Visit to the Doctor

by Jeff501

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, .

Desc: Sex Story: Debbie visits the doctor to discuss a very personal matter. She gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Debbie was an attractive woman in her mid thirties who had been with the same man for many years. She and her husband had always enjoyed an active sex life, however, she had always felt that her husband lacked passion and excitement. For the most part, Debbie allowed her husband frequent access to her body, allowing him to touch her at will. She enjoyed the attention, however, at certain times of the month she could not bear to be touched by her husband, particularly since he was not the type to ease into the activities with gentle foreplay. Debbie had long desired a man that could warm her up properly but her husband was just not the type.

After many months of painful sex at least one quarter of the time Debbie decided to make an effort to aid her relationship and booked a visit with her family doctor. She had been seeing Dr. Jim Buckson for a few years now and liked his demeanour. She had had a string of older doctors but preferred seeing her newer, much younger doctor.

Finally the day of the appointment had arrived and as luck would have it she was in the middle of her sore time of the month. Just one day earlier her husband had tried to have his way with her but the soreness was too much for Debbie to handle as she once again pretended to enjoy the sex. Something had to be done, and she hoped today would provide answers. Debbie left her house at 3:30 PM, dressed in a black sweater from the GAP and blue jeans, complimented with earrings, her favourite necklace and just a hint of perfume. Even though her doctor was young and handsome she didn't want to appear too eager to please.

Debbie sat in the waiting room awaiting her turn when the nurse called her name and led her to the rear most examination room and instructed Debbie to sit on the edge of the table. The nurse dropped Debbie's file in the door slot and closed the door behind her.

After a few moments, the doctor entered the room and gently closed the door behind him, ensuring their privacy. Debbie sat on the edge of the examination table, her long sexy legs hovering inches above the ground. "So what seems to be the problem" the doctor asked, moving his chair within inches of Debbie's outstretched calf. Debbie took a deep breath, 'well this is really embarrassing but ummm I guess you've seen it all". "Ummm it seems like once a month for at 4 days my body changes, I can't have sex, because you know it ummm well it's too dry and my nipples get really too sensitive to touch and my husband is starting to complain a lot about it". "And my mood changes, I feel like I am a completely different person when this happens and I wanted to know if you could help me" Debbie stated, staring helplessly at her doctor. The doctor looked at Debbie up and down as he contemplated the situation asking "so are you feeling this way today Debbie?". "Yes that's why I made this appointment this week, it hit yesterday". "Ok good, can you describe your exact symptoms please" the doctor asked, moving a little closer to his patient. "Well last night we tried to have sex and we could not, it just would not work, and my nipples are sore and I can't stand to have any one touching them". "I see" the doctor replied in a serious tone as he stood up and warmed his stethoscope in the palm of his hand.

The doctor slipped his stethoscope against the neck line of Debbie's tight sweater as he attempted to slip it inside. "I don't want to stretch out your top Debbie, I think you better slip it off, if that's ok?" the doctor asked in a sweet tone. Debbie smiled knowingly, not overly embarrassed about doctors seeing her topless.

Debbie pulled her sweater out of her jeans and crossed her hands, pulling it over her neck and placing it beside her on the table. "That's better" the doctor stated, looking directly at Debbie's black bra. The doctor placed the stethoscope against Debbie's chest, listening intently to her heart as his pinky rested against the trim on her bra. Debbie looked down as she instinctively breathed in and out, causing her breasts to balloon out and back in with each breath. The doctor moved the scope around, listening intently as Debbie became more aware of his fingers brushing against the material of her bra, causing her breasts to tingle as she breathed in and out. "Ok everything seems normal there" the doctor added, placing the scope on the table beside him. "Ok now you say you have tender nipples Debbie" the doctor asked, his eyes fixated on her cleavage. "Yes, it's really quite sore when my husband tries to touch them or ummm, you know suck, them" Debbie responded, a little embarrassed of her answer. "I see, well I'll have to ask you to slip your bra off and we'll have a look' the doctor added with a smile.

Debbie, blushing slightly, reached back and unhooked the two claps and allowed her bra to fall over her shoulders and onto her lap. Her firm apple sized breasts now fully exposed for the doctor to see. "Ok, now show me what hurts" the doctor asked, wanting Debbie to do the touching'. "Well ok' Debbie responded as she lifted her right finger and began pulling oh her limp right nipple. "It's sore when I do this" Debbie added as she dragged her finger across her nipple over and over again for the doctor to see. "But I have to admit it feels much worse when someone else does it, because I am not prepared for it, you know what I mean?". "Yes I do" the doctor nodded in agreement as he looked to see how Debbie's right nipple was now much harder than the other side. "I see, and now that it is stimulated, does it still hurt" the doctor asked, egging her on to touch again. Debbie continued to rub her now hard nub as she looked up in pain at the doctor. "Yes even when it's hard it still hurts to do this" she responded, flicking her her fingers over her half inch long nipple. "Maybe you should do it" Debbie asked, wanting to get to the bottom of her problem. "Yes, perhaps you are right" the doctor responded as Debbie moved her hand from her breast to her lap.

"Ok now tell me when it hurts' the doctor asked as he placed his right fingers directly on Debbie's left nipple, which was still not erect. "Ouch, no, ouch that hurts' Debbie responded as the doctor played gently with her nipple, brushing it back and forth as the right side subsided. 'Ok, let me try something else" the doctor responded. Debbie waited in anticipation as she looked down to see the doctor cup her breast fully in his hand and squeeze it from underneath. Debbie thought this was odd but did not protest as the doctor cupped and rubbed the underside of her left breast, fondling her.

"Does that hurt' the doctor asked, looking at Debbie's nipple which was now starting to grow. "No that feels good, I mean fine' Debbie responded, biting her tongue as she wished she had not said the word 'good' at the doctor's office. The doctor continued massaging Debbie's left breast, avoiding the nipple as he squeezed her flesh and rubbed in circles underneath. "What I am doing is stimulating your breasts to try and de-sensitise your sore nipples'. "Does your husband perform a lot of foreplay when you are like this Debbie' the doctor asked. "Ohh no way, he just starts sucking on them and then wonders why I get mad" Debbie added. Debbie looked down to see her left nipple become completely erect as the doctor touched every inch of her, avoiding her sensitive nipples. "Ok I am going to try again" the doctor said, as Debbie held her breath, half expecting pain and half expecting sexual arousal. The two watched as his fingers began rubbing against her super hard nipple. Debbie gasped out loud as the doctor's fingers began pulling on her nipple, causing shooting sensations to travel directly between her legs and causing her right nipple to perk up as well.

The doctor continued pulling and playing with her hard nipple as he asked her 'is that ok, did the pre-stimulation of your breasts work, is the pain gone?', looking into her smouldering blue eyes as his fingers continued to play with her left nipple. By now Debbie's breathing had become noticeably altered as her chest heaved in and out as she answered 'yes that's good'. Surely the doctor could tell she was turned on, Debbie thought as she looked down to see him change positions.

"I'm just going to try the right one again' the doctor warned as Debbie held her breath, not knowing what to feel. The doctor began rubbing and squeezing Debbie's right breast just as he had done on the other side. This time, however, Debbie felt there was no need to warm up, she knew this side was ready for instant touching. The doctor cupped her and squeezed more and more until Debbie's nipple was pinky-red and growing harder. The doctor was now firmly massaging the fleshy underside, rubbing in circles and caressing her breast as if they were a married couple.

Without asking, the doctor slipped his fingers against her hard nub and began pulling on it and playing with it. "How does that feel?" he asked. Debbie, now completely lost in the moment responded "honestly, I don't know what you just did but it hasn't felt like that in ages, it feels really good" Debbie admitted as she watched the doctor smile and continue pulling on her nipple. "I just want to try one more thing Debbie". Debbie nodded in agreement as her breasts hung very close to the doctor, her nipples achingly long and hard. "Tell me when it hurts ok Debbie' the doctor asked as he began pulling Debbie's nipple straight out, making it at least three quarters of an inch long. Debbie remained motionless, her panties now drenched, as she squirmed on the table, causing her bra to fall on the doctors feet. "So that feels ok" he asked again as he continued pulling and gently twisting Debbie's nipple well beyond its normal length.

"Doctor it doesn't just feel ok... it feels really good, the more you pull the better it feels" Debbie gasped after a slight pause, visibly aroused as she uncrossed her legs and squirmed on the table. Taking the cue, the doctor placed his free hand on Debbie's left breast and pulled her other nipple out equally far. Debbie closed her eyes as she sat on the table, a perfect stranger now pulling very hard on both her hard nipples. "I want you to tell me when it hurts ok" the doctor asked as he slowly pulled Debbie's two nipples out at the same rate, making them much much longer than their natural length. With both nipples pulled as far as they would go the doctor looked again into Debbie's eyes, 'doesn't this hurt you?" "No, it feels so good, you're driving me wild here, you better stop or I'll have an orgasm right here in the office" Debbie begged, her legs now squirming and bouncing up and down as she flexed her muscles between her legs, feeling the doctor pull and play even harder on her delicate nipples. Debbie's crotch was throbbing and pulsing with all the foreplay, she knew she would have to masturbate once she got home.

"Well that wouldn't be such a bad thing now would it?' the doctor replied as he smiled and twisted and pulled on Debbie as she closed her eyes to contemplate her answer. "What wouldn't' she asked with he eyes shut. "Having an orgasm right now!" the doctor returned ""Oh, umm no it wouldn't" Debbie responded in a weak voice, knowing full well she needed to cum. The doctor opened his mouth to ask another question but was interrupted by Debbie as she opened her eyes and stared into his face and groaned "Doctor, can you please suck on them now, you have to, I need it so badly" Debbie demanded, leaning over to offer her erect nipple to him. "Are you certain?' the doctor asked. "Yes, I need it so badly, just suck them now, I'm on fire here, the way you played with my nipples, you're driving me crazy" Debbie moaned, offering her chest to the young doctor as she opened her legs and squirmed visibly.

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