Camping Trip

by califfoxhunter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: An erotic camping trip

Since it was a beautiful day and winter seemed to be over we headed for a campground, our first trip of the year. As we arrived and were setting up I noticed ours was the only site with people, must still be too early in the season for others to go camping.

After getting our site all set up we set off for a hike along the stream,the warm sun beating down on us. as we followed the creek, we came upon a small grassy meadow,and a bit tired sat down to rest,soon we were stretched out, enjoying the sun and warm breeze, your head laying on my chest as my hand ran slowly over your breasts. I enjoyed the feel of your soft skin and pushed up your sweatshirt exposing your swollen nipples for my lips to descend upon as your fingers tugged at my zipper, freeing my rapidly growing cock for your lips and tongue.

As we got warmed up, our clothes were quickly shed,allowing the breeze to caress out bare skin as we caressed each other till we could take no more and you rolled me over,your moist pussy hovering over my hard cock as I fingered your erect nipples till you moaned softly, then sank down on my cockhead, your wet lips spreading slightly as they surrounded my engorged cock,when you took more of me inside you, my cock throbbed, needing to be buried deep inside your hot flesh, your wetness coating my shaft and running down to cover my balls as you rode my cock till you shuddered in your orgasm and begged me to cum. when you gently squeezed my balls , I exploded, my cum gushingout, filling your waiting pussy as you fell forward,and were wrapped in my arms, our lips meeting in a long kiss as we lay on the sweet smelling grass,and the wind cooled our sweaty bodies...

after resting we strolled back to camp, hand in hand enjoying the great day we had. When we got to camp we decided to take showers to freshen up from our exertions in the meadow. As we approached the showers I pulled you inside the mens shower with me,since noone else was in the camp. quickly stripping we were nder the warm water in a flash, soap suds covering our bodies as we played "slip and slide' against each other. soon I was hard and ready and you were kneeling down under the spray my hard cock between your lips, your tongue savoring the taste of my precum as it flicked across my cockhead. wanting more I lead you to the bench in the dressing area and bent you over it, and plunged my cock deep inside you till you moaned loudly and began pumping in and out as you begged me for more.

Meanwhile the camp ranger patroling the campgrounds and hearing loud moans coming from the shower decide to investigate, as she peeked into the dressing area she stopped still, seeing us, you bent over the bench as my swollen cock worked in and out of your hot wet pussy, neither one of us noticing her as she peeked around the door jamb after seeing us. her hand slipping inside her blouse,rubbing her nipples as your pussy clenched tight around my cock, and I squirted my thick cum deep into you once again.

soon we were under the shower once again, then dressed and ready for a night snuggling beside the campfire,then snuggled together in our huge sleeping bag,listening to the sounds of the night as we hugged and kissed till we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we woke to a beautiful sunrise and a cool crisp day and snuggled inside our warm sleeping bags, listening to the sounds of nature; hesitating to brave the cold air but finally struggled out to start the fire and make coffee.

As we were eating breakfast the ranger came by and we invited her over for a cup of coffee. As we chatted she told us how she had watched us the day before in the shower and how hot it had made her, how she had retired early to bed to relive the experience as she played with herself till she had a massive orgasm; and only mentioned it to us because of how it had made her feel and how much she would like to watch again and maybe even partcipate if we were willing to let her.

As you and I made eye contact I could tell how excited you were with the prospect, I remebered the times we had discussed the possability of a threesome if we found a suitable person and place. This seemed a golden opportunity so we readily agreed and made plans to meet her at her cabin later.

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