To Tell The Truth

by April

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Three Some with Hubby and best Friend.

A few months ago my best friend, Cali, and I met for dinner and drinks at the local bar. We are very close and through the years we have talked about anything and everything. We were discussing the men in our lives on this occassion. She being newly divorced was pretty much playing the field and I having been married 10 plus years was looking for excitement. We ordered our usual, a large picture of margaritas, and in less than an hour we were even more open with each other than before.

We walked, ( well maybe stumbled ) out of the bar and decided it was probably best that I drive us both to my house so we could before my hubby came home from work.

We Arrived at my house and stumbled up the stairs and collasped the bed. I turned on the television, to a talk show, they were discussing mens fantasies. Cali laughed saying " All men have the same fantasy"

I eyed her as she laid lifelessly on the bed questioning her about her comment. "It is true all men have a secret fantasy of being with two women", Cali stated. I laughed, "yes, all men, accept mine" I remarked back. Cali turned over, almost staring at me, "You want to bet?", she challenged.

I smiled softly and accepted her challenge.

We must have fell asleep because the next thing I remember my hubby (Tony) was home questioning about our lunch date. I smiled up at Tony, Yes honey we had a little too much to drink and came here to recouperate. I glanced over at Cali, she was snuggled close to me, still sound asleep. Tony looked at the two of us, "Yes I believe you both had so many orgasms and wore yourselfs out", he said.

Tony went in the other room, and made him a drink. I woke Cali and headed into the living room with Tony.

A few moments went by and Cali joined us in the living room, wearing only a thin nightgown of mine. I laughed quietly, awaiting Tony's response. Tony, stood up and offered Cali, the seat next to me. Tony stood by the fireplace staring at Cali in her all too revealing attire. Cali, is very outspoken and will always say whatever is on her mind. She turned to Tony, and told him of our conversation questioning him about his most secret sexual fantasies. Tony seemed slightly embarrassed this was the first time I had ever seen his face turn blood red of embarassement.

Everyone was silent as we watched Tony, I glanced at the front of his jeans, noticing his hard member was very excited. "OH MY", Cali exclaimed, "You are very lucky, Shay" as she admired Tony's bulge in his jeans.

Tony went to the bar and poured another drink. "Tony, is it true?" I questioned, although, in my mind I knew Cali was right, his excitement only confirmed it. Cali, looked at me almost asking permission to test Tony, I smiled back at her and nodded softly. She got up from the couch, and walked toward Tony.

Cali took Tony's drink and laid it on the counter of the bar. Cali, placed Tony's hands on her breasts, she had very nice full breast a D cup, at times I am jealous of Cali's nice figure. Cali is 5'8, 140 lbs dark brown hair and and baby blue eyes. Ther is only a few months difference in Cali and myself, Cali will be 32 in January, and I turn 32 in April.

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