New Boyfriends & Girlfriends

by Digger

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Through of twist of fate, my ex starts to date my girlfriend's ex. Things heat up when the four of us go to the mountains for a weekend.

After Sue and I broke up, I was quite depressed. Sue is a fantastic woman. She is smart, funny, and beautiful. Also, she is great in bed. She has a model's body--34A-24-34--and she keeps herself in good shape. My cock gets hard just from thinking about her.

When we first started going out, she was a little inexperienced. I was the first guy she did it with while the lights were on. I was the first guy to cum in her mouth. Despite this, she surprised me several times, like the time she took out my cock while we were hiking and started to suck on it. Or the time we were in an outside hottub and we both got naked and fucked right there.

Time passed and we both started seeing other people. I started seeing Mary. She was a knock out--5'9", athletic, 34C-26-36. She was quirky, loud and a lot of fun. She loved to ski and hike. It was a perfect match. Sue started seeing Steve. He was very handsome, funny, smart, confident, and quiet. He was also very nice and treated Sue really well. He was about 6'3" and very athletic. He kept in shape by running a lot of 10Ks.

After a while, Sue suggested that the four of us should get together. We agreed to go hiking. We met on Saturday morning. When we got out of the car, Mary and Steve just stared at each other, then broke up laughing--they used to go too. Weird. We had a great time that day. Like Sue and I, Steve and Mary had remained good friends. After that day, we all became good friends and started hanging out together.

As the summer dragged on, I suggested that we all go up to Vail and stay with some friends of the family. I call and was informed by Phyllis and Al that they would be out of town for a long weekend, but we could come up anyway. "You know we never lock the place." After being reassured for about the 4th time, I agreed.

We left after work on Friday. We had fun on ride, singing and laughing. We had had dinner on the road and were in high spirits when we got there. While Sue had seen the place before, Steve and Mary hadn't. They were impressed. Mary and I took one guest bedroom downstairs (the one with the mirrored closet doors), Sue and Steve took the other. We all had a little something to drink and were feeling pretty good. I suggested that take a dip in the hot tub. Sue shot me a smirky look--this was the tub that we had gotten naked in and had sex. Everyone said it was a marvelous idea.

I changed into my boxer-like suit and Mary got into her 1-piece. I could not help feeling her tits and ass. She has such a fantastic body, that I have a hard time keeping my hands off it. Soon we ventured out into tub. Sue and Steve quickly joined us, dressed pretty much the same. We sat and relaxed. We sipped Margaritas. I was carefully caressing Mary under the bubbles. She had her foot in my crotch. I was guessing, by the way they position that Sue and Steve were in a similar situation. Once we shifted around, Mary and I started to kiss as did Sue and Steve. After a few minutes of this, they decided it was time for bed. Mary and I stayed. I was a beautiful night. Warm, stars were out. We started to make out. My hands went underneath her suit. Hers went under mine. Our kissing got hotter and hotter. I rolled her suit off her shoulders and started to massage her large breasts. Soon after, she made me stand up. She stripped my suit off and started to suck on my cock. I was in heaven. After a few minutes, she stopped, stood up and stripped her suit off. I was hard as granite. I turned her around and shoved my cock in her waiting pussy. It was hot and wet. I held on to her big tits as pounded away. She was moaning and saying "fuck me harder, harder..." I did.

After a few moments, we stopped--we did not want to make a mess in the tub. So we got out, put the cover back on the tub, pulled on our robes, and went back inside. As we neared our bedroom, we heard sounds coming from the other room--Sue and Steve were going at it!! We both stopped. Mary looked at me with a smile and whispered in my ear, "That tub has some effect on people." We both chuckled and listened more. We could her kissing and heavy breathing. In the darkened hall, it was obvious that the light was on their room. That's when I turned to Mary and said, "Do you want to see what's going on in there?" She gave me a funny look, "Can we really do that? Won't they see us?" "I think not. Follow me." Still in just our robes, we quietly went out the front door, making sure the light was off. Along the driveway was a small window that looks right down into the room. Luck was with us that night because Sue and Steve had failed to adjust the blinds.

We crouched down, and Mary and I looked in. There on the bed was my former girl friend and Mary's former boyfriend naked. They were entangled. I was getting hard. Sue and Steve were kissing--full tongues. Their hands were all over themselves. I could see Sue rubbing Steve's chest, while he was squeezing her ass. Soon Sue moved her hand down Steve's chest to his cock. Their heads finally parted--Sue still had her hand on his cock; he had was now squeezing her tits. As they separated, I finally got a good look at Steve's body. Wow! He was very well built with a very muscular chest, stomach and shoulders. His chest was smooth--just the way Sue always told me a man's should be. But what really caught my eye was Steve's cock! Sue's hands looked small. I leaned over to Mary and asked her, "How big is he?" "About ten inches," she whispered back.

Soon Sue moved down Steve's body. She licked his chest. Slowly, she made her tongue down to Steve's big cock. She licked all around it, then slowly up and down the shaft. The whole time, she and Steve never lost eye contact. Sue began to lick the head, eventually putting it in her mouth. I watched in awe as Sue started to shove more and more of Steve's huge cock in her mouth. Eventually she had about 2/3 of it. She eased off it and then back down again. This time she got more in. I was so turned on. She had never been able to get that much of me in her mouth. Obviously, Steve had taught Sue some new skills. This continued for several minutes. Steve had a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

Eventually Sue stopped. We see them talk, but could not hear them through the slightly ajar window. By now I had my cock in hand and was stroking. I did not want to cum--I did not want to miss a minute of this display. I was so transfixed by Sue and Steve that I had forgotten about Mary. She was squeezing her tits with her right hand and was rubbing her pussy with her left hand. We looked at each other with lust in our eyes. "Do you want to go back in to our room?" I asked. "Are you kidding?" she breathed.

By now, Sue had flipped over and was on her knees. She lay her head on a pillow. I could see that Sue still kept the lower part of her pussy clean-shaven. This had turned me on so much when we were going out. It looked great and made it so easy to lick her. Steve and I were on the same wavelength, for he started to lick around her pussy. He teased her thighs with his tongue. He went up and down and around. Eventually he got to her pussy and started to lick. Up and down and around. Sue started to squirm. This went on for a little while. Then Steve started to use his hands. (Steve's hands had impressed me before as being of a good size and very muscular.) He inserted his index finger in her pussy as he continued to tongue her. Eventually, he removed his finger and put his face in as far as he could--I could tell he was shoving his tongue deep inside. Sue was squirming even more. Steve was licking her, and kneading her ass. I saw his fingers move toward her asshole. He played with it. Then Steve removed his face from Sue's pussy and moved his tongue up to her asshole. Sue continued to squirm. I could actually hear Sue moaning. This was weird because Sue was not a moaner with me and she never thought that playing with her asshole was a big deal. Steve continued to tongue her asshole. He also had 2 fingers in her pussy, which he moved in and out rapidly. Then he pulled them out of her pussy and put one digit into her ass. I was so turned on. Sue moaned very loudly. Steve moved back down to Sue's pussy and used his tongue. Sue moaned even louder. She bucked and suddenly she came all over Steve's face. Her juices squirted out of her pussy into Steve's open mouth. He drank down most of it, but could not handle it all. Much spilled on to his face and chest. Sue bucked and moaned for a good minute, finally subsiding. Steve continued to swallow her juices, lick her pussy and finger her ass.

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