Sonny Swings
Chapter 1

Caution: This TransGender Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, TransGender, Fiction, School,

Desc: TransGender Sex Story: Chapter 1 - More Magical TG plus a plot to get revenge on an unfaithful former lover. Sequel to "Sonya Switches". A 'Hot Rags' story.

Jessie had caught. The home pregnancy test proved it; she and her partner were going to be parents. And she knew exactly what to wear to reveal the news...

She heard the sound of the door opening downstairs. She stepped from the bedroom and regally to the head of the stairs, sweeping her gown's long train carefully behind her, every step a study in understated elegance.

Of course, the gown and its long train were completely imaginary -- she was stark naked except for a pair of purple patent leather fuck-me pumps with three inch heels from "Hot Rags"; at her five-three, they were as good as four or even five-inch heels might have been for her taller partner, giving a long elegant shape to her legs and a sway and swing to her backside and hips that even cheesecake queen Betty Page might have envied.

At the top of those long legs was a neatly clipped patch of crisp black hairs, newly trimmed into a little heart shape.

Eyes that could manage to move above that point would have seen a (for now) flat tummy, hips broad enough to give a stability to her figure and promise of easy childbearing for someone so small overall, perfectly rounded B-cup breasts with small aureolae and perky pink nipples (erect at the thought of her partner's reaction to her nudity).

The viewer whose eyes could manage to get north of those would see a cheerful face with broad generous lips and sparkling eyes; lips made up and hair cut and shaped in a conscious tribute to the immortal Miss Page, whom she slightly resembled even without taking time to emphasise the similarity.

Concentrating on getting safely down the steps in her heels, she didn't look up until beginning the last step into her girlfriend's arms.

And when she did, she found herself trying to do several things at once with only two hands to do them with -- trying to catch the stair-railing and stop herself, to cover her crotch and her breasts, to push away the figure standing in front of her and to catch herself before she landed on her knees or her face at the bottom of the steps.

It wasn't Sonya, it was a total stranger! And, worse than that, it was a male stranger!! And, even worse than that, he was staring appreciatively!!!

And worst of all, he was reaching out to grab her!!!!

And grab her he did, as she stumbled and twisted as she fell -- grabbed her, intentionally, she was sure, by one tit and one ass cheek.

And then pulled her tightly to him, so she could feel the large and rigid bulge in the crotch of his jeans. And held her there, fondling the firmly rounded "handles" he held.

And then he chuckled and... and... kissed her! With tongue action!!

That was it! She remembered that self-defence course Sonya had insisted she take...

One smoothly rounded but quite hard knee flashed upward, mashing into the middle of that bulge in the jeans, then the foot lashed back down, stabbing with the spiked heel at the instep of her attacker's leading foot.

With a sound combining the most pitiful parts of a scream, a groan and a hiccup, he released her and quickly clutched with both hands at his afflicted middle region, falling to the side to one knee as the mistreated foot gave way beneath him.

Spinning, Jessie kicked off the pumps and began a flight up the stairs, where she planned to lock herself in the bedroom and call 911. She had made it up about three steps when the intruder managed to choke out some coherent words between gasps of pain: "Wait... Sweetcake!... It's me...". Which brought her to s momentary halt -- no-one but Sonya ever called her by that cloyingly cute nickname, and Sonya did it mostly to tease her, no-one else even knew about it... How the hell did this guy...

Uh. Oh.

"ummm -- Sonny? Is that you?" she asked, looking back at the painwracked figure on the floor.

"Yeah." he choked out between gritted teeth.

She began to slowly and rather guiltily turn around.

"ummm -- you do know that you don't look like usual... ?"

"I know. I was lucky enough that it happened when there was no-one else in the warehouse and I was able to sneak out a fire exit so no-one saw me..."

Reluctantly, Jessie started back down the stairs. She was going to have some apologising to do. "How did you get home?"

"I drove, and if you don't think I wasn't sweating every inch of the way in case a cop stopped me and wanted ID..."

"You didn't take any more of..."

"No..." by this time he had managed to unclutch his jewels and straighten up; he was still favouring the foot, though. "I stopped by 'Hot Rags' and talked to Nikki on the way home; she was Very Upset with me, incidentally. Apparently what I swallowed last time, when I took the whole bottle, was supposed to be enough for four separate days' use, so we could make extra-sure. She says the kind of overdose I took has never been studied by 'her people' -- whoever the hell they are -- but if other experience is anything to go by, I'll probably be popping back and forth between the two states at random intervals for months to come..."

"Well, that's inconvenient," mused Jessie.

"No shit sherlock." He stepped toward her, she steadied him a bit. "It's a fun change being a guy when there's some fucking to be done, sometimes, but i prefer to pee sitting down..."

"Aw, poor bay-bee!" Jessie consoled her girlfriend, who was currently a handsome five-eleven Scandanavian blue-eyed blonde man with bruised balls.

"Damned magic potion -- I told ya we should have used artificial insemination," Sonny (Sonya) moaned as he eased both of them down to a position sitting on the third stair.

"Ha! You couldn't wait to see what it would be like with a cock instead of a cunt and you kept saying that 'natural semination' had to be better than 'artificial insemination'. You're a horny bitch when you're normal, and you were an even hornier bastard when Nikki turned you into a guy!"

"Well, when you put it that way..." Sonny murmured. Suddenly Jessie realised that without her noticing, Sunny's right hand, which had been resting on her bare hip, had sneaked up and captured her right tit again, and that somehow the fingers of his left hand were gliding lightly along the smooth skin of her inner thigh toward her crotch...

"Hey! None of thammmmph..." she began, suddenly finding her nipple rolling lightly between knowledgable and experienced fingers, and hot lips and a thrusting tongue covering her mouth as two fingers slipped between her pussy lips, stroked the length of her slit and gently tweaked her clitoris.

She put her hands on his chest to push him away, then almost gasped in amazement as her own hands turned traitor and slipped upward to grab him and press his lips even more firmly to hers as she felt her nipples hardening and began to feel the old-fashioned glow of just plain lust slipping through her...

Suddenly she was tearing at the buttons of his denim shirt as he wrenched at the belt and the fly of his jeans. She finished first, and bent her head and took one of his pretty little guy-nipples between her teeth, gently biting at it and then sucking it and playing with it with her tonguetip. He managed to yank the jeans and the woman's cotton panties he wore under them down and off one leg before returning to the attack.

Her thighs were spread wide, and his hand stroked and manipulated her entire mound, fingertips teasing the lips, slipping between them and in and out of her channel, fingertips teasing and manipulating her clit...

Just as she'd remembered from their days of hot het sex before, when Sonya was Sonny, he was nine inches long at least, and somewhat thicker than normal in proportion. She reached down with her left hand and grasped the hot shaft, barely managing to wrap her fingers around it, and began to stroke it smoothly but strongly...

He moaned, and his hips began to move in time to her stroking, just as hers did in time to his hand on her pussy.

"Let's go upstairs, baby," she said.

"Hell with upstairs," he gasped out, and before she realised what was happening, she was picked up, turned around and positioned on the broad stairway so that she grasped the railing with both hands and stood, leaning forward a bit so that her weight was mostly on the railing, with one foot on one step, and the other foot on the step two above, knee bent and pointed a bit to the outside.

With satisfaction, Sonny stood on the step between the ones she stood on, looking at the golden back, finely rounded ass, long legs in the fuck me pumps, and the pink he could see between her legs where they met at the top.

"What are you... ?" she began, then gasped in surprise and pleasure as he stepped forward just a bit and smoothly shoved the full nine inches of his hard cock into her dripping wet hot gash from behind and began a deep but slow stroke with a twist of the hips at each end that stirred the massive cock inside her like a blunt paddle stirring honey in a pot.

"oh, god..." she gasped; her knees almost buckled, but his strong hands on her hips held her up as he continued to ram the big head deeper and deeper into her cunt.

He pumped her strongly and smoothly for a while; she was getting nearer and neraer to her climax when he suddenly stepped back, pulling free of her clutching cunt with a juicy slurpping sound. She whimpered in protest, reaching back to grab his cock or finger herself the last way or something, but he turned and sat down and leaned backward on the stairs, his big wet cock sticking obscenely straight up like a flagpole. Taking her hips in his hands again, he guided her to turn her back and straddle his crotch, and then lowered her downward until she began to feel his cockhead pressing between her cuntlips again.

She dug the spike heels of her pumps into the carpet a step or so below his lap, leaned forward and put her hands on his knees to support herself, and slowly, teasingly, sliding down a ways and then lifting back up and then down again, she pushed downward until the whole nine inches was buried in her pussy and the thick base was spreading her cuntlips obscenely widely.

Then, beginning a small, almost imperceptible rocking motion that moved the big head inside her just a little, she began to squeeze her inner muscles around his meat.

He moaned with pleasure. He took one hand off her hip, and reached behind her as she leaned forward over his cock, and began to tease her anus. It was her turn to moan as the tip of one big finger slipped gently inside little brown ring and stroked softly in and out in time to the pulsing of her cunt's muscles.

As he stimulated her ass, she began to move a bit more on his cock; as she moved more rapidly, he pressed his finger a little more deeply into ther ass and stroked a bit more aggressively. Each increased their actions more and more in response to the other's actions until she was shuttlintg her hips back and forth, tits flopping as she gasped for breath, and his finger was shoving its full length inside her ass and a second had joined it as both stroked deeply in and out of her back hole.

Suddenly yanking his fingers from her ass, he grabbed her hips in a vise-like grip and began setting the stroke -- hard, fast and deep, about three or four more slamming strokes, and then he shoved that big cock as far into her cunt as he could go, clutched her hips as tightly as he could, pulling her to him in an effort to get just a little bit more of his cock into her hot greedy cunt... and gave a tremendous groan as his cock twitched, swelled, and began to spray his hot white cum into her.

The feel of the spurting geyser inside her cunt was enough to trigger her orgasm as well, and she actually screamed aloud. Her vision blurred out, her head swam; she almost passed out with the intensity of the sensation, and if he hadn't held her tightly as his cock still pulsed and spirted a few final small pulses of fluid inside her, she might have fallen down the stairs.

After a while, as she finally raised her dripping cunt from his slowly-shrinking cock, she gave him the first of two pieces of news.

"We did it, honey -- I'm pregnant!"

"That's nice. And when I regain my ability to move after that shattering experience, I shall probably be Very Glad and kiss you. Let a dead man rest in peace for now, though, okay?"

"Okay. Are you going to continue to be dead in a position blocking the entire staircase and visible to anyone I open the door to talk to, or would you like to go upstairs and be dead in a nice hot bubblebath I'll run for you?"

With a pitiful moan Sonny began to drag himself upward, one step at a time on his hands and knees. He was halfway up the stairs when Jessie dropped her other bombshell.

Whereas she'd been happy and forthcoming with the news of her pregnancy, she was a bit hesitant about this bit of news. "Ummm... Do you remember I told you about my friend Jeanne, back in high school?"

"Uh-huh," Sonny muttered, as he began to rise to his feet. "Wasn't she your best friend in high school?"

"Well, yeah. In fact, she was my first lover; she seduced me when we were in tenth grade and we were lovers until graduation..."

"Well, so I have a lot to thank her for, then -- if she hadn't turned you out, I wouldn't have found you and I'd probably be alone now..."

"Well, yeah, maybe... anyway, she'scomingtotown and sheneedsaplacetostay and I toldhershecouldstayhere."

Sonny went rigid everywhere but his still-unrecovered cock.

"You told her she could stay here."


"You told your First Lover that she could stay here."

"Uh-huh." (A bit smaller-voiced.)

"I think I'm beginning to remember some things you said. Didn't you tell me that even though you loved her, she broke your heart over and over because she was a slut for anything with two legs, no matter what kind of equipment was between them?"

"uh-huh." (Smaller than the last time.)

"... and didn't you tell me that you always forgave her and pretended to believe when she swore never to do it again and always be faithful from now on?"

"yes" (Even smaller than the last "uh-huh" had been... )

"... and on your graduation night the two of you got drunk and she persuaded you you ought to at least try boys so you guys picked up a jock and had a threesome?"


"... and you got pregnant and had to have an abortion?"


"... and she thought that was funny?"

Staring at the floor, Jessie made no sound at all, but nodded her head twice

"... and, so far as you know, she's still a horny bisexual slut who's hot for your body -- and anyone else's, one or two or more at a time?"


"Does she know you have a female lover living with you here?"

Small head shake.

"Does she know you've been 100% lez up till last month?"

Larger head shake; Jessie looked up at Sonny with puzzled eyes, finding him working on a truly evil grin instead of the irritation or even anger she had expected.

"By all means, get the guest bedroom ready for her. When's she going to arrive?"

"Tomorrow. You... you don't mind?"

"Well, I won't say I don't mind, but I think I can say that Miss Jeanne is liely to have a Very Interesting visit. Now I have to get over to 'Hot Rags' and talk to Nikki some..."

Trotting happily up the stairs he dressed in some of the men's clothing they had bought when he spent some time as a man a month ago, and then trotted happily back down and out the door, leaving Jessie wondering what the hell was going on.

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