by Sven the Elder

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cuckold, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: The game of pool with a side bet that leads to a night of passion with a wife-watching mornign to come.

© February 2002

As I sank the eight ball and won the third frame in a row, I felt a hot flush of pleasure course over me and not just because I'd simply won the match. Sitting at the bar was a rather pretty local lady - she'd been the object of the 'winner take all' bet - and I'd just won!

It had started earlier in the evening. I don't shoot pool all that often - after all I'm a Brit; our game, on a table that is, is snooker. Bigger table, ball, cues and more balls, but I'd played it a lot when I was younger. I'd even won a local tournament once, but that had been thirty years before and in a different country. This time I was in Indonesia, where I'd been engaged in finishing up a contract before flying home the following day. The night club was in the basement of my hotel.

I'd found it early on in my stay, it was a pleasant enough place to while away an evening without it costing either a fortune or someone either taking exception to you or fleecing you at whatever they were selling. As a sop to the Brits who worked in the country and stayed in the Hotel it had a darts board, for the others a pool table. Jack, the Club manager and I had played a few times over the weeks I'd been coming. I suspect he'd been or even was a hustler, but, he was kind enough to let me win a few games, while I got used to playing again after not being on any sort of table for a number of years.

The guy I'd just beaten was taking his loss through gritted teeth and a rather fixed smile. Given what I'd won, that wasn't too surprising. Jack had set it up. I hadn't been in for a few nights because I had been too busy writing up some details of my work on my laptop, so to make up for a bit of time Jack and I had been playing earlier. We had stopped for a beer break and to let someone else have a go.

You've seen the type. He was, I regret to say a 'Yank'. There were a few out here and most all the others were damn nice guys I know I worked and played with them. This jerk seemed to want to make up for all their good traits by having as many bad ones of his own you could ever wish for. There is, as they say, always one. He was the one - let's just say he was a loudmouth and leave it at that. Jack and I had watched from the bar with dismay as he proceeded to alienate just about every one in the club, which as Jack muttered, 'was a clever trick... but not good for business.'

Then to me, "Fancy taking him down a peg?"

"At what Jack?"

"Pool of course - you're quite a lot better than he is, if you're careful - but he doesn't know that and we can let him boast his way into it."

Jack was grinning as he spoke.

Jack knew what my game was like, the idea appealed, so what the hell! Even though I'd never met the guy before, I'd seen the way he'd upset some of the others, amongst them folks who'd become my friends. Yeah! - as they say these days 'Cool!'

Jack had gone over and was obviously proposing the match. Loudmouth glanced in my direction and, sneered "What the Limey?' Then added, "Well, I suppose I've got time to, but we'd better make it a bit more interesting..." then looking at one of the local girls, "We'll play for her."

Jack raised an eyebrow, but ever the urbane Manager, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you wish."

He went over to the girl, and a look of distaste appeared on her face. If Loudmouth noticed he didn't show it as Jack came back the short distance to me.

"May's father owns a fair chunk of this Hotel, but she's agreed at my wish. Just for her sake and the sake of my job - don't lose." The latter as he turned to rack the balls.

Jack palmed the chalk - Bill, loudmouth's name, chose and found chalk.

"Best of five?" He broke messily but still got lucky and potted off it. The table didn't really favour my style and he won the first frame. Having now sunk a couple of Bud's his second break wasn't so lucky, having been let in, I cleared and sank the eight without his coming back to the table. Bill glowered. May purred and put her hand on mine as I sat down while Jack racked them back up. Bill went off, still glowering and had a leak.

When he came back, Bill took another mouthful of Bud while I broke. Now my practising with Jack was paying off as I dropped a stripe off the break, then cleared all but the eight. Bill dropped three then left me an awkward cut, which again I got lucky with. Perhaps it was the fact I only drink tonic, ice and lemon - no gin! Perhaps not. Bill now looked worried for the first time. Now time for a little gamesmanship.

"Tell you what Bill, I got a bit lucky last time - you break."

He couldn't refuse the offer, even though it didn't really look good to the now fascinated bar.

From just behind my left ear Jack sniggered, "Christ you bastard! Hope he doesn't get lucky!"

I muttered back "So do I."

Bill didn't--poor break and he never got back to the table as I took the third game in a row and won the rubber. At least he turned out to be a relatively good loser, but that was probably because there were more of my friends than his in the place. May came over and kissed me full on the mouth. Bill started to say something, thought better of it and turned and walked away.

"May," I said, "the bet was not my idea - you really don't have to follow it through."

"Oh but Sven, I do. If it got round that I had welched on a bet..."

Jack, standing slightly behind her and out of her eye-line just nodded gently to me.

"Wait a few minutes Sven - I don't trust that clown. May, Sven's in 319, I'll take him up the back way in a moment."

She said nothing, just kissed me lightly again, then turned and went into the staff entrance.

As she walked away I exhaled gently and said, "Shit Jack - I hope this doesn't get you into bother."

"Nope," he said. May's like that - she does what she wants, but she might not have gone out of here with him. The fact she's being discrete means she'll probably come to your room. But then I'm not sure - she's a law unto herself."

He shrugged his shoulders and passed me another drink. This time there was gin in it - he judged me well and I felt I needed it.

A few minutes later Jack showed me out of the service elevator on my floor into the linen closet. Opening the door he glanced each way then nodded his head conspiratorially.

As I slipped quietly past him he gave me a pat on the shoulder. "Enjoy."

My turn to grin and nod.

I let myself into my room with my electronic key. Why was I not surprised to find May standing in the darkness looking out the window, the only light the lights of the shopping Mall half a mile away. She didn't look round as the door clicked shut behind me. I put my jacket over the back of the chair and crossed the room to stand behind her slim figure. As I held her waist she leaned back into me, holding her arms across her front gripping the elbows.

"May - you really don't have to be here."

She turned, reached up a little and put her arms around my neck then kissed me, gently at first then with more passion, her tongue slipping between my lips. She stopped and leaned back a little before putting her head in the crook of my neck.

"Sven, if that was the case then I wouldn't be here. I'm here because I wanted to be and because I'm curious - you've not yet made a pass at me, yet we've talked and sat together before this evening. Jack put me up to it - he told me you'd win - though I was a little worried after that first game."

I saw her teeth gleam in the light from the window as she laughed a little. She undid the buttons on my shirt front, pulling it out of the waistband of my trousers and then taking it right off. She dropped it over my jacket on the back of the chair beside us. Then, turning back ran her hands through the light furry down of what passes for hair on my chest. I held her to me and we kissed some more. We could both feel the passion this time. I reached for the zip of her dress, but she stopped me.

"One moment..."

She crossed to the door of my suite, looked briefly through the spy hole, unhooked the 'Don't disturb' sign, opened the door, hooked it over the outside handle and re-shut the door. As she started back across the room she reached behind her and unzipped the dress. As she shrugged it off her shoulders it puddled down around her feet and she stepped out of it, picked it up and gently placed it over my shirt. Quite naked she came the remaining distance back across the room, closed my open mouth before kissing it, while at the same time undoing my belt and loosening my trousers, easing them down as far as she could. Breaking the kiss, as I kicked my shoes off she knelt down and took my trousers and shorts off. On the way back to standing up she kissed the end of my cock.

As we kissed again, I tasted my own sweetness on her lips as she pulled my butt tightly into her, my pre-cum wet cock trapped between us. I steered her backward and pushed her gently down onto the bed, moving to lie alongside her. I kissed her neck, making her shudder a little, then kissed my way on down to her full breasts, her nipples standing hard in the cool of the air-con - hard and dark like her areola in sharp contrast to her beautiful light-coloured olive skin.

As I kissed and licked my way from nipple to nipple I brushed my hand down across her flat stomach to the start of her wiry short brush of hair. May moaned quietly, her fingers entwined in my short hair holding me to her breast, as I explored her nether lips with my fingers, moving in circles through the thatch. She opened her legs wide, spreading her knees upwards to give me the access I wanted.

I kissed my way down to her navel, running my tongue into it, again making her squirm just a little as I did so. Then she shuddered again as my beard reached that hair and the smell of her musk reached my nose, driving me on with more urgency than before. She swivelled round a little to get underneath me and reach the end of my cock with her mouth, slurping at my wetness. Now it was my turn to catch my breath as the warmth of her sweet lips bobbed over the tip and rim of my cockhead. I wasted no more time - with my hands either side of her hips I held her ass and used my finger tips to pull apart the lips of her wet slick cunt, sliding my tongue into it, swiping it down from clit to 'taint. May shuddered with a small cum as I did so, stiffening and then relaxing. Her wetness sweet nectar on my taste buds.

She swung out from under me, pushed me onto my back then engulfed my cock with her hot mouth, leaving it slick and ready with her saliva. In the light from the window I watched as she grabbed me with one hand, eased her hips over mine and set me against her cunt, her slender shape poised over me. I could feel the heat radiating from it as she slipped down onto me.

Tight, so tight - breathing hard now she pushed down onto me and slipped a little more onto me.

Tight so tight - as I strained not to cum with the exquisite feeling of her enveloping cunt.

Tight then tighter - sliding deeper and deeper down onto me, the whites of her eyes visible in the light as she keened, "Christ - Oh - Christ - Oh - Christ - Oh Christ!"

As she finally bottomed out, her ass resting on my hips, little shudders running though then finally a sobbing almost silent scream as it all came to a head and she started cumming, and cumming.

Tight so tight - almost to the point of pain - her body twitching, her muscles visibly rippling, trapping my cock in a strangling intensity that triggered my own hard orgasm, my back arching up off the bed, my cock pushing deeper and deeper, flooding her with my pearlescent juice in quantities that oozed out round my shaft.

We came slowly down falling gently back onto the top surface of the bed, both dripping with perspiration in spite of the air con, her long black hair half covering my face, her face tucked into the side of my neck, her breath coming in little shuddering sobs. The muscles of that cunt still gripped and spasmed round my cock, only half hard now, but still not slipping from her.

She raised herself up a little and kissed me as I held her to me, hands still gripping her butt hard. As I squeezed it she contracted her muscles round me then I watched as she pulled her stomach in as if she were in an exercise class, her cunt now stroking me back to hardness and sloppy seconds. My own sloppy seconds!

She fed a breast to my face; my waiting lips eagerly took that hard nipple in and sucked on it in time to her contractions as she slowly started to slide and move on me again. Reluctantly letting it go and without coming out of her, indeed holding myself tight into her by gripping those lovely ass cheeks I rolled her gently over until I was on top of her. She brought her knees up either side of my hips and I brought first one, then the other of those lovely long legs higher, above my arms. Then deep, deep inside I gently started to fuck almost vertically down into her.

She almost growled as another little orgasm rippled though her then she made a whining sound as another big one started, her ankles by this time trying to grip the back of my neck. Again she started to spasm round me as she came and then without warning I too exploded pushing hard into her with a gathering intensity as each wave crashed through me. In slow motion we crashed back to earth, my shrinking cock slipping from her cunt as she vainly tried to stop it.

As we started to drift to sleep, me now spooning her from behind, my arm over her side my hand gently caressing a handy breast she pulled the comforter over both of us before wiggling back tight against me.

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