were tight and nipples long and hard. I didn't know if her face was red from the wine or because of all the excitement and embarrassment she was feeling at that moment.

Before she could sit back down, I traded the computer chair with a comfy lounge chair nearby. Now we could both get down to business. Although the room temperature was cool, Kim's body was beginning to sweat as she settled down between my legs on the chair. She then informed Bangyu she was ready. Bangyu asked to speak with me briefly, Kim handed me the headsets while I now played with her bare breasts. Bangyu introduced himself and told me he was divorced, he really wanted to hear another couple have sex on line. He really got into directing the sex and asked if I minded. I told him be were both a little drunk and beginning to have a lot of fun, no problem. I listened for one more command before giving the headset back to Kim.

"Bill play with her nipples." I began tracing her aerials with my forefingers. Kim pushed her ass against my cock and sighed into the mike. I heard him say something else before I began lightly twisting her long nipples on her 34b tits. Kim moaned now. She spoke slowly and deliberately saying, " yes, I 'm horny too. Yes, I want... I want to see you I want to see your cock."

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