To Ride a Unicorn

by Rat_Lombot

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Desc: : CHildrens story for 6 to 8 year olds

Woofles was a small cute fluffy dog.

He wasn't a big dog. He wasn't a middle sized dog. He was only a small dog.

He was smaller than most cats, But he was a very loud small dog.

Have you met any dogs like that?

Woofles did not like his name. He liked to pretend he was a big dog who could chase cats.

Woofles had two pretty owners who were sisters.

One was called Fay, who was four (4).

The other was called Halley and she was eight (8).

They both had blonde golden hair and they both liked horses.

Their Mum was calling them from upstairs.

When they both got to the kitchen, Mum was putting chopped up carrots in a bag.

"Come on" she said nicely, "We are going to give woofles his walk and feed the horses,"

They both got ready while their mum got the dog lead.

Woofles was very excited because he liked to go for walks.

Fay was excited because she loved horses.

Mum had to tell woofles off for being too noisy.

Woofles had a great walk, and ran around lots.

When they got to the horse field they put Woofles back on his lead.

He was on his lead to make sure he was not a bad dog, and that he did not chase the horses.

In the field there were two (2) horses.

One white and one Grey.

The two sisters carefully fed the horses.

They kept their hands nice and flat so they would not get bitten.

Fay even stroked one gently.

"Can we go in the field" Asked Fay

"No" Mum said

"Why" Asked Fay

"It's too dangerous for little girls,"

"But people ride horses", said Halley

"Yes they do," said Mum "But they go to special schools called riding schools, and they need special hats in case they fall. They also need a saddle so they don't hurt the horse when they are on its back."

"Can we go to a riding school" asked Fay

Mum said nothing.

Before Fay could ask again, their Mum said,

"We have to go back now,"

When they where far enough away from the horses they let Woofles off his lead.

Woofles went running off again, making a lot of noise.

Woofles broke through a large bush, when all of a sudden everything seemed different.

The weather had suddenly changed from normal grey weather, to sunny with blue skies.

The grass wasn't normal grass.

It was green like normal grass but it was extra soft and there was no dirty mud.

The air smelled like lots of flowers.

Standing there was a horse

It was white, but not a normal white like the horse in the field.

The horse in the field was a dirty white and smelled a bit.

This horse was bright white like a fresh bit of white paper.

This horse did not smell like a normal horse, it smelled like peaches.

From the middle of its head, came out a curly white horn.

Woffles wanted to pretend he was a big dog.

Normally he could not chase horses because the sisters kept him on the lead.

This time he was not on a lead.

He ran up to the horse and made as much noise as he could.

The horse did not move.

It looked at him and said

"Shut up"

Woofles stopped. He did not know what to do now, the horse was supposed to be scared.

"Hello, my name is Sam. What is you name," asked the horse

Woffles thought for a moment, he did not like his real name.

"Big Teeth The Horse Chaser" he lied,

"Why are you called Big Teeth when your teeth are so small," asked Sam.

Woofles started to feel silly for telling lies.

"I chase horses so you have to run now." said Woofles.

"I am not a horse, so you cannot chase me," said Sam "I am a Unicorn"

"What's a Unicorn?"

"I am Magic. I can make ill people better. I can make bad dreams go away,"

"How come you speak dog, the other horses don't speak dog," said Woofles

"You silly dog, I told you I am not a horse. You can tell by the horn on my head,"

"My owners like horses" said Woofles, "But I don't think their Mum wants them to go riding,"

"Why not?" asked Sam.

"She thinks it's too dangerous for little girls," said Woofles.

"Maybe it costs too much money," said Sam.

"What's money?" asked Woofles.

"It would take too long to tell a little dog about money," said Sam

"I'm not little!" said Woofles.

Sam looked down on him.

"How did you get here?" Sam asked, "Dogs are not supposed be in the land of fairies."

"I came through a bush," said Woofles.

"You should get back, or your owners will miss you."

Woofles turned around and ran back towards the bush.

He was nearly there when he stopped and turned around.

"Mr Unicorn?" he shouted.

"Call me Sam" said Sam.

"Can my owners have a ride on you?"

"Why should I let them ride on me?" asked Sam

"Because they are very good, and they don't make a lot of noise like I do." Said Woofles.

"I will think about it" said Sam

"They are always nice to me and nice to the horses," said Woolfes.

"I said I will think about it, now off you go little dog, before you get in trouble."

When Woofles left the land of the Fairies the sky went back to being grey.

The grass became normal and muddy.

That night the two girl were asleep in bed.

Fay woke up.

Fay had a bad dream.

It wasn't a normal bad dream where she could cry for her mum.

It was an extra scary bad dream. She was too scared to make any noise at all.

She shared the room with her sister who was fast asleep.

Fay was so scared now that she could not move.

She was too scared to go back to sleep in case the bad dream came back.

Then, as if by magic she felt all better.

All the fear went away.

And a big white horse with a horn on its head appeared from nowhere.

Fay got out of bed and went over to stoke the horse.

Halley woke up too.

"How did you do that Fay," Halley asked, "Mum will be angry,"

"I didn't do anything," said Fay "He just happened,"

"What if he makes a mess?" Said Halley

"All our things are put away, he can't make a mess. Anyway, I don't thing horses like toys,"

"Not that sort of mess, what if he poos?" Said Halley.

"I am not a horse and I do NOT make a mess," said Sam.

The two girls stepped back.

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