Amanda's Highschool Lover

by Angelgirl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, BDSM, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Fisting, Bestiality, Enema, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda's first high-school date turns into a night of torment and gang rape.


This story begins three years after I met Billy and his Daddy. My life has completely changed since then. I still see Billy on occasion but his father died two years ago. I think I'm getting a little too old for him now; I'm fourteen, and Billy likes girls that are just starting puberty, like I was the first time they abducted me. My relationship with my daddy has improved 100% also; I finally know how to give him pleasure. But that's another story. That's why I found it so strange when my daddy started talking about one of the boys from my school. I should have known from the beginning there was something wrong. My father has always claimed me as his private possession. Now he seemed to be directing me towards the boy. He told me that I should have friends. He said he knew Raymond and considered him a very nice young man. I should have known it was too good to be true. Anyway, here's the story.

All week long I could think of nothing except Friday night. It was going to be the first school dance of the year and I would finally get my chance to meet Raymond. I was a freshman at St. Mary's High School and Raymond was in his senior year. If I hadn't chosen to sit in the schools gym during lunch breaks I never would have met him. I would sit high up in the bleachers so I wouldn't be disturbed by other children. I didn't have much use for children my own age, as I considered myself far to mature to associate with them.

I had been eating in the gym for about three weeks not paying much attention to the other kids in it. Then one afternoon things changed. I was sitting high in the bleachers as usual, when I heard a loud crash over my head. I dropped my sandwich and pop spilling it onto the floor. I saw a basketball bouncing back towards the gym floor. There was a young guy standing at the edge of the gym looking up at me.

"I just wanted to know if you were alive or not," he laughed loudly.

"You fucking Ass Hole," I yelled back at him. "You made me spill my pop."

He just laughed louder as I displayed my little temper tantrum. I couldn't stop myself from looking back at him as I got up to leave; he seemed to stand out from everyone. I could feel his eyes burning into me as I walked towards the exit. It felt like I was walking in slow motion. His white shorts fit tight as skin on his muscular legs and his narrow waste expanded into a beautiful chest with wide shoulders. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle like diamonds. His broad smile was almost impossible to turn away from. His hair flowed across his forehead in waves of pure gold. As I reached the exit I was unable to turn away from his hypnotic smile. I could feel tingling throughout my body and a wetness between my legs. I stood like a statue staring back at him. He started to laugh. It was like he knew what he was doing to me as he turned and walked away; but still I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He had the most beautiful body I had ever seen. I heard laughter coming from a bunch of boys sitting on the other side of the gym; they had been watching me the entire time. My cheeks began to redden with embarrassment. I knew they had seen his effect on me. I turned quickly to leave but in my haste I bumped into another girl. She looked to be about seventeen years old.

"His name is Ray Richards," she said to me. "I'd stay away from him if I was you. He's a real prick."

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to hide my excitement and obvious interest in him.

"He's broken a lot of hearts in the time he's been here. Let's just say he likes to play rough. Stay away from him. Hurting people is what he does best"

The girl turned and ran out of the gym. I could see she had tears in her eyes. It was obvious she was talking from experience. I looked back towards the gym only to see that Ray and his friends had left.

That night as I lay in bed I couldn't get the image of Ray's muscular body out of my mind. It was almost midnight and I was still awake. I could feel the wetness between my legs as I touched my fingers to my vulva; it was puffy and wet. I opened my legs and placed a pillow over my swollen cunt. I squeezed my legs around it pulling it into me. I could feel its pressure on my clit. It wasn't long before I was erupting in a beautiful orgasm. The pillow was soaked from my juices. I couldn't believe that a boy was having this effect on me. He couldn't have been much more than eighteen years old. For some reason I couldn't get him out of my mind.

Later that night when my father came to visit me I told him what happened in school and the effect it had on me. I expected him to be enraged with me. I even anticipated him beating me when he found out I had masturbated. My father asked me the boy's name. I told him that it was Ray Richards. I was surprised to see a smile appear on his face when I told him the name. He said that he knew the boy. He said he met Ray several times at a friend's home. He said I should pursue a relationship if I wanted. After my daddy left I was so happy I couldn't sleep the rest of the night thinking about Ray and what he might be like.

Over the next two weeks I saw Ray in the gym almost every day, but neither he nor his friends acted as if they saw me. I started sitting closer to the court each day until I was just one row up. It was Friday, the day of the school dance. I could hear Ray and his friends laughing. I heard Ray saying that he wasn't taking anyone to the dance.

"All the girls in the school are too immature for me," I heard him saying.

Ray had no idea how wrong that statement was. I hadn't been a virgin since I was ten years old. I wanted to tell him. I couldn't understand what it was about him that excited me so much. All I knew was that I wanted his attention more than anything. I lifted my legs onto the seat in front of me. I was wearing a short skirt. I knew that if Ray looked my way he would be able to see my panties. I could feel my heart pounding wildly. I had to make him notice me; the dance was tonight. I looked down into the book on my lap, but I wasn't reading it. Out of the corner of my eye I was watching Ray. I could see his friends laughing amongst themselves as they pointed in my direction. Ray had his back to me. He was the only one not to see my wanton act. I dropped my eyes back into my book. I felt like such a fool for what I had just done. I lowered my legs and was about to leave when I heard a voice.

"Are you going to the dance tonight?" The strong masculine voice asked.

He seemed to have appeared from nowhere. I hadn't seen him come over to me. He was standing in the aisle just a few feet in front of me. As I looked up from my book I could see his thick legs just a few inches from my face. They were covered in fine blond hair. I gasped when my eyes rose to his crotch and saw the bulge of what looked like a very large penis trying to push its way out of his tight shorts. I had to stop my hand from reaching out to touch it. My body wanted him so badly that I was losing control of myself. I was sure he thought me a little virgin ripe for the taking. He had no way of knowing what I had been through. I was going to enjoy playing the innocent girl for him. If he knew how badly I wanted his affection I'm sure I would have scared him away.

"I might be going," I said smiling up into his face, not really wanting to look away from his swelling crotch.

"I read the story you wrote for your literature class," he said with a smirk. "I loved it. I think it was the wildest thing I ever read. I have wanted to meet you ever since. You must be a very interesting girl. I would love it if you would save a dance for me." He said as he turned back towards his friends.

I was in shock; "How did he read that story. I got in so much trouble for writing it that I had to see the school psychologist for months after. The teacher flipped when she read it." I thought to myself as a cold chill ran its fingers up my spine.

We were told to be creative; she said the more creative and original our stories were the better our marks would be. I decided to write a story about someone I had been infatuated with most of my life. I wrote about the "Marquis de Sade". In 1772 he used Spanish fly to drug two girls so that he could have his way with them. I thought it would be a wonderful story. The experience taught me a very important lesson about life. I could never let anyone know the things that were in my mind. Somehow Ray must have gotten a copy of my story. My father said he knew Ray, could he have possibly given a copy to him. I felt both ashamed and proud at the same time. Knowing that he had seen my story and was still interested in me excited me terribly.

"If after reading my story he is interested in me there must be more to him than just a beautiful body," I chuckled to myself. "I can't wait to find out what he is really like."

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