High Stakes Golf

by KK

Copyright© 2002 by KK

Sex Story: When Ben askes me if I would like to change the stakes of our monthly golf game I never expected him to suggest we play for a date with the other's wife.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Swinging   Cream Pie   .

Tuesday Night

It was a Tuesday night and I had worked late and didn't get home till 7:30 that evening. When I walked in the door my wife Lori told me that Ben called three times. She said, "He said he needs to talk to you tonight.

I asked, "Did he say what he needs to talk to me about?"

Lori said, "No. I asked he if he wanted to leave a message and he said he would call you later"

I said, "Well it must be important if he called three times. I better call him before dinner." I went off to my study to call Ben.

At this point let me tell you a little about Ben. He is my oldest and closest friend and has been since we were twelve years old. We met while playing Little League Baseball and have been friends ever since. He was my best man when I got married six years ago and I was his best man a year later. Ben and his wife Sandy are frequent guests in our house and we in theirs. The four of us go on vacations together at least once a year and go to many social occasions together. Ben and I play golf together once a month. We would like to play golf together more often but our schedules don't allow it.

I dialed the number and Ben answered on the first ring and said, "Jack is that you."

I said, "What, were you sitting at the phone waiting for it to ring?"

"No, I was just getting ready to pick it up to call you."

"This must be something really important for you to be so impatient to get hold of me. I hope there isn't anything wrong. Is Sandy all right?"

"It's not an emergency, I just need to talk to you about something"

"Okay, what's on you mind?"

"I can't talk about this on the phone Jack".

"Do you want to come over here of should I come over there?"

"I would rather meet at O'Shae's Tavern. We can tip a couple and talk undisturbed."

I said, "Okay Ben, I'll meet you there in an hour. Can you give me an idea of what this is about? "

Ben said, "I'll tell you at O'Shae's". Then he thanked me and we hung up.

When I went back into the kitchen Lori asked me what the big emergency was. I told her he asked me to meet him at O'Shae's and he would tell me then.

Then Lori said "He must have told you something, given you some kind of idea."

"He wouldn't tell me anything over the phone. He said he would tell me later."

"Well you have to tell me the whole story as soon as you get home."

"I may not be able to tell you anything. After all he wants to meet me away from home so that we can have privacy. That privacy can only be from you and Sandy. Whatever he wants to tell me, he may want held in confidence If that's what he wants I won't be able to tell you anything."

Lori looked at me and said, "Do you know who your talking to? You know you can't keep a secret from me."

I said "Well I may have to try." Lori just laughed at me.

Later Tuesday Night

At this point I will just say that I did meet Ben at O'Shae's and now I'll skip ahead to my arrival back home. When I walked in the door Lori was waiting for me. She gave me a kiss and said "Okay, so what's Ben's big secret?"

I said "Well it's not really a secret, he just wanted to talk over an idea he had."

"And what was the idea."

I said "Ben wants to change the stakes of our golf match this Saturday."

"How much do you play for now?"

"We play $5.00 a hole"

"And you always win don't you?"

"Yea, I always win. I take him for about fifteen or twenty dollars every time we play. I could actually take him for more but I take it easy on him. I like to win but I don't want to embarrass him."

"Well if you always win why would he want to raise the stakes? That doesn't make sense."

"Ben says that he has been taking lessons and has knocked 5 strokes off his game and now he thinks he can beat me. I didn't tell him he really needed to knock 7 strokes of his game to have a chance." Before Lori could make another comment or ask another question I reached my arms around her and cupped her nicely rounded butt cheeks and gave her a deep kiss.

When we broke from the kiss Lori said, "Are you going to finish telling me about Ben or are you planning on changing the subject by making love to me?"

I said, "I plan on doing both." I led Lori up to our bedroom and began kissing her all over her face and down her neck while at the same time I was unbuttoning her blouse. As our passion increased our clothes came off faster. When we were completely nude I carried Lori to the bed and laid her down and got on the bed next to her. I made love to her very slowly to build her desire to the boiling point.

When I finally penetrated her and began fucking her with long slow strokes Lori put her lips up to my ear and asked "So what stakes does Ben want to play for Saturday?"

I quickened my strokes and we both approached orgasm together. As our orgasms crashed over us we clung to each other. We lay like that till we recovered then Lori asked again "The stakes?"

I said that Ben's wager is that the winner gets a date with the loser's wife.

Lori sat up quickly and said "What do you mean, a date with the losers wife?"

I said, "Just what it sounds like. The loser's wife goes on a date with the winner of the match."

"What kind of date are you talking about?"

"Well I don't know for sure other than to say it would include sex."

"Is he crazy? Dose her really think that Sandy and I will go along with anything this stupid?"

"I don't know about Sandy, but Ben is hoping that I can talk you into going along with it."

"You told him no of course."

"I told him we would discuss it and I would get back to him Thursday."

"Well I can give you my answer now."

I stopped Lori before she could complete her answer. I said, "Before you say anything please listen to me." Lori looked at me and didn't speak so I continued, "You know that Ben and I have been friends for twenty years. He has not only been my best friend he has been the best friend anyone could ever ask for. He has always been there for me and since we've been married he has always been there for us. What you don't know but I don't know how you could miss it, is that Ben has had a major case of the hots for you ever since the first time he met you. I am not saying that he is in love with you. He loves Sandy but I have always sensed that he had fantasies of having sex with you."

"He never acted like that around me. I didn't know he felt that way."

"You know Ben is to much of a gentlemen to come on to you. He would never do that to our friendship or make you feel uncomfortable that way."

"So what are you saying? You think I should want to be the prize for this golf match? Are you saying that it would be okay with you if Ben fucked me?"

"No. I'm saying that if you flat out refuse to participate in this we may hurt Ben by making him feel that the object of his passion for the last 6 or 7 years has totally rejected him and in so doing ruin our friendship. I just want you to think it over. There may be a way to get out of this without insulting Ben. Besides, Ben can't beat me at golf, remember. Just say you'll think about this and we will discuss it again tomorrow night. Okay?"

Lori said, "Okay, I will think of a way we can get out of this without hurting Ben's feelings. Even though I think it's a stupid idea.

Wednesday Night

Wednesday when I got home from work neither Lori nor I mentioned the wager but you could feel the topic hanging in the air. After dinner Lori cleaned the dinner dishes and turned on the dishwasher and said she was going to take a bath. It occurred to me that she was trying to get out of telling me her decision by not saying anything and hoping the whole thing would just go away. I knew this must be weighing heavy on her mind because it was heavy on mine all day.

At work I fantasized about having sex with Sandy but kept feeling guilty about how Lori would feel if I fucked Sandy. Then I tried to imagine how I would feel about Ben fucking Lori. I was back and forth with those thoughts all day.

I sat in the living room until I heard the bath water stop running. Then suddenly the solution struck me. I went upstairs and stripped off my clothes and joined Lori in the tub. I climbed in behind her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the neck. I didn't bring up the subject of the wager. I washed Lori's back and we fooled around in the tub until we were both aroused then we dried each other and headed for the bedroom.

As we lay on the bed I licked and sucked on Lori's nipples while I gently ran my fingers over her pussy. I could tell I was getting her aroused because she closed her eyes and put her head back. Then I could feel that her pussy lips spreading and opening like the pedals of a flower. I could see the moisture forming on her lips. That's when I chose to bring up the subject again.

I was a little nervous because I thought it might kill the mood but I went ahead anyway. I asked? "Have you thought about Ben's wager today?"

Lori didn't react as I feared she might but it wasn't a real positive reaction either. She said, "Yes I thought about it all day." Lori mewed a little as I slipped the tip of my finger over clitoris. Then she continued "This whole thing may be mute because Sandy probably won't go along with it."

I sucked her nipple into my mouth then let it pop out then said, "You may be right but the impression that Ben gave me was that he believed Sandy would agree."

Lori said, "I don't want to but I think if I had to I could probably go through with this, that is have sex with Ben. But what I don't think I could handle is for you to have sex with Sandy. And because Ben can'tbeat you at golf that's what I would have to allow."

I said, "You don't have to worry about that. I am not going to have sex with Sandy."

"Oh, so you have decided to turn Ben down?"

"No. I've decided I am not going to win."

Lori just looked at me and didn't say a word for a full minute then she started to open her mouth but I stopped her. I said, "Please listen to me for a minute" I kissed both of her nipples and began lightly rubbing my finger back and forth across Lori's clit. Lori sucked in her breath in response and I started talking again. "Having sex with you has been Ben's fantasy for several years now. He has always thought that it was a fantasy he would never be able to fulfill until now. Now he thinks he has a chance to beat me at golf and he has become obsessed with winning his chance to have sex with you. To us this whole thing makes little sense but to Ben it makes perfect sense." I slipped two fingers into Lori's pussy and continued talking, "I know that you think Ben is handsome and he doesn't repulse you but you just never thought of him as a sex partner. I was just thinking that this would be something nice we could do for him and I think you may very well enjoy the experience."

Lori did not comment. I could see she was thinking over what I said but she was also very sexually aroused and had difficulty concentrating on anything except what I was doing to her.

I said, "Lori, close your eyes.Now pretend that I am Ben and we are getting ready to fuck." I began working the fingers in Lori's pussy faster and harder and I started licking and sucking her nipples again. "Lori, tell Ben how much you are enjoying what he is doing to you."

"Ben, your fingers feel so good inside me like that. Oh please go down there with your mouth. I want you to lick the juices that are flowing out of my pussy."

I ran a trail of kisses down across Lori's belly through her fragrant bush and down to her pussy lips. As I began Licking Lora yelled out "Oh Ja...a Ben. That feels so good. Suck on my pussy. Give me an orgasm. Please Ben, eat me."

I gave her an orgasm orally and then asked "Are you ready for Ben to fuck you? Do you want Ben's cock inside you now?"

Lori moaned and said, "Yes. Fuck me Ben."

I raised myself up on top of Lori and guided my throbbing cock into her cunt. I started stroking into her slowly but gradually picked up the pace. I soon had her screaming out "Oh Ben, fuck me hard I'm Cumin. Please fuck me, fuck me, I want to feel your hot juices inside me."

Then right at the peak of Lori's orgasm I shot my load and Lori yelled out "Yes, yes."

After the orgasms subsided we just lay in each other's arms for a while without speaking. When I felt calmed down enough I looked at Lori and said, "Pretty wild huh?'

All she said was, "WOW!"

After several more minutes I asked, "Well, what do you think. Are you ready to do this or no?"

Lori said, "No matter what happens you'll still love when this is over?"

I said, "Absolutely"

Then Lori said, "Okay, let's do it." Then she turned around and began sucking on my limp cock. As it started to harden she took it out of her mouth and said "Ben, your cock tastes great. I want you to fuck me again like you just did."

So I did. Afterward we discussed how the date should be handled.


Thursday afternoon I called Ben and asked him if Sandy was okay with the bet. Ben said, "Yes, Sandy's in agreement. Does this mean that your talked Lori into it?"

I said, "That's what it means."

"Great!" I could hear the excitement in Ben's voice.

"Ben, One thing before we go any farther with this, we have to have a meeting to discuss all of the terms of the bet and outline exactly what this date is going to be."

Ben said, "Fine, meet me at O'Shae's tonight."

I said "No. This requires the participation of the girls. They are involved in this thing now. You and Sandy come over to the house tonight around eight and we will talk this through. Okay?"

Ben said "Okay, see you tonight at 8:00."

8:00 PM Thursday

By ten minutes after 8 o'clock the four of us, Lori, Sandy, Ben and myself, were sitting in my living room with drink in hand making small talk. It looked as though everyone was waiting for me to get the conversation started. I cleared my throat and began, " I thought that we should get together face to face to discuss this golf wager and make sure we are all in agreement."

I took a large swallow of my beer and looked at the other three. It was obvious they had each decided to let me do all of the talking. "I guess the first thing to do is state what the wager is as I understand it. On Saturday morning Ben and I will play a round of golf match play. That is the one who wins the most holes wins the match. Ben, do you agree with that?" Ben nodded yes. "The wager on this match is to be that the winner of the match has a date Saturday night with the wife of the loser of the match. Is that correct Ben?" Again Ben indicated in the affirmative. "Okay, now we have to define exactly what we want this date to be."

At this comment the Ben and Sandy just gave me an odd look. "What I mean is that this is not going to be some tawdry quickie somewhere. I have put some thought into it and this is what I have come up with: The date will begin at 6:30 PM Saturday evening when the winning golfer picks his date up at her house. The purpose of this early start time is so the couple can get to Micelle's Restaurante' for a 7:00 PM reservation. I suggest ordering off the pre theater menu because after dinner the couple will go to see Phantom of the Opera which begins at 8:00 PM. After the play the couple will go to the lounge at the Marriott for drinks and dancing. Then when ever they chose to do so they can retire to their room at the Marriott and do whatever it is they are there to do. The date is officially over at 10:00 AM Sunday morning."

Ben finally spoke. "Dinner, Theater and Hotel? You really put a lot of planning into this."

"I wanted the wife who goes on this date to feel like a winner. Just because her husband was a loser doesn't mean she has to be. I see it this way, the man on the date will pay for dinner and the woman will pay for the hotel room. I got the theater tickets free from one of our sales reps at work." I stopped and took another drink of my beer and looked at Sandy and said, "Is everyone in agreement with this wager and the date as I have outlined it? Sandy are you?" Sandy didn't speak but nodded yes. "Lori?" Lori said yes. "Ben?" Ben said yes. "Then we are all in agreement so far. Does anyone have anything to add or any questions?" Ben, Sandy and Lori remained silent. Then I said there is one more issue we need to agree on. I don't like to bring this up but I think this is something we should all be in agreement on." The three of them just look at me and waited. "Condoms, yes or no?"

No one spoke for a couple of minutes then Lori said, "I'd rather not use condoms." Ben and Sandy quickly agreed. "Okay, no condoms. I guess that's it. Ben, I'll see you Saturday morning. Then Ben and I shook hands and I kissed Sandy and Ben kissed Lori and they left.

Friday Night Late

As Lori and I got into bed Friday night she asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through with this bet and did I still plan to lose. I said, "Winning this bet will be the high point of Ben's life and I can give that to him. And I believe that even though your are nervous about this you will enjoy this adventure. As for me, the idea of you in bed having an orgasm with another man has been making me horny as hell all week. So yes, I am going through with the bet."

With that I snuggled up close to Lori so that my hardening cock was pressing into the valley between the beautiful globes of her ass. Lori pushed back against me to increase the pressure on my cock. Within two minutes I had to pull my cock out of my shorts and slip it into Lori's lovely pussy. As I was stroking into her I told Lori that I wanted her to enjoy her sex with Ben as much as she enjoyed the other night when I told her to close her eyes and pretend I was Ben. Within five minutes Lori had a big orgasm and when it was over she said, "Thanks Ben".

Saturday Afternoon

When I returned home from the golf course Saturday around noon Lori was waiting for me in the living room. As soon as I walked in she said "Well, what happened."

I said, "Can you believe it, I lost."

Lori said, "Oh honey that's to bad" in a mocking way. Then continued, "I guess I will have to go out and have sex with Ben tonight"

"Yes, I guess you will at that."

"Did he beat you?"

"Ben played quite good today."

"I asked if he beat you."

"Well I lost didn't I?"

"But did he beat you?"

"Of course not. He can't beat me at golf. But don't ever tell him that."

Lori asked "What do we do till it's time for Ben to pick me up?"

"I thought we would go to the mall and buy you some sexy underwear for tonight."

"You really want to do that?"

I said "Yea"

4:30 PM Saturday

Lori and I returned from the mall at 4:30 and she said that she had to start getting ready for her date. She laughed when she said that. I told her I was going to help her get ready. She asked me how I was going to help and I said that I was going to do everything for her (except make-up) she would have to tell me what she needed done.

Lori asked me why I wanted to help her get ready to go out with Ben. I Said, "I can't be with you tonight but I want to be a part of the event. This is all I can do."

"I think I'm going to like this. Okay Jack, turn on the shower and get me ready."

I started the shower running then I slowly undressed Lori trying to imagine what it was going to be like for Ben when he saw Lori naked for the first time tonight. When I had her naked, Lori sat down on the edge of the tub and I put shaving cream on her legs and shaved them, being very careful not to nick of cut her. Then Lori stepped into the shower and I followed. A she stood under the shower head enjoying the sensation of the hot water cascading over her body I lathered up a wash cloth with soap. When I was ready I started washing Lori's back. I worked my way from her neck down. When I got to her buttocks I got down on one knee. I stopped for a moment to appreciated the beauty of Lori's backside. I t was almost like I was seeing her for the first time again. I followed the curve of her back from her shoulders to the bottom of her beautifully rounded buttocks. I traced her spine untill it disappeared into the valley between the perfectly symmetrical halves of her buttocks. I watch as the water and suds washed down he back and over that beautiful ass. I had a raging hard-on.

I began washing again. I scrubbed her ass then down her legs. As I bent lower to wash her calves I was able to look up at her mound of Venus as it peaked between he thighs. When I think about that sight I don't know how I was able to continue washing her.

When I finished the back of her legs Lori turned around and I washed the front of her legs from her feet up. As I washed between her thighs I made sure I touched her pussy, but only in a teasing manor. I wanted to put my fingers inside her vagina but I resisted. I spent a lot of time on her breasts because they are very sensitive. Then I finished her off by washing her hair.

When I finished washing and conditioning her hair Lori handed me an herbal scented disposable douche. I followed the directions on the bottle, which weren't very hard to follow. Basically just insert the tip in her vagina and squeeze. I watched as the clear liquid ran back out of her. When I was done I rinsed her pussy hair and then used an apple scented hair conditioner on her bush. We stepped out of the shower and I dried her body then I sat and watched as Lori dried her hair and put on her make-up. When this step was complete we went into the bedroom where Lori had laid out everything she was going to wear. Before she got dressed I had her lie down on the bed and I gave her a gentle massage to relax her while at the same time I made sure I touched, pushed, squeezed or otherwise stimulated every part of her body that I knew would arouse her. I want her to start her date relaxed but horny.

I could tell my plan was working because I could feel the damp heat coming form her pussy when I brushed my hand over her vulva.

After ten minutes of massaging Lori got up and I held the very sexy red satin panties, we had purchase earlier, while Lori stepped into them. Then I pulled them up snug against her pussy. Next I helped Lori into her matching red bra. This bra displayed Lori's breast magnificently. The bra supported Lori's breast for underneath and just barely covered her nipples but did not hid any of the top of her breasts. Once her bra was on I decided that Lori could handle the job of putting on her new black thigh high stockings much better than I could. The red bra and panties and the black stockings looked great together.

Finally I helped Lori into her dress. It was an ankle length black sleeveless number with a slit that came almost half way up the thigh. The low neck line of the dress showed a lot of Lori's breasts without showing any of her bra. Lori finished off the outfit with a pair of black pumps with three inch heels and a single strand of pearls.

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