We're Happy Now

by KK

Copyright© 2002 by KK

Sex Story: My neighbor talks me into going to a swingers party with my wife.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Swinging   .

As I sit here thinking about how much I love my wife I have to tell you about things that happened two years ago for you to understand why I am so happy now. I am going to tell the story of what happened to me and you can follow along if you'd like. It started July 11, 1997. It was on a Friday. That morning my boss had called me into his office to give me some exciting news. When John's secretary called me and told me that John wanted me to come to his office I was a little worried. There had been several layoffs over the past few months so this unexpected invitation was worrisome.

When I entered the office John gave me a hand shake, a smile and a slap on the back, and in that order, and asked me to sit and indicated that I should use one of the two chairs sitting side by side along the wall adjacent to his desk. When I sat down John sat in the chair next to me. This made me feel better right away. I knew if he was going to give me bad news he would have had me sit in front of his desk and he would have sat across the desk from me. John asked me if I would like a cup of coffee or anything and I declined. Then John began, "Jack, I have good news for you. Remember the meeting you had with Bill Elliott, the head of sales in San Francisco last month?" I indicated that I remembered the meeting with Bill and John continued talking. "Well Bill called me last night. He said that he was very impressed with you and would like you to come out to San Francisco and work for him. It would mean a promotion and a very nice salary increase. The company would pay your moving expenses and help you sell your home. What do you think?"

I said, "Wow, I sure didn't expect anything like this when you called me to come see you. This is really exciting. Of course I will have to talk to Kathy about this. She has always lived in Chicago so I will have to give her a say in whether we move or not."

John said "Of Course. I understand. But I can't imagine that she would turn down the chance to live in San Francisco. Why don't you take the rest of the day off and go talk to Kathy about the job. We can hold Bill off till next week. This is a great opportunity for you. It makes me very happy anytime a deserving employee of mine gets recognized this way."

I said okay and thanked John and headed for home.

All the way home I was trying to think of how I would present this to Kathy so that she would be as excited about this as I was. But I knew that she didn't always think about what was best for me. Sometimes she could be selfish but that was just her way and I loved her anyway.

When I got home I parked the car in the garage and went through the garage door into the kitchen. As I came in the door I was surprised to see Kathy sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee with our neighbor Brad. The thing that was surprising about this was that Kathy is always telling me how she can't stand Brad. She says that he is very arrogant and seems to think he is God's gift to women. Well anyway when I walked in on them Brad turned and said, "Great you're just the person I wanted to talk to. Can we go somewhere and have a little chat."

I really didn't want to have a chat with Brad right then, you see I felt the same way about Bard that my wife did, I had important things to discuss with my Kathy. I asked Brad if it could weight a little while, that I needed to talk to Kathy. Brad said, "Sure, come over to the house and get me when you're ready, but don't forget." I told Brad I would be over in about an hour. He said that would be fine and left.

As soon as he was out the door Kathy said, "Thank god your home, I thought I would never get ride of him." I asked Kathy what he wanted to talk to me about and Kathy said she had no idea. Then she said, "What are you doing home in the middle of the day, you didn't get laid off did you?"

I said, "No, actually I have good news. I was offered a promotion." Kathy jumped up and kissed me and said, "That's great, when do you start? Tell me all about it."

I said, "I didn't accept the job yet."

Kathy looked at me like I was crazy and asked way I hadn't told them I would take the job. I said, "The new job is in San Francisco. I thought I had better talk it over with you before I committed to move out there."

Then Kathy hit me with the bad news. "We can't move. That's out of the question. My whole life is here. You just tell them that they have to give you a promotion here."

I tried for the next few minutes to get Kathy to at least discuss the possibility of going to San Francisco but she said she had no more to say about it. We were not moving and that was all there was too it. I finally got her to agree to at least go on a survey trip and see San Francisco and that if she still felt that strongly against moving we wouldn't go. And that is the way we left the subject.

I was about to go up to my home office and sign onto my computer when Kathy reminded me that Brad wanted to talk to me. As much as I didn't want to talk to Brad earlier I wanted to talk to him even less now, but like a good little boy, I did as Kathy told me and went over and rang Brad's door bell.

Brad was at the door within seconds and gave me a big handshake and an even bigger smile. I suddenly felt as though Brad was going to try to sell me a car. Brad lead me through the house to their sunroom and invited me to sit, then he offered me a beer. I declined as it was too early in the day for me so Brad brought us each a beer anyway. Brad managed to coax me through the first beer with a lot of small talk about sports, cars and finally women. He started bragging to me about how many women he has had and how they all love his huge cock. This was not the first time I had heard these stories and I knew he wasn't exaggerating about the size of his member as I had been told by a mutual friend that had seen Brad in the shower at the health club that Brad was at least seven inches long flaccid.

Whenever Brad started these stories I would think of his beautiful wife Caryn. I would wonder if she knew that he cheated on her all the time. Caryn was great. She was intelligent, although I don't think Brad ever noticed that, she had a great sense of humor, and always had a kind word for everyone. Caryn had soft and silky shoulder length red hair, lovely green eyes, nice high firm breasts and great legs. I could never understand why Brad couldn't be happy just to take care of Caryn and stop messing around. Actually I had always had a bit of a crush on Caryn ever since she and Brad moved in nextdoor four years earlier.

My thoughts slowly drifted back from Caryn to listen to the end of another of Brad's stories of conquest. I was sitting there trying to think of an excuse to leave when Brad handed me another beer and said, "Now to get down to business. I guess you're wondering why I asked you to come over here. Well here it is... The other day at work a friend of mine asked if Caryn and I would be interested in going to a swingers party at his house in Rolling Meadows tomorrow night. I of course was very interested but he told me it was couples only and that I would have to bring Caryn with me. I was pretty sure that Caryn wouldn't agree to anything like that but when my friend told me about some of the women that were going to be at the party I had to try so last night Caryn and I were messing around in bed. I was going down on her and eating that little clam of hers like there was no tomorrow."

I was getting angry listening to him talk this way about Caryn. I would never talk about Kathy that way to anyone, except maybe Kathy.

Anyway John continued talking "When I had Caryn about ready to explode I brought up the idea of going to this party. Caryn was so horny at the time that the idea sounded good to her. After I brought her off she wasn't as hot on the idea anymore. I asked her if just once in her life would she like to get it on with someone different. That's when Caryn shocked me. She said 'I will go to the party on one condition, if you can talk Jack and Kathy into going with us. If I am going to experiment with having sex with another partner I want to be with someone I trust and respect and the only person I can think of that fits the bill is Jack.' So now you see Jack. The reason I wanted to talk to you is to ask you to talk Kathy into going to this party so that you can fuck my wife and I can party with the other ladies."

I said, "But what about Kathy. She is not going to go along with this." I have to admit that the idea of having sex with Caryn was working on my psyche and had me wondering if I could persuade Kathy to go to this party.

John said, "A beautiful women like Kathy will have plenty of attention and I bet she'll love it. What do say? Will you at least try to talk her into it?"

I was about to say no when I had a sudden mental image of Caryn in the nude. Suddenly I wanted to see if her pussy hair was the same soft texture as the hair on her head. I was hooked. I said, "Okay, I'll give it a try."

John slapped me on the shoulder and said great, you won't regret this. Suddenly I did regret it. John said, "Listen, you better not tell Kathy that this was my idea, it might be a good idea if you don't even tell her that Caryn and I are going to be there. I know that Kathy isn't crazy about me and she will get mad if she thinks you're only going there to fuck Caryn. And one more thing, don't say anything to Caryn. She made me promise not to tell you she wants you to jump her bones."

I agreed with Bard. Brad also suggested that if and when we go to the party that we drive ourselves and arrange to arrive at separate times. I again agreed. Then I finished my beer and went home.

I waited till Friday evening and I started making love to Kathy. Kathy has small but very nicely shaped and firm breasts, which are very sensitive. I can often bring Kathy to orgasm just by licking and sucking on her hard nipples. This is what I was doing to her when I posed the idea of us going to a swingers party. I told her the guy holding the party was someone I knew to cover up Brad's involvement. Kathy seem to be dead set against the idea but as I brought her closer to orgasm her resolve began to crack. Finally she asked, "Are you sure you could handle the idea of me having sex with another man?"

"The thought of you being pleasured by another man will add excitement to my evening" I lied. In fact I hadn't thought about how I would feel about Kathy having sex with another man. All I could think about was having Caryn's naked body next to mine. I guess I just figured I would concentrate on Caryn and not think about Kathy and deal with that after the party was over and we were back home.

Kathy and I fantasized about the party while we made love and we both enjoyed very strong orgasms. Afterward while we lay in each others arms Kathy asked me about the men who would be there. She surprised me with one question. She asked "Do you think there will be anyone there with a very large cock. I might like to try that." I thought about Brad and laughed to myself. Right cock wrong guy. Brad is one person I would never want to have sex with Kathy but luckily Kathy felt the same way about him.

I could spent a lot of time here telling you how we got ready for the party Saturday but that isn't important to the story so I'll just say I looked okay and Kathy looked good enough to eat which I almost did before we left the house. On the drive to the party I asked Kathy if she had given any more thought to moving to San Francisco. She snapped "I don't want to discuss this tonight." I said okay and didn't say another word.

We got to the house where the party was to be held about 9:00 that evening. At the door I introduced myself to the host as Brad's friend and he knew what I meant. He said that all of the women were out on the patio and the men were in the family room. As I entered the room I saw Kathy disappear through the French doors leading out to the patio. When I looked around the room I saw no one I recognized except for Brad. He made his way across the room and handed me a beer. He said he was glad to see we had made it. I asked him where Caryn was and he told me she was on the patio with all the other women. Brad then said "Listen, there is one thing, because you are new to this group you have to make love to the hostess first. Sorry I didn't know. When the party starts Don will tell you which room to go to and then his wife will join you. After you Finnish with her you can come down her for a drink and a recovery period and you should find Caryn sitting somewhere down here waiting for you."

I said, "Okay, I am ready to do my duty. Bring on the hostess and I will bring her off and then I will be off to find Caryn and be on and off her the rest of the night."

Just then Don came over and asked if Brad had explained about my duties toward the hostess and I said that he had. Then Don told me to go up to the first bedroom at the top of the stairs and wait there as the party was about to begin. I hurried off as I was told and

found the appointed room. I stripped to my jockey shorts and lay down on the bed. I waited about five minutes before I heard someone coming down the hall. I was beginning to get hard with the anticipation. I held my breath as the door began to open. When she stepped in I couldn't believe my eyes. There she stood in the door way in just a bra and panties. She was about five and a half feet tall with blond hair (well most of it was blond, there was some red, some black and I think even some orange). In spite of the spectacle her hair provided her most outstanding feature was her breasts, as they stood out a long way. The only thing that ruined the magnificence of her enormous boobs was the fact that she must have weighed at least 300 pounds.

As she began to speak "Hi, I'm Amanda and I guess you are my party favor." Her voice had a sound like gravel pouring from a truck, you know, the kind of voice that makes your eyes water when you hear it. I could feel my erection disappearing. This was the first time in my life that the idea of having sex scared me. She approached the bed, looked me over and said, "I guess you'll do. Let's see what you've got." With that she grabbed my Jockey shorts by the elastic waist and stripped them off me. As she looked at my cock she said "Oh, that's nice. I just have to taste that." Then she bent over me and gently sucked my cock into her mouth. She was very good at oral sex and had my cock extremely hard in just a few minutes. When she was satisfied that my cock was ready she said "Time to fuck."

I didn't know what to do so I started to get up but Amanda stopped me. She said "You just lay there, I'll take care of everything." With that she stripped off her bra which left her breasts hanging there looking even bigger than before. I had never seen anything like them before in my life. Next she pulled her panties off. When I say pulled them off that is exactly what I mean. She was so big around the middle that it was a struggle to get her panties down over her hips. I was beginning to have trouble maintaining my erection. I tried to close my eyes and think about the fantastic blowjob she had just given me but I couldn't help but look at her. It was like seeing a dog taking a dump in the yard. You don't want to see him do it but for some reason you can't help but look.

When she finally had her panties off (actually I think panties is too dainty a word for the several yards of cotton it took to cover her) I looked at her but could not see any place where she could possible have a pussy. She was standing with her feet a good three feet apart but her legs were touching each other from mid calf all the way up to her black pubic hair. I was beginning to wonder how it would be possible for us to have sex at all. I could see no way for me to get at her pussy with my cock.

Amanda gave my cock another little suck and asked if I was ready for a great fuck. I replied with a feeble "I guess so". Then Amanda climbed up on the bed and stood above me with one leg on each side of my body. She slowly got down on her knees while she used her hands to pull the loose flesh on her thighs apart. Some how she was able to create enough separation so that she could reach between her legs and wrap her fingers around my cock and guide it to her pussy. I was amazed at how easily I slipped into her. Her pussy was very wet and slippery but at the same time she was tight which translated to a very pleasurable sensation in my cock in spite of the visual effects of this coupling. Once she had me inside her she sat down on me taking my cock all the way into her. For a minute or two she didn't move. I tried to stroke in and out from below but with the full weight of her body on me I couldn't move. Finally Amanda started a very slow up and down motion which was great because if she move any faster there would be a great risk of the bed collapsing and possible crashing through the floor and probably severely injuring me. And besides her slow grind felt very nice.

As Amanda continued her action she said, "I love the way your cock feels inside me."

I returned her complement "I like what you are doing to my cock. It fells great." Then I asked her how it was that she was so wet when we started with no foreplay."

Amanda said "I get very excited on occasions like this. I have had this weight problem for about five years now. When I first got big my husband stopped having sex with me. I tried to lose the weight but couldn't. Then Don said that he was going to start screwing around because he couldn't bring himself to have sex with me any more but he still needed sex. He said he still loved me and didn't want a divorce, just permission to fool around. I gave in to him because I didn't want to lose him. Then about three years ago a friend of Don's suggested that because we have such a large house maybe we could host a swingers party for him. Don and I discussed it for a while when I got an idea that would help me. I told Don that he could host a party here but one of the men would have to service me. The first party was such a success that we now have these parties about six or seven times a year. I get so excited on party days that my pussy is wet all day long.

I was suddenly no longer repulsed by Amanda but instead found myself wanting to make sure she had a good orgasm. Up till now I had been trying to get myself off as fast as possible but now I started to relax and get into the rhythm with Amanda. While she continued to slide up and down my shaft I played with and sucked on her enormous tits. Amanda lasted about fifteen minutes before her orgasm started and it was a big one. I followed about a minute later with mine. When Amanda came down from her orgasm she just kind of collapsed on me and lay there motionless for another ten minutes.

Finally when Amanda had sufficiently recovered she climbed off the bed, gave my cock a good bye suck and started for the door. I asked "What do you do now?"

Amanda replied "There are a couple of men her that actually like making it with large women so I will be entertaining them the rest of the evening." Then she winked at me and left. As I was laying on the bed thinking about what had just happened I suddenly realized that I couldn't move my legs. I tried to get up but couldn't. I began to feel a tingling all over my legs. Actually it felt more like thousands of tiny pin pricks all over my legs. Then I realized that Amanda's weight on my hips and thighs had put my legs to sleep. The feeling was slowly coming back but I still couldn't stand up.

After five minutes I managed to get to a standing position but I couldn't bend my knees without falling down. I was standing stiff legged, bending at the waist trying to pick up my clothes while holding onto the bed when I heard the bedroom door open behind me. Before I could turn to look I heard a voice say "Where do you think your going. Drop those clothes and stand up." Without knowing why, I did as instructed but with some difficulty as my legs were still wobbly. Once standing I turned to face my visitor. Standing in front of me was the most frightening women I had ever seen. She was at least six feet five inches tall but she couldn't have weighed more that 170 pounds. To say she was ugly would be an understatement. This woman had ugly she hadn't used yet. It wasn't her ugliness that frightened me, it was the way she was dressed. She was all in black. Starting with a black leather corset, black stockings, black knee high leather boots and the whole thing topped off by a black leather motor cycle cap. She also had one accessory. She was carrying a riding crop.

I just starred at her with my mouth open. Then she spoke. "My name is Carla and you will do what I tell you while we are together." With that she walked up and stood directly in front of me. The way she towered over my made my already weak legs weaker. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to the floor in front of her and then said, "I want you to give my pussy some oral pleasure." Then she pulled the strip of leather that covered her pussy aside with one hand and pulled my head to her pussy with the other.

As I began running my tongue over her vulva and slipped it between her lips I was thinking to myself "What the hell am I doing here. How did I let Brad talk me into something this stupid." After a while Carla began humping herself against my face and I think she had an orgasm although the expression on her face when I looked up at her could have been either pleasure or anger. With a face like hers you could never know for sure.

When she had enough of my tongue she barked out an order for me to stand up which I obeyed. Next she ordered me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. Again I did as I was told. Carla got on the bed behind me and I started to turn to look at her when I felt a sharp pain on my ass cheek which I soon realized was caused by Carla's riding crop. Carla spoke softly "Do not try to turn around again or you will be punished." I looked straight ahead and didn't move a muscle. I didn't know what she was doing behind me but it was making me very nervous. I could sense that Carla was moving around but couldn't get any idea of what she was doing.

Suddenly Carla reached between my legs and began gently stroking my cock. In spite of my unease I found this to be somewhat relaxing. I actually was beginning to get an erection. Carla kept stroking until I had a full erection. I was just beginning to enjoy the attention Carla was giving me when I felt something cold and wet pushing against my rectum. I tried to pull away from the object but was rewarded by a very hard smack across my ass from the riding crop followed by an order "Do not move!" I froze in position and again felt the cold wet object begin to probe my ass. With a sudden push Carla drove the object inside my rectum in a not very comfortable manner. I bent my head down and looked back between my legs. What I saw was Carla behind me with a strap on dildo fucking me up the ass. I didn't like what was happening to me at all, that is until Carla started stroking my cock again. For the next five minutes, Carla fucked my up the ass while jerking me off until I shot a load of cum on the sheets. I can't say that I enjoyed that orgasm but I was sure glad it was over. As soon as my cock stopped pulsing Carla let go of it and pulled her dildo out of my ass. Then without another word she left the room.

Well there I was alone again, with my legs still weak from Amanda and now my rectum hurt and I had welts on my ass from that damn riding crop. I was moving slowly around the bed gathering up my clothes when I heard voices in the hall. I decided right then that I'd had enough. I wanted out. I saw the door handle starting to turn so I quickly dove into the bedroom closet to hide.

I got the door closed just in time to not be seen by whoever was entering the room. I could hear someone moving about the room but no one was talking. Then I heard a woman's voice saying, "How soon can you do it again?"

Then the man said, "Well if you give it a little oral loving I'll probably be ready to fuck you with my big boy in ten minutes."

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