Amanda's Big Mistake

by Angelgirl

Copyright© 2002 by Angelgirl

Sex Story: Amanda is tied to a table. She knows there is a man standing over her. She has been drugged. Suddenly she can see through the man's eyes; he is lowering a knife to her naked belly. Her Nightmare is just beginning.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Zoophilia   BDSM   MaleDom   Sex Toys   Bestiality   .


I was lying on my back, the cool air licking at my body. I could feel a thin fabric covering me but I knew that underneath it I was naked. I tried to open my eyes but for some reason I was surrounded by darkness. As I tried to lift my arms I felt the tight restraints circling around my wrists. I was soon aware that my entire body was strapped down onto what felt like a very hard table. I tried to force my mind to clear, to understand how this all could be happening to me. Why was I strapped to this table, and how did I get here? My mind was spinning wildly out of control and I felt as if I was floating high in the air. It felt as if I was only half-awake. I could sense vibrations underneath me that must have been coming from the table. I heard the squeaking sounds that wheels make. I felt the table begin to move.

"Someone is pushing this table," I thought fearfully.

"Who is there? What do you think you are doing with me?" I yelled suddenly.

"I'm surprised you're still awake," I heard a man's voice saying above me. "I guess I will need to give you another injection."

"Please let me go. I'm so scared," I pleaded terrified.

"I was so surprised when I realized it was actually you Mandi," the voice said again. This time I noticed it had a strangely familiar ring to it.

'Oh God, he knows me, he knows who I am,' I thought in swift panic. "Who are you?" I pleaded, tears pouring down my cheeks.

"Don't you recognize my voice?" I heard him say, seemingly sarcastic. "It's me, Bruce; Bruce Steel."

"Noooooooooo!!!!!!!" I screamed out, unable to control myself. My mind raced back to where I had first seen that name.

He had responded by e-mail to one of my stories posted on the Internet. It was after I had posted my third story that I saw his response. He told me that he had loved my story, "Amanda's Secret Memories." We quickly became good friends.

Our correspondence was innocent at first, but quickly developed into a very sexual theme. His letters always left me ripping my panties off and masturbating to a wonderful orgasm. Moreover, it seems I did the same with my letters to him. I even sent him three pictures I had taken of myself which showed me masturbating on my bed. It wasn't long before I had given him my phone number.

He phoned me almost every night. I never knew that phone sex could be so fulfilling. It wasn't because of me that we had yet to meet. I asked him on several occasions if he wanted to meet me. He told me that I wasn't ready to know who he was. He said that if I learned of his identity too quickly, I would be horrified. I had never believed him; that is, UNTIL NOW!

When the table finally stopped rolling it jolted me back to reality. Somehow, Bruce had abducted me. I could feel that I had been drugged in some way. My head was spinning so wildly that I could hardly stay conscious. I felt a sharp prick in my arm. I knew that someone had just stuck a hypodermic needle into it. I could feel the cool fluid inside the syringe now rushing into my vein.

"It is time for you to sleep," he said coolly, impersonally. "I promise not to remove anything of any importance while you are out. I consider myself a master with the knife."

I couldn't hear his voice any longer. I could feel the strange numbness traveling from my knees to the very tips of my toes. At the same time the sheet was now being removed, no longer covering my body. I felt his hand resting on my tummy. It felt like it was pushing down with the weight of an elephant; the pain was terrible.

"Please, please," I begged. "Please stop, please stop."

The words were echoing only in my mind. I was completely unable to open my mouth. The numbness had overtaken my entire body. I felt myself drifting into unconsciousness. The darkness was all around me now. I fought with all my strength to remain conscious. It would have been so much easier to slip away. It was as though a bright light had just burst before my eyes. I peered through the haze into the light. I could see a hand in front of my face. It was as if it were my very own. It was holding a brightly gleaming scalpel, poised over a soft plain of quivering flesh. As my senses cleared, I could see that it was the belly of a woman. I watched through the eyes of the holder, as he plunged the knife into her belly. A small squirt of blood shot up into the air. The eyes that I had no control over slowly began to trace upward, and past the girl's naked breasts, till they rested on her face.

"EEEEEEEEeeeeeeAAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard myself screaming into the darkness. I was looking down, somehow through his eyes instead of mine, at MY body. He was cutting into MY belly.

"Oh God, no!! Please, please," I begged. "Please don't let this be happening!"

There was no one there to hear my pleadings. It was as though I didn't exist. I watched as the knife drew a line on my belly. Blood was running from the large slash that was beginning to appear.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!" I screamed in terror. The blackness was beginning to overtake me. This time, I welcomed it.

Only He Existed Now! ONLY HIM... ONLY BRUCE... ONLY... "BRUCE STEEL"--

The first time I saw her name,(Angel girl), I was intrigued by her. It has been just a little over a year that I first saw it in a online chat room. I was very active in these rooms. I would use names like Dr. Death, The Rapist, Ted Bundy, etc. I really enjoyed scareing women. I loved threatening them and telling them that I would find them, rape, and torture them. However, I had a different feeling about this Angel girl. Her name just sat there quietly on the screen and she never typed anything at all. I had been thinking about trying something different for some time. I was getting tired of just fantasy.

Whenever I saw her name I would log in under the name 'Bruce Steel'. I was sure she would notice that name as no one used anything resembling a real name online. After a few weeks of just monitoring the room the same as she was doing I decided to make my first move. I wrote "Hello, Angel girl," and sent it to her by private message.

I continued to do this for the next few weeks, although I never got a response. I decided to give it one more try and then I planned to give up on her.

"I almost feel that we are a couple of Oddballs, you and I. We both sit in this room too shy to type anything. I've only built up enough courage to try talking to you because I feel we are somehow the same. I am sorry for bothering you night after night. I promise that this will be the last time."

I sent the message to her. Almost immediately a private message appeared on my screen.

"I'm sorry that I have been such a prude," she answered. "It's not really because I'm so shy that I don't write. It's just that I'm not too sure what I want to say."

Before that night was over she had revealed so much about herself that I felt like I had known her for years. She was a talker. I liked that. I was recording every word she said. I knew that sooner or later she would reveal enough for me to put all the pieces together. The hunt was on. I knew that very first night she would soon be mine.

Over the next few months Angel girl and I chatted several times a week by computer. She would tell me the events of her day, but she was very careful not to reveal her identity. She had once told me that she lived in Seattle and that she worked as a nurse. It was late October when she first told me about the stories she had written and posted on the internet. She said that she was afraid to tell me about them because she thought I might hate her. She said they came from her darkest side. She told me the name of the site. After reading her stories, my opinion of her changed completely.

"What a fucked up bitch"' I remember thinking. "She is totally into violent sex, rape, torture, and murder. She even fantasizes about it happening to herself. If I handle her right, I can have more fun with this cunt than I ever imagined possible." The next time I chatted with her I told her over and over how proud I was of her opening up to people. I said that I also had the feelings she did but was always too frightened to admit them, even to myself.

She didn't answer me. Her name disappeared from the chat room. I was beginning to feel that I had somehow scared her off.

I decided to look through the bits of information I had kept about her. She was twenty-two years old. She had long curly light brown hair and green eyes. She weighed 102 pounds. She lived in Seattle and worked as a nurse. She had told me that her real name was 'ANN' but for some reason, I didn't believe it. I didn't have enough information to find her.

Just before Christmas I saw her in the chat room again. I sent her the simple message, "Hi." Her response exploded onto the screen with emotion. I could tell she must be crying. She was so apologetic.

"Please forgive me for being so rude. You are the kindest person I have ever talked with. You are always there for me. You are my best friend. I have been having so much trouble lately," she answered.

I knew that if I was ever going to lure this cunt into my trap that I would never have a better chance then right now. "I can't take your pain Angel girl. It is breaking my heart. You have become the most important person in the world to me. You must let me help you; you must. Please tell me your phone number. Let me phone you now. Let me hold your soul within my heart. I know that this is meant to be. You know that this is meant to be. It is destiny that we find each other."

'Come on, cunt,' I angrily thought to myself. 'Send me your fucking phone number. How much more of this do you think I can put up with before I puke?'

My eyes widened as I looked onto the screen. There it was; her phone number. I phoned her immediately. She had a beautiful voice. Almost like a child. I was trying to imagine what she must look like behind all the balling and blubbering she was doing. I wanted to ask her what she was wearing and if her pussy was wet, but I knew I would blow it right away if I said those things now.

"My boyfriend left me after I showed him my story ("Amanda's Nightmare")," she said sobbing.

"Great," I thought. "No fucking boyfriends or husbands to worry about." She was wide open for that big spear into her heart. I was just the guy to give it to her. I knew that the hook was buried deeply into her. All I had to do was carefully reel her in. Funny thing; up to this point she hadn't asked me anything about myself. Now she wanted to know everything. I told her a bullshit story about how my wife and kids were killed in a highway accident. There isn't a cunt alive that won't cry a big tear for that story. I told her that I had a small pig farm a little north of Whistler in Canada, and that I lived alone.

It didn't take long before we became good friends. I phoned her almost every night. I didn't want her to know my phone number. I told her that the heavy winter snow had knocked down the phone line to my farm. It would be spring before it would be hooked up again. I called from a different payphone almost every night.

"I have always had feelings like the ones in your stories, but I have never been able to talk about them to anyone before now," I confided to her.

Angel girl decided that I was a poor lost soul who needed help with his sexuality. She would tell me how much she would like to be my slave. She would tell me that I could tie her to my bed and use her any way I wanted. I would act as if reluctant, but excited by her ideas. "Only if you wanted me to. I could never hurt you," I would say in response.

"You have to become aggressive. Act as if you are a sadist. Act as if you want to rape and torture me. You know that's what turns me on," she said with a slightly pissed off tone. I couldn't believe that this cunt was actually trying to teach me how to rape and torture her. If she knew what I had planned for us, her blood would turn cold.

We began to play out our fantasies on the phone. I would rape and lightly torture her. She was always in charge. Always telling me what to do. I went along with it knowing that I would soon have my chance to do things MY way.

By mid-January our phone sex must have been melting the phone lines between Seattle and Whistler. Our fantasies would quite often end by me hacking her up with a butcher knife and feeding her dead flesh to my pigs.

"She really is a kinky bitch," I would think. "It's when I am killing her that she always cums. I wonder if she really is this crazy?" I told her that I wanted to see her. My request seemed to really freak her out. I thought that I had fucked it all up and it was over. Then suddenly, she chilled out. She offered to e-mail me a picture of herself.

I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She was stunning. She was everything she said and more. She was petite and looked like a model. Perfect in every way. She sent me three pictures, all nudes. Her breasts had these gorgeous nipples, outstandingly erect. As I was drooling over her pictures a light went off in my brain. Although these were beautiful pictures they revealed nothing else about her. She had managed quite well to guard against revealing anything personal about herself in them.

On the phone that night I talked sweet talk to her continuously. I told her how beautiful I thought she was. I talked about how perfect her eyes and mouth were. How her breasts drove me wild with desire. It wasn't until I was sure that she was absolutely swooning in my pool of bullshit that I next hit her right between the eyes.

"I have to admit Angel girl that I have to wonder if these are really pictures of you. It is hard to believe that you are the beautiful woman in the pictures you sent. It really looks more as if these are pictures of a professional model. I find it hard to believe that you are this goddess."

Angel girl began to cry, asking me what she could do to prove it was really her in the pictures.

"I'm probably the first guy in history to ask a girl to send me some pictures of herself with her clothes on, after she's just finished sending me nude pictures of herself, especially when she is so beautiful."

Angel girl didn't even stop to think about it. She told me that she and a bunch of other nurses had just celebrated a baby shower. She said she had picked up the pictures of it this afternoon. They were on her desk right now.

"You will have to believe me now. I will send you these pictures too," she sobbed over the phone. As we talked she sent picture after picture to me. She was describing each picture as she sent it.

'I've finally got her. I've really got her,' was all I could keep thinking to myself. When I opened my e-mail later that evening there she was in all of her glory. There was a picture of her and several other nurses standing in front of a hospital. The name of the hospital was just above their heads. In another picture her coat was hanging open and her nametag was easily detectable. Now I knew her real name.'

Another picture showed the group climbing into a car that had my little cunt behind the wheel. The license plate was fully visible. I had her now, it would be easy to find her, but I had other plans for her.

I wanted to see just how far her dark side could make her go. I wanted to see just how far I could push her. I couldn't wait to speak to her again.

"I love you," were my first words to her. "I must hold you in my arms. I need to hold you, kiss you, and make love to you," I pleaded with her.

"I hope that you have more plans for me than that," she said laughing. Then, suddenly serious, she asked "Do you plan on bringing the ropes or do I have to get some? I don't know if I'm ready to let you know where I live quite yet. I really don't know anything about you. I guess I am a little reluctant to let myself be that vulnerable to you. But I really would like to know you. I just don't know what to do. "

I was ready for this. I had my plan well worked out. "I understand exactly how you feel," I assured her. "I would think you a very foolish girl if you just allowed me into your life without knowing if I have told you the truth about myself. I've thought about it a little and I think I have a reasonable solution. It will be just like we are going on a blind date. When a girl goes on a blind date she meets the man somewhere. Like in a coffee shop for example. That way she doesn't have to reveal her identity or address to him. In fact, she could even leave all that information at home. That way even if she decided to spend the night with him he wouldn't be able to find out anything about her that she didn't want him to know.

"You want to meet me in a coffee shop?" she asked sounding strangely disappointed.

"No, wait! I have another idea. I don't think I have anything to fear from you. Do I? I mean you don't plan to rape me or anything like that. Do you?" I was deliberately trying to put the full focus of uncertainty on me.

"Yeah, you might be safe," she said laughing. "But I make no promises. What's your plan?"

"Have you ever been to Whistler?" I asked.

There was a short pause before she answered. "No, I haven't. I don't really like skiing very much," she replied.

"I'm sure that you and I could find other things to entertain ourselves with," I said in the sexiest voice I could manage. "If you came to Whistler by bus and left all your personal information at home it would be just the same as a blind date. Don't even bring your purse with you. Pack just a few things into a bag. Come up here and spend the weekend with me," I coaxed. "If by Sunday you have spilled open your soul to me and revealed everything about yourself, I will drive you home. If you decide not to tell me anything about yourself, well, then you can get back on the bus and leave. You will be in total control."

She fell for it like a duck full of buckshot. She even jumped at the idea. She agreed to leave Seattle on Friday morning. I would be waiting for her at the bus stop.

I stood there almost unable to move or breathe as I watched the passengers' step down from the bus. I felt my heart jump into my throat when I saw her standing at the door of the bus. "It's her. It's really her. She really has come," I thought to myself feeling exhilaration tingling up my spine. My heart was pounding so hard that I was beginning to feel dizzy again. I had to remind myself to calm down. I needed to convince myself that everything was going to be fine.

I watched as the bus drove off. All except one of the passengers went on their way. She was left sitting alone on the bench. Her long slender legs were crossed in front of her. She was anxiously glancing back and forth up the road. I finally stepped out from the shadow of the building and waved to her.

When she saw me, I gestured for her to come over to me. As she started to walk across the road I turned and walked to my truck. In just a moment She was looking at me through the passenger door window. I leaned over and unlocked the door. She climbed into my truck, her body sliding across the seat and her skirt rode almost all the way up to her panties. I could easily see that she was wearing no nylons. My heart was pounding so hard that my breathing had actually become erratic. I wanted to rape her right then, right there, right NOW in my truck. My cock felt like it was going to explode through the fabric of my pants.

"Hi Bruce, I'm ANN," she said nervously. But with a little laugh.

"I noticed the name tag on your uniform, Mandi." I said with a sly smile.

"I wondered if you would have," she laughed uneasily.

We sat for what felt like an eternity, just staring into each other's eyes. I kept looking down at her long slender legs. I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her. I put my lips against hers. Her lips felt warm and soft. They tasted somehow like strawberries. Our mouths both opened. Our tongues began to play. I could feel the pressure building in me. If I didn't stop now I would be ripping her clothes from her body in the very next moment.

"Slowdown, back off, take it easy," I started telling myself. "I can play with this cunt for days if I don't blow it."

"Oh God, I'm so glad you're here," I said as I broke off our embrace. As I pulled away I could see tears glistening in her eyes.

"I'm glad that I came," Mandi said. "I know that I did the right thing. You seem like a sweet guy."

"Well Mandi," I said, "We had better get going. It's about an hour's drive to my farm."

As we drove down the highway Mandi didn't stop talking. I think she wanted me to know everything about her. She talked about her mother and her sister. Even about her past lovers. She spoke about her writing. She said that she had brought everything she had ever written with her for me to see. She said that she had also brought along some stories by another girl, wonderful erotic stories. I don't think I was really paying too much attention to what she was saying. The only thing I wanted I already had. It was sitting right beside me. Soon, it would be all mine.

"I don't see anything," Mandi mentioned as I turned off the highway onto the gravel road. "We are on my property now," I answered. "The house is almost two miles off the highway."

"OOOOOHHHH," she moaned. "So private. We can make all the noise we want," she giggled.

I watched as Mandi lifted her feet up and propped them on my dashboard. Her skirt rode up totally exposing her panties. She spread her legs slightly, and lowered her hands between her legs. I almost drove off the road when I saw what she was doing. She was rubbing the crotch of her panties with her lovely tapered fingers. Mandi was obviously trying to excite me. It was working. I had a feeling of satisfaction come over me as I watched her teasing away. I knew that she must feel very comfortable and safe with me to be acting like this so soon after we met. I couldn't wait to get her home and begin the games.

As I drove into the yard I activated the garage door opener. The doors began to open. Mandi was startled when we entered the garage. Billy, my dog was barking wildly at us. "Don't worry," I said. "It's only my dog Billy. He's very friendly." As we got out of the truck Billy immediately spotted Mandi. He went running over jumping up on her excitedly almost knocking her over.

Billy was a good dog. Sometimes he got a little too excited. I don't know what it was about women. He acted as if they were all his best friends. He didn't even come over to greet me.

"What kind of dog is he?" Mandi asked. "I'm not really sure," I said. "I think he might be a Wolf. Or, he could be at least partly Wolf. He wandered onto my farm about three years ago. He was just a pup. He's been here ever since."

"I'm sure glad he's friendly. He's so big!" She exclaimed with a sigh of relief. We went into the house and I sat down on the living room couch. I felt like I had just finished running a marathon. I watched my prize walk around the house.

"Do you mind if I look around your house?" she asked. "Not at all. We have all the time in the world. Take your time," I answered her. All the time she walked around the house, Billy was walking right behind her. When she returned to the living room she had removed her coat and shoes. She was standing before me in a short black skirt and sheer white blouse. I could see her bra outlined over her heaving breasts as she filled her chest with air.

I could feel the pressure building up in me again. I hadn't had any cunt for almost two months. I tried to imagine what it was going to feel like ramming into her. I sat looking up at this beautiful creature smiling down at me. I knew that she was as ready as I was for the fun to begin.

She raised her hands to her blouse and began to unfasten the buttons. It was time for the game to be played my way.

"Stop. Please stop," I said in a pleading voice. "This is all wrong. I am supposed to be your Master. You are supposed to be frightened of me. I'm supposed to be a rapist, your rapist." I cried meekly.

I heard Mandi giggling. "Keep laughing, cunt!" I thought to myself. "We will see how much laughing you do later."

"I don't want you to do anything unless I tell you to do it," I said in a rather harsh tone. "From now on you have to call me Master." It worked. She began to play the game my way.

"Yes Master," she giggled while looking at me. "I'll do anything you say, Master. You can do anything you want with me, Master."

I loved it. She thought that I was some kind of a nerd that was totally incapable of hurting her. I felt more powerful at that moment than I had in months. "Take off your blouse," I ordered. I watched as she slowly removed her blouse and laid it over the chair beside her. "Now, remove your bra," I ordered, watching as her arms disappeared behind her back and her bra went loose on her breasts. Her breasts dropped slightly as her bra released them. She lifted the bra from her body and dropped it to the chair. I gasped at the sight of her breasts. They stood straight out, staring at me like the large brown eyes of a deer. Her nipples were large and erect. "Mine, All Mine," kept running through my head. "I can do anything I want with those tits. Anything I want."

"Strip naked," I ordered her, not wanting to waste any more time by watching her slowly remove her clothes. My lust was almost out of control. I watched as she removed the remainder of her clothing and at last stood naked before me. The lust within me was almost more than I could bear. I wanted to attack this frail creature like the predator I truly was. There was something in me that was receiving great pleasure from holding myself back. All the lust and desire was increasing, building inside me, but I was controlling it. This was something new to me. I loved the feeling. A part of me was saying, bring out your knives and cut her to little pieces. Another part kept saying, no - enjoy the pain of controlling yourself. Enjoy playing with this cunt.

I could feel the beads of sweat on my forehead as I stood up and walked towards her. I walked around her again and again. She was perfect in every detail. Her beautiful round ass. Her soft white skin. Her breasts standing straight up, and her nipples sticking straight out.

"Spread your legs," I ordered as I dropped to my knees in front of her. She obeyed me immediately, spreading her legs apart. I tilted my face so that it was just inches from her cunt. I could feel the heat radiating from it. The air was full of her scent. It was like the musky smell of strawberries. I had never seen a cunt that smelled of strawberries before. It was covered in a light layer of fine brown hair. It looked more like fluff; the hair was so fine. I stood up lifting Mandi into my arms. She felt as light as a child. Almost like a little girl.

"God! I can't take much more of this," I thought to myself. I carried her into my bedroom and dropped her roughly onto my bed. Her eyes popped open suddenly, looking up at me.

"Close your eyes bitch," I ordered roughly as Mandi giggled and closed her eyes. "It's time for you to get what's coming to you," I snarled.

I used ropes to tie her ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed. When I was finished she was spread eagled, legs splayed wide open on the bed. The feeling came over me again to use my knives on her beautiful body. Again, I was able to convince myself to wait. I used an old scarf as a blindfold on her. I looked down at the helpless creature lying on my bed. She was so beautiful. And she was all mine. It was becoming harder to control myself. I desperately needed relief. I had planned to eat her sweet cunt first, but the rage in me was driving me wild. I looked down at her cunt. It was glistening and wet. I suddenly ripped off all of my own clothing. I positioned myself between her legs. I looked down at my throbbing manhood. It was pounding and pulsating almost like a wild animal. I had no choice. There would be no foreplay, no caressing or playful licking. She had no idea what was about to happen to her. She was lying on the bed breathing softly. Her fantasies were about to be torn from her.

I dropped like a raging beast onto her. My cock found its mark, abruptly ripping into her body. She stiffened. Her scream filled the room. I began thrusting into her with abandon. I knew that she must be experiencing pain. I didn't even care. I thrust against her, harder and harder, faster and faster, tearing into her hot wet belly. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH," I heard filling the room. At the same time electricity was ripping through my groin. I was sure that my first shot of cum would burst her belly wide open. I kept pumping my seed into her. I didn't know who was screaming more loudly, her or me.

I dropped my entire weight onto her and just laid on top of her breathing heavily. I could hear her sobbing and crying brokenly. It hadn't gone the way she expected things would, I was sure. This would probably be the end of her being my sex slave. "Who gives a fuck anyway?" I thought to myself. "She's all tied up. I'll butcher the cunt as soon as I get my energy back."

I went to the kitchen to get a beer. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Her bag of goodies was laying there beside me. I decided to go through it.

There were several stories in the bag, some that were neatly typewritten. There were a few that were only hand written. Did she ever have lousy penmanship! I started looking through her stories. I came across one that looked a little different from the others. On closer inspection I realized it was the story written by her friend.

I began to read the other girl's story. I couldn't put it down; it was that good. This was another cunt that had rape and torture fantasies, but this cunt really knew how to write about it. My cock was beginning to swell already. After reading just a few pages I was as hard as a rock again.

"Mandi is going to get hers earlier than I had expected," I thought, smiling down at my again raging-to-go cock. This story was totally about the fantasy of being raped and tortured. I was very close to going back into the bedroom. The entire time I had been sitting on the couch reading it I could hear Mandi whimpering in the bedroom. For the last ten minutes there had been no sounds coming from that direction.

"Has that cunt somehow managed to get herself untied?" I thought to myself. "She isn't going to be much more fun. I should get my knives and finish her off."

As I strained my ears I realized that she was making whimpering noises, but very quietly as if only to herself. What is that cunt up to I thought to myself as I quietly got up from the couch. I walked slowly towards the bedroom door. As I got closer I could hear that her moans were getting louder. Now she was speaking. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying. As I approached the bedroom door my hand went for the light switch on the wall. Then it froze.

For a split-second I almost had a heart attack. Someone was on the bed with her. Billy had crept up onto the bed. He was lying between her legs. He was sniffing her dripping cunt. Mandi must've sensed he was there and thought it was me.

"Just let me go," she was saying brokenly. "That wasn't very nice. I got nothing from it except pain. I just want to go to the bathroom." She was speaking softly in a pleading tone. I guess she didn't want to make me mad at her.

Billy must have heard the tone of her voice as I came in. He crept even closer to her split pussy. I had never seen Billy take that kind of interest in a human before. I was suddenly interested to see what he would do. His cold nose must have touched the opening of her cunt. She stiffened and her body jumped.

"What was that? What was that?" she asked fearfully. Billy was laying flat on his tummy staying as low as he possibly could. It looked like he didn't want her to see him. He couldn't know she was blindfolded and tied to the bed. I saw his mouth open and his tongue shoot out so quickly that I almost missed it, but she certainly didn't.

"Oh, God," I heard her sigh breathlessly. His tongue shot right into her and out again so fast it was unbelievable. His tongue kept flicking into her swollen pussy. Each time it would flick into her she would moan and lift up her butt.

"What are you doing to me? It feels so good. Oh God, oh God," she kept moaning.

I slowly turned the dimmer switch so that the room brightened a little. Just enough for me to better see the developing show. Billy's long wet tongue was darting in and out of her pussy. Mandi had lifted her ass as high into the air as she could manage. Her beautiful cunt was right in front of Billy's face with his long probing tongue.

I crept over beside the bed. I lowered myself, crouching down next to Billy. He didn't seem to notice I was there. I put my hand under his neck and slowly slipped my fingers down the length of his lower jaw. My fingers were now resting just under his tongue.

I started to flick my fingers on her ass hole. Mandi was thrashing around like a fish out of water by now. Her moaning was growing much louder. I thrust one finger into her ass. Mandi let out a surprised yelp. I knew that this time it wasn't from pain.

I began probing inside her anus. First one finger, then two, then three. I started pumping slowly at first, then faster and harder. "What are you doing to me? You are going to kill me. You are going to kill me," she whimpered.

Billy was taking little bites all around her clit. The hood was turning bright pink from his sharp teeth. I could see that her clit had grown into a large mound. It looked like a thumb trying to push out. Billy was thrusting his tongue deep into her and nibbling at the hood over her clit. It looked as if he was actually trying to push it back to expose her.

I kept pumping my fingers into her tight ass. Mandi was thrashing about like a wild woman. She was screaming wildly begging me over and over to stop. She was covered in glistening sweat. Her body was arched like a small bridge. Billy was licking exclusively against her clit, still trying to expose it. It just didn't want to come out and play with us.

I knew that she was close to something; either it was the wildest orgasm of her life, or else we were going to kill her. For a moment I almost felt jealous. "What a way to go," I thought smiling wickedly to myself.

I laid my hand on her pubic mound. I began to pull back the stubborn skin, I could see the hood pulling back but still it didn't become exposed. I lowered my fingers to just above her clit. I grabbed hold of the loose skin still covering it. I began to pull it back. It was like Billy knew exactly what I was trying to do. He began to lick feverishly on her as I was pulling her skin back almost as hard as I could. The more I tugged the wilder she got. She was thrashing so wildly that it was hard for Billy to stay in position. All of a sudden there it was, sticking straight up. It was almost as big around as the tip of my little finger. It was bright pink and it looked raw and so wonderfully fresh. It looked like it had never seen the light of day before. As quickly as it popped out, it was gone again. This time into Billy's mouth. I could tell that he was nibbling on it with his front teeth. Mandi screamed hysterically, as if her body was being ripped in half. I've never heard such a scream before. Her body seemed to be going into convulsions, bouncing and jumping. Then she gave out one more blood-chilling scream and collapsed on the bed totally motionless.

"Holy Fuck. I think we did kill her," I thought. I was so horny that I didn't care if she was dead or not by this time. I grabbed Billy by his collar and pulled him off. To my amazement he growled at me as he fell to the floor. I noticed that his cock was fully erect and sticking straight up. "Too bad," I thought. "He does all that work and gets nothing for it."

I didn't have any more time to worry about Billy. I wanted to get into Mandi's cunt before it got too cold. I noticed that the bed was soaking wet. There was a white liquid dripping from her cunt. It was sticky and warm. Cum! Female Cum! I've never seen girl-cum before. "She must have dumped a bucketful onto the bed," I thought smiling to myself.

I looked down at her cunt. It looked like a bowl of pink jelly. It was so wet and soft looking. I couldn't wait anymore. I rammed my cock into her soaking cunt. It was burning hot inside. The next thing I knew she was thrusting her hips up to meet me. Mandi wasn't dead after all. She was fucking back at me as hard as she could. Our pubic bones were slapping together. I started to cum again, harder than the last time. I could feel my cock filling her cunt with my hot seed, then I collapsed on top of her again.

"I love you Master," I heard her saying. "I love you. I love you. I have never had anything so wonderful happen to me before. I'm sorry I doubted you Master, I never will again. You can do anything with me. I am yours. I love you, I love you."

I couldn't believe my good fortune. The game was going to continue. The cunt was more willing now than before! I looked over at Billy. He was sitting on the floor watching us. His cock was still swollen and hard. "I owe it all to him," I thought. "I must do something to make it up to him. Or rather, Mandi must do something to make it up to him," I thought laughing quietly.

I untied one of her wrists. She could take it from there, I needed a beer. "Hey Mandi," I said, "you want a beer?"

"No, I'm too exhausted to move right now. I think I'll just lay here for a little while," she said giggling.

I sat with my beer and turned on the TV. Billy came and laid on the carpet at my feet. His cock was still sticking out of its sheath. It looked swollen and sore. I bent down and gave it a little flick with my finger. He whined as if I had just kicked him. "Don't worry Billy, Daddy will make everything okay," I said aloud smiling down at him. After a short while of watching TV I could hear moaning coming from the bedroom again.

"I'm lonely Bruce," she called out to me. "Aren't you coming back to me? Don't you want me anymore?" She was trying to tease me again.

"Get your ass out here now," I called back to her.

When she came into the living room I chose my words carefully. I wanted her to be in the right frame of mind. "Your Master says, "Take that housecoat off and stand before me." My heart began to pound as I watched her drop the housecoat to the floor and come over to stand in front of me like an obedient slave. "You have been a bad girl. You need to be punished," I said smiling.

"What have I done wrong?" she asked in confusion as her eyes widened.

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