Debbie's Learning Experience

by Munchkinbear

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Debbie learns about sex from her mom's boyfriend.

Mother Daughter Bonding

Debbie and her mother Jessica were practically twins. Both had long shiny black hair and striking green eyes. Both were 5'7'' size eight and 36 C breasts. Jessica had Debbie at only 20 years old and they were often mistaken for sisters. After Debbie's father left it was just the two of them. Jessica was a strong woman and got through the hard times. She was a successful decorator and had an active social life. Debbie was a smart girl and a senior in high school, just 18. She was a field hockey player and acted in school plays. Debbie and her mother were close friends too. They often stayed up late watching movies and chatting about everything. There wasn't much that Debbie and Jessica didn't share with each other.

At the moment, Jessica was dating a man named Dave and Debbie was single. Jessica had just gotten back from a date with Eric and was chatting with her daughter. She had some wine with dinner and poured another glass when she got home. Debbie noticed a bright smile on her mother's face.

"So you had fun, Mom?"

"Yes, I did. It was very romantic. He took me to that new seafood place on the water. The moon was shining on the water. It was gorgeous. Afterwards, we went for a walk on the beach."

"Sounds nice. So is he a good kisser?" Debbie gave her mother a sly grin.

Jessica chuckled. "As a matter of fact, he is."

Debbie and her mother continued their small talk to for a bit and then Debbie got serious for a moment.

"Mom, can I talk to you about something? I really need advice about something. I honestly don't know who else to ask."

With a concerned look on her face Jessica responded, "of course you can silly! You know you can talk to me about anything."

Debbie sighed deeply and explained the problem to her mother. She explained to her mother that she was getting older. She had had a lot of boyfriends and she fooled around with them. She would let the boys go down on her and she would suck on their cocks. Debbie apologized to her mother but her mother just reassured her that it was alright. Jessica remembered what it was like to be 18. She remembered all the nights she had in the backs of her boyfriend's cars or in her bedroom when nobody was home.

"What can I do so I can have an orgasm, Mom?"

"Well, do you have orgasms when you masturbate?"

"Mom! I can't believe you just said that. I've never done that."

"Well, then Debbie, you have been missing out."

"I can't believe you do that!"

"Honey, it relaxes me, makes me happy, and feels damn good besides. Now, I think you should try it sometime. Take a nice hot bath and relax and explore your body. Once you know how to please yourself you will be more comfortable with the boys and they will be able to please you. Not to mention that they need more practice themselves."

A few days later when Jessica had another date Debbie decided to take her mother's advice. First, she took a nice hot shower. She rubbed her scented soap all over her body. She cupped her round breasts in her hands and gently pinched her nipples. She rubbed the soap in circles over them. Debbie liked her tits and from all the glances she got she knew the boys did too. She continued to move her hands slowly down her body. She went over her flat tight stomach and then bent over and rubbed down her legs with her perky round ass sticking into the air.

Once Debbie finished her shower she went into her bedroom. She decided to get into the mood a bit more and look at some porn on her computer. She went to a gay site so she could see some men. She looked at their hard bodies and their hard cocks. She thought what it would be like to have their dicks in her mouth and inside her pussy. She liked looking at pictures of guys jerking off. She pretended that they were looking at her and just couldn't control themselves. Then, Debbie looked at some pictures of women. Debbie was very curious about what it would be like to lick another girl's breasts and liked looking at pictures of that. While sitting there Debbie's hand had reached town to rub in between her legs and she had one hand cupping her breasts. She could smell how wet she was and decided it was time for the fun to begin.

Once Debbie was on her bed she began to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. They were hard and sensitive. She even lifted her breast to her mouth and licked her own nipples. She then let her hand wander down to her pussy. She seperated her lips and began to rub herself. It certainly did feel good. She discovered her clit and began to rub it. The feeling was sensational.

As she rubbed her clit with one hand she slid the fingers of her other hand inside her. It felt tight and warm. She could feel the muscles of her vagina clutching her fingers.

She needed something more inside of her she decided. Her eyes wandered around the room but she saw nothing. Then she remembered the bananas in the kitchen and went and got one. Debbie continued to finger herself a bit apprehensive about the banana. She decided she had to see what it felt like, though, and slowly she slid the banana inside her pussy. The feeling was intense. With just a few strokes of the banana Debbie let out a low moan in orgasm. She kept violating herself with the banana and rubbing her clit riding the orgasm for all it was worth. When she was finished she lay there smiling. She had found a new hobby.

When Debbie awoke the next morning she found a surprise when she went to the kitchen. Her mother's boyfriend was there eating breakfast. Dave looked up from his eggs and smiled at Debbie. His eyes lingered though as he noticed the 18 year old's body in her short cotton shorts with ruffled bottoms and her cropped tank top. Jessica noticed her boyfriend's gaze on her daughter and smirked. Debbie's innocence was apparent when she just sat at the table without going to get a bathrobe. As Debbie ate her cereal Dave just stared at her cleavage coming out of the top of tank top.

Debbie looked up and gave a sly look to her mother. "I tried what you suggested, Mom."

Jessica looked confused for a moment and then smiled. "And?"

Debbie smiled at her mother and replied, "it worked wonderfully."

Debbie finished her cereal and left the kitchen. Dave watched the girl's tight ass as she walked away. Again, Jessica noticed Dave's admiration to her daughter and smiled. She thought to herself that this would work out perfectly.

"What are you smiling at?" questioned Dave.

"You were checking out my daughter."

Dave blushed. "She's good looking."

"How would you like to teach her the ways of the world?"

What?! Dave gasped.

"She was saying how she is inexperienced. I want her to learn with somebody trustworthy. With somebody she won't get her heart broken by. Strictly a learning experience."

Dave looked flabbergasted. "I can't believe I am dating a woman who wants me to fuck her daughter. Are you going to join us?"

Jessica just smirked and said, " let's go shower."

Dave loved taking showers with Jessica. He loved seeing her naked body with water dripping off her breasts. He loved covering her body with soap and caressing all his most sensitive parts.

Jessica and Dave entered the shower and began their bathing ritual. They each soaped each other's wet bodies. Much to Dave's pleasure Jessica always lingered on his cock. She would joke about how dirty it was and how it was her job to get it nice and clean. His penis twitched just thinking of it.

Again today Jessica got her hands all soapy and began to stroke his cock. She loved to feel it growing her hand and it didn't take long until she had a hard seven inch cock in her hand. She let the soap rinse off his cock and looked up into his eyes as she slowly kneeled in front of him dragging her tits along his body and over his cock. Jessica took his balls into one hand and his prick in the other. She ran her tongue slowly from his balls all the up to the tip of his penis. Dave groaned with pleasure. She licked him again and then ran her tongue in circles around his head. Then, hungrily she took all seven inches of his cock into her mouth. Dave let out a gasp of pleasure.

"Oh, yeah,"

Jessica kept sucking him and rubbing his balls. It was unbelievable. Her mouth was unbelievable. He could hardly keep himself standing. Then, she reached up and put her pinky into his ass. It was too much for him. He came almost immediately. He spurted his cum right into her mouth. Jessica sucked up every last drop and swallowed it. She was so hot. Jessica stood up and kissed Dave.

While Dave and Jessica dressed they discussed the plans they had for Debbie. Jessica told Dave that he should try and seduce her tomorrow night. Jessica would call Debbie and tell her that she would be late from work and ask if Debbie would keep Dave entertained until she got home. Dave was a bit skeptical but the idea of fucking the 18 year old virgin was more than any man could handle.

"Do you think Debbie will go for it," Dave asked.

"Just do what you did with me. If my daughter knows what is good for her she will go through with it."

The next night Dave showed up at the girls' house. Debbie opened the door in a pair of spandex and a sports bra, still sweaty from a workout.

"Hi, Dave. Mom will be late. She told me to entertain you. You want a drink or something?"

"Sure." Dave answered not taking his eyes from Debbie's nipples.

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