The Suzi Chronicles

by The Midnight Lurker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Suzi goes to a local hotel one evening with the idea on her mind that she wants to a seduce a stranger. As things turn out, Suzi seduces two of them.


It was a very rare occurance when Suzi failed to leave a long and lasting impression, no matter where she went. A 25-year-old female from the great state of Washington, Suzi could easily be described as the embodiment of many-a-man's ultimate fantasy girl. With the body of a centerfold and the legs of a showgirl, this blonde, flaxen-haired beauty was simply unrivaled. At 5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, Suzi had a sensational 36d-23-34 figure and the type of cover-girl face which any man would love to "unload" upon!

With such marvelous physical attributes, was there any wonder why Suzi was so desirable among the men of Seattle?

When meeting Suzi for the very first time, many guys got the idea that she was a soft-spoken, almost virginal type of woman. Why shouldn't this be their first impression of her? Suzi had innocent brown eyes and the type of smile which was one part naive, and one part playful.

But as most men would often find out, the only way that Suzi could be ACCURATELY be described as the prototypical girl-next-door was if there was a WHORE-HOUSE next door!

A self-described exhibitionist, Suzi admitted that she loved the idea of men lusting after her. Instead of being a pure tease, however, the young woman went out of her way to satisfy the lustful intentions of her male admirers.

Suzi was the type of woman who refused to be tied down to just one man. Instead, she rather be tied down by ten men, all at the same time - especially if there were handcuffs and various other restraints involved!

In a nutshell, Suzi was a true gang-bang-girl who would rather take on an army of guys - all at the same time (of course) - than spend an evening at home with just one man. But at the same time, the young woman considered one-on-one sex very delightful, as well. However, her personal motto in life was "the more men, the merrier".

Although being the centerpiece of a gang-bang was her favorite past-time, Suzi really enjoyed ALL types of sex. She would often suck a man's cock as if her life depended on it, then swallow his sperm like it was her last meal. Then, the young woman would happily fuck her man (or men) with all the zest and energy anyone could ever ask for.

With stunning physical attributes to go along with a sex drive which knew no end, Suzi was a cross between a Miss America contestant and the hottest, nastiest porno starlet you could ever think of. The intoxicating blonde was a walking "T & A Show" whose hunger for passion would eventually go down in Washington's history as pure legend.

Born in November 1973 in the Seattle suburb of Lynwood, Suzi was the oldest of what would eventually become four children. Her father a military man and mother a bakery manager, the family moved from town-to-town as Suzi was growing up. However, they never ventured far from Seattle.

Quite active in high school, Suzi's interests ranged from playing field hockey and softball, to cheerleading and ballet, to of all things - politics. Suzi didn't get many supporters for being President of her class, but easily won the voting - in landslides - for Homecoming Princess/Queen during all four years of her stay throughout high school. She simply looked better than any other female in her class.

As a teen-ager, Suzi was a decent student who had sincere aspirations of being a registered nurse one day in the future - preferrably, at a children's hospital. However, the beautiful blonde had one weakness in life - guys.

While growing up, Suzi found it next to impossible to stay with any single guy for an extended period of time. She would date a guy for a few weeks or maybe a month, then her eye would start to wander. Before long, the vixen had moved onto a new boyfriend. Then, the process would simply repeat itself - dump the current boyfriend and find someone else. Very simply, Suzi had never met a guy whom she did not like - or lust after.

Eventually, Suzi began to manage multiple boyfriends, at the same time. She would go out with one on a particular evening, then have a date with another guy the very next night. The young woman once went out with 11 seperate guys in high school, on 11 consecutive nights!

But at the age of 18, Suzi's sexual life exploded like a supernova. One evening, two of her boyfriends were arguing over who exactly had a date with her that night. They almost got into a fist-fight. Not wanting the studs to brawl over her, Suzi came up with a simple, yet logical solution to the problem. "Don't worry, I'll fuck both of you," she told them.

On that evening, Suzi changed from a sexually-curious high schooler to a bonafide super-slut. Both of the guys eagerly pounded and fucked Suzi from every angle and position; they left NO hole unfulfilled.

Now aware that having sex with two guys at the same time was much better than one, Suzi eventually tried three men. Then four. And five...

She once was involved in an eight-on-one encounter - eight studs (the men) and one fuck-toy (Suzi).

Throughout her college years, Suzi was known to many as "The Campus Slut". As captain of the cheerleading squad, the insatiable slut fucked professors and fellow students alike. All the guys on campus knew that if they wanted some easy pussy, Suzi was the girl to see. She literally took on just about every single man who came her way.

One of her most memorable college experiences happened after the varsity football team got an exciting win over its biggest rival. For their efforts, Suzi decided that a "celebration" was in order - with none other than the squad's offensive line. The slut was gang-banged by eight strong guys, who together, weighed more than 2,000 pounds. But that did not bother Suzi, who fucked each and every lineman until they were completely exhausted - and yet, the blonde still wanted more.

Suzi got more the next evening, as she set her sights on the team's set of linebackers. The end result was almost exactly the same as her encounter with the offensive line. A hot fuck-fest, ending with the guys strewn about the floor in total exhaustion - with Suzi still wanting more.

However, Suzi did not limit her taste in men to athletes, even though she was the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad. That position, of course, typically requires that the female date only athletes and the cream-of-the-crop, in terms of guys. Yet Suzi knew no boundries when it came to men. It did not matter to her whether a guy was the quarterback of the football team, or a 90 pound weakling who was bullied and picked-on by his peers. As long as a prospective man had a cock, Suzi was always more than willing to take him on. The 18-, 19-, 20-year-old guys who had not been lucky enough to experience sex during their high school years suddenly had a change of fortune - thanks to Suzi. The slut was responsible for helping at least 30 guys lose their virginity during her stay in college.

Suzi was so hot and desirable, that eight guys were serious when they asked her to marry them, while in college.

One of those eight guys was her math professor while she was a freshman. Suzi had a hard time in that class and was failing miserably when she decided to see if getting more "personal" with the professor would somehow boost her grade.

The blonde asked him if he would see her after his final class of the day, in order to discuss her grades. Being a good instructor, he agreed - completely unaware of what Suzi had in store for him.

What happened was Suzi made him an offer he simply could not refuse. She would fuck the professor at least two times each and every week until the course ended, as long as he gave her a decent grade (a 'C'). Their first encounter took place right in the classroom, minutes after her initial offer. Suzi was spread-across the professor's desk and received a good, hard fucking. It was the first of many from that professor, who, like the seven others who proposed marriage to her throughout college, was turned down.

That was not the only professor she seduced, either. In fact, Suzi really breezed through college and got herself a degree, yet learned very little. The reason why was simple.

An old saying, especially in the United States, is that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Suzi? Well, she was born with a cock in hers.

After graduating from college, Suzi found a job at a local hospital. However, long, 12 hour work days did not stop her from continuing to charm and seduce just about every man who came her way. The young woman once even exhibited her "bedside manner" by fucking a patient.

Yet at heart, Suzi was still a true gang-bang-girl. She absolutely loved having sex with one guy, but getting fucked by a whole group of men... that was even better. The more cock at her disposal, the happier this slut was.

During this time period, the blonde never really considered one boyfriend more important than another - until Michael came along. At age 26, Michael was the perfect match for Suzi and her tastes. Not only was he excellant in bed, but Michael also enjoyed sharing his girlfriend with other men. As a result, he originated several gang-bangs with Suzi as the featured attraction. Michael would invite some of his close friends over, then they would all take part in a "Suzi-bang".

Although Michael was her "main" boyfriend, Suzi was as sexually active as ever before. The nympho simply LOVED to fuck. She CRAVED the feel of a big cock in either her pussy or her ass (or both, at the same time). Sexually speaking, there was really no limit as to how far she would go.

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