by Aquea

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple lives out a fantasy of hers...or is it his?

"This fantasy is all about control, in some ways. It's not what you think though - well, actually, let me just explain the fantasy first, and then you'll understand it better.

"I don't have a good lead-in, I realize. I always get so caught up in the "fantasy" part of the fantasy that I don't think about the mundane things, like how we get there. So you're going to have to bear with me, okay?

"The place it starts, in my mind, is with us sitting on a bed. It's not my bed - we're in a hotel, someplace nice. Maybe like that place you stayed in, the first time we met. We kiss, gently, and I put my hands on the sides of your face, holding you close to me. As the kiss intensifies, I feel your tongue graze my lips, and I groan. I pull away, smiling as you grumble in frustration. I put my finger to your lips - "shhh, relax, just trust me, ok?" - and you nod. We both know how much stronger you are, of the two of us - you could easily resist me, but you don't. You let me push you back on the bed, and shift around as I tease and tickle you until you're lying flat, right in the center of the massive king size bed.

"I straddle your stomach, kissing you before you have time to try and glance up my short skirt. I run my hands down your chest, undoing the buttons on your dress shirt. Without breaking the kiss, I lean back, pulling you up with me, and fumble with your shirt until you get the idea and slip your arms out of the sleeves. As you fall back, I stroke your strong chest, pulling the dark hair there, lightly, making you squirm. Our mouths continue exploring each other, and I notice that we're both breathing somewhat harder than we were a few minutes ago. With one hand, I stroke your chest, stopping every once in a while to flick and pinch your sensitive nipples. I know how strongly you react to that, and used it to my advantage. You are so busy squirming underneath me, you don't even notice when I slip the soft silk scarf around one wrist, then switch hands and wrap the other one. You start noticing something is unusual as I pull your arms above your head, but by then it's too late - I run the scarves through the clamps I had attached to the bedposts earlier, and your hands are stuck. Well, mostly stuck - I grin at you as I show you how to release your hands if you want to. "I dare you to leave them there," I whisper in your ear, as I lean in close to bite your earlobe. You gasp in pleasure, as I'm rarely so rough, although you have always told me how much you want me to be more forward.

"I kiss you again, harder this time, then climb off you, sitting up beside you on the bed. I lean over, bite your neck, run my lips down your chest, and circle your nipple with my tongue. You quiver, whispering my name under your breath. "Wha...?" I interrupt you, before you can finish asking me that question, whispering soothing words to you. I look into your eyes, and ask "Trust me?" I see the fear flicker briefly in your eyes, before you smile and nod. You know I'd never harm you; you also know how to get untied in a hurry, if you need to. I don't know which thought comforts you more, and it makes me smirk slightly.

"I reach down, popping the buttons on your jeans, running my hand 'accidentally' over your erection while I'm at it. You twitch, thrusting your hips up at me, trying to maintain contact. I back off, directing you to lift your butt at I tug at your pants, wiggling them over your hips, then finally off; I toss them on the floor, and repeat the process with your boxers. Plaid - I laugh. You have no 'regular' white underwear, at least that I've seen. Your cock bobs against your stomach, and I smile as I see how hard you are. I've known so many of your fantasies, your turn-ons, for a long time, but never chose to do anything about many of them, before now. My smile widens when I think about how many of them are going to be fulfilled tonight. One look at how hard you've become in the last few minutes is all the confirmation that I need that I was right, that you wanted this.

"I lean over to the bedside table where I carefully stored all the supplies I knew I'd need for this, and pull out one more navy blue silk tie, just like the ones on your arms. You anticipate my move, and move your legs closer together; I shake my head, trying not to laugh at your assumption. I kiss you, once, then securely tie the scarf around your head, as a blindfold. You gasp, and I feel a shudder run through you - we had never talked about blindfolds, but after a few minutes kissing and soothing you, you assure me that you are alright, willing to endure the blindfold if I think it is necessary. I climb on top of you once again, running my hands along your arms, chest, and face, involving our mouths in another deep, needy kiss that leaves me reeling. I know that the rough wool of my skirt and the buttons of my blouse must be pressing into you, pointing out to you that while you are naked, tied up, blindfolded, and totally helpless, I am still fully clothed and completely in control.

"I get up again, imagining to myself what you must be thinking as you hear me rifling through the drawer on the bedside table again, pulling out various items you cannot see. You feel my hands tug your legs apart, and me kneel between your knees on the bed. Cutting off the rampant imagination I know you have, I suck your cock completely into my mouth before you have time to wonder what I'm up to next. I can feel the blood vessels with my tongue, the whole thing throbbing slightly in my mouth. I caress your balls with one hand, pulling my mouth off your cock. I gently lick at the head, in a motion that I know gives you pleasure, but doesn't provide you with enough pressure to get any closer to orgasm. I have other plans tonight - I have no intention of letting you come so soon, and ruin it. I continue licking down the shaft of your cock, before licking your sac and sucking each testicle into my mouth, briefly. I keep moving down, shifting position between your legs, until I can tickle your perineum (the sensitive area behind your balls) with my tongue. You squirm, and in that moment I run my tongue over your anus. I hear you suck in a breath, not letting it out, and you try to hold perfectly still while my tongue roams over your ass. I know how much you love that, and you often tell me that you wish I was willing to engage in that sort of play more often. I lick and probe at your ass until I hear you groaning in time to my actions; as I pull away, I hear a grunt of frustration. I replace my mouth with a well-lubricated finger, running between your cheeks, then putting gentle pressure at your opening. You relax - I can hear you panting as you obviously try to forcibly loosen up the muscles. My finger slides in, slowly, and I watch your face for signs of pain as it goes. You groan as my hand comes to rest against your butt, my finger gently probing against your prostate. I know that facial expression, and it doesn't indicate pain.

"After a few minutes of gently thrusting into you with my finger, I pull out. You whimper "please...", until you feel something else pressing up against your anus. I wonder if you can tell by feel that it is plastic, because you pull away from me, twitching and pulling against the silk scarves at your wrists. I stop, moving up to lay along side you, stroking your chest, kissing your face to reassure you. "What is that?" I hear you ask, and I continue planting kisses on your face as I explain it to you. "It's very small - it won't hurt," I promise you, and you reluctantly agree to let me try. I kiss your lips, softly, passionately, as my hands roam down to fondle your cock, which has gone somewhat limp in fear. I reposition myself between your legs, and decide to suck your cock back to hardness while inserting the small butt plug. You whimper, afraid, until I tell you that it is over, and you realize that you barely felt it. Your tensed legs relax, and you start thrusting your hips up, trying to fuck my mouth as I'm still sucking your cock, almost forgetting about the plug I put in place. Almost - but not quite, because at that moment I touch a button on a small hand-held device, and the plug starts vibrating softly inside you. You let out a surprised squeak, which degenerates into a moan, as I start sucking your cock faster, harder, and you feel the vibrating against your prostate. I hear an audible sigh when I turn off the vibrator - whether of relief, or disappointment, I'm not sure. But you got the point, I know.

"I again slide up beside you, laying my clothed body across your naked one, and your kiss suddenly feels desperate, anxious; you blink as I untie your blindfold and smile down at you. I kiss you again, then wink as I scramble up off the bed, leaving you still securely tied. I blush slightly, then proceed to do a slow, naughty strip tease. As much as I hate it, I know you like my body, and tonight is about giving you what you want. I stop before I remove my skirt - I slide up the hem of the short wool piece of material, and reveal to you that I am not only wearing the stockings that you adore, but am also not wearing any panties.

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