Day Care Center

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: An emotional trauma causes problems in a marriage that are over come in an unusual way.

Two years ago I thought my life was near perfect. At that time Patty, my wife of five years, was six months pregnant and we were both very excited about the coming event. I had a good job with a large electronics firm in San Jose and Patty was enjoying her job at a day care center. On top of that we were shopping for our first house. Then, without warning our happy life was turned upside down.

First the company I worked for was bought by another company which immediately reorganized our company which really means they fired the old management staff. So here I was out of work and my wife pregnant.

Luckily I had managed to save quite a bit of money, for the purchase of our house, and the severance package I was given was quite generous. That meant we would be all right financially until I could find a new job, but we would have to put off the purchase of a house indefinitely.

While Patty and I were dealing with these problems the next test of our ability to cope was thrown at us. While I was out on job interviews I got a call from Patty. As soon as I answered I could tell something was wrong. I could hear it in her voice when she asked, "Can you come get me right now?"

I asked her what the problem was and she said, "Something is terribly wrong with me. I just went to the bathroom I found blood in my panties."

I immediately drove over to the day care center where Patty worked and took her to the emergency room. Two hours later the doctor told me that they had to take the baby and it was still born. It was left up to me to tell the woman I loved that she lost her baby. That was the hardest thing I have ever done.

They kept Patty at the hospital overnight as a precaution and I brought her home the next morning. We very awkward together. Neither of us seemed to know what to say. I felt terrible, not only because of our loss but also because I knew how much Patty wanted to have a baby. I needed to talk to her about it but I didn't know how.

Over the next several weeks Patty got stronger and was able to resume her normal activities and she returned to work but there was something between us. We didn't talk about our loss, but it was there with us almost like a living entity. I so much wanted to hold and love Patty but she seemed too fragile and I guessed she needed more time before she would be ready to be intimate. I wanted to talk to her about it and let here know I was there for her whenever she needed me but I never felt it was the right time for that conversation.

Six months after we lost the baby Patty made an unexpected announcement to me. She said, "I want to get out of here."

I said, "You want to go away for the weekend?"

She said "No. I want to leave San Jose. This doesn't feel like home to me any more."

"Where would we go?"

"Anywhere. Just away from here."

I thought that she might be right. We might both be happier somewhere else. I began looking in trade magazines for job opportunities in other cities. After several days of searching I saw an ad the caught my attention. It was an ad for the sale of an electronics store in the Atlanta area.

The idea of running my own business appealed to me so I sat down with Patty and we talked it over. Patty said she thought it might be a good move for both of us. So, three days later I was on a plane to Atlanta. I spent four days negotiating with the owner of the store and we agreed on a price for his store and the current inventory. Then I went to a bank and applied for a small business loan. A week later the bank notified me that my loan was approved and a month later Patty and I moved to Atlanta.

The cost of housing in Atlanta was so much lower than in San Jose that we were able to buy a house in a very nice neighborhood north of Atlanta. The day we moved in several of the neighbors stopped by to welcome us. I could see this had a very positive effect on Patty. One of the people we met that day was George. George was a tall, distinguished man with silver streaks in his otherwise dark hair. He looked to be in his mid fifties. As it turned out George was actually almost sixty. George had such a warm and friendly personality that you couldn't help but like him. As he walked in the open front door of our house he said, "Hello, I'm George Lewis and I guess that you are Willard and Patty Bradley."

I said, "Yes we are and it's nice to meet you," as we shook hands. Then I added, "But my friends call me Will."

We had a nice friendly conversation during which I asked George what he did for a living and he said, " I retired from a large technology company five years ago. Now I work at the day care center just up the street from here.

I asked George, "How long have you been working at the day care center?"

"Just the past three years. My wife died four years ago. After that I couldn't spend all my time alone in the house so I took the job at the day care center. Working around those young kids makes me feel younger."

I said, "Patty was working at a day care center in San Jose before moved here."

George looked at Patty and asked, "Would you be interested and going back to work? I know we are looking for a couple more people for our staff."

Patty said, "I'd love to go back to work after I get this house settled."

George told Patty where the center was and as it turns out it was only about a half mile from our house. After that George said, "I can see that you two have lots of work to do so I'll get out of your way." As he went out the door he said, "Hope to see a lot more of the two of you."

While Patty stayed home and worked at finishing the unpacking I went down to my store to begin preparations for the change of ownership. The deal I worked out with the current owner was that on the upcoming weekend he would close the store and we would do a complete inventory. Then on Monday we would sit down with the lawyers and finalize the purchase and I would reopen the store on Tuesday. Also negotiated in the deal was my right to keep the store's name North Atlanta Electronics. I felt it would help me getting started if customers didn't know the store had changed ownership.

During the inventory I found a large number of surveillance cameras on shelves in the warehouse.

I asked Bob, the current owner, about them and he said, "We bought those about a year ago. I had an idea for selling home security systems but as it turned out we didn't really know enough about designing home security systems to sell any."

I said, "In my former job I did a lot of design work and I have a pretty good understanding of security systems. Maybe I can do something with all those cameras."

On Monday the store became mine and on Tuesday I opened the doors on my own business for the first time. At the end of my first week I could see that the store would do a good enough business to make a good living for Patty and me and if I could add some additional services such as home security systems I could be extremely successful.

I'd had the store opened about two weeks when Patty told me that she had applied for and was given a job at the day care center where George worked. I could see that this made her happy which made me happy. I was getting more hopeful about our future all of the time. I felt that the time might be right to try and start adding romance or should I say sex, back into our marriage.

The next day I called Patty from work with the idea of suggesting we go out for a romantic dinner while hoping to make love to her afterward. When I asked her about going out for a nice dinner, Patty hesitated before saying, "No, I... I can't tonight. I have to go to the day care center for an orientation meeting for new employees."

I wasn't sure but the feeling I got was that Patty still wasn't ready and maybe never would be ready to resume a normal sex life. I love Patty but I was becoming a little frustrated. When I came out of my office Jill, a very attractive red head that worked as a cashier looked at me and smiled and for the first time since I met Patty I thought about having sex with another woman.

To avoid the temptation I buried myself in my work. One of the things I did to keep myself busy was to design a home security system for my own house. I brought three of the cameras home from the store and mounted one over the front door, one over the garage door and one over the back door. I manage to install the cameras in such a way that no one would even know they were there. I ran the cables from the cameras to a workshop I had set up in my basement and connected them to a computer so that I could remotely control the cameras. Using the computer I could select a camera view and display it on my monitor with the ability to zoom and focus or I could have all three views displayed at the same time. I could also digitally record the camera views.

I equipped the cameras with motion detectors so that they would only turn on if something moved within fifty feet of any of the cameras. At that distance anyone coming onto my property would activate the nearest camera. The video system was also tied into an alarm system, which would detect anyone trying to break into the house and would automatically dial 911 and notify the police. The last thing I did was to set up dial in capabilities so that I could check the security form anywhere that I had access to a computer and a telephone line. I must say I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

One night as Patty and I were eating dinner she suggested that we have a house warming party so that we could have all of our neighbors over. I told Patty I thought that would be a good idea so Patty scheduled the party for a Saturday night two weeks away. When she was done the guest list included everyone in the neighborhood, all the employees in my store and all the people Patty worked with at the day care center.

On the day of the party I set up a monitor in my study, which is just inside the front door, and connected it to my computer so that the images from my cameras were displayed on the monitor.

I did that so our guests would see it and hopefully get interested in having something like that for their own houses.

As it turned out the party was great. I could see that Patty was having a great time entertaining and I did spend a lot of time demonstrating my security system to our guests. At one point I was down in my workshop with three people explaining how the system worked. One of the three people was Jill, the cashier I mentioned earlier. After a while I found myself alone with Jill. She was leaning over my computer looking at the images on the monitor as I flipped from one camera to another. While she was looking at the monitor, I was peeking down her blouse at the top of her lovely breasts. I was so aroused by this view that I was having trouble breathing normally.

I was so mesmerized that I didn't react quickly enough when Jill looked up and she caught me staring down he blouse. I was about to stammer an apology when Jill just smiled at me and asked "Did you like the view?"

I didn't dare say anything because I was afraid of how it would come out. Jill made no attempt to move which left the view of her breasts available to me but I had to fight not to stare. Finally Jill straightened up and came around to stand next to me. She put her arms around me and pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek and said, "If you are interested in having some fun together just let me know," she gave me another kiss only this time she brushed her lips over mine, "You know. No strings, just fun." She turned and as she walked out of the room she said, "Call me."

I was in shock. I was also in possession of the biggest erection I'd had in a long time. I couldn't go back to the party for another five minutes so that my erection wouldn't show. During that time I thought about what Jill had said and wondered what I should do about it.

When I did go back up stairs George was standing at the top of the stairs with someone I hadn't met yet. George introduced him as Brian Cochran. Brian was the owner of the day care center where Patty and George worked. Brian said "George has been telling me about your home security system, would you mind showing it to me?" So I spent the next half hour with Brian and George.

When we rejoined the rest of the party I was relieved to see that Jill had left. I was concerned how Jill might act around Patty. The rest of the evening was spent in just idle conversation and the party broke up around midnight. Patty and I stayed up till two cleaning and when we went to bed we quickly fell asleep.

During all this time I was becoming more frustrated with the situation with Patty. I needed intimacy and it didn't look as thought that was going to happen any time soon. I was starting to have fantasies about Jill. I even masturbated while thinking about having sex with her. Then it happened. It was the week after the party. I was putting some new stock on the shelves in the warehouse when the store was closing. I thought everyone had gone home but suddenly Jill was standing next to me asking if there was anything she could do to help me.

She had a funny look on her face when she said, "I can help you put the rest of the new stock away or we can fuck."

I had no resistance left. I just took her in my arms and kissed her. We had our tongues in each others mouths and our hands were all over each other. My need was greater than I expected so I didn't want to waste much time on foreplay. I told Jill I wanted to see her tits and she quickly removed her blouse and bra. Jill had a very nice pair of breasts. They were large and firm and felt great in my hands as I sucked on their nipples. After spending a few minutes on her nipples I said, "Now I want to see if you are a natural red head."

Jill smiled and began to take her pants off. When she was stripped to her panties Jill asked, "What do you think? Red, or maybe blonde, or brunette? What color hair am I hiding from view."

By then I was too hot to want to play any games. "I don't know. Just let me see it."

"If I show it to you will you kiss it?"

"If you show it to me I'll not only kiss it I will suck on it till you have an orgasm."

Jill pulled off her panties revealing a thick red bush of hair above a beautifully rounded vulva.

I picked Jill up and carried her over to a workbench. I sat Jill on top of the bench and I bent down and put my head between her legs and began to kiss, lick and suck on her pussy. As I had promised I brought her to orgasm with me mouth.

When she recovered from her orgasm Jill got off the bench and knelt on the floor in front of me and opened my pants and pulled them down. Then she took my erect cock in her hand and guided the head to her mouth. Jill began by sliding my cock back and forth across her lips then she sucked the tip into her mouth and started working on it with her tongue. Soon Jill was plunging her mouth down over my cock and brought me to the brink of climax. I stopped her before I came and pulled her to her feet. I turned Jill around and had her lean forward against the bench. When she did I pushed my cock inside her from behind. The feeling was fantastic. I hadn't had my cock inside a pussy in so long it felt so good I almost wanted to cry. As I pushed forward into Jill she pushed back against me, which added to my pleasure but also shortened my tenure. I was soon spewing my hot semen inside Jill.

When I had finished I held on to Jill and leaned on her back. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes until my softening cock dropped out of Jill dripping pussy. As Jill moved away from me I could see my semen running down the inside of her thigh. I couldn't believe how sexy that looked to me. As Jill put her panties on she got some of the semen on her fingers, which she put in her mouth. Then she looked and me and said "You taste pretty good. Next time you'll have to come in my mouth. Jill finished dressing in silence then she said "Goodnight" and left.

As soon Jill left and I had time to reflect on what had just happened I felt a terrible guilt.

I should never have allowed that to happen. I couldn't find any way to forgive myself but I promised myself that it would never happen again. And it didn't... until three nights later.

Over the next couple of months life fell into a routine. Patty was enjoying her new job. She worked from eight in the morning until five in the evening on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays she had to stay late to wait for parents who were running late picking up their kids. The day care staff took turns staying late. Each night two people would stay late and Patty and George stayed late on Wednesdays. On those nights Patty stayed late she would usually get home around 6:30 although she sometimes didn't get home till eight o'clock. As for me, my store was doing a good business and I was enjoying the work. On Wednesdays I worked late in the warehouse and Jill usually stayed to help take care of anything that happened to come up.

It was at this time that I got a call from Patty's boss Brian Cochran. Brian called me at the store and said that he wanted to discuss some business with me. Then he made a strange request. He asked me not to mention anything about this to Patty or anyone else at the center. I was puzzled but I agreed to meet with him that evening after work. Brian suggested I come to his house and gave me directions.

That night after I closed the store I drove to the address that Brian had given me. I was surprised to find that he lived in a very exclusive neighborhood. Houses there started at a half million dollars and went up. I wouldn't have thought that running a day care center would generate the kind of money needed to live in such an upscale neighborhood. The house was a large brick structure that overlooked the Chattahoochee River. I pulled my car into the circular drive and stopped in front of the house. As I got out of my car Brian appeared at the front door. He shook my hand and invited me in then led me through the house to his sunroom where he offered me a drink and a place to sit.

Once I was settled into a comfortable rattan chair with a cold beer Brian began to explain why he wanted to see me. "Thanks for coming Will. Let me start by explaining something about the day care business. It's not a high margin business and people don't get rich running day care centers."

When Brian said that, I couldn't help but look around me at the obvious wealth on display in Brian's house. Brian didn't miss the look. He said, "I didn't get any of this by running a day care center. I am president of a local insurance company and realized a long time ago the value of providing day care services to my employees. About ten years ago I started a day care center in my office building for the company employees. I hired trained and competent people to run the center and it worked great. It boosted the moral of the employees that were able to use the center and the center paid for itself. As I expanded my personal businesses to include a large real estate office near the subdivision you now live in I wanted to be able to provide day care services to my agents and administrative staff. I tried to negotiate a deal with a local day care center but they wouldn't make a reasonable offer so I bought him out. I didn't feel that I could turn away the current customers so I kept them and added more staff to handle the children of my employees.

This worked great. With the revenue generated by the original customers I have been able to give my employees inexpensive day care services and still make a small profit."

I said "So you basically just run the day care center to provide that service to your employees, not as a for profit enterprise?"

"That's correct. Now the day care center in the office building at my insurance company gives me no worries and that's because the parents are able to visit their children on breaks and can also check on them via an intranet link on the company's computer network. It's the center that your wife works at that makes me nervous. It's not that I don't trust the employees but you just can never be completely sure of anything, you know what I mean? Over that last several years there have been so many stories in the news about abuse at day centers, sexual and otherwise, that I feel the need to be extremely careful. If some one makes an accusation it doesn't have to be true to ruin your reputation. And if something happened and a parent was to sue me they would not only destroy the day care center but also my real estate business. Can you see where I am going with this?"

I wasn't completely sure where this was going but I had a vague idea. I said, "You want some way to be sure that no children are being abused at the center."

"Yes, but not only that, I want to be able to prove it in court. I want a surveillance system that will cover the entire facility so that there are no blind spots. Nowhere anyone can engage in any acts, sexual or otherwise, with out being recorded on videotape. The system I have in mind would be covert in that the employees and clients would be unaware of the existence of the surveillance cameras or of their purpose. The idea for this struck me when you showed me the security system you designed for your home. Can you design and install such a system?"

"You want cameras set up to record everything that goes on in the center all day long? How long would you plan to keep the recorded tapes on file? After all you would need a dozen or more cameras to cover the center the way you described so we are talking about generating at least two dozen tapes a day. Who would maintain the equipment, change tapes and maintain the tape library. That would be a full time job in itself."

"That's why I came to you. I want you to come up with a technological solution for this problem.

I don't want to buy anything. I want you to design, install and run the system for a monthly fee. I am not too concerned with the cost as long as it is reasonable for the solution you would be providing. While I have no reason to believe that there is a problem at the center I feel that everyday that I am not protected is a great risk. If there is a problem I want to know before it gets out of control. Can you do this?"

"Well, I will certainly give it a try. It will take a week to design it and I will have to get access to the center when no one else is there so I can figure out how to install cameras and wires so that they won't be seen." My mind was already starting to work on the problem and the challenge was exciting me.

Brian said, "Good, I will give you a set of keys for the building so you can get in on the weekend or at night after it's closed. So I will expect to hear from you next week then. Oh... and one other thing, you are not to tell anyone about this including your wife. If I find out that any of the employees has any idea of what's going on I will terminate our deal. Is that understood?"

"Completely." I could tell by Brian's demeanor that the meeting was now over.

As we walked back through the house Brian stopped and opened a drawer in an antique desk and took out a set of keys, handed them to me and said, "Have a spare set of these made and return them to me next week when you come over with your proposal.

As I drove home I though about what it was that Brian wanted me to do. I wasn't sure that I was comfortable with the idea of spying on the employees at the day care center. On the other hand it would give me a chance to design something that may have resale value.

The next night at work I closed up the store and went back to my office to begin the design work on the surveillance system for the center. The first problem to over come was how do I record the output from as many as a dozen cameras in a way that is manageable. I was envisioning racks with VCRs in them. How would I hide them? If anyone saw all those VCRs they would know something was fishy. As I was pondering this problem Jill walked into my office and asked "

What do you want me to do with these?" When I looked up Jill was standing there with her blouse opened to her waist and no bra. Her beautiful breasts were exposed to my view.

As I stared at her breasts Jill said "No silly, not those, these." I looked at Jill again to figure out what she was talking about then I saw that she was holding a box in her hand.

When I recognized what the box was I felt a shot of electricity go through my body. I jumped up, grabbed Jill and kissed her passionately and said "Thank you," as the blank CDs spilled out of the box she was holding. As the idea formed in my head, record the video on CDs not tape. No need to record every frame maybe just one frame per second. As I tried to concentrate on this growing idea Jill began kissing me. I told her to stop. I said I have work to do and didn't have time to make love to her. Jill said, "Then you sit down and get back to work and I'll get under your desk and give you a blow job. That would be nice wouldn't it?"

I had to agree. That did sound nice. So as I started making notes Jill began opening my pants. Once she had me in her mouth it became very difficult for me to concentrate so I just sat back relaxed and enjoyed the feel of Jill's mouth on my cock. It didn't take long for Jill's wonderful mouth and tongue to bring me off. Jill suck on my till my cock was completely drained and limp.

When she got up off the floor she had a drip of semen on her lower lip, which she made a show of licking off.

I said "That was great Jill but I'm afraid that I can't return the favor tonight. I have too much work to do."

Jill said, "That's okay. My boyfriend is picking my up in a few minutes. He'll take good care of me." Then she laughed and said, "I'm terrible aren't I?"

"Your boyfriend doesn't know we fool around does he?"

"Nope, and I'll never tell him. It's none of his business. I haven't promised him that I won't have sex with other men and I didn't ask him to promise me anything either. Until we make those promises I'll fuck anyone I want."

A few minutes later I heard a car horn and Jill said, "That's Bill... gotta go."

By the time I went home I had a pretty good idea of what my design was going to look like.

I worked on the design at night and on the weekend I went over to the center figured out how to handle the wiring and where to hide the cameras. By Tuesday night I had the design ready.

As I got ready to go to Brian's house after dinner on Tuesday Patty asked where I was going. Of course I couldn't tell her so I said I was going back down to the store to unpack some boxes.

She asked if I would like her to come along and help. I thanked her and said I wouldn't need any help and then I left. I felt bad lying to Patty but I had no choice. She looked kind of hurt as I walked out the door.

When I got to Brian's house it was all business. We went into his study and I began to explain just what I had in mind. I said "The day care center has six rooms that need to be monitored and one room in the basement that is accessed by it's own door and has no access to the rest of the building. I will put the electronics for the system in this basement room. I think the locks on the door should be changed just in case some one on your staff has a key to that room."

Brian nodded and said, "The lock will be changed tomorrow.

I continued, "For the six rooms up stairs I will use ten cameras. In the classroom I will put a camera at both ends the room. I'll do the same in the nap room and the playroom. In the office the cameras will be in opposite corners of the room. Finally in the bathrooms there will be one camera in each bathroom positioned so that they will show who comes and goes but will give them privacy to do their thing. The cameras will be set up with motion detectors so they are only on when someone is in the room. Each camera is also equipped with a microphone so sound will be recorded with the video. The cameras will all be connected to a video hub in the basement, which will be controlled by a computer. This computer will also act as a file server. The system will be programmed so that all video is feed to the processor, which will then capture one frame of video per second from each camera and store it on the server hard drive. Then at night when the center is closed the computer will be programmed to backup the video files on the hard drive onto compact discs. This system will be much easier to manage than a video tape system and much more practical."

Brian looked impressed. He asked, "If you capture only one video frame a second will I be able to know for sure what the video is showing."

I said, "Absolutely. At one frame per second the picture will be a little jumpy but you will be able to see very clearly what is happening."

"How will you monitor the system? Will you be going to the center at night to screen the videos?"

I said, "No. I am going to set up a web site for the center on the Internet but it will be designed such that only authorized people will have access to the site. The concept is called a virtual private network. This will give me access to the center while I am sitting at my computer at home.

In time I will be able to build search criteria so that the computer can scan the video looking for suspicious behavior.

Brian was very pleased with the system designed and agreed to my monthly fee, asking only that I get the system up and running as soon as possible.

I installed the system over a three day holiday weekend when the center was closed and Patty thought I was working at the store. I was very pleased with myself. Everything worked as designed. On Tuesday when the center opened the cameras turned on and began recording the action. I was able to connect to the system from my computer at the store and from home. This allowed me to make sure everything was working properly.

I stopped by the center twice a week to load blank CDs into the recording device and to label and store the recorded CDs. Other than that the system needed very little manual intervention.

After just a few weeks of operation I was able to build a program so that the computer would scan the videos as they were recorded and would flag anything that I would need to look at later.

This meant that I only needed a few minutes each night to check the days recorded video.

Then one Wednesday evening I got home from the store around 6:30 PM. Patty wasn't home from work yet so I went into my workroom and started reviewing the day's video. When I checked my active cameras I found that there were still two children in the playroom with Patty and George. The children were playing a game and Patty and George were on the other side of the room talking. Because I was watching them live I was able to zoom the camera in on Patty and George and turn up the gain on the microphone so I could hear them talking.

As I started listening in on their conversation Patty was saying, "I don't think I could do it. I want to but I think I would chicken out. I would have to feel as though I had no choice but to go through with it. You know what I mean?"

George said, "Yea, I think I do. Do you ever gamble?"

"What do you mean, like cards or horses?"

"Well, if you made a bet and lost would you feel that you had to pay the debt?"

"Yes, I guess so."

George looked around the room for a moment then said, "Okay then, I bet Joey's parents come to pick him up before Mike's father comes to get him. Will you take that bet?"

Patty was quiet for a minute then said, "Okay, I'll take the bet."

"If you lose you'll pay up, right?"

"Yes, I'll pay."

Patty and George sat quietly for the next few minutes until I heard a door open. When I checked the view from the other camera in the room I saw a woman enter the room and one the of boys that had been playing jumped up and went over to the woman. She said something I didn't quite hear to the boy then said good evening to Patty and George. When the boy and his mother left

George looked at Patty and smiled but neither of them said anything. It was another fifteen minutes before a man came in and left with the other boy.

As the boy and his father left Patty walked out of the room. The cameras in the office activated and I saw Patty go over and sit down at the desk and start writing something on a chart. A moment later George came into the room leaned against a counter with his back to the camera view I was looking at but facing Patty. When Patty finished writing whatever it was she was writing she turned to look at George. Then I heard George say, "You lost the bet. It's time to pay up."

I don't know if I can describe the look on Patty's face. It was a little like a smile, almost a devilish smile, but she also looked a little nervous. Patty said, "I am ready if you are." Then she rolled the desk chair she was sitting in over to where George was standing. Now Patty was sitting in front of George but I couldn't see her because George was blocking the view. I was so intent and curious about what was going on that I almost forgot about the second camera in the room. When I remembered I quickly selected the view form the second camera, which was from the opposite side of the room. Now I could see Patty clearly and I couldn't believe my eyes. She had George's cock in her hand and she was examining it as though it was the first time she had seen one. I felt my throat tighten up as Patty began licking the head.

My first thought was, 'I have to stop them,' but I was frozen to my chair. Besides, they were a half-mile away. I couldn't do anything to stop them, so I sat and watched my wife take another man's cock into her mouth. If this was the pay off for the bet she lost she sure didn't seem to mind that she lost. I remembered when she used to suck my cock that way and I knew that George had to be really enjoying the prize he won. Patty was taking George's whole cock into her mouth then slowly pulling back until it almost came out. She would do this several times then she would take his cock out and run her tongue around the head and down the shaft and lick his balls.

As I watched the scene in front of me I was getting angry and upset but at the same time I found the whole thing to be very erotic, that is to say I got an erection while watching my wife suck George's cock.

As Patty continued paying her gambling debt I heard George say "I am almost ready to cum. Can I cum in your mouth?"

Patty didn't respond verbally, she just took him back into her mouth and pumped her mouth up and down his shaft until I saw him tense up. I could tell from George's hip movements that he was spewing his load in her mouth. When George stopped humping her face Patty let his cock drop from her mouth then she grabbed a handful of tissues from the desk and apparently spit George's cum into them.

As Patty stood up still wiping her mouth with a tissue George said "Next time you chose the bet."

After that the two of them moved around the rooms checking doors and windows and turning off lights. Finally they locked the front door and left.

As I sat waiting for Patty to come home I wondered what I should do. I could accuse Patty of having an affair but I couldn't tell her how I knew. If I did I would lose the deal I have with Brian. I decided not to do anything immediately and wait till I could come up with a way on confronting Patty without having to tell her about the surveillance system at the center. As I thought about this it suddenly occurred to me that the system had recorded Patty and George. I didn't want anyone else to see that video so I decided to go over to the center and erase that last bit of video.

As I walked into the garage to get my car Patty came in. She asked me where I was going and I wanted to say, 'What do you care slut,' but instead I said, "I have to run to the store. Be back in an hour."

When I got to the center I went in the basement door to the computer room. The computer hadn't started the process of burning the day's video onto the CDs yet. I pulled up the stored video for the office camera and watched Patty sucking George's cock again. Watching at one frame per second made the video jerky but there was no doubt about what was going on. I burned that portion of video onto a separate CD then erased it from the hard drive. Afterwards I sat at the computer and thought about what had happened. I wondered if this was the first time or had Patty and George been playing for a while. I pulled the video files for every Wednesday since the system was installed. I scanned the video files for any action between Patty and George and found none. I thought that if this is the first time it probably won't be the last time. That's when I decided to set up a video tape recorder in my shop at home so that I could videotape Patty on Wednesdays when she is alone in the center with George. This would give me a much better picture of them than the one frame per second video files that were being saved to the file server. If anything happen between them the following Wednesday I would be ready.

For the next week I felt uncomfortable around Patty. I found myself confused by how I felt about her. I was angry that she had cheated on me but I was also more sexually attracted to her than I had been in a long time. I wanted to scream at her and call her names but I also wanted to make love to her. I also found myself looking forward to Wednesday night to see if Patty would have any kind of sexual contact with George. I knew that I didn't want her to but part of me seemed to want it to happen.

On Tuesday I kept my mind off the situation with Patty by taking a long lunch with Jill. She took me to her apartment where she made me a chicken sandwich then while I was eating she called her boyfriend on the phone. Jill stood with her back to me as she talked to her boyfriend, telling him in explicit detail how she wanted him to make love to her that night. As she talked she bent over the kitchen counter and began pulling her skirt up till her beautiful ass, covered in skimpy white bikini panties, was completely exposed to me. Next, using one hand and a lot of wiggle Jill managed to remove her panties then she turned to me and with a jerk of her head indicated that she wanted me to come to her. So as Jill continued to talk on the phone I came up behind her and began to run my hands over her ass and up between her legs. Jill reached back with her free hand and started to rub my fast growing erection through my pants.

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