We're Happy Now

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: My neighbor talks me into going to a swingers party with my wife.

As I sit here thinking about how much I love my wife I have to tell you about things that happened two years ago for you to understand why I am so happy now. I am going to tell the story of what happened to me and you can follow along if you'd like. It started July 11, 1997. It was on a Friday. That morning my boss had called me into his office to give me some exciting news. When John's secretary called me and told me that John wanted me to come to his office I was a little worried. There had been several layoffs over the past few months so this unexpected invitation was worrisome.

When I entered the office John gave me a hand shake, a smile and a slap on the back, and in that order, and asked me to sit and indicated that I should use one of the two chairs sitting side by side along the wall adjacent to his desk. When I sat down John sat in the chair next to me. This made me feel better right away. I knew if he was going to give me bad news he would have had me sit in front of his desk and he would have sat across the desk from me. John asked me if I would like a cup of coffee or anything and I declined. Then John began, "Jack, I have good news for you. Remember the meeting you had with Bill Elliott, the head of sales in San Francisco last month?" I indicated that I remembered the meeting with Bill and John continued talking. "Well Bill called me last night. He said that he was very impressed with you and would like you to come out to San Francisco and work for him. It would mean a promotion and a very nice salary increase. The company would pay your moving expenses and help you sell your home. What do you think?"

I said, "Wow, I sure didn't expect anything like this when you called me to come see you. This is really exciting. Of course I will have to talk to Kathy about this. She has always lived in Chicago so I will have to give her a say in whether we move or not."

John said "Of Course. I understand. But I can't imagine that she would turn down the chance to live in San Francisco. Why don't you take the rest of the day off and go talk to Kathy about the job. We can hold Bill off till next week. This is a great opportunity for you. It makes me very happy anytime a deserving employee of mine gets recognized this way."

I said okay and thanked John and headed for home.

All the way home I was trying to think of how I would present this to Kathy so that she would be as excited about this as I was. But I knew that she didn't always think about what was best for me. Sometimes she could be selfish but that was just her way and I loved her anyway.

When I got home I parked the car in the garage and went through the garage door into the kitchen. As I came in the door I was surprised to see Kathy sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee with our neighbor Brad. The thing that was surprising about this was that Kathy is always telling me how she can't stand Brad. She says that he is very arrogant and seems to think he is God's gift to women. Well anyway when I walked in on them Brad turned and said, "Great you're just the person I wanted to talk to. Can we go somewhere and have a little chat."

I really didn't want to have a chat with Brad right then, you see I felt the same way about Bard that my wife did, I had important things to discuss with my Kathy. I asked Brad if it could weight a little while, that I needed to talk to Kathy. Brad said, "Sure, come over to the house and get me when you're ready, but don't forget." I told Brad I would be over in about an hour. He said that would be fine and left.

As soon as he was out the door Kathy said, "Thank god your home, I thought I would never get ride of him." I asked Kathy what he wanted to talk to me about and Kathy said she had no idea. Then she said, "What are you doing home in the middle of the day, you didn't get laid off did you?"

I said, "No, actually I have good news. I was offered a promotion." Kathy jumped up and kissed me and said, "That's great, when do you start? Tell me all about it."

I said, "I didn't accept the job yet."

Kathy looked at me like I was crazy and asked way I hadn't told them I would take the job. I said, "The new job is in San Francisco. I thought I had better talk it over with you before I committed to move out there."

Then Kathy hit me with the bad news. "We can't move. That's out of the question. My whole life is here. You just tell them that they have to give you a promotion here."

I tried for the next few minutes to get Kathy to at least discuss the possibility of going to San Francisco but she said she had no more to say about it. We were not moving and that was all there was too it. I finally got her to agree to at least go on a survey trip and see San Francisco and that if she still felt that strongly against moving we wouldn't go. And that is the way we left the subject.

I was about to go up to my home office and sign onto my computer when Kathy reminded me that Brad wanted to talk to me. As much as I didn't want to talk to Brad earlier I wanted to talk to him even less now, but like a good little boy, I did as Kathy told me and went over and rang Brad's door bell.

Brad was at the door within seconds and gave me a big handshake and an even bigger smile. I suddenly felt as though Brad was going to try to sell me a car. Brad lead me through the house to their sunroom and invited me to sit, then he offered me a beer. I declined as it was too early in the day for me so Brad brought us each a beer anyway. Brad managed to coax me through the first beer with a lot of small talk about sports, cars and finally women. He started bragging to me about how many women he has had and how they all love his huge cock. This was not the first time I had heard these stories and I knew he wasn't exaggerating about the size of his member as I had been told by a mutual friend that had seen Brad in the shower at the health club that Brad was at least seven inches long flaccid.

Whenever Brad started these stories I would think of his beautiful wife Caryn. I would wonder if she knew that he cheated on her all the time. Caryn was great. She was intelligent, although I don't think Brad ever noticed that, she had a great sense of humor, and always had a kind word for everyone. Caryn had soft and silky shoulder length red hair, lovely green eyes, nice high firm breasts and great legs. I could never understand why Brad couldn't be happy just to take care of Caryn and stop messing around. Actually I had always had a bit of a crush on Caryn ever since she and Brad moved in nextdoor four years earlier.

My thoughts slowly drifted back from Caryn to listen to the end of another of Brad's stories of conquest. I was sitting there trying to think of an excuse to leave when Brad handed me another beer and said, "Now to get down to business. I guess you're wondering why I asked you to come over here. Well here it is... The other day at work a friend of mine asked if Caryn and I would be interested in going to a swingers party at his house in Rolling Meadows tomorrow night. I of course was very interested but he told me it was couples only and that I would have to bring Caryn with me. I was pretty sure that Caryn wouldn't agree to anything like that but when my friend told me about some of the women that were going to be at the party I had to try so last night Caryn and I were messing around in bed. I was going down on her and eating that little clam of hers like there was no tomorrow."

I was getting angry listening to him talk this way about Caryn. I would never talk about Kathy that way to anyone, except maybe Kathy.

Anyway John continued talking "When I had Caryn about ready to explode I brought up the idea of going to this party. Caryn was so horny at the time that the idea sounded good to her. After I brought her off she wasn't as hot on the idea anymore. I asked her if just once in her life would she like to get it on with someone different. That's when Caryn shocked me. She said 'I will go to the party on one condition, if you can talk Jack and Kathy into going with us. If I am going to experiment with having sex with another partner I want to be with someone I trust and respect and the only person I can think of that fits the bill is Jack.' So now you see Jack. The reason I wanted to talk to you is to ask you to talk Kathy into going to this party so that you can fuck my wife and I can party with the other ladies."

I said, "But what about Kathy. She is not going to go along with this." I have to admit that the idea of having sex with Caryn was working on my psyche and had me wondering if I could persuade Kathy to go to this party.

John said, "A beautiful women like Kathy will have plenty of attention and I bet she'll love it. What do say? Will you at least try to talk her into it?"

I was about to say no when I had a sudden mental image of Caryn in the nude. Suddenly I wanted to see if her pussy hair was the same soft texture as the hair on her head. I was hooked. I said, "Okay, I'll give it a try."

John slapped me on the shoulder and said great, you won't regret this. Suddenly I did regret it. John said, "Listen, you better not tell Kathy that this was my idea, it might be a good idea if you don't even tell her that Caryn and I are going to be there. I know that Kathy isn't crazy about me and she will get mad if she thinks you're only going there to fuck Caryn. And one more thing, don't say anything to Caryn. She made me promise not to tell you she wants you to jump her bones."

I agreed with Bard. Brad also suggested that if and when we go to the party that we drive ourselves and arrange to arrive at separate times. I again agreed. Then I finished my beer and went home.

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