New Boyfriends & Girlfriends

by Digger

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Through of twist of fate, my ex starts to date my girlfriend's ex. Things heat up when the four of us go to the mountains for a weekend.

After Sue and I broke up, I was quite depressed. Sue is a fantastic woman. She is smart, funny, and beautiful. Also, she is great in bed. She has a model's body--34A-24-34--and she keeps herself in good shape. My cock gets hard just from thinking about her.

When we first started going out, she was a little inexperienced. I was the first guy she did it with while the lights were on. I was the first guy to cum in her mouth. Despite this, she surprised me several times, like the time she took out my cock while we were hiking and started to suck on it. Or the time we were in an outside hottub and we both got naked and fucked right there.

Time passed and we both started seeing other people. I started seeing Mary. She was a knock out--5'9", athletic, 34C-26-36. She was quirky, loud and a lot of fun. She loved to ski and hike. It was a perfect match. Sue started seeing Steve. He was very handsome, funny, smart, confident, and quiet. He was also very nice and treated Sue really well. He was about 6'3" and very athletic. He kept in shape by running a lot of 10Ks.

After a while, Sue suggested that the four of us should get together. We agreed to go hiking. We met on Saturday morning. When we got out of the car, Mary and Steve just stared at each other, then broke up laughing--they used to go too. Weird. We had a great time that day. Like Sue and I, Steve and Mary had remained good friends. After that day, we all became good friends and started hanging out together.

As the summer dragged on, I suggested that we all go up to Vail and stay with some friends of the family. I call and was informed by Phyllis and Al that they would be out of town for a long weekend, but we could come up anyway. "You know we never lock the place." After being reassured for about the 4th time, I agreed.

We left after work on Friday. We had fun on ride, singing and laughing. We had had dinner on the road and were in high spirits when we got there. While Sue had seen the place before, Steve and Mary hadn't. They were impressed. Mary and I took one guest bedroom downstairs (the one with the mirrored closet doors), Sue and Steve took the other. We all had a little something to drink and were feeling pretty good. I suggested that take a dip in the hot tub. Sue shot me a smirky look--this was the tub that we had gotten naked in and had sex. Everyone said it was a marvelous idea.

I changed into my boxer-like suit and Mary got into her 1-piece. I could not help feeling her tits and ass. She has such a fantastic body, that I have a hard time keeping my hands off it. Soon we ventured out into tub. Sue and Steve quickly joined us, dressed pretty much the same. We sat and relaxed. We sipped Margaritas. I was carefully caressing Mary under the bubbles. She had her foot in my crotch. I was guessing, by the way they position that Sue and Steve were in a similar situation. Once we shifted around, Mary and I started to kiss as did Sue and Steve. After a few minutes of this, they decided it was time for bed. Mary and I stayed. I was a beautiful night. Warm, stars were out. We started to make out. My hands went underneath her suit. Hers went under mine. Our kissing got hotter and hotter. I rolled her suit off her shoulders and started to massage her large breasts. Soon after, she made me stand up. She stripped my suit off and started to suck on my cock. I was in heaven. After a few minutes, she stopped, stood up and stripped her suit off. I was hard as granite. I turned her around and shoved my cock in her waiting pussy. It was hot and wet. I held on to her big tits as pounded away. She was moaning and saying "fuck me harder, harder..." I did.

After a few moments, we stopped--we did not want to make a mess in the tub. So we got out, put the cover back on the tub, pulled on our robes, and went back inside. As we neared our bedroom, we heard sounds coming from the other room--Sue and Steve were going at it!! We both stopped. Mary looked at me with a smile and whispered in my ear, "That tub has some effect on people." We both chuckled and listened more. We could her kissing and heavy breathing. In the darkened hall, it was obvious that the light was on their room. That's when I turned to Mary and said, "Do you want to see what's going on in there?" She gave me a funny look, "Can we really do that? Won't they see us?" "I think not. Follow me." Still in just our robes, we quietly went out the front door, making sure the light was off. Along the driveway was a small window that looks right down into the room. Luck was with us that night because Sue and Steve had failed to adjust the blinds.

We crouched down, and Mary and I looked in. There on the bed was my former girl friend and Mary's former boyfriend naked. They were entangled. I was getting hard. Sue and Steve were kissing--full tongues. Their hands were all over themselves. I could see Sue rubbing Steve's chest, while he was squeezing her ass. Soon Sue moved her hand down Steve's chest to his cock. Their heads finally parted--Sue still had her hand on his cock; he had was now squeezing her tits. As they separated, I finally got a good look at Steve's body. Wow! He was very well built with a very muscular chest, stomach and shoulders. His chest was smooth--just the way Sue always told me a man's should be. But what really caught my eye was Steve's cock! Sue's hands looked small. I leaned over to Mary and asked her, "How big is he?" "About ten inches," she whispered back.

Soon Sue moved down Steve's body. She licked his chest. Slowly, she made her tongue down to Steve's big cock. She licked all around it, then slowly up and down the shaft. The whole time, she and Steve never lost eye contact. Sue began to lick the head, eventually putting it in her mouth. I watched in awe as Sue started to shove more and more of Steve's huge cock in her mouth. Eventually she had about 2/3 of it. She eased off it and then back down again. This time she got more in. I was so turned on. She had never been able to get that much of me in her mouth. Obviously, Steve had taught Sue some new skills. This continued for several minutes. Steve had a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

Eventually Sue stopped. We see them talk, but could not hear them through the slightly ajar window. By now I had my cock in hand and was stroking. I did not want to cum--I did not want to miss a minute of this display. I was so transfixed by Sue and Steve that I had forgotten about Mary. She was squeezing her tits with her right hand and was rubbing her pussy with her left hand. We looked at each other with lust in our eyes. "Do you want to go back in to our room?" I asked. "Are you kidding?" she breathed.

By now, Sue had flipped over and was on her knees. She lay her head on a pillow. I could see that Sue still kept the lower part of her pussy clean-shaven. This had turned me on so much when we were going out. It looked great and made it so easy to lick her. Steve and I were on the same wavelength, for he started to lick around her pussy. He teased her thighs with his tongue. He went up and down and around. Eventually he got to her pussy and started to lick. Up and down and around. Sue started to squirm. This went on for a little while. Then Steve started to use his hands. (Steve's hands had impressed me before as being of a good size and very muscular.) He inserted his index finger in her pussy as he continued to tongue her. Eventually, he removed his finger and put his face in as far as he could--I could tell he was shoving his tongue deep inside. Sue was squirming even more. Steve was licking her, and kneading her ass. I saw his fingers move toward her asshole. He played with it. Then Steve removed his face from Sue's pussy and moved his tongue up to her asshole. Sue continued to squirm. I could actually hear Sue moaning. This was weird because Sue was not a moaner with me and she never thought that playing with her asshole was a big deal. Steve continued to tongue her asshole. He also had 2 fingers in her pussy, which he moved in and out rapidly. Then he pulled them out of her pussy and put one digit into her ass. I was so turned on. Sue moaned very loudly. Steve moved back down to Sue's pussy and used his tongue. Sue moaned even louder. She bucked and suddenly she came all over Steve's face. Her juices squirted out of her pussy into Steve's open mouth. He drank down most of it, but could not handle it all. Much spilled on to his face and chest. Sue bucked and moaned for a good minute, finally subsiding. Steve continued to swallow her juices, lick her pussy and finger her ass.

Eventually, Steve pulled back. Sue collapsed on the bed, then rolled over. She was very red but had a huge smile on her face. She cricked a finger at Steve. He crawled forward and the locked lips. I could tell that their tongues were intertwined. Sue pull back a little, then started to lick her juices off Steve's face and hairless chest. Steve was rock hard. Sue spread her legs. Steve boosted himself into position. Slowly he eased his huge cock into Sue's gapping pussy. Once he was in, Sue rapped her legs around Steve's back. Steve started to pound way at her pussy. Eventually, he was doing it so hard that I heard his balls slapping against her ass. I could hear Sue moaning a lot too. She said loudly, "Yes, yes, Yes!! Fill my PUSSY!!" Was this the same woman I dated? This was hotter than any porno I had ever seen. Eventually, they shifted and Sue put her legs over Steve's shoulders (her favorite position). Steve kept slamming his huge cock into her half-shaved pussy. Sue moaned more and more. Finally, I could tell that Sue was about to cum again. And she did. I saw juices flying around the point of penetration. Then I saw Steve's hairless ass tighten up and he groaned. I could tell that he was cumming too. They both collapsed. Steve pulled his deflating cock out of her pussy and moved up to her mouth. Sue licked her lips and started to clean the big cock off. She gave a spit polishing--licking off both his and her juices. After she was done, Steve moved down and cleaned out her pussy. He licked all around--cleaning up her juices as well as his own. After a minute or so of this, Steve and Sue collapsed next to each other.

I was harder than I have ever been. I looked over at Mary. Her hand was still buried in her pussy. "If I don't fuck you here and now, I am going to exploded," I said. We both stood up. I walked her several steps over to her Explorer, turned her around, lifted up her robe and shoved my cock inside her. She was so wet. After I pounded away at her for about 2 minutes, when she started moan so loudly, I thought she was going to wake the neighbors. She almost screamed, "I'm cummmmmmingggggg!!!" I felt her pussy contract around my cock and squeeze it like a vise. I felt juices flow over my cock and on my legs. I also heard it hit the ground. It sounded as if someone was dumping a gallon of water underneath us. After a minute or so, Mary eased up. I continued to pump in and out of her. After about another minute, I announced that I was going to cum. She breathed at me, "In my mouth, please. Let me taste you!!" She dismounted and knelt before me. Mary engulfed my cock in mouth. I was a bit surprised when she got all of it in. She went back and forth on it several times until I started to cum. I almost screamed, "YESSSS!!!" Mary pulled my cock out until the tip was right against her lips. She opened her mouth as I shot the biggest load of cum ever. The first 2 squirts made it in her mouth. The next 2 shot all over her face and dripped on to her big tits. After a few moments, she put my cock back into her mouth and sucked it dry. I got soft. After she was done with me, she used her hands to mop up the rest of my cum on her face and tits. She licked each finger off like it was chocolate syrup. I was turned on, but very spent.

Slowly, she stood up. She held me close which was good, because I was about to collapse. We kissed. Our tongues intermixed. I tasted myself. I was exhausted but very happy. Mary and I gained some composure and made it back in the house. I had noticed that Sue and Steve's light was off. Mary and I crawled directly into bed. We talked for a little bit. I commented on Steve's size. "He is big, but I love you cock more. Yours just fits me better. I felt a little too stretched out with Steve. Also, I can deep throat you." I also told Mary that I was very impressed by Sue's ability to handle Steve and about her moaning. Mary was really impressed with Steve's tongue work; she said he was a bit reluctant to go down on her. "Well, obviously, they found the right person for each other." "As I did with you." We smiled and kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

We awoke fairly early the next morning. Everyone said they had a great night of sleep. The weather outside indicated that it would be a beautiful day. The plan was to go for a good hike. After eating breakfast and getting my stuff ready, I went out to Mary's Explorer. I loaded Mary's and my stuff in the back. A few minutes later Steve came out. After throwing Sue's and his stuff in the back, we stood around waiting for the women. Walking around to the front of the vehicle, Steve noticed a puddle on the ground, right in front of the Explorer. "Chris, what do make of this." Looking, I knew immediately what it was--Mary's pussy juice. "I don't think it's anything. Especially not from this SUV." Steve bent over and dabbed a finger in the puddle. He brought the finger to his nose and inhaled. A smirk appeared on his face. "You're right; it's not from the Explorer." He gave me a big shit-eating grin. A few minutes later I saw him look at the window to their room, then over at the puddle, then back to the window. Again, he shot me big grin.

A few minutes later, the women came out. We roared off into the wilds. We had a beautiful hike--lots of good conversation. We all took many pictures. It was one of the finer days of hiking any of us could remember. We were having such a good time that we actually moved much faster than anticipated. On the way back to the house, we passed through Silverthorne. I jokingly asked, "Who wants to stop at the outlet stores?" Surprisingly, Steve said, "Me. I need to look for a new pair of shoes." I guess I was the only one who didn't want to go, because Sue and Mary piped up and said they wouldn't mind looking too. I relented under the agreement that we would only stay a short while.

Our first and, thank god, only stop was at an athletic apparel shop. While Steve looked at shoes, I wandered the store. Mary and Sue talked as they thumbed through a rack of swimsuits. I walked over to investigate. They giggled when I approached. "What's so funny?" Sue piped up, "We found a suit that you would never wear." "Try me." They produced something about the size of an eyepatch. "This isn't a swimsuit. At worst it's underwear." "It's a swimsuit." Upon closer inspection of the tag, they were proven correct. "So you're saying that I would never wear this." Mary said, "You don't have the nerve." "You're right, I don't have the nerve to wear it in public." "How bout just for us?" "What's the point? You both have seen me naked." Sue turned to Mary, "I told you he'd be chicken." Mary made some clucking noises. I retorted, "Oh, like you two don't have the nerve to wear an equivalent bikini." Sue chided, "Is that a dare?" "I guess it is. I will wear this if you buy it and if you both wear suits that I buy. Also, Steve has to do it." "Now he is trying to find a way of it." "No, I am not." Sue said, "Fine. Let's ask him."

We went over to him and asked. He was a little floored by the whole thing. Steve pulled me aside, "Chris, are you sure about this?" "Don't worry," I reassured him, "We'll just have to pick out suits that the girls will never wear." After a few minutes of looking, Steve came up to me with a devilish grin on his face. "How bout these?" "Dental floss?" "No, no, you idiot, they're bathing suits." They were, but they certainly were small. Balled up, one could conceal the entire suit in one hand. Essentially, the suit was an ultra small string bikini. The top had 2 pieces of cloth about the size of the palm of my hand, attached by string. The bottoms had a piece of cloth equal in size. The suit did not have any lining, and of course, it was a thong. We approach our women, who were chatting among themselves. Steve announced, "We found ones for you. Which color do you want, red or black?" Steve held up the bikinis and Sue and Mary gasp. Sue snapped, "We're not wearing those. It might look sexy, but it definitely would be uncomfortable." I retorted, "Oh, so now you are trying to get out of this dare!" "No, we are not." Sue and Mary talked among themselves. Mary announced, "Fine, we'll wear them, if you wear these." She held up an even smaller "suit" than they had found before. Essentially, it was the bottoms from the bikinis that we had picked out. Steve stated boldly, "You have yourself a deal." Everyone chose black. We paid for the suits and went back to the house.

After showering, we all sat around relaxing. That is when Sue spoke up, "So, are you going to give us a fashion show of your bathing suits?" I said, "I thought you would see them tonight when we went tubbing." Mary countered, "No, I think you should give us a show." Steve now jumped in, "Only if you give one for us." "Fine."

We all went and changed separately. The suit really road up my butt. It was really tight. I felt a lot of pressure against my asshole. It also felt real weird having so much skin exposed. My cock was a bigger problem. Although I am only 7 inches, I had trouble fitting it in the suit. It was so tight. I knew that if I got at all excited, my cock would start seeing the light of day. I adjusted myself as best I could. Also, the suit road so low that most of pubic hair was sticking out. I thought to myself, if I am having this much trouble with my cock and hair, Steve must be having more.

We reconvened in the living room. Each of us was wearing a robe, so as not to reveal our new look. We all were looking at each other with a sly grin on our faces. I asked, "Who goes first." "You do," Sue chimed. I protested, but Mary stared clucking again. "Fine, I'll go first." I decided to be a bit dramatic. I walked to the center of the room, doing as sexy a strut as possible. Once there, I turned my back to the audience. "Take it off!" yelled Mary. Slowly, I slid the robe off one shoulder, then the next. "Hurry up!" Sue yelled. I brought the robe down to my waist. I turned sideways to the 3 of them, and slowly dropped my robe. They started to clap and howl and hoot. I tuned toward them. I felt my face go hot. But I also felt my cock start to twitch. Realizing that I was about to pop a boner, I turned around to show them the string riding up my butt. More applause. I turned around and ran over to the couch and sat down between Mary and Sue. I was trying to hide my growing cock. Mary leaned over and kissed me; our tongues played with each other. Sue whispered in my ear, "I am surprised you went through with it. You looked really good."

"Who's next?" I asked. "Me," Sue said as she walked to center of the room. Like me, she did a slow, seductive disrobing. Her suit looked incredible. Even though Sue's tits are on the small side, the suit still did not cover all of them. Her firm breasts stood out. I could clearly see her nipples, which looked rock hard. The bottom was ever more revealing. I could clearly see her pussy lips through the suit. Also, like me, her pubes were visible over the top of the bottoms. She turned around to revel her great ass. I was getting really turned on by my former girlfriend. My cock was getting hard and I really had to adjust myself to keep it under wraps. Sue walked back to the couch.

Mary shot up and ran to the center of the room. "Look at me!!" she screamed, dropping her robe the ground. "I knew you would wind up with an exhibitionist someday," Sue said to me. Even though I have seen Mary naked many times over the past few months, I thought she never looked so sexy as with that bathing suit on. The top did nothing to hide her C-cups. Her tits just stood there. The bottoms fit about the same with her as Sue--cuntlips visible, pubes sticking out. My cock was big and hard now. It crept over the top of the suit, with a few inches hanging out. I tried to cross my legs to hide it, but to no avail. Mary turned around and bent over to show us her ass. Sue has a great ass, but I like Mary's better--it is rounder and just a bit bigger. After Mary's display, she ran over and sat down next to me. "Did you like that, lover?" she cooed in my ear. "Yes!" I hissed back. "I do believe this show has turned Chris on. Sue take a look." Both the women stared at my cock sticking out over the top of the suit. They both kissed me on the check and giggled.

By now, Steve's face was red. I could tell he was a bit hesitant. We cheered him, "Come on Steve, your turn." "Show us what you've got!!" He slowly walked to the center of the room and eased his robe down. He had a nervous grin about him as the robe fell below his trunks. Steve was sporting a big hard on. It was a good 5 inches above the top of the suit. He blushed more. We cheered, "All right Steve." I said, "Nothing to be ashamed of there, buddy. In fact, you should be proud." Also, like the rest of us, Steve's pubes were sticking above the suit. After showing off his muscular ass to us, he sat down.

We all had a good sip on our drinks. "Whew, all that modeling has left me tired," I complained. "I think I'll go watch some TV; maybe find a ball game." Steve, still hesitant, said, "I'll join ya." Mary look at us, as we donned our robes, "You boys have fun. Sue and I are going to do some girl talk." We kissed our respective girlfriends and headed downstairs. After flipping through a few channels, I turned to Steve and said, "Boy, our girlfriends sure did look sexy." "Yeah they did! Man, I couldn't help but have a woody." "Tell me about it. Also, I don't really want to admit this, but this suit actually makes me feel pretty sexy too." "Me too. And you did look sexy, for a guy." I said to Steve, "No, you, my friend, you looked sexy. I feel sexy, but you look it. I mean, I've got this gut. You have muscles." "Chris, you are in good shape. Don't put yourself down so much." "Steve, you also got what the lady's want." "Good abs?" "No, stupid, a big cock. I must admit, I was really impressed by it." "Thanks. You were? I've always thought it was a little too big. I wish mine were a little smaller--like yours. I am not saying yours is small, cause it is not. But just a little smaller." "Why would you want a smaller cock?" Sheepishly, Steve looked at the floor while he talked, "The first couple of times I was ever with women, they actually got scared at my size. It was quite humiliating and depressing." Taking another sip from his beer, he continued, "Besides, my cock is a bit big for anal sex. That is something I've always wanted to try."

We sipped on our drinks a bit more. I can't believe I just had this conversation. In reality, I was pretty fascinated by Steve's big piece of meat. After flicking through a few channels, we came across women's beach volleyball. We stopped at it--not for the sports, but to gawk at the women. They were wearing these very high cut bottoms. We both stared in admiration. "You know, you don't see any of their pubic hair sticking out, " I commented. "They probably shave it off." "Sue used to shave the lower part off for me. She still do it?" Gulping down a drink, Steve looked at me sheepishly, "Yes. I think it is the biggest turn on." "Ain't it? I tried to get Mary to do it, but she is always hesitant."

After a few minutes of silence, I said "Steve, did Sue tell you that I used to do it for her, too?" "No. Wouldn't that hurt." "No. In fact, I thought it was fun and ultra sexy. In fact, I was thinking of doing it now, so everything won't stick out over my suit." Steve looked a little shocked. "I've always thought about doing it, but I've been scared about cutting myself. Being an electric-man, I don't have a lot of experience with blades." "You do get a few nicks, but nothing to worry about. It's not like you are using a big knife and if you slip, you're going to cut off your balls." "I know that. I guess, I am just a bit squirmy about the whole concept, even if it does turn me on." "Listen, why don't we both do it. It'll turn the girls on a lot." "I don't know..." "Come on. If you're so scared, I'll show you how its done and even help you out if you like." After a few minutes of thinking, Steve finally agreed.

We grabbed our drinks and headed to the bathroom. Fortunately, the downstairs bathroom is large and has 2 sinks. "First thing we have to do is trim all the big hairs off with scissors." I grabbed a small pair from my kit bag. "I've found the easiest thing to do is sit on the can and do it. It makes it less messy." I took off my robe and suit and sat on the toilet. "Just trim off what ever you can get a hold of. Be sure not to cut any skin." While I sat there cutting, Steve sipped a drink and watched intently. I snipped off a lot of the big stuff on my inner thigh and up towards my belly. "Is that necessary?" Steve inquired. "Well, I have a lot more hair than you do. Thought I would just get rid of some of the bulkier stuff." In a few minutes I finished.

"Your turn." Steve took off his robe and suit and sat down. I handed him the scissors. Steve is very smooth skinned guy. He didn't have a lot of hair on his upper thighs--not enough to trim. And his pubic hair was concentrated around his big cock. He did have a happy trail leading up to his navel. Quickly but cautiously, he went to work. I sat there naked, working on my drink, watching Steve. Having less hair, he took less time. In a little bit, he cut as much as possible.

"Well done. Now that wasn't so bad was it?" I asked him. "No, it really was no big deal. What's next?" "Well, now we get to shave." I walked over and picked up my shaving cream, razor and washcloth. "Chris, I think I'll watch you do it. This is the part that scares me." "Okay, I'll narrate, so you know how to do it. It is just like shaving your face. First, you talk a warm, wet washcloth and wipe off the area. Now, spread some shaving cream over it. Now shave. I always start with the easy parts--above my dick, on the flat surface of the skin." Steve stared on. I started to shave. I scrapped my fur off about half way up to my navel. Then I started down around the sides near my cock. Eventually, I moved to the sides of my balls. "The key is to stretch the skin so it is nice and flat. The problem is that your dick and balls become slippery because of all the shaving cream. Once you get to a point, I found it is best to wash off and take a look at what needs to be done." I did so. "Still have a lot on my balls and round the sides of my dick." I applied more shaving cream. My cock started to grow from all the attention. "Opps. Sorry about this. But all that handling makes me excited. And believe it or not, I find it easier to shave the tough areas if you have a hard-on." I careful started in on my balls and sides of my cock. Inevitably, I did nick myself. Steve gasp a little. "No big deal. It stings a little but it'll close up before I'm done." At one point, I glanced up at Steve, he was transfixed by my action. He also had a hard-on.

Rinsing myself off again, I inspected my work. "Looks pretty clean. What do think, Steve?" He walked over slowly, and looked intently at my crotch. "You missed a few hairs on your balls, but it looks pretty clean." "Well, I'll take care of those last hairs. Also, I want shave around my ass." "Why there?" Sheepishly, I looked at him, "Well... uhhh... it'll make it easier to lick. I sort am turned on by rimming. Mary has never been into it much, I hope this might change her mind." Steve spoke softly, "Yeah, I like to be rimmed to. I also like doing it to Sue. She seems to like it." "Well, that's a change from me. No wonder that you two are such a good couple." I applied cream to my nether region and began to shave. I took care of those stray hairs on my balls, then started in around my asshole. "The problem, of course, is that you can't see what you are doing and you are trying to shave at an odd angle." "I can see that," Steve said softly. I said, "I wish I had another way of doing this." "Looks like you need some help." "I do, but Mary's not here." "If it won't bother you, Chris, I'll help you out." "You sure? I've done this before without any help." "No, I figure since you're going to help me, I should return the favor." "Okay."

I wiped myself off again. "You're sure you know what you are doing, Steve." "I can handle this." I leaned over the counter, with my butt in the air. In the big mirror, I could see Steve take the shaving cream. He sprayed some in his hand, then gently started to apply to my ass. He seemed to do it very slowly and deliberately. "Okay, let's get that hair off," he said. He knelt behind me. Shaving with his right hand, he pulled my cheeks apart with his left. All I saw of him was his hand that occasionally would rinse the razor out in the sink. He was doing a good job. All the squeezing and attention around my ass made me very turned on. My cock was incredibly hard.

After a few minutes, Steve said, "I think I got them all. Will you hand me the washcloth." I rinsed it in warm water and handed it back to him. He gently did a thorough job of wiping me clean. It felt great. I was closing my eyes, enjoying the sensation. After a little bit, I felt Steve's hands on both of my butt checks. He squeezed and spread them. Suddenly, I felt his tongue on my asshole. I felt wonderful. He flicked his tongue back and forth and around and around. Then he inserted his tongue right in my hole. I was in heaven. Never had anyone licked me so deep. He would tease the outside of the hole, slowly making circles. Then he would insert his tongue in. After a little bit, I felt him poking around with his fingers. He continued to lick. Slowly, I felt one of his fingers enter me. He moved it in and out slowly. All the while, he worked his tongue against my hole. After a few more minutes, I felt another finger enter. I moaned a little, taking short breaths. It still felt wonderful. He moved his muscular fingers in and out of me and kept tonguing me. Soon he worked a third finger in my hole. In and out, they went. I closed my eyes, leaned against the counter and just enjoyed. Even though I was in heaven, my cock deflated a bit.

After what seemed like forever, Steve stopped. He stood up behind me. I looked in the mirror at him. He smiled and said, "You're clean now." I stood up slowly, "Yeah, I must be. You did a good job. I should put some lotion on." "Here, let me do that." Steve took the bottle of lotion and squirted some in his hands and rubbed them together. Then, looking me dead in the eye, applied the lotion to all the area that had been shaved, and then some. He rubbed my inner thighs and balls. He took hold of my shaft and pumped it a few times. I was rock hard. I was worried that I might cum right there. Then he moved his hand under me and started caressing my asshole and that area. I closed my eyes. I felt a finger enter me, for a moment. Steve's hands left my body.

I opened my eyes. He was standing there, smiling, with his hands on his hips. "My turn to get smooth." I stepped aside and watched as he lathered up. He had no problems doing his happy trail and the hair above his cock. The difficulty began when he tried to do his balls and sides of his cock. He nicked himself. "Boy that smarts." I told him that he should rinse off and see what kind of progress he has made. "Looks pretty good. You definitely got all the stuff that was sticking out of your suit. If you want to stop now, you can." "No, I want to be smooth like you. I think both Sue and I will like it." He paused, "But I am still a bit scared of doing this." Another bit of silence, in a hushed voice, he said "Will you help me?" "Sure."

I knelt before him. His cock was at eye level. This was the closest I have ever been to another cock. I had had some fantasies before, but I never thought I would have the guts to go through with it. "First, we need to lather you up." I grabbed the shaving cream and sprayed some in my hand. I rubbed the cream on the bottom portion of his cock and on his balls. "Okay, would you mind holding your cock by the tip, so I can get in there better." He did so. I stretched back parts of his balls and cock and went to work. I was doing a real good job--no nicks or cuts. Steve's cock was getting hard and huge. As I worked on him, he closed his eyes. I saw him squeeze his cock now and then. After a few minutes, I said, "Okay, just about there. Want to had me the washcloth?" He gave it to me. I cleaned him off. "Okay, turn around. I know you don't have a lot of hair there, but let's take care of your butt. Maybe Sue will like that." He turned around and assumed the position that I had been in a few moments earlier. Steve only had a couple of hairs--mainly from the base of his balls to his asshole. After applying shaving cream, I made quick work of them. Then I took the washcloth, which I still had, and wiped him down. I stopped to play with his hole. While I did not lick it, I stick part of one finger in it. He moaned a little. I withdrew.

"Well, let me clean you off and see what kind of job I did." I handed him the washcloth. He rinsed it in warm water, turned around and gave it back to me. I was still kneeling. I wiped off his skin. His cock was long and hard, and only inches from my face. While finishing up with the cloth, I decided to go for it; I licked the head of his cock. I looked up at him, but he just smiled. I licked the head of that enormous cock again. It felt nice--warm, firm yet soft. I dropped the washcloth and began to rub my hands all over his crotch. I tickled his balls. I put my hands around his cock. It was so big, my hands had a difficult time going around it. I ran my tongue down the top of it. I licked the freshly shaven area. I licked up one side and down the other. I lifted Steve's big cock up and tounged the underside. Then I concentrated on his balls. They are huge--bigger than golf balls. I was enjoying myself--I had another hard-on. His cock didn't taste like much, being so so clean, but I loved the texture--so warm and firm. Finally, I took it in my mouth. Steve moaned a bit. It was difficult just to get the head in, because it was so large. I was careful not to scrape my teeth. I looked up; he just had a big grin on his face and his eyes were closed. I ran my tongue all around the head. I made circles. I flicked it back and forth. I then tried to get as much in my mouth as possible. I got about 4 or 5 inches (well below what Sue had done the night before) in before I gagged. I tried it again, with the same results. Pulling out, I looked up and asked him, "How do the women get more of this in?" I ran my tongue around his head. "Lots of practice," he moaned. Staring up at him, I said, "Practicing is fun." I attempted to engulf him again--same results. I moved his cock in and out his mouth for a few more minutes. Finally, I stopped.

I stood up. "Looks like your pretty clean too." We both laughed. "We better get out of her before the girls think they lost their boyfriends." We put on our robes and went out to the livingroom. After watching TV for a few minutes, Mary yelled down, "Chris?" "Yes." "Are you guys going to go to the store to pick up stuff for dinner?" "I guess so. What are supposed to get?" "I thought you were going to do stir-fry." "Okay." I turned to Steve, "Well, we best get a move on." We got dressed and went up stairs.

Still in their robes on the couch, Sue and Mary were talking. "Anything else you want from the store?" "No, I think we're good." "Okay. See you in a half hour to an hour." Steve and I drove off to the City Market. We returned about an hour later. The women were dressed and hungry.

Mary told me the next day what happened while Steve and I were at the store. Right after we left, Sue commented that we still looked sexy, even with our clothes on. Sue then complained about our pubic hair sticking out. Mary reminded her that they were in the same boat. One thing lead to another, and the two of them wound up down stairs repeating our ritual. They left their tops on. Sue started. Mary said she was really impressed by Sue's pussy--how soft the skin was and how pretty it looked. While helping Sue shave off the rest of her hair, Mary started to finger Sue. Sue got incredibly wet. After the shaving, Mary rubbed lotion all over her pussy. Mary was really surprised how good it looked. Sue did Mary and repeated the fingering. After this, Sue stood up and grabbed Mary's tits. Sue eased back the suit, and caressed them for a while. She even licked the nipples. She stopped after a few minutes and told Mary they should get dressed before we came home.

We all had a marvelous dinner and drank a few Margaritas. After cleaning up, we sat around and chatted for a while. After about an hour of relaxing, Mary suggested the hottub. Everyone seemed enthusiastic. I inquired, "Should we wear our new swimwear?" Of course, was everyone's reply. I ran downstairs and got in my "suit" and my robe. I put on some sandals and headed for the tub. Mary and Sue were dragging a bit, but Steve was just behind me. We flipped the top off the tub and climbed in. "Boy that water feels great," I said. "Yes," agreed Steve. After a minute or two, I leaned over to Steve and asked, "So, how is freshly shaven area?" "I had a big hard-on at the store. It felt so smooth and nice. I almost wanted to whip it out earlier and just wank right there." "That would be a waste," I said with a smile and a wink.

Steve and I lay back in the tub, gazing up at the stars. We talked a little about the hike. We were entranced. So much so, that we did not hear the women until they were stepping in tub. "Move you butt, so we can get in." Even without my glasses, they looked gorgeous. We all just sank down into the water and relaxed. The jets pounded against my back. I was very relaxed. We all stared talking about the great hike we had today and what we going to do tomorrow. Mary mentioned that it might rain, even though the sky looked very clear tonight. "We'll burn that bridge in the morning," I said.

Mary scooted over to me and began to snuggle up. She ran her fingers up and down my legs and arms. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. When she stopped, I opened them. I leaned over and gave her a big kiss. I rubbed her legs. Sue and Steve were cozied up, watching us. Mary and I were sitting next to each other, my hand around her waist. Sue and Steve sitting opposite, in basically the same position. We all started making small talk--the weather, hiking, the stars. I felt Mary's hand slide down to my crotch. Even though the light in the tub was on, the bubbles masked her move. I moved my hand down to her crotch and began to massage her pussy through her suit. She continued rubbing my cock through my suit.

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